In honor of this month's Project 10 theme, I decided to do a list off what I believe are the five most interesting vote-offs in Total Drama World Tour. In other words, top five vote-offs based on my personal opinion. Keep in mind that this is vote-offs so any contestant who quit, lost a challenge, had a medical emergency, or blew up a plane will not be included on this list.

5. Owen (Niagara Brawls)

Starting off the list is the big man getting the boot once the two teams merged. Owen throughout the season was a team player and a great social player, not causing any beef with the other contestants. Howevre, his happy-go-lucky nature rubbed off the wrong way on Alejandro and when the time came, Alejandro successfully managed to get enough votes get rid of Owen.

Keep in mind that four people voted for Owen. One was Alejandro, one was Heather, one was Sierra, and while it is safe to say Duncan, he did say that he would not play along. So if Duncan wasn't the fourth vote, it might as well be Courtney since she did reveal that she and Alejandro did kiss on the WT season, so it can be safe to say that their kiss could have sealed Owen's fate.

4. LeShawna (Slap Slap Revolution)

Taking our number four spot is LeShawna in Slap Slap Revolution. The only member of Team Victory to make this list, LeShawna left the way she came into this season- big and loud. During the challenge, she let her affection towards Alejandro get the better of her, causing her team to lose the challenge and having Lindsay seal the queen of the knucklefist sandwich.

The best part is when LeShawna realized that she had been played for a fool when Alejandro sent his last regards.

3. Duncan (African Lying Safari)

2-1-1-1. Just one vote was the difference between staying and leaving. For our favorite delinquite, the odds were not in his favor. Heather and Alejandro worked together to get rid of Duncan seeing as he was the bigger threat compared to Sierra and Cody. It's almost too funny, really. Duncan came, he quit, he (forcibly) returned, he voted his ex off, and he went to see her right after. Same too, he and Alejandro had a great bond together as tough rivals.

2. Courtney (Chinese Fake-Out)

Speaking of Duncan's ex, our number two spot goes to Courtney. While she did get eliminated along with Blainley, you cannot help but feel said for this C.I.T. In this season, she lost her boyfriend, a friend, and her power position. What makes this vote so unique was not the fact that it was because of the double-elimination, it was the fact that Courtney, the so-called law abider, to break a rule and help Alejandro out. She would have stayed in had Heather hadn't caught her in the act.

Maybe getting rid of Gwen was a bad idea after all, Courtney.

1. Noah (I See London...)

Taking our number one spot is Noah in I See London... The reason why this gets number one because it showed Noah had improved and became more strategic, Duncan returned causing more drama and needing the third voted needed for Noah's elimination, and we saw that Alejandro is more dangerous behind the scenes than on set.

And let us not forget the words that sealed the smart alec's fate. And like a pin falling, Noah fell. Into a pond of eels.

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