Still in the Running:

Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA



If you missed previous episode:

CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The teams were forced to build and race go-karts and raced them against the elements. Topher had bad luck thanks to Fang, but they managed to win thanks to Jo losing on purpose!

But Jo wasn't in the hot seat. Nope, instead Heather and Alejandro was trying to get each other out thanks to Gwen's missing diary being found under Heather's pillow. Heather blamed Alejandro, Alejandro remained silent, I think I made Zoey deaf, and Jo revealed that she framed Heather.

It was already two late for Alejandro and Heather to continue their romance in this show as Heather was shocking eliminated. Yeah. Heather. Out within three days. Who would've thought?

Alejandro now knows Jo's secret. Will he spill it out or will his bluff soon turn against him? And will the Dragons hopefully lose a challenge? I don't see how they can possibly lose this one. Get ready to toss your cookies in this disgusting episode of Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

In the morning, Samey, Jasmine, and Shawn were getting back to their team's shelter with a few bags full of berries and nuts. Brick's alarm rang and commotion ran throughout the tree house. Brick ran off and fell face first onto the ground. The three gathers walked up to Brick.

SAMEY: Uh, are you okay.

BRICK: (getting up) Never been better. See you all in one hour! (Brick started for his morning jog.)


JASMINE: When it comes to loyalty and team participation, Brick definitely the first pick. Well, right after Shawn and Samey that is. But when it comes to his alarm clock and his social life, that's a different story.


Still in Confessional

NOAH: Its not that I have anything against Brick, its that his alarm! I would rather swap teams with anybody from the Unicorns right now because, despite them losing so much, they don't have to deal with Brick's alarm clock.


The Dragons finished their breakfast without Brick, but they did leave him some nuts and berries. When Brick returns from his jog, Topher handed him the rest of the team's breakfast.

BRICK: Aw, man! Did I missed breakfast?

TOPHER: Nope. (Tosses Brick the bag of the remaining nuts and berries.) But it wasn't easy hiding it from Owen.

OWEN: (stomach growls) What can I do? I'm always hungry!

NOAH: And yet you manage to stay around 300 pounds without going to 350.

COURTNEY: Brick, we need to talk.

BRICK: Oh no. Its not the alarm clock, is it?



COURTNEY: We aren't trying to nag, but waking up at five-

BRICK: Six. Its my summer off.

COURTNEY: Whatever time it is, it isn't helping us win.

BRICK: We won the last three challenges.

COURTNEY: All of which because somebody screwed up on the other team. If they manage to pull out a win, guess who they'll be gunning for. Now, I will set a compromise. How about setting your alarm for eight? That way, we all can get an extra two hours of sleep.

BRICK: (gets up walks away sad.) Okay. Let me set my alarm.

DAKOTA: Do you think that was too harsh?

ANNE MARIA: Hey, its better than waking up at six every morning. I like the sun as much as the next, but I also need some sleep to keep this figure.

SCOTT: Hey, speaking of the other team, does anybody know who they kicked off?

Over at a berry bush, Harold and Jo started to pick berries.

HAROLD: And even though strawberries don't have seeds inside, we still count them as fruit because their seeds are on the outside. They are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside!

JO: Harold, I don't care. Now hurry up and pick some more berries!

HAROLD: Saying please wouldn't kill anybody.

JO: Listen, I didn't come here to pick berries without a reason.

HAROLD: You wanted to ask me out. Sorry, but you sound a lot like Duncan for me to find you even remotely attractive.

JO: Where did you even come up with such an idea? I was thinking of forming an alliance.

HAROLD: An alliance? Sure, but why me?

JO: It's a work-deal. Next to Cameron, you are a physical weakling, but you have the brains, Harnerd.

HAROLD: It's Harold.

JO: Whatever. And I know about your deal with Dave and Sky.

HAROLD: So? It's four against five. Even if you did team up with us, I doubt Sky and Dave would let you. After all, you did betray Heather.

JO: I never said that.

HAROLD: It is my calculations that you did- (Jo covers his mouth)

JO: If I wanted an explanation on how you knew that, I'll watch the previous episode after I win. Anyways, word has been spreading that Sky and Dave are thinking about forming an alliance with Mike and Zoey.

HAROLD: So you want to team up with everybody else? I don't think Cameron would vote against his friends.

JO: Really? I am not saying that. I am saying that if we want any chance in this game, we need to get to Zoey first.

HAROLD: Why Zoey?

JO: She basically has no weaknesses outside Mike. She's useful in challenges, but she also has friends on majority of this team. If we can control Zoey, we can control the vote.

HAROLD: Sorry, but I don't want to  use people for my benefits.

JO: Its either use people or lose the game. Its your call, string bean.


JO: Zoey has Mike, Cameron, and Gwen on her side. Add in a potential Sky and Dave and you have a recipe for disaster. However, if you add in me, and you have a recipe for success. But in order for that to work, I need to get Zoey in with me. And if all goes to fail, I do have a plan to make her votes worthless.


Still in Confessional

HAROLD: Jo is basically a female version of Duncan. She's scary, mean, and I can't turn my back on her or else she'll give me a wedgie. If I want to defeat this new Duncan, I need to, like, play the bullied one again. Sometimes, I wish life would just give me the lemonade instead of the lemons.


Both teams are in the meeting area. A table was set up with a cart of nine covered plates were behind Chris and Chef. The Dragons looked at the new Unicorn team.

NOAH: Whoa.

SAMEY: Is Heather actually out?

CHRIS: Yep! Can't believe it either. But I am so glad she isn't running this show anymore!


SAMEY: Before I came back, Amy taunted me on how I wouldn't last among the stronger players like Courtney, Heather, or Alejandro. But look who just outlasted the best Total Drama contestant ever, sis!


CHRIS: After going through my challenge list, I found out that some of you have never once participated in an official eating challenge. So, we are going to be having our first food challenge today!

OWEN: Finally!

CHRIS: The rules are simple. One person from each team will come up and eat a randomized dish. The dishes will be from any cuisine found anywhere in the world to a nasty surprise that was in one of our last food challenges.

OWEN: Giant. Pancakes. Woo-hoo! (Chris slaps Owen.)

CHRIS: Keep it together, bro. We can't make the giant pancakes. Not enough time.

OWEN: What? No pancakes? NOOOOOOO!

CHRIS: Yeah. So, the first contestant to finish wins a point for their team. First team to get five win. I'll be the judge on this one while Chef just brings in the dishes. Everybody cool with that?

LESHAWNA: What kind of dishes are they?

CHRIS: Oh, you'll see. The contestants who will participate are selected randomly, so Shawn, Cameron, you two are up first.

Shawn and Cameron walked up to the table. Chef puts down the first plate and uncovered the lid. Cameron shrieks.

ZOEY: Cameron, what's wrong?

SHAWN: It's roasted tarantulas.

SKY: I thought Cameron was over spiders.



CAMERON: Just because I am over spiders doesn't mean I am over who got me over my fear. Every time I look at a spider, I can't help but to think Izzy is right next to one.


Chris looks over at Shawn.

CHRIS: And why aren't you afraid.

SHAWN: It's not my first time eating spiders. I've also ate cockroaches, bats, rotten oranges, and whatever as in this dumpster behind a local supermarket.

The girls on his team express disgusted expressions

COURTNEY: (to Jasmine) He's your boyfriend.

JASMINE: Its not like your choice of men is any better.


COURTNEY: Okay, so maybe Duncan and Scott aren't the number one spot for dates, but they are in the top ten. And neither of them look for food in a dumpster


Still in confessional

SCOTT: Shawn should be lucky he doesn't live near me. Because if we dived in the same dumpster, one of us ain't getting out of it alive.


CHRIS: Shawn, Cameron, begin eating! And Shawn has all three tarantulas in his mouth where Cameron is ripping off the legs of one. Who's going to win.'s Shawn.

SHAWN: WHOO! Yes! Who's the spider slayer? Who's the spider slayer?

CHRIS: (to Chef) Maybe we shouldn't gave him the spiders.

CHEF: Definitely.

CHRIS: I need Jasmine and Zoey.

Jasmine and Zoey walked up to the table where Chef unloaded the 2nd dish. On two plates were three eggs.

ZOEY: We have to eat eggs?

CHRIS: Actually, baluts.

ZOEY: Baluts? What's a balut?

JASMINE: Its a duck embryo that is eaten in South-east Asia. Its a common delicacy over there.

CHRIS: Explanations aside, begin eating!

Both girls ate their three eggs as fast as they can. However, Jasmine came up on top.

CHRIS: And Jasmine wins!

Shawn runs up and hugs Jasmine.

SHAWN: I knew you can do it!

JASMINE: Thanks, Shawn.


ZOEY: I think I would've won that round if I didn't realize that they were, excuse me, (barfs) duck embryos.


CHRIS: Sky, Scott, you two are up!

Sky and Scott walk up to the table where Chef uncovered the next mean.

SCOTT: What's this? And why is it moving?

CHRIS: It's (tries to pronounce it from a note card) sannakji.

SCOTT: And in English?

SKY: Raw baby octopuses that is cut up and served immediately.



SCOTT: I have trouble with one sea food item, now I have to deal with choking on raw octopus? That's it. I am never moving to the ocean.


Scott took a part of the sannakji and swallowed it. He began choking on it before spitting it out.

SCOTT: How do you even eat these thi-

SKY: Done!

CHRIS: And the Unicorns are on the board! LeShawna, Harold, you two are the next eaters!

HAROLD: My lady.

LESHAWNA: Don't flatter yourself, sweet cheeks. I came to win.

Chef uncovered the fourth dish.

HAROLD: Are those pancakes?

OWEN: What? I thought you said no pancakes?

CHRIS: I said no GIANT pancakes. I never said anything about regular pancakes.

OWEN: NOOOOO! (sobs on Noah's lap. Noah starts petting him)

NOAH: There, there, big fella. Everything will be all right.

LESHAWNA: Excuse me, Chris, but are these blueberries?

CHRIS: I don't know. I never recalled putting blueberries in these pancakes. What did we put in them?

CHEF: Fish eyes.

CHRIS: Oh yeah.

LESHAWNA: Fish what now?

CHRIS: Begin!

Both LeShawna and Harold began chowing down on their fish-eye pancakes. LeShawna barfed, giving Harold enough time to finish his stack first.

CHRIS: Thanks to Harold, we are tied! Two points each! Time for the ultimate tie-breaker! Courtney! Gwen! You're next!

COURTNEY: Great. Well, at least it can't be anything worse than the fish pancakes, isn't that right, LeBarfa?

LESHAWNA: If those pancakes aren't in my stomach right now, I'll smack you.

Courtney and Gwen met at the table where Chef had the dish still covered.

GWEN: So, Courtney. How's it going?

COURTNEY: I'll answer that after I beat you, Gwen.


COURTNEY: I am not being friends with Gwen this time around. She did cause my elimination in the all-stars.


Still in Confessional

GWEN: I know for a fact that I can never trust Courtney. Why? Because when she was eliminated in All-Stars, she voted for Scott just like me. I had to bribe Chris to get the results. And finding paint wasn't the easiest thing to find on Wawanakwa.


Chef uncovered the lid and Courtney screamed.


CHRIS: Yep! And you did say that you'll answer Gwen's question after you beat her. So in order to do that, you better eat, Courtney.

DAKOTA: Is she really scared of that stuff?

SHAWN: And I thought I had a picky appetite.

JASMINE: Shawn, you would literally eat a rotten rabbit carcass on a dare.

SHAWN: Only with carrots and potatoes, Jasmine.

CHRIS: And, begin! Uh, Courtney? You're supposed to eat.

COURTNEY: Not happening. I've seen who was left on the other team, and I don't think two of them would finish before any one of my teammates.

CHRIS: Right. Gwen, you win.

GWEN: Yes!

CHRIS: Yeah... time for a better battle. Jo! Brick! You two need a meal!


JO: About time I did a food challenge! Every season that I participated in, they did a food challenge after I was eliminated. Well not this time!


Chef uncovered the lid to the sixth dish.

CHRIS: Jo, Brick, your dish is to take fifteen cockroach smoothie shots each. If you remember, Owen managed to gulp a lot of cockroach smoothie shots last time we had them. And I believe his opponent is on the same team as he is.

LESHAWNA: Did you even try those smoothies? Those pancakes you gave me tasted better!

CHRIS: Uh-huh. Brick, Jo, chug!

Brick and Jo started to chug down the cockroach shakes as fast as they could.

BRICK: Done!

JO: Done!

CHRIS: Looks like we got a tie. Looks like I have to give the point to...

Jo barfs.

CHRIS: ...Brick! Congratulations! The Dragons tied up the game!

Jo sat down with her team.

DAVE: Wow. You just had to barf.

JO: Just wait until its your turn. Then we'll see who'll get the last laugh.

CHRIS: Alejandro, Samey. You two are up.

Alejandro and Samey met at the table as Chef uncovered the seventh dish.

SAMEY: What is it?

ALEJANDRO: It looks like you blended meat together with vinegar.

CHRIS: Its shiokara! 

ALEJANDRO: What's in it?

HAROLD: Its a Japanese seafood dish made from various parts of sea creatures with malted rice and salt. I had it once at this Japanese restaurant and-

CHRIS: Nobody cares, Harold. Samey, Alejandro, dig in.

Both contestants began eating their meal and holding back their own puke.


ALEJANDRO: I can't afford to lose! The other team still has Owen. If I lose, the chances of me going up for elimination increases. Nobody gets voted off for losing to an eating competition to Owen! Even if I do have Jo's secret under wraps, barely anybody would believe me. So, as much as my stomach denies it, I must eat all of it.


Samey is still eating when Alejandro finishes.

CHRIS: And Alejandro finishes before Samey! One more point and the Unicorns will have their first win!


ALEJANDRO: Looks like I won't be eating again until that shiokara is out of my lovely system.


Samey returns to her team.

JASMINE: Its okay, Samey. I probably wouldn't finish that either.

CHRIS: Mike! Owen! You two are next!

OWEN: No more pancakes...

Chef uncovers the eighth dish.

MIKE: Uh, what is it?

CHEF: It's my mystery meat.


MIKE: Its times like this that I wish I still have my multiple personalities, but I don't think any of them would take on Chef's mystery meat, even Vito!


CHRIS: And, begin!

OWEN: Done.

Chris looks at Owen and his barbacue sauced face and looks at Mike who didn't even touch his plate.

CHRIS: Wow. That was fast. Point to the Dragons. This next one could take the game! Dave, Noah, you two are up!

Dave and Mike crosses paths.

DAVE: Just so you know, if we lose, I blame you.

MIKE: Excuse me?

DAVE: No. Just go back to the team. I'll win this.

Dave and Noah made it to the table where chef uncovered the last dish.

NOAH: Isn't that a sheep's head?

CHRIS: In Norway, this dish is called a (pronounced from a note card) smalahove. Basically, it is just a sheep's head.

DAVE: And you have the two scrawny guys to come in and eat a whole sheep's head because, why?

CHRIS: Because I never thought we'll get to the ninth round. Anyways, Noah, Dave, on your marks, get set, go!

Both contestants started eating done their sheep's head. Dave looked at Sky who waved at him.


DAVE: I know Sky wants to date me, and in order for me to prove that I am enough for a man for her, I need to win this challenge! Who am I kidding? Noah ate a lot more disgusting things and the most disgusting thing I ever ate was an under-cook hamburger.


Dave shoveled in the food faster. Both teams cheered on for their teammates carrying them on to victory.

DAVE: Done!

CHRIS: And the Unicorns finally won a challenge! The Unicorns stopped the Dragons!

Noah puked.

NOAH: The Icelandic feast was more delicious!

CHRIS: (to the Dragons) While we checked the blood pressure on the Unicorns, you guys and go in and decide who is to blame for your loss and meet me at the campfire tonight.


DAVE: I did it! I won a challenge for Sky! I can lose tomorrow and still feel like a million bucks! Thanks for letting me win, Noah! I'm so happy, I didn't even know if that sounded mean or not.


Still in Confessional Booth

NOAH: You might be wondering if I'm nervous. Of course not! Courtney has been getting on everyone's nerves the last few days and Brick's alarm is a major concern for him being eliminated. If anything, all I have to fear is getting one or two votes.


Still in Confessional

BRICK: I beat Jo in an eating competition! Good news for me! But the bad news is that my alarm clock might get me voted off. I just hope Courtney gets voted off.


Still in Confessional (Four confessionals back-to-back? This might be a record for this series.)

COURTNEY: I haven't decided who's the best one to vote for. Noah did lose the challenge for us, but Brick's alarm clock is getting on the team's nerves. Who is the best person for me to side with?


The Dragons are at the campfire. Already, Dakota, Shawn, Jasmine, Topher, LeShawna, Owen, Anne Maria, Scott, and Samey have gotten a marshmallow. Brick, Noah, and Courtney all looked at the final two marshmallows.

CHRIS: The team has good reasons to knock one of you out. Too bad you all can't be eliminated. That'll make the team very happy.

NOAH: Can you hurry it up?

CHRIS: (mocking) Can you hurry it up? (Normal voice) Sure! Brick, you're safe!

BRICK: Yes! Thank you, sir!

CHRIS: At ease. Noah, you lost to the pickiest eater on this show! What are your chances of leaving?

NOAH: The team has to be crazier than Izzy not to vote for Courtney.

COURTNEY: But I didn't lose the challenge for us.

NOAH: Nope, but at least I tried giving us a point. We could've won if you ate the jelly.

COURTNEY: Its a fear! You can't vote somebody out because of their phobia?

NOAH: Instead of telling me that, why don't you ask Tyler?

CHRIS: If I may continue?

ANNE MARIA: Please. I need some beauty sleep.

CHRIS: The final marshmallow goes to... Courtney!

Noah stands up.

NOAH: What? Are you kidding me?


ANNE MARIA: Yes, Courtney has every reason to have my vote. But at least she didn't lose to a neat freak and made us lose our win streak.


Noah is walking towards the Boat of Losers with Chef walking behind him.

OWEN: WHY???? I'll win for you, Noah!

NOAH: What ifs.

CHRIS: And Noah left the game. With 20 contestants left, who will be the next one to bite the dust? Find out next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

On the boat of losers...

NOAH: I can't believe that they voted me out instead of Courtney. But I did plan ahead and left them with a nasty surprise. I hid Brick's alarm clock and set it to four in the morning. I've told no one about it and I'm the only one who knows where it is. Maybe this will teach them a lesson on voting off the wrong person at the wrong time.


Episode reference: Basically, the reference is roughly from the Chinese Take-Out and replaced "Chinese" with "International." Not a bright choice, but it sort of works? I don't know. The creativity in some of these titles aren't all that.

Episode Quote: Harold (Confessional): "Sometimes, I wish life would just give me the lemonade instead of the lemons." 

Contestant Eliminated: Noah

Team: Dreadful Dragons

Reason: He lost the challenge to Dave and ending his team's win streak.

RANK: 21st


Anne Maria- Noah

Brick- Noah

Courtney- Noah

Dakota- Noah

Jasmine- Courtney

LeShawna- Noah

Noah- Courtney

Owen- Courtney

Samey- Courtney

Scott- Noah

Shawn- Courtney

Topher- Noah


Writer's Note

Before you already blast me with the elimination, I want to get it out of the way. Yes, Courtney did have a perfect reason to leave the game. Why did I let her stay? Lets just say that there is a redemption challenge for her in the future. And its pretty hard to redeem yourself in a challenge if you are voted off. And then why not eliminate Brick instead of Noah? Well I kept Brick around because he has a story line to this season and Noah is only relevant for so long. Plus, I followed the TD pattern on having Noah the first one voted off on his team. Bad excuse, I know, but Brick and Courtney are still vital for this show. Courtney to stir up some drama and Brick because he is in one of the major story lines of this season.

Now, if you ask me about eliminations, I want you to know that with the exception of Max, all eliminations are not biased. As for the Max fans that I offended, just know that I view Max as fodder material only. As I mentioned in the notification blog for this season (look at the comments for this), or a previous episode, I already have the eliminations all planned out and how the contestant is to be eliminated, with how many votes, etc. Hate me, love me, your choice. Just keep in mind that you need to expect the unexpected as well as think as many times as you want but don't over think it.

As for the food in the challenge, the fish eye pancakes, cockroach smoothie, Chef's mystery meat, and the fan-loved green jelly are not real delicacies that are "disgusting". The rest are actually eaten in parts of the world. (Thanks, Wikipedia and the food sites that I had to go to find the recipes.) If I grossed you out, just be glad that you are reading cartoons eating these instead of you eating them.

Unfortunately, this is the last episode for the week. Easter is coming and the lack of internet would make it hard to post the sixth episode of Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge. I could type it on my phone, but when it comes to mobile devices, you'll have a difficulty reading it as I would typing it. In other words, not happening.

Anyways, comment what you think of the series so far, the episode, and your predictions. Until then, see you later. Or sooner.

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