Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA



(Previous episode:'t_No_Showmance)

CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Noah's prank caused the Dragons to get an early wake-up call which might've had them off their game during the challenge. Jo confronted Zoey to form an alliance with her. Too bad for Jo because Zoey said no.

With a leechball challenge in place, several contestants were forced to take leeches. Cameron hid away from the Dragon's hunters and the cameras to give the Unicorns a fighting chance. Courtney, on the other hand, did another mistake and used her teammate, Brick, as a shield. I know bricks are used to make walls, but man! Did she screwed up her chances!

Ultimately, the Unicorns won, sending a Dragon home. Despite Scott rallying the troops to send Jasmine home, Courtney was sent packing. And it was about time!

We are done five but we just got into our teens! Soon, a sixth contestant will be voted off. Stay tune for a scary throwback challenge here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


After the elimination, the Dragons went to their cabin. Brick told his team that his alarm clock was missing, which got them panicked. After failing to retrieve the clock, the Dragons soon slept paranoid. At 2:30 AM, the loudspeakers came on, raring Brick's alarm clock. Everyone, including the Unicorns, woke up and covered their ears.

CHRIS: Wakey-wakey, contestants. Just because its the middle of the night doesn't mean that there will be no challenges! Get your butts up and meet me in the meeting area pronto!


GWEN: There I was, about to sell one of my drawings for a quarter of a million dollars, when Brick's alarm clock rang up! If you know me personally, you would know that I do not like to be woken up in the middle of the night.


The teams met at the meeting area. Once Brick arrived, Chris tossed him his alarm clock.

CHRIS: Welcome to your next challenge! In the fifth episode of the all-stars, I had some of you run through a blue harvest moon that tampered with the wildlife as well as a contestant. Anyways, we are doing a throwback challenge to it!

SKY: So, you want us to run through a haunted forest?

CHRIS: Not just a forest, Sky. Haunted hills, lakes, rivers, and a dangerous ravine!

SKY: Sorry I ask.

CHRIS: The first team to have all of their members cross the finish line wins.

SCOTT: A race? That's not too bad.

CHRIS: Oh? Well, what if I told you that there are two monsters running through the island? One is Chef dressed as Mama Alien. The other is an actual monster.

CAMERON: (gulped)


CAMERON: Fear is just a psychological dilemma that makes a person unable to react to anything that frightens them. My biggest fear is Izzy, but knowing Chris, he probably has a real, vicious monster running around!


JASMINE: Hate to be a bother, but wouldn't you get lawsuits if that monster draws blood?

CHRIS: I taken care of all of that. We made a deal with this monster. If the monster or Mama Alien Chef catches you, you will be taken to a cage at the campfire. If you want to win, you better make sure that everyone on your team makes it to the end. You will be penalized for every camper you lose.

SAMEY: Could we go back and help our teammates that have been captured?

CHRIS: Nope. Automatic disqualification for your team if that happens. What are you guys waiting here for? Go!

The contestants started to run away from the meeting area. A few meters later, the Unicorns was starting to fall behind the Dragons.

JO: How are we falling behind? Is Cameron falling back.

ZOEY: He's in the back, but not too far behind.

MIKE: (To Cameron) Keep it up, buddy!


JO: Going for Mike would be an obvious play for me if I wanted to show Zoey I mean business. But Sir Toothpicks-for-legs, is making me think that maybe I should threaten Zoey first.


The Dragons reached a large ravine that is too wide to make a tree into a bridge.

TOPHER: Aw, come on! This? Hey, Chris! I can totally make this ravine large-

Samey and Dakota covers Topher's mouth.

DAKOTA: Are you crazy? Chris would make that ditch bigger!

TOPHER: Like that's going to happen.

JASMINE: Dakota's right, Topher. Alrighty, we have two options! We can either go around and hope to find  bridge nearby or we can go down and out.

SCOTT: We can't go around. We don't know how long this gorge is. I say we go in and out.

ANNE MARIA: Uh, I don't think so. Have you seen my nails, trailer boy? My nails are the reason why I drive with my feet.

BRICK: Not to be a bother, but we also have to deal with Owen. Those rocks could be too loose to handle Owen's weight.

JASMINE: True. Hey, speaking of, where is Owen?

The Dragons looked around for Owen. No sign of him.

SAMEY: They took Owen!

Topher put an arm around Samey's shoulders. They share a romantic gaze for a while.

TOPHER: Samey, Samey. Don't worry. Chris won't hurt Owen. I promise you that much.


SAMEY: Oh my gosh!  Amy would have a fit after seeing that Topher actually cares for me. Ooh. I hope that this is a sign of true love!


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Those who are in a desperate need for romance are those that can be flattered and manipulated easily. I will say that Samey is cute, but man! Is she always this naive? All I need to do is to whisper in her ear and that would go to Jasmine and Shawn until their usefulness is no good to me.


The Dragons started their way down when the Unstoppable Unicorns came to the ravine.

CAMERON: Remarkable! This must be at least half a mile deep!

JO: Geez. I really don't care.

ZOEY: There goes the Dragons! Down there!

SKY: Do you think that its a good idea to be climbing down there?

While the rest of the Unicorns talk among themselves, Dave tapped the barks of each tree to make sure they are authentic.


DAVE: I learned pretty late that this island is mechanical. So I am trying to find a tree isn't a real tree. If it connects to the control room, we might be able to get a rope bridge to the other side. Most of that is just from watching Scarlett's confessionals from last season.


Davie continues to tap on the bark when two tentacles wrapped around him and lift Dave up into the tree. The Unicorns didn't notice until they started asking for his advice.

HAROLD: It is a good idea.

SKY: I don't know. I would like Dave's opinion on this. Dave? Dave? Dave!? Uh, where's Dave.

MIKE: Huh. He was right here a second ago.

CAMERON: Do you think the monster got him?

Jo: Who knows who cares? We can't lose to the Dragons again. Come on! We better get climbing down.

CAMERON: But without Dave, we'll be penalized!

JO: He is dead weight anyways.

SKY: I might not agree with some of Dave's, uh, tactics, but at least he's playing a clean and honest game, Jo!

JO: Clean and honest? This is Total Drama! Clean and honest shouldn't even be in the top 100 words that describes the two. Winning and dirty should be the first two words that describes this show.

ALEJANDRO: Hold on for a second. This might sound like I might be taking sides, but we should stop this arguing and focus on the challenge.

JO: (sighs) Fine. But the dead weight goes down first.

ALEJANDRO: Oh? And who might that be?

Jo walks up to Cameron and throws him over the cliff. Near the middle of the rocky edge, Jasmine and Shawn were climbing down when Cameron fell.

JASMINE: Crankies! What was that?

SHAWN: That looked like Cameron.

Back on top...

SKY: That was uncalled for, Jo!

JO: If you want to be dead weight just like Slacker Dave, be my guest. But I plan on winning this. So if you want to win, start climbing down. I don't want to thow any more of you down!


JO: If I had to choose, this is by far the worst Total Drama team ever. The color is pink, our name makes us sound weak, and we got slackers on this team! Heck, I'll be happy to be voted off. No more being an Unicorn for me!


The Dragons managed to make it all the way to the bottom. An injured Cameron is there with a broken leg. The Dragons surrounds him.

SCOTT: Ha! Spaz. (Walks off and starts climbing up.)

ANNE MARIA: Is he okay?

JASMINE: He fell pretty far. I am surprised that all he has is a broken foot.


SHAWN: Cameron weighs less than a hundred pounds. The ravine is around half a mile deep. The bottom is rock hard. There is no way that he can survive that fall. Cameron would have to be some weird zombie half-blood or a cartoon animation. The zombie half-blood thing is more realistic.


SAMEY: I think he's waking up.

CAMERON: (groans.) My leg!

JASMINE: Easy, tiger. Don't want to strain yourself.

ANNE MARIA: Now what?

JASMINE: He's badly hurt. Leaving him would be too cruel for Heather. Okay, Courtney, but staying here would hurt our chances.

LESHAWNA: Why don't the best climbers stay here while the worst ones join Scott?

SAMEY: Ooh. I like that!

JASMINE: Good thinking, LeShawna. Shawn, Brick, and I would stay here. The rest of you can start climbing. We'll meet up with you later.

BRICK: Ma'am, if it would be okay, I would like to go. It is, uh, too dark. The sooner I find light the better.

JASMINE: Wish granted. Well, I guess its Shawn, Cameron, and I.

BRICK: Thank you, ma'am.


JASMINE: Brick might be losing a few pieces to the puzzle, but he is such a gentleman.


Scott made it to the top of the cliff where is greeted by Chef in the alien costume.

SCOTT: Oh, come on!

Chef takes Scott away.

At the bottom of the cliff, the Unicorns soon arrived at the bottom. Mike and Gwen helped Cameron up.

JO: Wow. You must really want to lose, Jashat.

JASMINE: Jashat? Seriously? I think you might be running out of nicknames.

JO: So? As long as I win, who cares what I do.

SHAWN: Yeah, we'll keep that in mind.

Shawn and Jasmine started to climb up.

HAROLD: You okay, Cameron?

CAMERON: Not really. My leg, ouch! I think it's broken!

ZOEY: The sooner we get to the finish line, the sooner the medics would look at it. Hopefully it won't be enough to get you out of the game.

JO: Oh, please, let it be so.


GWEN: I don't know what Jo was thinking. Throwing Cameron? Not even the lowest of the low would pull that prank off. Even reading my diary wasn't that low in comparison!



This part of the episode was brought to you by the Lazy Blogger who went ahead and fast forward to the end of the challenge because the part that you are going to skip was deemed "not interesting enough."

But because you will miss it, here is the run down: The Dragons waited until Jasmine and Shawn got to the top of the cliff before continuing down the path. The Unicorns had a bit of trouble getting out with Cameron's broken leg. Both teams faced many obstacles that sooned put them in a foot race towards the finish line.

The Unicorns had lost Mike, Cameron, Zoey, Harold, and Gwen since they lost Dave. The Dragons lost Anne Maria, LeShawna, and Samey since they lost Owen. Currently, the Unicorns are barely in the lead.

Thank you for reading the Lazy Blogger's Montage Time. Now back to the program.

JO: (To her remaining teammates)Run faster! They're gaining on us!

JASMINE: (To her remaining teammates) Almost there guys!

The Unstoppable Unicorns crosses the finish line before the Dreadful Dragons could.

SKY: All right! We did it!

TOPHER: What? We lost? How can it be?


TOPHER: I am trying to be as calm as possible. But for my plan to go into action, both Jasmine and Shawn needs to stay in! With us losing, one of them could be heading home! After all, it is their idea to stay behind and help the other team play catch up.


CHRIS: Congrats to the Unstoppable Unicorns for beating the Dragons.

JO: That's because that is the way we roll. Hey, thanks for helping us out, Lazmine!

SHAWN: Don't listen to her. We did the right thing.

CHRIS: However, I did say that you will be penalized for each member of your team that you lost. The Dragons only lost five. The Unicorns lost six. So, the Unicorns will be meeting me at the fire tonight.

ALEJANDRO: Que? There must be some mistake. We crossed the line first.

CHRIS: Oh, trust me. There were plenty of mistakes. And you guys are going to correc one by eliminating one of your own. Dragons, congrats! Everyone of you won't get marshmallows!

SHAWN: For some reason, that sounds pretty good!

After a power nap, Jo and Harold remained in the Unicorn's hut. The others went to see how Cameron was doing with his new cast on his leg.


JO: I have been thinking a lot lately. With how the challenge ended, I might be going home. All I need are five votes against Cameron because he is already in a cast and he is the weakest person physically on this team. I already secured three votes. All I need is Harold's vote.


JO: So, how much do you love marshmallows, Harold?

HAROLD: Who me?

JO: No, the hammock! Of course you! How would you like to have marshmallows for the rest of the competition? Because that is exactly what you're getting if you vote for me.

HAROLD: But you broke Cameron's leg. That's, like, not cool. I have to be bonkers not to vote for you.

JO: Go ahead. Vote for me. But the only sweet treats you'll be getting until your elimination are marshmallows if you go down that path. You are the second weakest person on the team and there is an alliance between four people. If you are game, you will be voting for Cameron to keep the team strong.

HAROLD: But why would I vote Cameron? He is the weakest on a physical scale, but if we are voting by strength, that means that I am eliminated if I vote him off.

JO: But I know that there is an alliance of four. If you side with me, we can eliminate those four and hopefully bring a certain someone from the four to join us. You basically don't have a choice. If you want a marshmallow, vote me off. If you want to win, vote Cameron off. The choice is yours, Harnerd.

Jo walks out as Zoey walks in.

ZOEY: Did I miss anything?


ZOEY: Okay. Hey, I know this might sound ridiculous, but would you mind voting for Jo tonight? What she did to Cameron was unethical of her. Somebody needs to teach her a lesson!


ZOEY: Thanks, Harold. You are always dependable.


ZOEY: I know Harold would make the right decision. I just hope Jo didn't get into his head. As much as I hate to say this, I don't think Cameron is going to last long with a broken leg. I am so glad Chris didn't pull him out because of it.


Still in Confessional

HAROLD: I feel like I am needed only for my vote. Which isn't too bad. I got two ladies talking to me. It is a shame that one of them isn't my type and the other is already engaged.



CHRIS: Welcome back to the campfire, Unicorns. You all had cast your votes. When I call out your name, you get a marshmallow. Total Drama rules say that if you get a marshmallow, you are safe. If you don't, you are out for good. Is there any questions?

DAVE: Yes, uh, who is the monster? I didn't get a good look at hi-

As Dave was saying this, a giant tentacle came up and started to strangle him.

DAVE: Hurts. So. Much!

CHRIS: Everyone say hello to our very own psychotic monster, Izzy!

Izzy came up with giant tentacle costumes around her arms.

IZZY: HI, guys!

CAMERON: (Shrieks)

IZZY: Oh my gosh! Are those marshmallows? Did you guys lose? That is why I am not joining up? (Gasps) Chef...

CHEF: Oh, no.

Izzy charges up and tackles Chef out of the Campfire Area into the trees below.

CHRIS: Darn it. Now I have to pass out the marshmallows. First marshmallow of the night goes to... Dave.

DAVE: Yes!

CHRIS: Next is Mike, Zoey, Harold, Sky, Alejandro, and Gwen. Cameron and Jo, I can clearly see why both of you have votes against yourselves. Jo, you threw Cameron off a cliff and he managed to come out of that with a broken leg. As for you, Cameron, you are weak and your leg just makes you weaker.

CAMERON: My leg isn't the problem. The problem is having your team throw you off a cliff and breaking your bones!

JO: Your bones are nothing more than toothpicks, Bubble-Boy.

CHRIS: Even though you both deserve to go home for obvious reasons, the last marshmallow goes to... Jo! Cameron, sorry, bro.

CAMERON: (Sighs) I understand. Well, its been great playing again.

MIKE: See you, Cam.

ZOEY: Bye, Cameron.

The team, except for Jo, waved goodbye to Cameron as he limped out of the Campfire Area.

SKY: Shouldn't Chef carry Cameron since his leg is... you know?

CHRIS: Forget it. Chef is having fun with Izzy.

At the bottom of the cliff, Izzy had Chef tied up in the tentacle costumes. Izzy is laughing menacingly.

CHEF: Aw, crud.

IZZY: Aw, I miss you too, Chef. Let's play again!


JO: I may be persistant, but Zoey is a beast in challenges. I need her on my side. Consider that your warning, Zoey. Another denial would give your husband a one-way ticket off this island.


Chris is the only one left at the Campfire Area.

CHRIS: Six are gone but eighteen remain! Who will leave the game next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge! Chef! Stop playing with Izzy! I need my bed-time story read to me!


Episode Reference: Actually, I just picked this title up because it sounds catchy. It talks a bit about the challenge and what happened during the challenge. The closest referene you can find is "Three Men and a Baby," but that is a long stretch from the episode title. Draw your own conclusions.

Episode Quote: Topher (Confessional): "Those who are in a desperate need for romance are those that can be flattered and manipulated easily. I will say that Samey is cute, but man! Is she always this naive? All I need to do is to whisper in her ear and that would go to Jasmine and Shawn until their usefulness is no good to me."

Contestant Eliminated: Cameron

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: Cameron broke his leg when Jo threw him over the cliff. Despite Jo being the main target because of this, the team decided that it was best for Cameron to be eliminated to keep the team going strong.

Rank/Place: 19th


Alejandro- Cameron

Cameron- Jo

Dave- Cameron

Gwen- Jo

Harold- Cameron

Jo- Cameron

Mike- Jo

Sky- Cameron

Zoey- Jo


Writer's Note

In case if you were wondering why this is coming out the day after the previous one, I decided to be generous. Since I left a hold on the series after Noah's elimination, I found it fitting to have this week catch up on the series. That is all. Comment what you think of the series, episode, etc, and I will see you all later. Or sooner.

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