Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA



CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The teams were woken up way too early for our haunted-theme challenge. Not only did Chef play Mama Alien, but our monstrous psycho, Izzy, played a part. Good times.

Jo threw Cameron down a ravine and he managed to come out of that with a broken leg. Jasmine and Shawn stayed with Cameron until the rest of his team came to get him. Even though staying with Cameron cost the Dragons a first-place finish, they managed to win when the Unicorns lost more people than the Dragons.

Both Jo and Zoey begged Harold to vote their way and Harold made the choice that shocked the whole game. Yep. Cameron is out of here! And I did not see that coming. Just kidding! I did. Right when his leg broke.

We are down one Bubble-Boy, but have 18 remarkable contestants left! Who's staying? Who's going? Who is going to modify my wardrobe? All these questions and more will be answered right here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

Chris called all the contestants to the meeting area. The log seats were replaced with bleachers that was facing the amphitheater. Chris is on stage with Chef and a curtain circling around someone or something.

CHRIS: Contestants, for two seasons, we here at Total Drama did a fashion show. So it makes sense for us to do one again.


BRICK: Yes! Finally! I've been waiting for my redemption! Last time, I barely made it to the next episode because of my fashion details. Ever since I finished fashion school, I am ready!


ZOEY: (to Mike) Think Chris is going to give us actual models?

MIKE: I don't know.

CHRIS: Actual models? Not in your dreams, Zoey. In fact, I was going to have this be a throwback to the fashion show back in Revenge of the Island, but lawyers and legal fees, blah, blah, blah. So, one person from each team will be your model.

LESHAWNA: So what's with the curtain?

CHRIS: Your designs will be judged by three people. Me, Chef, and today's guest star, or guest model, Justin!

The curtain drops and Justin stands there. He smiled.


OWEN: There are very few people that can survive in the cold winter without their shirt. Justin can make the snow into winter! Man, that guy is hot!


Still in Confessional

ALEJANDRO: Ah, Justin. He texted me after the All-Stars on how he was envious of my natural looks and brains. I will admit that he is hot, but I am hotter.


CHRIS: You will be judge on three categories. We each will give you a total of five points, making the highest possible score 15 points per round or 45 points total. Your sewing materials and fabrics are waiting for you back at your shelters.

DAVE: And the categories are...?

CHRIS: The categories will be day-wear, which is clothes you wear everyday; swimwear, and nightwear. Anymore questions? No? Good! Now go!

The Unicorns discussed who their model should be.

JO: Anybody who is good at modeling, please raise your hand. (Nobody raises their hand.) Really? Do you guys actually want to lose?

MIKE: If it means voting off the person who broke her teammate's leg, then yes.

JO: Cameron was dead weight to begin with. But keep in mind that the other team has two more players than us. Do you really want to expand their lead? We wouldn't stand a chance!

ZOEY: Why don't we have Alejandro be our model? He's the most beautiful one on this team.

ALEJANDRO: I prefer to have the word "handsome" as an adjective. However, you do not want me to be your model. One of the judges isn't very found of me. In fact, he is quite envious. Besides, all three judges are males. We should have a beautiful, young lady take the model position.

Everyone looks at Gwen.

GWEN: Why is everyone looking at me? If you expect me to model, you can forget it.

ALEJANDRO: But you managed to keep DJ in the game.

GWEN: Only because everyone likes DJ more than Lindsay! I am not modeling.

JO: Don't look at me. I ain't the one for fashion.

DAVE: So, its either Sky or Zoey? Weird.


DAVE: No matter what, we lose. The other team has more fashionable people. The only possible candidate that we have is Alejandro, and he doesn't even want to do it! Guess its time for people to start gathering votes to keep themselves in the game.


The Dragons are discussing on who should be their team's head designer instead of the model.

ANNE MARIA: I am telling you guys. I got this. I know fashion like the back of my hand.

BRICK: Oh yeah? Tell me, how many fashion classes did you take? Because I know I know more about fashion than what you do! Oh yeah! Fashion school rules!

ANNE MARIA: If you think you have what it takes, then bring it on, Brick! I ain't afraid of you!

JASMINE: Whoa! Simmer down, guys.

DAKOTA: Shouldn't we pick our model first?

SCOTT: If you didn't mention that, the target would've stayed on them.

JASMINE: But Dakota is right. We do need a model first. Do we have any volunteers?

TOPHER: Allow me. Modeling is second nature to me.

JASMINE:  Are you sure? Chris isn't that fond of you after last time.

TOPHER: Relax. Its not like he's going to judge poorly on me.

LESHAWNA: We're talking about Chris, right? He can hold a grudge like you wouldn't believe.

SAMEY: So, what about our model?

DAKOTA: I can do it. If I wasn't in a match or with Sam, I was posing for magazine covers and cereal boxes.

LESHAWNA: Works for me.

SHAWN: Okay, but now we got a bigger problem. Who's taking control of the team?

LESHAWNA: Hmm... Boy, that is a problem.

OWEN: Can't we split the leadership up?

LESHAWNA: Say what now?

JASMINE: Owen, can you be a bit more specific?

OWEN: Why don't we have three people take the leadership position and each one will do one of the categories?

JASMINE: And I thought it was Noah who had the bright ideas out of the two of you. Great going!


OWEN: I know I may not be the smartest one here, but during the race, I gained some smarts from Noah. That is if he wasn't swooning over Emma. Oh, by the way, he left his picture of Emma when he left! Don't worry, buddy! Owen will keep it safe for you!


Sky posses while several people measure her.

SKY: Tell me why I was chosen as the model again?

HAROLD: Because we all voted and assumed you were the better model.

SKY: (annoyed) great.


SKY: Both Zoey and I know that if either of us was chosen to be the team's model, we would face a challenge trying to stay another night. If we lose, all responsibility falls on us.


Still in Confessional

ZOEY: I do feel bad for Sky, really. But the team voted and she was the number one pick. Sorry, again.


GWEN: And we are down with the measurements. Sky, you should sit because you are going to be standing for quite some time.

Sky sat down. The rest of the team divided themselves into two teams of two and one team of three. Zoey and Gwen were to do the swimwear, Mike and Harold were to do the nightwear, and Dave, Alejandro, and Jo were to do the day-wear. Each of them gathered the fabric that they need and started to make the clothing.

Over at the Dragons, it was decided that Anne Maria should lead the team in the swimwear department, Topher in the day-wear, and Brick in the night-wear. The first thing the team started to make was the day-wear.

TOPHER: All right, guys. We need to make this look fresh and modern. So we need a shirt that depicts the sky and the earth. Can you guys get it down?

ANNE MARIA: Yes, Mr. Bossy.


ANNE MARIA: Thankfully, I had to deal with that train-wreck for a short while. But my idea for the swimwear will be the best that there will be no way the judges won't give me a perfect score.


Both teams finished with the day-wear and moved on to the swim-wear. For the Unicorns, Zoey, Gwen, and Sky were inside the girl's changing booth helping Sky get her swimsuit properly fitted. The rest of the team is outside to make some comments about the swimsuit. Dave was beyond excited.

MIKE: Are you alright, Dave?

DAVE: Of course I am! This is the first time I'll see Sky in a swimsuit!

The changing room opened. Sky walked out and posed in the leopard-style bikini that Zoey and Gwen made for the contest. The team looked and judged for themselves.

DAVE: Does the design have to be leopard skin?

ZOEY: We originally had it to be a pink bikini, but somebody took the fabric for that with the nightwear.

MIKE: Oh, come on, Zoey! Our design needed majority to be pink! Gotta have that team spirit!

GWEN: There aren't a lot of swimwear that features leopard skin. So the chances of high points are huge with this.

ZOEY: Anybody else?

JO: Can we let Mike and Harold finish the pj's so we can judge them?

ZOEY: Works for me. Gwen?

GWEN: I don't see anything wrong with it.

Sky went back in and changed into her regular clothes. Over at the Dreadful Dragons' shelter, it was Anne Maria's turn to lead in the swimwear.

ANNE MARIA: So we need to win big and I have just the plan. A one piece.

LESHAWNA: Excuse me? A one-piece swimsuit? Is that your whole plan or will there be color involved?

ANNE MARIA: Hey, who's the fashion master around here? That's right. Its me. So why don't you shut your trap and let the master work. Hm?


LESHAWNA: Anne Maria might be annoying, but I should be glad she ain't no Heather. But she is getting up there, though.


Taking the team's and Samey for help, Anne Maria went up to the team's tree house and started to work on the swimsuit for Dakota.

SCOTT: Dang it! How come all the girl talk happens when I'm nowhere near them!

OWEN: Does somebody need a hug?

SCOTT: No thank you.

After some time, Anne Maria and Samey came down. Samey looked embarrassed about the swimsuit she and Anne Maria made.

ANNE MARIA: Ladies, gentlemen, Scott, here's our fabulous model coming down with our ride to victory!

When Dakota came down, everyone was speechless. Dakota, like Samey, was embarrassed at the pink swimsuit with yellow flowers that dotted it.

ANNE MARIA: Well? What do you think?

Brick fainted.

DAKOTA: I think Brick's answer is obvious.

ANNE MARIA: The model does not have an opinion here! So? Tell me the truth. Am I great or am I fabulous!

SHAWN: Great isn't a word I would use to describe that.

ANNE MARIA: Really? Then what word describes that?

SHAWN: Garbage.

ANNE MARIA: And this is coming from somebody who didn't bring a change of clothes to this season. So, anybody else? No? Then its settled. You can change now, Dakota.

DAKOTA: Um, I think you need a new-

ANNE MARIA: I said you can change, Dakota! Don't make me repeat myself!


SAMEY: I don't know who to feel sorry for. Dakota or the swimsuit?


Both teams worked on the nightwear. Mike and Harold made a pink variation of Mike's pajamas. As for the Dragons, Brick didn't have time to add finishing touches to it because Chris called for the judging to begin.

Chris pulled Shawn and Harold from their teams to announce what their models will be wearing to the judges. The rest of the team, with the exception of the models, are front stage watching the fashion show.

CHRIS: So let us start out with the day-wear. Dragons, you're up.

Dakota came out with a dress. The bottom of it is green as grass with the top being blue and dotted with clouds and a yellow sun right on the stomach,

SHAWN: Dakota is wearing a dress designed by Topher. It represents the connection between the sky and the earth as every color represents a sunny day, making the sun shine every day.

JUSTIN: I must say, it is very nice. I give it a four.

CHEF: Four.

CHRIS: These two don't know fashion like I do. I give it a five. Congrats, Dragons, you scored thirteen points on that. Unicorns, you're up.

Dakota went backstage to change into her swimsuit where Sky came out. She is wearing overalls and a red long-sleeved shirt.

HAROLD: Sky is wearing a farmer's outfit designed and created by Dave, Alejandro, and Jo. This, like, represents and supports farmers everywhere.

CHRIS: I give it a three. Not original, but not bad.

CHEF: Chris, you know nothing about fashion! Its a two.

JUSTIN: I must say that the one look I can't pull off is the farmer look. But the outfit is out-of-style, but you brought it back, Sky. I give it a four!


SKY: I can't believe that an actual model thinks that I made a farmer's look look modern! I don't know if I'm happy or worried.


CHRIS: Next is the swimwear and what is that!?!?

Dakota came out in the swimsuit Anne Maria made. The three judges looked horrified when Dakota started posing in front of them.

JASMINE: That can't be good.

SHAWN: Designed by Anne Maria, this swimsuit is the best on a get away trip to a local paradise.

CHRIS: I want to get away from that. I give it a two.

CHEF: You're getting soft, Chris. Its a one.

JUSTIN: I don't think that even the most desperate guy would ask a girl with that on a date. Its a one.



ANNE MARIA: Just who thinks that my design is horrible? It's fabulous! Its modern!


Still in Confessional

DAKOTA: Just a reminder, Anne Maria, we would get more points if we had it green to support the team!


CHRIS: Hopefully Sky can save us from that nightmare.

Sky emerged and starting posing in the bikini Gwen and Zoey made.

HAROLD: Sky is posing in a leopard bikini that was made by Zoey and Gwen. This gives the wearer a ferocious personality whenever they, like, wear it to the beach.

CHRIS: Very nice idea, Unicorns. Its a four!

CHEF: Leopard does not work for swimwear. Its a one.

JUSTIN: It looks good, but the leopard just doesn't work for water. Sun-bathing? Yes. So I am giving it a three.

CHRIS: Okay. So it looks like the teams are tied at seventeen points each. Let us see if the nighware will decide the winning team of this challenge.


SAMEY: I'm starting to get a bit nervous. We haven't really seen Brick's design. I just hope fashion school helped.


Dakota came out in some short shorts and a shirt that ends just at the belly button. The colors are military green and the design is camo.

SHAWN: Inspired and designed by our lovable military man himself, this female pajama would get you ready to tackle some sleep.

CHRIS: That is by far worse than Anne Maria's! It's a one.

CHEF: Chris! You know as much as fashion as Justin knows math. Dragons, it is a three.

JUSTIN: Well, it was going to be a three, until Chef said that. So I am giving you a two because that is not good enough for a four.

CHRIS: Dragons, your score is 23! Unicorns, you need six to tie, seven to win.

Sky came out in the pink version of Mike's pajamas.

HAROLD: Designed and made by yours truly, beat-boxing legend, the master of awesome, Harold! And some help from Mike, this is a simple pajama that any peppy girl should have. Whether it is for a slumber party or just for sleep. Sizes may vary.

CHRIS: Isn't that a pink version of Mike's pajamas? Unoriginal. Two points.

CHEF: I give it a three.

JUSTIN: Well I may not be a fan of him, but the best thing about Mike, for me, is his pajamas. So that is why I am giving you a five..


CHEF: (to Chris) I told you Lindsay would've been better.

CHRIS: She missed her flight. Justin was in town. Ahem! Congratulations to the Unicorns! And, as a reward, Justin here has a surprise.

Justin stands up.

JUSTIN: My agent has informed me of a clothing empire that needs new designs. So I had the idea of using this to promote the Total Drama brand. And the winning team would be modeling in the clothes that they made on this month's Clothes Empire magnizine and next year's calendar!

The Unicorns erupted in cheer.

DAKOTA: Seriously?


CHRIS: Don't worry, Dragons. Even the losers will have their reward tonight. Well, except for one of you. See you guys, tonight!


BRICK: (sighs) Well, this is it. I tried redeeming myself and I blew it. And with my alarm clock going off the past few days, there is no way my team would keep me in. Maybe I should stick with being in the military. I do better there than I do at fashion.


Still in Confessional

DAKOTA: This is the worst time I had modeling in front of camera!


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: How did we lose? I had the best score out of anyone! And we still lost! How is that even possible!?!


The Dragons made it to the Campfire Area that night. So far, Owen, Scott, Jasmine, LeShawna, Shawn, and Samey have received their marshmallows. The last four, Anne Maria, Brick, Dakota, and Topher, wait hoped that they are the three that are safe.

CHRIS: I see that all four of you have some form of you guys losing. But still safe with no votes and the highest amount of points earned in the challenge is Topher.

TOPHER: (catches his marshmallow) Yes!

CHRIS: Also safe with no votes is Dakota.

Dakota catches her marshmallow.


Brick stands up.

BRICK: Well, its been fun. I'll see you guys around.

CHRIS: What are you doing, private?

BRICK: Sir, I know I am the one the team voted for. With me losing the challenge and with my alarm clock, I don't see how I can stay in!

CHRIS: Yeah. Those reasons are good to vote you out. But, truth be told, you're safe. Anne Maria, see you later!


BRICK: I'm in? (catches the final marshmallow) I'm in! Yes!

ANNE MARIA: There must be some mistake! I demand a re-vote!

CHRIS: I counted them twice. It was six to four. See ya.

Anne Maria started to go on a rant. Annoyed, Chris and Chef grabbed one of Anne Maria's arms and dragged her to the Boat of Losers. They threw her in and the boat started to leave.

CHRIS: Well, that was the freakiest episode yet! But tune in next time when somebody else gets the Boat of Losers here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: I highly don't think there's a reference. The title, "Fashion Freak-Out," just sounded cool in my head.

Episode Quote: LeShawna (Confessional): "Anne Maria might be annoying, but I should be glad she ain't no Heather. But she is getting up there, though."

Contestant Eliminated: Anne Maria

Team: Dreadful Dragons

Reason: Anne Maria received the lowest score out of her team and was voted off, despite Brick losing the challenge and the whole finasco with his alarm clock.

Rank/Place: 18th


Anne Maria- Brick

Brick- Anne Maria

Dakota- Brick

Jasmine- Anne Maria

LeShawna- Anne Maria

Owen- Anne Maria

Samey- Anne Maria

Scott- Brick

Shawn- Anne Maria

Topher- Brick


Writer's Note

That took longer than usual...

Anyways, nothing special. Comment on your predictions (who's being eliminated next time, who's going to win, etc.), reviews, all of that. Until next time, see you later. Or sooner.

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