Total Drama is and its spin-off is basically a gambling game. You need risks to stay in and win. If you try to play it safe, eventually, you will be out-played. But not all risks are for the best. This top ten list (per request by PicO!) is about the top ten failed or worst moves in the TD franchise. Since every coin has to sides, you will recognize some entries that I did in my previous blog. Anyways, hope you enjoy and keep in mind that this is strictly opinionated. Feel free to leave your opinions below and if you want to make a suggestion, please also comment below.

However, because this is once again a TD list, the RR WILL NOT be counted.

10. Beth Breaking Free From Heather's Alliance (Paintball Deer Hunter)

We start this list from one of the biggest moves in Total Drama Island: Beth breaking free from Heather's alliance. In The Big Sleep, Heather formed an alliance with Beth and Lindsay. Episodes later, Heather's extreme bossiness got to Beth. Beth, in retaliation, refused to carter to Heather's every needs, officially not aligning herself with Heather any more.As I mentioned in my review blog, Beth made a big mistake with that big move. In the next episode, Beth got eliminated. Had she stuck with Heather until the merge, then she wouldn't be eliminated. Playing safe isn't a way I would go, but if I have a strong alliance with a huge target like Heather, I would've in this case.

9. Brick Doing The Right Thing (A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste)

Let's face it. Brick is the nicest guy in TDROTI. He isn't afraid to do the right thing. But there is a difference between doing the right thing and doing the smart thing. In this episode, as the contestants are about to leave, Mike, Zoey, and Cameron are attacked by mutant gophers. Brick had a Chris McLean Statue that the Toxic Rats needed to win. Instead, he sacrificed his own team's immunity to save his former teammates. In the end, he was voted off for causing the Rat's lost.

This, in terms of smartness, was the worst move. But I cannot do injustice because he did the right thing. Brick, you should've been a hamster because of that.

8. Sabatoge! (Mo Monkey Mo Problems)

Max is the worst villian there is. His own big mouth caused him to get eliminated. However, his mouth isn't what we are focusing on. It is his failed attempt to sabatoge the other team. While the Pimapotew Kinosewak was running back to the starting line after getting their coin, Max's net managed to get a hold of them, slowing their team done. They would've won the challenge had the net wouldn't be there. Even though Max was saved by a tip, he would've been eliminated.

7. Heather Getting Rid Of Alejandro (No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition)

Never underestimate an All-Star contestant whose last name means dead donkey. During this episode, Heather tried desperately to get rid of her biggest competitor, Alejandro. In doing so, she managed to find a Chris McLean Statue, giving her immunity when she need it. Unknowingly, she hid it in a spot where Alejandro can see it. That night, all the votes were cast against Alejandro. However, thanks to the statue, he was safe and Heather, who tried so hard to unite the Villainous Vultures to vote for Alejandro, was eliminated by one vote. Failed move there, Queen of Mean.

6. Not Apologizing To A Certain Girl (Search and Do Not Destroy)

Trent, Trent, why doesth love hatest thee so much? In Search and Do Not Destroy, Heather pulled a big move by kissing Trent. (how she managed to win immunity is PURE LUCK). However, with Gwen's heart broken, LeShawna managed to convince everyone to vote for Trent. Judging from the time frame, Trent should've at least looked at Gwen to know something was wrong. But for some odd reason, he didn't. Trent didn't bother to ask Gwen what was wrong. Even though most of the remaining contestants didn't vote for Trent, Heather did get her way. Trent, if your girl is crying, you should do what every man should do and comfort her.

5. Geoff Not Voting A Certain Way (Hide And Be Sneaky)

Just for the record, I did not put these two together on purpose.

Anyways, after the challenge, the guys teamed up to decide who vote out. When the marshmallows were passed, Bridgette was revealed to be leaving the game. However, as she walked, Geoff mentioned that he loves her and that he didn't vote for her. Though Duncan did not vote for Geoff in the following episodes, the slip of the tongue came back to haunt Geoff in Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon where he got eliminated. Maybe if Geoff didn't say what he did, he would've made the final five. But stuff happens.

4. Lindsay's Attempt to Get Rid Of Duncan (Rock 'N Rule)

Boy, did Lindsay flop big time. She had the votes to eliminate Duncan to get on Courtney's bad side and could potentially cause her to lose the next immunity challenge. However, thanks to a friend, Lindsay accidentially voted herself out. This was number six in the biggest moves ever in TD history, but her failure was even bigger.

3. Adios, Mike (Grand Chef Auto)

Scott is a jerk, granted. However, it was his choice of elimination that was the problem. With his win came the responsibility to eliminate a contestant off the island. He could've played it safe and choose either Lightning or Jo or he could've gotten a milder option and eliminate Cameron. Seperating Mike and Zoey was the biggest mistake Scott ever done, especially eliminating Mike.

He was spared in the next episode, but when Eat, Puke, and Be Wary came around, he was chosen to be eliminated. Had Scott chosen a different option, he could've had a better spot of winning either the season or getting into the final 3.

2. TDWT Love Triangle (Total Drama World Tour)

This love triangle caused the eliminations of Tyler, Gwen, and Courtney. It was a bigger curse than Team Victory's losing streak. Let's go over the basics. Gwen and Duncan kissed with Tyler watching. Tyler revealed the kiss in Greece's Pieces, Tyler leaves in The Ex Files thanks to a deal Duncan with Alejandro. Team Amazon loses in the next episode and Gwen leaves via tiebreaker. Courtney was the last victim when Duncan voted for her after what she did to Gwen.

Bad move for Tyler. I guess Tyler had the last laugh as he indirectly caused Gwen's and Courtney's eliminations after his own. But there is still one move left. So let us go over the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Double Trouble (A Blast from the Past)
  2. Voting For A Rat (The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean)
  3. Old Habits, Chartney (Sundae Muddy Sundae)
  4. Like An Eel Dipped In Grease Covered In Motor Oil (I See London...)
  5. Advice From A Friend (Hurl and Go Seek)

1. LeShawna's Lie (Total Drama Action)

When people think of TDA, they think of Lindsay or Harold. Add in the words "Worst Move" and LeShawna's lie comes to mind. In One Flu Over The Cuckcoos, LeShawna faked a cry just to be with her her cousin. In Masters of Disasters, she let out a lie saying that she doesn't lie. Her team caught that exposing LeShawna as a liar. In the next episode, LeShawna tries to gain her team's trust back, but couldn't. In Ocean's Eight - Or NineScreaming Gaffers kept her in the vault. In Million Dollar Babies, LeShawna's luck worsens as Courtney revealed some information that LeShawna said in her trip with her cousin. Even though LeShawna did stay thanks to her apology, she did a horrible move that lasted through several episodes.

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