One of the great things in World Tour is the singing. It was a brilliant twist (and a rule that was broken multiple times). In this blog, I will count down the top ten best songs from Total Drama World Tour.

Truth be told, I originally planned for this blog to be up instead of the floater blog. The reason that the floater blog came up because I could not pick the best ten songs from the world tour. Every single one of them was fantastic.

There will be no honorable mentions. Any song that does not make the list is part of the honorable mentions. The only exception is the theme song. Anyways, let's get started.

10. Changing Guard Mix

First up is the song from I See London.... As an insult to injury, Chris orders the two remaining teams to strip palace guards to find their next clue. Both teams were visibly unwilling to even strip the guards down to their briefs, although one Amazonian could have taken off the brief of the guard assigned to her team.

Tyler and Gwen was elected by their team to strip down the guards, however thanks to Sierra's crush on Cody, Gwen made sure that she stripped the guard instead.

The song emphasised the team's disgust of stripping an old man down for the challenge.

9. Sea Shanty Mix

Up next is the sea-skipping tune from Newf Kids On The Rock. The song was set up to have what would've been a boring boat ride with a fishing trip into a jig. All remaining members (except Noah) sang in this beat catchy song. However, the ending was other wise perfect when Heather convinced DJ to sing, even though he couldn't be caught in the sea shanty. 

(admit it, you can't sing that last part without singing the song.)

8. Boyfriend Kisser

This song is (ironically) one of eight songs that feature love. (the others include Loving Time, Stuck To A PoleBaby, I'm Sorry, Paris in the Springtime, Oh My Izzy, and Greek Mix

This song, that came up in The Ex-Files, talks about how Gwen betrayed Courtney by stealing her boyfriend. The song wouldn't have happened if Team Amazon would'e gone with the other option. Heather and Courtney both sing in this duet. The song ended when Cody sacrificed his candy to clear the mine field.

7. Gypsy Rap

This is the first song that Team Amazon sang alone. While being caught by the Zing-Zings in the The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris makes Team Amazon (minus Courtney) sing. While host originally planned for the song to end with a solo from Heather, we instead got a sweet free rap verse from Gwen. 

6. This Is How We Will End It

Don't you love it when you are in a jam and then have to sing a song? Talk about insult to injury.

Before the songl, Heather managed to get stuck in a pit trapped in Awwwwww, Drumheller. Alejandro managed to find oil with Heather's pick ax near her.

When the song began, Alejandro talked about how he managed to eliminate Bridgette, LeShawna. and Courtney from the game, saying he will do the same to Heather. This song once again features one of Alejandro's many talents (venquilotism) and his otherwise desire and love for Heather.

5. Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley

Karma's a female dog.

When kidnapping Bridgette and stuffing her in a plan, Geoff managed to take his revenge on Blainley in Aftermath Aftermayhem. With help of the newly formed Drama Brothers, Geoff used a request to show the world what a true monster Blainley is. The song ended with Geoff saying Blainley's real name, which is Mildred.

4. Condor

Tweety got big.

This song, which appeared in Rapa Phooey, have the final four singing while attempting to return three condor eggs back to the mother condor. Each contestant has a solo and a desire to be in the final three, with the exception of Cody who wonders how he managed to get into the final four in the first place. 

Nevertheless, the song's has a South American/ Latin music style that can sooth the most horrendous of beasts.

3.Before We Die

While falling from the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Chris makes the contestants sing. The song in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan has the contestants singing on what they want to do before they died and how they want Chris to give them something.

Who doesn't love singing while falling out of a plane? Anybody? No? You all have boring lives.

2. Come Fly With Us

How can I not put the first song on the list?

While heading to their first destination in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Chris makes the contestants sing for the first time. The song tells the watcher on how the contestants feel about the season and the music twist. It was a grand start to a grand season.

1. Versus

Finally, we have the last song as our number one spot.

Versus is a song sung by the two finalists, Heather and Alejandro, Courtney, and Harold in Hawaiian Punch. When making statues of their opponet, Alejandro and Heather instructed or boss (which ever floats your boat) their helpers around. We cannot also forget about the rap Harold did.

The soothing tone with fierce god-like TD players made this song the very best that there ever was.

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