Hello, TDF here with another top 10 blog. This one is the top 10 biggest moves that happened in the Total Drama. I am going to examine moves caused by Total Drama contestants that changed the game completely. These moves can either be beneficial or backfire dramastically. Either way, these are big moves from the show. These moves also doesn't matter if it is in one episode or an entire season of moves.

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I am not going to to do the RR strictly because it is in a different format.

10. Sugar Betraying Ella (Mo Monkey Mo Problems)

We start off this list on a Total Drama Pahkitew Island play. This interaction started as early as the first episode and Ella rubbed Sugar the wrong way. In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Dave managed to be hugged (squeezed) by a bear thanks to an idea Sky had. Since Ella's singing puts on a mesmorizing charm on the animals, the team begged Ella to sing, despite what Chris told her in the previous episode. To save her teammate, Ella sang. Sugar tried ratting her out during the challenge, but didn't. At the campfire ceremony, Sugar's unaminous tip-off to Chris managed to get Ella out of the game, eliminating her and saving Max.

9. Beth Breaking Free From Heather's Alliance (Paintball Deer Hunter)

At number nine, we have Beth doing what is one of the biggest moves in TD history. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Beth got fed up with Heather and broke free from her alliance. Heather taunted Beth, saying that she is nothing without Heather. To that Beth shot Heather after LeShawna did. However, Heather managed to stay in the game thanks to a certain item that Beth took in a previous episode.

Beth later repeated the same play with Courtney in Total Drama Action. However, I am not doing that one because a contestant doing the same play again isn't a new or a big thing. Also, with an odd number of contestants left, you would have to assume that one sex is outnumbered.

8. Lightning Convincing Cameron To Vote For Jo (Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon)

Number eight, we have Lightning making a big move by eliminating Jo and gaining a new one. In the previous episode, Jo betrayed the jock by throwing him into Fang's mouth. Lightning did convince the mutated shark to follow him. Thanks to Scott, Mike was eliminated and not Jo.

In Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon, Jo has teamed up with Cameron via bullying tactics. While the final five were in the air, Lightning convinced Cameron to betray his ally and to vote her off. Well played, Lightning. Well played.

7. Tyler Revealing A Private Moment (Greece's Pieces)

For starters, this play is going out to Alejandro.

Anyways, at the end of the previous episode, Tyler saw Duncan and Gwen kiss in the confessional. Throughout Greece's Pieces, Alejandro noticed that his closest ally in the game was uneasy. Making a deal with Tyler, Alejandro scouted for clues on what Tyler was hiding. At the end of the challenge, Alejandro called on his friend to spill his beans about what he knows about Duncan and Gwen.

This moved backfired Tyler as he was eliminated in the next episode. But it worked out because Gwen soon followed Tyler.

6. Lindsay Votes Herself Off (Rock N' Rule)

I have mention that Lindsay, though dimwitted and naive, is a good strategist, and Total Drama Action proves just that. The episode Rock N' Rule was the very peek of Lindsay's strategic abilities. With six contestants left in the game and the biggest competitor immune, Lindsay gathered her friend, Harold, and Owen to vote with her and eliminate Duncan to get on Courtney's nerves. Owen, after what happened last time with Courtney, decides to waste his vote. Even still, Lindsay had enough votes to eliminate Duncan.

Thanks to Beth, Lindsay accidentially clicked on herself, eliminating her. How was this a big move? It took out a very strong contender from the game and, if Lindsay didn't do that, she would've won TDA.

5. Gwen Eliminating Heather (I Triple Dog Dare You)

Despite winning various challenges for her team, Gwen also managed to knock out the biggest antagonist and master strategist who is Heather. The two have fought heads in the past for Total Drama Island, but none came down to this. With Owen dominating the dare challenge, Gwen and Heather fought to the skin of their teeth to stay in the game. Eventually, Gwen made a deal with Owen. Gwen is then saved with the free-b's she got from Owen, forcing Heather to do every dare and to take on the offense. Thanks to a former alliance member from Heather, Heather lost this challenge and eliminated herself from the game.

4. Scott's Strategy (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Scott may be a jerk, but he is also a clever one. In Truth or Laser Shark, he revealed that his plan was to look for the Chris McLean Immunity Statue, lose every challenge for his team, and eliminate the Mutant Maggots one by one. This strategy was risky, but it got rid of powerful contestants. Not only that, but when he and Jo switched teams, he found the statue and used it to gain Zoey's loyalty. His plan backfired as he eliminated Zoey's boyfriend and Scott became Zoey's number one target. But at the end of the day, it was a high-risk move and that is what we, the audience, love to see.

3. Samey Pretending To Be Her Sister (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Though it doesn't go all season, this move by Samey was one of th greatest moments ever. Through the years of suffering under her sister's rule, Samey, with the help of Jasmine, managed to trick their team into thinking that Samey left and not Amy. It worked for only one whole episode before being exposed in the next. Though the play was short-lived, it was huge with a huge reward for Samey. Now all the twins need to do is to work together and not fight.

2. Guy's Alliance Voting Out Bridgette (Hide and Be Sneaky)

This has to be the best strategic move known throughout the TD community. Gathering in a cave, Duncan gathered up the last remaining male contestants to form an all-guys alliance. The deal was made but was quickly discovered by the girls because Owen broke down. After the challenge was over and immunity was giving to LeShawna and Heather, the guys sat on the docks to talk about the vote that night. Three of them agreed to take out Bridgette due to her popularity and sports skill. However, what is unclear is whether or not Geoff really did vote for his girl. Nevertheless, this was an interesting move. 

It would've made number one if they went with a more strategic approach to getting rid of the girls, but I will talk about it when I review this episode.

Before we get to number 1, here are your honorable mentions...

Honorable Mentions

  1. The First Unexpected Blindside (Not Quite Famous)
  2. Lucky and Lovely Break for Sky (Hurl and Go Seek)
  3. Heather's Goodbye Kiss (Search and Do Not Destroy)
  4. Alejandro Blindsiding Owen (Niagara Brawls)
  5. Alejandro Faking an Injury (Total Drama All-Stars)
  6. Eliminating Love (Super-Hero ld)

1. Harold Switching Votes (Basic Straining)

This is the best move Harold and anybody else has ever done. With the Killer Bass losing the military challenge, they were forced to be eliminated. In a shocking turn of events, Harold received the last marshmallow, eliminating Courtney. After Courtney left, it was revealed that Harold masterminded her elimination by sabatoging the votes in retaliation for all that Duncan has done to him. This is probably the reason why the votes became vocal so that this move will not get repeated.

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