Hello everyone. TDF52 here for a top 10 strategic players ever to play Total Drama. Keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion on the best strategic players are. Feel free to disagree with any of them. I will not include anyone who debuted in the RR for that is something to be done at a later time. BTW, this was done from a mobile device, so if it looks weird, that's probably why. Sorry in advance.



10) At number 10 we have the beautiful Lindsay. Why is she at the bottom of this list? While she has shown to have good moves, it was only limited to one season: Action. A ditz most of the time, Lindsay has earned all-star status by trying to frustrate and eliminate Courtney from the season. Even if this princess doesn't have brains like Noah's, she has proven herself to be a worthy competitor.

9) Coming in at a close 9th is the bubble genius, Cameron. I have to hand it to him. Never have I thought he would
TDAS Cameron
make it to a TD finale. He made an alliance with Mike to get rid if Scott, an alliance with Lightning to get rid of Jo, and a finalist alliance with Zoey, all in his first season. While Cameron remained under the radar most of the time in the AS season, he made a strong friendship with Gwen that kept him in the game until his unfortunate accident that led to his elimination. Nethertheless, if he appears in another season, you can count on him making it far.

8) This will come as a shock to some, but the next one on the list is Shawn. While he didn't do much in the first few episodes, he formed several friendships and helped his team win a few challenges. While PI lacks in social games,
we have to acknowledge Shawn's skills as strategic. He found his team's shelter, collected the food, and co-lead with his final two teammate, Sky. While Shawn might be more distant than the other contestants, he did have a more honest and trustworthy game than the others on this list.

7) At lucky number 7 we have sharkbait. I mean Scott. Granted AS wasn't his beat season, he made it on this list
Scott confessional
thanks to his first season alone. He had no alliances and yet made it to the final four through cunning and the McLean statue. What makes Scott a great strategic player is his will through manipulation. He acted like he was a leader to his Toxic Rats team while smiling menacially as they left the island. A villian in a toxic waste dump, a clown in all-stars.

6) A
t numerous 6, we have Sugar. Yes, the bitter and sour Sugar is at number 6. She betrayed her teammate, Ella, caused some drama between Sky and Dave, and even made it to the final 3. Okay, I will admit that it was luck that got her far as she did, but she did earn a villian status. Too bad the AS was before PI. Why is she better than Shawn? Because Sugar caused two eliminations where Shawn basically looked out for the other competitors.

5) At number 5 is Courtney. Whie she did attempted to make herself likable in the first season with the fellow
Courtney being vile
campers, she eventually eventually went down on a slippery slope. But, her plays did get Gwuncan broken up, Leshawna eliminated in Action, and Sadie in Island. The only thing that prevented this lawyer from taking a top four is her charts. Tsk, tsk, Courtney.

4) At number 4 is Gwen. Without trying, she made friends with everyone, formed multiple alliances, and got into the final four twice. But the biggest play Gwen ever made that got her in the top 4 was her deal with O
wen in the semifinals of Island. That alone sealed her fate into the finals and won Island based on strategic plays. In the next season, Trent indirectly got her eliminated with all of his sabatoges (it's a long shot). In WT, she tried to get out Heather in the Amazon to save herself, which failed because of the non-elimination, and Cody and Heather in Australia to get rid of Courtney (which also failed because of allergies). In All-Stars, she made it very far with the others becoming the bigger target and with the help of Zoey. If anything, Gwen is only a threat near the end of any given season.

3) Taking bronze is the big, bad Duncan. Throughout his TD career, Duncan relied heavily on alliances. He forme
d the first guy's alliance, made an alliance with Heather, joined two alliances in Action, teamed up with AleHeather in WT, and tried to warn Zoey about Mal in AS.  However, he did have a few flaws in him, as taking out Bridgette in Season 1 and trusting Alejandro in Season 3. But like Heather said, Duncan is no fool. He knows how to make deals and when those deals need to be broken. Speaking of Heather...

2) At se
cond is the coldest queen bee ever, Heather. When it comes to risks, she is no stranger. While season 2 was rocky for her, Heather earned limelight by forming the first TD alliance, first blindside, and took out multiple threats to her game. Unfortunately, there is one threat that she cannot beat. Before we get into our winner, let us pass by the honorable mentions:






And now...

1) Taking gold is the TD Antichrist, Alejandro. In his first season, he acted sweet with the other contestants while getting rid of all but 2 members of an opposing team out, 3 of his former teammates directly, an
TDAS Alejandro
d attempted to get rid of Heather but drawing some heat between her and Sierra. In his second, Alejandro faked injury for half the season before blindsided Heather with the McLean statue he stole from her. In all of his glory, he did have one flaw as he confronted Mike/Mal in his elimination episode. But that still doesn't mean that he would perform more slippery acts in later seasons.

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