Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA



(I hope you all read the last episode. But if you didn't and because I'm nice:

CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Our contestants were forced to eat disgusting meals. Four of them came from Chef, while the other five came from different parts of the world. The contestants with the weakest stomachs were forced to swallow.

We learned that Owen can easily eat a mystery meat surprise before Mike can even touch his! Talk about fast food! Courtney's fear of green jelly could've cost the Dragons the win, but it was Noah who lost the challenge for the Dragons when he lost against neat-freak Dave.

Despite Courtney annoying her team with her bossiness and strict additude, it was Noah, a fan favorite, who lost the million dollars, but not before leaving his team a surprise. AKA: Brick's alarm clock. And who knows what time it is set on.

Noah may be gone, but the hype is still on! Twenty contestants remain and who will leave the game? There will be a lot of suckers, but one will be leeching for votes and will be chopped off. Who will that be? Find out right now on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge!


The Dragons are sleeping. The time is 3:59 AM. When 4:00 AM hits, Brick's alarm clock rang in an unknown location. The Dragons quickly woke up, covered their ears and ran rampant for five minutes before the alarm went off. At the same time, Shawn fell off his branch and Jasmine quickly untied her rope and went to help find Brick's alarm clock.

DAKOTA: What's going on?

SCOTT: Shut it off! Shut it off!

Brick's alarm clock was turned off.

COURTNEY: Brick! Did you forget what the team told you yesterday?

BRICK: Nope! 


BRICK: I told my team last night that my alarm clock went missing and nobody cared! I bet every dollar I invested in fashion school that they wish they should've helped.


Shawn starts climbing up to the tree house when he found Brick's alarm clock taped underneath the shelter.

SHAWN: What the-? How did they miss that?

Shawn enters the tree house. As soon as Courtney sees Brick's clock, she took it from Shawn and rudely gives it to Brick.

COURTNEY:  I hope you break that clock, Brick.

The Dragons went back to sleep. A few hours later at a berry bush, Zoey and Jo were seen picking berries and talking to each other.

ZOEY: It is nice of you to help pick, Jo. Did I miss something yesterday? I was talking with Gwen and Mike after the challenge.

JO: Nope. Instead, I just wanted to talk strategy.

ZOEY: Strategy? Talking? Isn't that Heather's strategy. You're mostly loud and bosses people just so you can win challenges.

JO: Just think of it as trying something different. Anyways, I have to hand it to you. You somehow manage to control the votes without even trying! So I was thinking that we should form an alliance. No one expects the two of us to be working together.

ZOEY: Is this why you came picking berries? To get me into an alliance? I know that we all want to win, and if you want to win, try being nice to people. More people win by being nice over being mean and rude.

JO: So you are saying that if you team up with me, you would automatically win.

ZOEY: I never said that! All I am saying is that if you change your tune, you would have a better chance of winning. As for an alliance, I am sorry but I can't agree to form it with you. I've already made an, uh, unofficial alliance with three others.

JO: Fine, whatever. Just remember that this is a limited offer. One of these days you will regret not voting with me.


JO: Zoey is strong and her only weakness is losing Mike. I need to find some way to get rid of Mike in order for Zoey to see that I mean business. I can only assume that two of her alliance members is Mike and Cameron. I just don't know who the last person is.


Both teams are in the meeting zone. Chris is standing between two crates with his camo hat on. Gwen and Zoey exchange nervous looks.

CHRIS: Greetings, campers! Today's challenge is from the paintball deer hunt from season one. And because my parole officers won't let me use small, round projectiles like the paint balls, we will use leeches from the all-star season. Doesn't that sound fun?

JASMINE: What's fun about having leeches suck your blood?

CHRIS: I never said it was fun for you. Anyways, four members from each team will be the hunters for this challenge. The other members of the team will be the deer.

MIKE: So, how do we know who's a deer and who's a hunter?

CHRIS: Who else but me? If you are a deer, you will gather your antlers, noses, and little white tails from this crate. (Chris pats down the crate to his left.) If you are a hunter, your gun, leeches, yellow shades, and camo caps in your respective team color, will be in this crate to my right.

JO: Geez. Pink camo caps. It'll make the other team really hard to see us.

CHRIS: I know!

SKY: Uh, I think that was sarcasm.

CHRIS: Impossible! Anyways, if I call your name, you're a hunter. LeShawna, Anne Maria, Shawn, Scott, Alejandro, Gwen, Jo, and Zoey. Congrats. The rest of you are deer.


LESHAWNA: It is a shame that the Unicorns voted out Heather two days ago. I would've loved to teach that girl some lessons I forgot to teach her back in the Alps.


Still in confessional

HAROLD: (wearing his antlers) Just because I'm a deer doesn't mean I'm peaceful. I am a dangerous creature who would stomp any predator to death. I used to be a unicorn, but now, I am a deer. Fear the deerful Harold!


CHRIS: As obvious as it is, the first team to have all their deer leeched will see me at the campfire tonight.

COURTNEY: Yeah, but can the deer have a head start of a few minutes?

CHRIS: Fine! Deer has five minutes to scatter starting now!

While the hunters remained, those who are stuck as deer fled away from the hunters.

The deer from the Dreadful Dragons (Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, Owen, Samey, and Topher) walked through the trails together

SAMEY: I don't think sticking together is a good idea.

COURTNEY: I agree. I say that we ditch Owen.

OWEN: Yeah, I- what?

COURTNEY: Hey, you're the easiest person to hit. At least Jasmine can hid better than you.

JASMINE: And how am I not supposed to get offended by that?

COURTNEY: You weren't. Or was. Whatever! Point is, if we stick near Owen, we are going to lose!

TOPHER: I hate to be picking sides, but Courtney is right. Owen is pretty much a deer with a target painted on his body.

JASMINE: But if he separates himself, it could jeopardize the team!

COURTNEY: Jasmine, I know you don't talk to many people, but there is a game called chess. Also, in case if you hadn't notice, but the other team has less deer. We can't lose.

JASMINE: They have Mike and Sky who are pretty good at hiding in trees. Not to mention that Cameron can hide in almost any crack! Harold's a decent player. Basically, the only one we don't have to worry about is Dave.[

COURTNEY: Wow. Its a shame you weren't a hunter, Jasmine. You would've saved us a lot of time hiding instead of arguing!


COURTNEY: If Jasmine was a tour guide for the Australian Outback, I would go to her supervisor just to get her fired. She acts like she's a better leader than from a C.I.T! The only way that's possible is if she wins this season! But we all know who's the most likely to win.


Dave and Mike are walking and finding a good spot to hide right before the hunters are going out to shoot the opposing team's deer.

DAVE: So, basically Sky wants me to make amends with you and Zoey.

MIKE: And you aren't too happy with it?

DAVE: Oh, don't get me wrong. I still want you to go. But I figured if I want to make Sky happy to be with me, I better do everything that she says, right?

MIKE: I'm not sure that's how love works.

DAVE: I wouldn't call it an alliance. Its more of a don't-vote-for-me-and-I-won't-for-you deal.

MIKE: I believe that's called an alliance. And its great that you and Sky wants to align yourself with Zoey and I, but...

DAVE: Oh, great. Let me guess. You have another alliance, right?

MIKE: Sort of unofficial. Cam and I have been buddies since Revenge of the Island, and Gwen's been on good terms with Zoey for a while. So if anything, I'll say that us four, without you and Sky, are pretty tighter. We can let you in, but we can put you and Sky up to the final six. Nothing personal, its just-

DAVE: A game. I know.


DAVE: Its great having Sky on this team, but then there are times that I wish she was on the other team. Wishing to keep Mike in is one of those time when I wish we were on opposite teams!


The five minute head-start for the deer was over and the hunters began searching through the woods. Alejandro walked over and saw Courtney drawing something in the dirt with a stick. Alejandro looked over to see what Courtney was doing.

ALEJANDRO: Do my eyes deceive me or do I see a chart?

COURTNEY: (Startled) Don't shoot! Please! I don't want leeches!

Alejandro put a hand on Courtney's shoulders.

ALEJANDRO: Relax, Courtney. I would never harm such a fair lady.

COURTNEY: Well, I... wow.

ALEJANDRO: So, tell me, what exactly are you doing in the dirt?

COURTNEY: Oh, I'm just coming up with people who would vote with me to get rid of Jasmine.

ALEJANDRO: Is that so? And if I may help you achieve such goals, would you mind if you become my queen?

COURTNEY: But what about Heather?

ALEJANDRO: She is my queen outside of this game. But inside, I find it that you are my Total Drama Queen.

Alejandro kisses Courtney's hand.

LeShawna is trudging through the woods. She then hears giggling and whispering. She walks towards the source. She then finds Samey holding on to Topher's arm while Topher is flirting with her.


LESHAWNA: If this was a matchmaker show, we all are winners. Zoey is engaged to Mike, Sky and Dave seems to have something together, Alejandro and Heather are a couple, and I think Topher and Samey has something in common. Not to mention Harold still has something for me. Listen, I came here to win. If love was a game, then we are all winners. But this ain't a showmance. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes, the love birds have to split apart for a while.


Gwen and Zoey are walking side-by-side hunting for the Dragon's deer.

GWEN: Did she really ask you for an alliance? That's so not like her!

ZOEY: I know. But I had to decline. Mike comes first, then comes friends, and third is possible alliances. Sorry, but-

GWEN: Oh, don't mind me. I totally get it. Love is love. And if eliminating me would bring you two happiness, then don't hesitate. Just make sure that you tell me before sundown.

ZOEY: Agreed.

The two girls then came upon Owen trying to hide behind a smaller rock. Zoey and Gwen exchanged glances before both girls shot Owen with leeches.

OWEN: Ow! I think something is draining something from me.

GWEN: Yeah. Those are called leeches.

ZOEY: So, so sorry about it, Owen.

Welcome back to the lazy part of this blog. For this lazy blogger edition, you will be notified that many of the deer contestants have been leeched with the exceptions of Brick and Courtney for the Dragons and Harold and Sky for the Unicorns. The hunters are still hunting. In case if you don't know, the leeched contestants are in the meeting area. And we stop this lazy blogger segment where Courtney and Brick enter a cave. We here at Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge hope you enjoyed this segment of the lazy blogger shortening the episode.

(I just can't help but read that in a news caster's voice.)

Brick and Courtney enter the cave and sat on rocks. Brick is looking every which way, scared, while Courtney is trying to comfort him.

COURTNEY: Don't worry, Brick. They won't find us here.

BRICK: I am not afraid of the leeches. I am more afraid of the d-d-dark!


BRICK: I cannot do dark places. You don't know what's out there. I am just glad somebody invented night goggles.


Courtney looks over past Brick and sees Jo sneaking up on the two of them. As Jo fired, Courntey used Brick as a shield from the leeches. Brick's face was filled with leeches that blew up like a ballong once they started sucking on his blood.

JO: Its just you and me now, Chartney.

COURTNEY: Are you sure we can't work out a deal. You seriously don't want to work things out? I personally guarantee you that your team won't vote you out.

JO: Sorry, but I can only trust one person, and that's me!

Jo starts shooting Courtney as the latter tries running away. At last, a leech hits Courtney.

CHRIS: (loudspeakers) This just in: The Dragons are losing another member tonight! Unicorns, you are all safe for now!

COURTNEY: (groans)


SCOTT: For some reason, I feel so distant from Courtney unlike the All-Stars. I need Courtney back! There is very good chance that Courtney will be gone tonight, so I plan on helping her get rid of Jasmine.


In the cave near the Dragon's tree house, (Maswak's shelter during PI), Scott gathered Anne Maria, Dakota, Owen, Topher, LeShawna, and Brick for details about the elimination.

SCOTT: All right, basically, it all comes down is who do we want as a leader.

ANNE MARIA: Don't tell me you are signing you up. We already have to much drama with Courtney and Jasmine.

SCOTT: You would love me as a leader, wouldn't you.

ANNE MARIA: If you were, my vote will be for you.

DAKOTA: Wait. Where's Shawn and Samey? Shouldn't they be here along with Courtney and Jasmine?

SCOTT: Shawn and Samey have made their choice on who should lead the team, and I can assure you its the wrong one.

TOPHER: I don't know. Jasmine seems to know what she's doing.

SCOTT: Oh, I know she does. And that's the problem. We can't win while Jasmine is still here. We have a better chance of winning this show if Courtney is here. She'll give us a reason to vote for her once all the Unicorns are gone.

LESHAWNA: (laughs) I'm sorry. But it seems like you are trying to protect Courtney. All do respect for her, Courtney is a control freak. If she wasn't, then I might vote with you and get rid of Jasmine.

SCOTT: Jasmine is also a control freak.

LESHAWNA: But with Jasmine, your ideas can be heard. With Courtney, its either her way or no way, sugar. And I don't want to be dissing on nobody behind their backs, but I want a control freak who listens to other people as a leader instead of a control freak who takes total control over everything.

SCOTT: If you vote for Courtney, we all are going to regret it.

ANNE MARIA: Its not like regret anything else, Scott. Let's just see how this elimination rolls out. Because I need to dream of Vito and me at the beach!

TOPHER: You do realize that Vito is Mike, right?

ANNE MARIA: Isn't Vito a great actor?


TOPHER: So Scotty is talking about blindsiding Jasmine. I could agree, but she has close ties with Samey and if Samey finds out that I was involve in some way, it could ruin my game. But there is the chance that Samey might go with Jasmine more than me. Ooh. This is a tough choice. Good one for putting both Courtney and Jasmine on the same team, producers.


The Dragons are at the campfire pit. Chris has a plate of ten marshmallows on them.

CHRIS: I have here ten marshmallows. If you are safe, you get a marsh-

COURTNEY: Can we hurry things up.

CHRIS: (glares at Courtney) Fine by me. The following are safe: Scott, Shawn...


CHRIS: ...Dakota, Brick, Owen, Topher, LeShawna, Anne Maria, and Samey.

JASMINE: What? Why am I-? Oh. I see how it is, Courtney.

COURTNEY: May the worse leader leave defeated.

CHRIS: As much as I like to move things along, I have a date tonight.

OWEN: Oh. Who's the lucky girl?

CHRIS: Wouldn't you like to know? Anyways, the last marshmallow goes to... Jasmine!


COURTNEY: What? But I'm a better leader!

ANNE MARIA: And you also got Brick's face covered in leeches!

Scott watches as Chef came up and carried Courtney to the Boat of Losers.


SCOTT: Aw, man! I thought I had a perfect plan! It was me and Courtney in the finale! I ask her to marry me all was peaceful! Too bad she's gone for good.


Still in Confessional

JASMINE: I must say that the team did well tonight. As for you, Courtney, may the better leader stay in and fight to the end. It was a good show while it lasted, but I came up on top!


CHRIS: We are down to nineteen contestants! Tune in next time to see a prime number going to an even one here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Refrence: The episode title is from a quote made by LeShawna talking about how much love is going on on the island. Nothing too dramatic.

Episode Quote: LeShawna (Confessional): "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes, the love birds have to split apart for a while."

Contestant Eliminated: Courtney

Team: Dreadful Dragons

Reason: She lost the challenge for her team, she was part of the reason why the Dragons lost the international eating challenge (previous episode), and her leadership rivalry between her and Jasmine has annoyed some teams (off-canon.)

Place: 20th


Anne Maria- Courtney

Brick- Courtney

Courtney- Jasmine

Dakota- Courtney

Jasmine- Courtney

LeShawna- Courtney

Owen- Courtney

Samey- Courtney

Scott- Jasmine

Shawn- Courtney

Topher- Jasmine


Writer's Note

Yeah... this was one of the rushed ones. I had the whole episode in my head, but for some reason, it just doesn't come out the way it should, you know? Such a shame. Good elimination and yet one of the worst episodes of the series so far... I am going to beat myself up for that. I will rewrite it someday (but I'll probably won't because I forgot.)

Anyways, the "redemption challenge" for Courtney is basically... uh, let me spell it out. In "Saving Private Leechball," Courtney did something that would've gotten her eliminated if the Heroic Hamsters lost. If you don't remember or don't know, its basically, sacrificing Sam to the leeches. Picture that scene with no Zoey matrixing (is that a word? It is now.) leeches, Sam is replaced with Brick, and Jo wins the challenge for her team. Does that make a better image? Hopefully it does.

Anyways, comment what you think of the series so far, the episode in general, any constructive criticism...hopefully? You guys know the drill. Sorry for the quick preview earlier if you caught that. Make your predictions next time and I will see you all later. Or Sooner.

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