Total Drama has its share of floaters, or as some might put it, coattail riders. In other words, contestants who basically go through a season with little to no alliances and/or game moves. They tend to either play all sides or stay out of it. This list shows the top ten floaters through out the series.

To qualify, the person must

  • Make it past episode 13 (for 26 episode seasons) or 6 (for 13 episode seasons).
  • Cannot be brought back into the game (which means Izzy, Eva, and Dakota are not eligible)
  • Float in at least 1 season
  • Followers (aka sheep) do count since they just basically get a free ride

Some of you might get mad at some of the entries on this list. Keep in mind that if a person meets the first three criteria on the qualifying list and/or meet the follower criteria, they are going to be counted. Feel free to debate me about the entries.

Without further adieu, let's begin this list.

10. Beth (Total Drama Action)

First off on the list is Beth. For a good portion of Total Drama Action, she stands loyal and attracted to Justin while being close friends with Lindsay. However, with the amount of strategic moves that Beth made in this season was basically a  repeat from the previous season. Though she isn't alone in the seasons, she is a follower to strategic players which is why she made the list.

9. Geoff (Total Drama Island)

No one expected Geoff to be here, considering what he did to DJ in Up The Creek. Helpful, his actions do provide some wavy grounds for his alliance members. Other than that, Geoff's personality brought him into the final six, where it was time for him to leave. Sad? Maybe. But four out of the other five were better at playing the game than Geoff, so it was only a matter of time.

8. Lindsay (Total Drama Island)

I would count Lindsay as one of the top ten strategists in the TD universe. So why is she a floater? Though she had ideas, she is basically a follower of Heather in TDI. Like a sheep, Lindsay blindly followed Heather and did everything she was told to do, with the exception of one incident. Other than that, she is basically a follower to Heather throughout the season.

She did improve in Action, that I will give her. However, I cannot critique her performance in WT nor AS since she did not meet the episode criteria in either of those seasons.

7. Tyler (Total Drama World Tour)

I can name a few people who will get mad at this one. You know who you are.

Bottom line, Tyler isn't the smartest person ever to play Total Drama. He does have a kind heart, but that doesn't make him go far into the game. I cannot judge Tyler based on his Island performance since he was booted off before the episode deadline, but he did pass episode 13 in WT, so he counts.

Like his girlfriend, he is a follower to the main antagonist of the season. Unlike Lindsay, he didn't make the merge and his game play was next to none. He was nothing more than a follower who just goes with the crowd.

6. Anne Maria (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Our next list is Anne Maria. Throughout the season, Anne Maria's story line was connected with the second love triangle in the series. As far as alliances and game plays are, they is nothing. Anne Maria gets by thanks to her team's constant wins.

Personally, I would love to see the conflict Anne Maria had with Zoey continue until one of them gets voted off. However, Anne Maria quit. (Still hoping for it to happen.)

5. Lightning (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)


That's right. Number five is Lightning. For the first half of season 4, Lightning was floating by. He did make a good move in convincing Cameron to vote with him to get rid of Jo. However, too little and too late for Lightning. If anything, Lightning is good for challenges and a vote. Other than that, nothing but a waste of potential.

4. Scott (Total Drama All-Stars)

Scott was highly strategic and a big player in ROTI. In the next season, a big TD competitor turned into a waste of a good antagonist. Scott basically floated by while having the ultimate price of any contestant- being a pain magnet. He did manage to make it far thanks to his his showmance and Gwen using bear poop. Other than that, waste of a good antagonist and Scott need redemption.

3. Cody(Total Drama World Tour)

This is possibly one of the more likeable semi-finalists the show ever had.

Cody started off pretty well in WT, being part of Team Amazon. With all of the girls bickering and the teams constant wins, it seems that Cody can make it far in the game. That proves correct as he made it to the final three.

What brings Cody on this list? It is because for most of the season, Cody would try to get rid of Sierra and when he realized that Alejandro was playing him, it was the same fate as Beth and Lightning- too little, too late.

2. Owen (Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour)

Is this a surprise to anyone? Owen is a floater and a viable follower. He will do what anybody says with the right amount of tone. He didn't cause any eliminations directly. Action isn't included because he was eliminated in the 13th episode of the season, falling one short of the deadline and he was also brought back.

However, there is one person that is a bigger floater than Owen. But first, let's have some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Topher (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)
  2. Mike (Total Drama All-Stars)
  3. Cameron (Total Drama All-Stars)
  4. Sierra (Total Drama All-Stars)

1. Max (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

If luck was the only thing needed to win TD, then Max would've won. His mind is constantly on world domination instead of the game, his ideas and traps are meaningless, his threats are empty, and he managed to get on the list because of a betrayal. Congratulations, Max. You have floated through this list like you did in PI. Only you made it to the number one spot.

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