There are several things about TD that anyone can find great about this show. For me, it is all about the eliminations. This top 5 list, we will look at the 5 reasons why anyone would leave the show.  The contents of this list include how it affects story lines, how common these actions are, and my own personal opinions of them.

I am not including the RR because the last time to show up will always be eliminated, whether or not a penalty is issued.

5. Chris McLean Head Statue

VICTIMS: Dakota (The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean) and Heather (No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition)

First off is a twist introduce in ROTI. Similar to the Hidden Immunity Idol, this statue of the host's head will keep a person in the game while the person with the second-highest amount of votes will be eliminated. Strangely enough, the two seasons that had it had five things in common.

  1. It was found and used before the merge
  2. It was used in the same episode that somebody found it.
  3. A male contestant used it
  4. A female contestant was the victim of it.
  5. It took out a big competition. (For Dakota, it was size. For Heather, it was gameplay)

Scott first took advantage of it making a quick alliance with Zoey. In the next season, Heather found it but hid it in a spot where anybody can find it. (It is an egg hunting contest. Even if Alejandro didn't grab it, somebody else would while looking for eggs.)

4. Losing A Challenge/ Not Participating A Whole Lot

VICTIMS: Everyone except for Cameron, Zoey, Lightning, Shawn, and Sky (Trust me. Most episodes would have this elimination)

We all know about this one. Pretty common way to go. From a pre-merge setting, it is similar to the old-school style of Survivor. Lose or not pull your weight in challenges and you are leaving the show. After the merge, it is an automatic elimination. This is in the number four spot simply because this reason to leave Total Drama is basically so common that it is actually boring.

3. Quitting/ Self-Votes

VICTIMS: Gwen (The Chefshank Redemption); DJ (The Sand Witch Project); Lindsay (Riot On Set and Heroes vs. Villains); Harold (Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan); and Dave (Hurl and Go Seek)

Listed are all the people that were successful in getting themselves off the show in a peticular episode. Quitting and self-voting can be catagorized into two options

  1. A desire from a contestant to not continue on with the game for any reason
  2. Somebody messing up somebody else's vote. (this only happened once)

2.  Blindsided via Voting

VICTIMS: Noah (Dodgebrawl and I See London...); Justin (Not Quite Famous and Princess Pride); Courtney (Basic Straining and Top Dog); Trent (Search and Do Not Destroy and 3:10 To Crazytown); Bridgette (Hide And Be Sneaky); LeShawna (Haute Camp-ture, Super Hero-Id and Slap Slap Revolution); Owen (Ocean's Eight - Or Nine and Niagara Brawls); Heather (Million Dollar Babies and No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition); Tyler (The EX-Files); B (Ice Ice Baby); Dawn (Backstabbers Ahoy!); Mike (Grand Chef Auto); Jo (Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon); Scott (Eat, Puke, and Be Wary); Zoey, (The Enchanted Franken-Forest); Lightning (Evil Dread); Sierra (Suckers Punched); Amy (Twinning Isn't Everything); Ella (Mo Monkey Mo Problems); and Topher (Three Zones and A Baby)

Some of these are pretty obvious. However, I am going to do the blindsides while the eliminated contestant did not know they are going to be voted off, in case you were wondering why Noah is on there.

A blindside is an unique part of the game where a contestant is eliminated without realizing that they are a target or was expecting somebody else to be eliminated. Several of these eliminations like Heather, LeShawna and Owen in TDA shocked even the fans of the show. Nether the less, these eliminations are great. But their reactions are priceless.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Injury'                                                                                                                                                          'VICTIMS: Cody (Paintball Deer Hunter); Izzy (Jamaica Me Sweat); Cameron (Zeek And Ye Shall Find)
  2.  Blowing Up Chris' Stuff                                                                                                                   Victims: Sierra (Aw, Drumheller) and Duncan (You Regatta Be Kidding Me)
  3. Curses                                                                                                                                                 Victims: Beth (If You Can't Take The Heat...) and DJ (Total Drama World Tour)

1. Confronting Another Contestant That Did Wrong

VICTIMS: Harold (2008: A Space Owen); Dawn (Backstabbers Ahoy!); and Alejandro (The Obsta-Kill Course)

A Christian moral is to confront a person that wronged you and tell them what they did wrong. Heck, it is a basic human moral if you think about it. However, in a reality game show like Total Drama, it is possibly the dumbest move you can ever do, and three people were the result of our number one spot.

Starting with Harold in TDA. Owen was brought back to sabatoge the other contestants. In a quest for the final four, Harold began to think on who sabatoge the similator. Sure enough that, along with Scruffy and what seems to be a revenge vote from Courtney got Harold eliminated.

In TDROTI, Dawn began to see why the Toxic Rats were losing challenges. In a plan to get rid of Brick, Scott managed to use all of the stolen property to frame Dawn, eliminating her from the game.

With Alejandro, he made a fatal mistake of confronting Mal and his sabatoge towards the other All-Star contestants. With the events from the previous episode in a 5-1 vote, Alejandro got eliminated without giving a last laugh to Mal that was given to Zoey.

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