Still in the Running:

Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA



CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The contestants were forced to answer questions from the fans honestly. And if the slightest chance of a lie, they got zapped, which was pretty much the best part about that challenge.

We found out that Max might have some romantic feelings for former contestant, Scarlett, Dakota loved being a mutant, and Mike's favorite multiple personality was Chester. All lameness aside, the Dragons secured their second victory.

Heather and Dave managed to to get on the wrong side of Max and Mike respectively. However, Sky managed to get Dave on peaceful terms with the all-star finalist. As for villain wanna-be Max, he couldn't handle the truth. He just couldn't and couldn't even handle his elimination

So far, we had lost a wannabe pageant queen and a wannabe evil mastermind. With 22 amazing contestants left, this challenge would be sure to drive them crazy. Who's going to stay on the sane path and who will take a path that would lead them to the Boat of Losers? Find out now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

After the campfire ceremony, the Unicorns went to sleep. While Gwen was sleeping, her diary fell on the floor. A hand then picked it up and stuffed it under another pillow. Morning came and the scavengers for the day, Harold and Cameron, were back.

JO: Well its about dang time. What took you two so long.

CAMERON: We had a lot of trouble finding edible berries.

HAROLD: It was like they all went missing.

GWEN: With Owen on the island, it shouldn't be that hard to know where all the berries are gone. (Gwen felt around her hammock searching for her diary.) What the-? Where's my diary?

HEATHER: Chill out, Gwen. Its not like it grew legs and walked away. Although, if I was your diary, that might be a good idea.


GWEN: That was my third diary! The other two that I had was filled up. If somebody finds it... (covers mouth) I gotta go!


JO: Bah, who needs diaries? They're pretty much ammo Chris needs to bring us down!

ALEJANDRO: As much as I agree with you, Jo, the least we can do is to help Gwen find her book.

JO: Since when are you the nice one? Its like your getting soft!

ALEJANDRO: Never mistake me for getting soft. We already lost two members. It would be a shame if we lose another while the Dragons still have everyone left.


ALEJANDRO: I can see the writings on the wall. Alliances are already forming. With me being one of the most untrustworthy contestants to play this game, I need to align myself with somebody or I'll be the next one eliminated the next time we lose. Helping Gwen find her diary would at least get me some trust points with Gwen.


HEATHER: Please. You all are just wasting your time finding a dumb book.

Heather picked up her pillow to fluff it. Gwen noticed a book and grabs it.

GWEN: Wait. What's that?

HEATHER: What's what?

GWEN: You stole my diary, Heather!

HEATHER: What? I did no such thing!

HAROLD: Wow. I can't believe you have sunk this low. Again.

DAVE: Even I wouldn't be that dirty.

CAMERON: You're never dirty.

DAVE: So? You know what I mean.


HEATHER: I almost got voted off last time I read from Gwen's diary. Besides, we've been on the same team for four seasons before this one. Its like Gwen is my sister that I am glad I still don't have.


The Dragons sat around for breakfast.

TOPHER: Thanks for bring us these berries, guys. You know that we should find something to get the peanut butter out. The last thing I need is for my perfect fingernails to get all brown and sticky.

SAMEY: Okay...

COURTNEY: No, what we need is for Brick to get rid of his stupid alarm.

BRICK: What? Why?

COURTNEY: Where do I begin? Its already day three and this has been the second time that your alarm clock woke us all up, Brick.

BRICK: So? At least we are all awake for the challenges!

ANNE MARIA: Yo. Since when did Chris ever considers what time it is for challenges? It could be the middle of the night for one!

LESHAWNA: As much as I hate saying this, but Brick, you need to tone down your alarm clock, honey.


NOAH: I had two perfect dreams of Emma and I on a perfect date before Brick's alarm went off. I cannot take another morning with his alarm clock going off! Its driving me bonkers!


Still in Confessional

'SHAWN:' Since Brick's alarm clock usually goes off at six, Jasmine, Sammy, and I have been running off to get some berries at five, so we don't usually hear it. But if a horde of stumblers heard that, then we'll lose everyone!


Brick looks down, depressed, and walks away.

JASMINE: Wait! Brick! We didn't mean it like that!

COURTNEY: No, we did mean it like that.

JASMINE: Seriously, Courtney. He's our teammate! We should try approaching this in a different way.

COURTNEY: Like have the abnormally large Australian girl talk to him? I think the intimidation factor would make him pee his pants faster than putting him in a dark cave without even a firefly.


COURTNEY: Am I being too rough? Yes! This is Total Drama. We all played the game. And there is never such a thing as "too rough!" If I want to win, I need to be as determined as ever! Jasmine, it'll benefit you more if you would just let me lead. I know it'll be rough, but it'll all be for the best.


Still in Confessional

JASMINE: I do appreciate Courtney's desire to win, but she needs to learn when to lead and when to follow. The whole team knows that if we ever do lose a challenge, there has to be some miracle for Courtney to stay another night.


Both teams met in the Meeting Area. A huge pile of junk was in the middle covering their logs that they sat on.

CHRIS: Greetings and good day to all of you. Dragons, as you can see, the Unicorns have managed to get rid of Max.


CHRIS: So what? I just figured you wanted to see that.

LESHAWNA: We can see, thank you.

CHRIS: Anywho, today's challenge will all about the three elements of nature- earth, fire, and water.

SKY: Three? I though there was four?

CHRIS: Legal canceled the air element. Said that it would be too dangerous and the risk of death was something that needed to be avoided at all cost.

HEATHER: And the fire wasn't?

CHRIS: We can control fire. We can't control air. Besides, you might see what the legal system was thinking when you guys will build your own go-karts!

The contestants cheered.

CHRIS: Calm down. Each team is to select a leader to build the go-kart. The said leader can't help build the go-kart under any circumstances.

ZOEY: So, what would the leader do?

CHRIS: The leader would be the one driving the go-kart. As for the Dragons, you might want to keep a close eye on Scott, in case if he tries to cheat.

SCOTT: That only works only for a debut season only.

CHRIS: We'll see. After you are done building, you will meet me at the beach where you will race your go-karts. Decide on a leader and start building!

The Dragons huddled up.

COURTNEY: So, who's driving?

ANNE MARIA: Don't know. You're the leader.

COURTNEY: I wil gladly step down as leader for this challenge.

JASMINE: We need somebody who can easily drive a go-kart and knows mechanics. (Everyone looks at Noah)

NOAH: Wait. Why are all of you looking at me?

JASMINE: How good are you at go-karts?

NOAH: Horrible. They are cheap immitations of race cars.

OWEN: Noah doesn't like to go fast. He always goes five kilometers an hour than what the speed limit says.

TOPHER: Great. Now what are we supposed to do? Why are you looking at me?

COURTNEY: Jasmine? Can we agree on the driver?


TOPHER: Oh-no.

The Unicorns huddled up.

HEATHER: What we need is all the smart people building and some reckless person driving.

GWEN: Too bad Duncan isn't here. He would've volunteered to drive any day.

DAVE: Even if Duncan was here, what good will it do us this time?

SKY: Hey, Dave, isn't your father a mechanic?

DAVE: Its my uncle's garage that I filmed my audition tape at. Why?

SKY: How well are you at building go-karts?

JO: Save your breath. I'm driving.


JO: The last go-kart I was in was back in season four. It was slow and pathetic. But with Bubble Boy's and Harnerd's intelligence, I'm going to slay me some dragons on the track!


Because it requires no plot to the series or the episode, the long story short is that both teams built their go-karts and put them at the starting line. The dragons painted their kart green with two blue D's on either side to promote their team. The Unicorns, against Jo's demands, have their go-kart painted pink with two red U's on either side to promote their teams.


JO: Pink. The team color just had to be pink, didn't it? Ever seen me in pink? No, because it does not look good. Heck, the only clothes back home that isn't my sweats are some pink dresses my aunt keeps giving me every year. Yes, I did shred those photos already, so tough luck finding them, Sierra!


Heather pulls Dave, Sky, and Harold away from the rest of them.

HEATHER: Okay, guys, I need your help.

SKY: Why do you need our help. You stole Gwen's diary.

HEATHER: Listen, I did not steal Gwen's diary. I am doing this as an effort to stay in the game. If you promise to let me stay, I promise you that my debt will be repaid.

HAROLD: Seems sketchy, Heather.

HEATHER: In case if you didn't already know, Alejandro can easily outmatch everyone else. He is more smarter than you, Harold, more athletic than you, Sky, and more...

DAVE: Yes?

HEATHER: ...and has better luck with the ladies than you, Dave. Bottom line, he knows he can't win with me still in the game and the three of you can't last long with Alejandro still here.

SKY: So you are suggesting an alliance?

HEATHER: Think of this as a truce. I won't vote off any of you and you will do the same for me.

DAVE: And what do we get in return?

Sky slapped her hand against her face.


SKY: "What do we get in return?" Seriously, Dave? You should be smarter than this.


HEATHER: What you get is to stay in this game longer. Now, in order for this to work, at least two more people have to come over.

HAROLD: Actually, the best you can do is, like, a tie. Gwen has friendships with Cameron, Mike, and Zoey. They'll easily vote with Alejandro. So the only person you need to get on your side has to be-

HEATHER: You can't be serious.

HAROLD: Friendships and statistics don't lie, Heather. Jo is practically your chance for a tie-breaker challenge against Alejandro.

DAVE: Even then, we still are going to lose!

HEATHER: Not quite. I still have a fighting chance against Alejandro if it comes down to a tie. Harold, you are the best!


HAROLD: I am Heather's closest friend in this game. I know outside of this game we wouldn't be caught dead, but Heather needs me! I am her knight in shining armor riding on a pink and sparkling unicorn! Just don't tell LeShawna I said that the last part. She might get jealous.


Chris talks on the phone before hanging up.

CHRIS: Listen up! I have a quick announcement! The producers told me to wait a little bit longer for the race to begin. So I will give you guys a fifteen minute recess to get your gear together.

SAMEY: Shouldn't you tell the drivers what the track is like before?

CHRIS: I'll do that before they race. Or in case if I forget, never! Anyways, you have fourteen minutes and fifty seconds of your recess left.

Everyone went their seperate ways. Heather walked up to Jo.

HEATHER: Hey, Jo, I need you to do me a big favor.

JO: Depends on what that favor is. It is no surprise that you are going home if we lose. And even if you mess with the Dragon's kart, you have Chef over there eyeing us like a hawk.

HEATHER: Yeah, while, I have been doing some damage control and figured out that Alejandro is the only one who could've done it! So by keeping him around, you are letting him steal more stuff and blaming it on other people!

JO: Is that so?

HEATHER: Listen, it is very clear that we don't like each other. But Alejandro can easily frame anyone of us! If the last challenge was physical, like it always is, you don't stand a chance.

JO: So you want me to vote with you for a tie? There's a chance of you losing and me being in the minority!

HEATHER: Since when does being on the minority side causes people to be eliminated? Bottom line, if you don't vote with me tonight, your chances of winning this show is over.

Heather walks away.

JO: Don't worry, Heather. I'll keep that in mind.


JO: If we do lose, the vote is going to come down to me. But Heather up against Alejandro? I have to decide which of my two greatest threats that can benefit me more.


Noah lays on his bottom bunk looking and sighing at his photo of Emma.

NOAH: Boy, do you know how to make a cloudy day sunny, Emma.

SAMEY: Noah?

NOAH? What? (looks over at Samey entering the tree hut.) Oh. (puts photo back on the dresser) Its just you.

SAMEY: Yeah. Can I ask you something? I know you aren't the most romantic guy on the island and-

NOAH: Hold up. Should you be talking about this to somebody like, I don't know, say, Shawn or Jasmine?

SAMEY: I don't think they'll be much of help. I never had a boyfriend before and I-

NOAH: Sorry, peppy, but I am already taken by the most perfect girl in the world.

OWEN:  (looks down from the top bunk) You two talking about Emma?

NOAH: No we- how did you get up there?

OWEN: Its my bunk. I've been getting up here the same way I've always had.

NOAH: I meant to say how long were you up there? And why didn't I notice a big blobby blanket when I came up here?

OWEN: Noah, are you cheating on Emma when she's not here? You do realise she's going to find out.

NOAH: No! I am not cheating on Emma! (takes a deep breath.) Owen, can I ask you a question.

OWEN: Of course! We're friends, aren't we?

NOAH: Yeah. I want you to teach Sammy-

SAMEY: It's Samey.

NOAH: Whatever, the meaning of love.

OWEN: But I was about to get back together with Izzy before this show started. Teaching somebody else the meaning of (Noah slapped him) Ow! Why did you do that for?

NOAH: Talk to Samey, big guy. I am not the guy for romance.

Noah left.

OWEN: So, what do you want to talk about.

SAMEY: You see, since last season, I've had a crush on this guy and I don't know what to tell him.

OWEN: Uh, why not telling him the truth? Everybody needs to hear the truth, even if it just hurts them and gives them a guilty feeling.

SAMEY: I just needed help with getting this guy to, uh, date me.

OWEN: Oh. Well just tell him yourself.


CHRIS: (Loudspeakers) Attention race fans! Topher and Jo are about to race to win immunity for their teams! Meet me at the starting line pronto! McLean out!


OWEN: Huh? Why is it when somebody is asking for plot potential, Chris is there to interrupt it from spreading? Wierd.


Topher and Jo are in their team's respective go-Karts. The non-racers are sitting on stands cheering on their teammates. Chris holds a megaphone.

CHRIS: Alrighty, folks! We are about to go into a lap that'll give one team immunity and the other team a date with me and a plate of marshmallows. This race is called the Elemental Grand Prix! There are three stages to this race. The first stage is to race through some funky combination of mud and sand. The next stage is to race through a field surrounded by flamethrower plants and lava. The last stage is to race on boards over water while avoiding being eaten by a large, radioactive shark named Fang.

SCOTT: (sighs)

CHRIS: The first go-kart to cross the finish line wins it for their team!

ZOEY: (to Mike) I just don't get it. Isn't there supposed to be four elements? Where's the air stage?

CHRIS: (pulls out megaphone in Zoey's face) Unless you can convince the producers to let the racers drive off the cliff, I suggest you be quiet!

ZOEY: Ow! Okay! Easy with the megaphone! I think I might've turned deaf.

CHRIS: Good! Now, racers, on your mark, get set, GO!

Topher and Jo stirred up dirt as they raced through the first two stages with these. You want to know what happened? In the first part of the race, Topher complained about the mud getting on him while Jo tried staying ahead of him. On the second stage, both Jo and Topher avoided being burned by the flamethrower plants with Topher screaming "Not the face!" Get the picture? Good, because the water stage doesn't help with the plot either. Basically all it is is Topher trying to get Fang away with a shoe. And blah, blah, blah, we are in the final stretch. And yes, this is the lazy part of the blog. Hope you enjoyed the quick synopsis of the challenge. Moving back to regular speed...

CHRIS: We are neck-and-neck as the racers make it to the finish line!

Both teams cheered for their teammate.


HEATHER: If I have any chance of staying in this game, Jo needs to win. If not, then I need her vote to potentially stay in this game.


Still in Confessional

GWEN: I know this might make me sound like a traitor, but I hope Jo loses. There is no way Heather is staying on this island after stealing my diary.


CHRIS: We are so close that if there is a tie, both teams are sending somebody home!

JO: Come on, I don't need to lose!

TOPHER: Hey, Jo! Get ready to eat my dust!

Both cars finished within milliseconds of each other. Chris checked the tapes of the camera to make sure who won.

CHRIS: After reviewing the tapes, the winner of the challenge, by a small part of a second. goes to the Dreadful Dragons!

The Dragons circled around Topher and lift him up high and carried him back to their shelter. Chris walks up to the losing team just to taunt them. Jo soon came to join her team.

CHRIS: Wow. It was so close, but you guys were just not close enough. I'll see you at the campfire where one of you will be blamed for your loss. Good luck, Jo.

JO: Gee. Thanks.

At the campfire ceremony...

CHRIS: For a third time in a row, you guys lost. How does it feel to suck so much!

ALEJANDRO: We were close to winning. You would've said the same thing to the Dragons if we won.

CHRIS: True, but they did win two times before, and this makes it their third. Now it is time for you guys to cast your votes.


ALEJANDRO: Despite Jo losing the challenge for us, I have to vote for Heather. She is a face that can only be matched by mine.


Still in Confessional

HEATHER: Adios, Alejerkro!


'CHRIS:' And the votes are in! When I call your name, you get a marshmallow. And blah, blah, blah, you guys get the deal. The following people are safe: Cameron, Gwen, Mike, Zoey, Sky, Dave, Harold, and Jo. Looks like the hot seats belong to Alejandro and Heather for reasons I don't want to know.

HEATHER: Just so you know, Chris, Alejandro stole Gwen's precious diary and hid it under my pillow to blame me!

CHRIS: Really? Alejandro, is that true?

ALEJANDRO: It would make me the number one suspect, seeing as I also sleep with one eye open, and I did mention on voting for you last night, Heather.

HEATHER: See? He blamed me!

ALEJANDRO: But I would not resort to stealing another's secrets to get the upper hand. If it is not caught on tape, then it serves no purpose to me.

HEATHER: What? Just admit it, liar! Where's the shock collars? Alejandro is clearly lying!

CHRIS: As much as I want this fight to go on, I must finish this so I can finish watching the rest of my show. The last marshmallow goes to... Alejandro!

HEATHER: What? Me? You guys voted for me?

CHRIS: I'm just surprised they kept you in the game for this long. Chef?

Chef walked up to Heather, put her over her shoulders, and carried her to the Boat of Losers.

CHRIS: And now I have to pay an intern five bucks. I totally thought it was Jo leaving tonight.


ALEJANDRO: Yes, I did see it all last night through my open eye. Gwen's diary fell on the floor. Somebody walked up, grabbed it, and hid it under Heather's pillow. Even though this person was guilty of framing Heather, I decided to gamble and remained silent. My gamble paid off and my biggest distraction got voted off. As for the mysterious teammate that framed her, you better double down, because Alejandro Burromuetro has a royal flush!


Still in Confessional

JO: Heather literally walked up to me during our recess to help her vote out Alejandro. I admit that voting out Alejandro would be nice, but he provides more to the table for me. Who stole Gwen's diary? It wasn't Heather or Alejandro. No, instead it was me. I found Gwen's diary on the ground and decided to use is to get rid of Heather. I made us lose the challenge and guess who took the raw end of the deal? Alejandro isn't the only one who can out-think Heather. Now that the old Heather is gone, it is time for me to start forming an alliance with the last person you would expect!


Chris does the ending as Heather glares at him as the boat takes her away.

CHRIS: With a shocking turn of events, we have 21 contestants remaining! Will the Stoppable Unicorns ever become the Unstoppable Unicorns? Or will the dread of the dragons prevent them from winning a single challenge? Find out next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: There isn't a reference to the name of this episode when I wrote it. The title was just Gwen's diary that was stolen early in the episode.

Episode Quote: Alejandro (confessional): "As for the mysterious teammate who framed Heather, you better double down, because Alejandro Burromuetro has a royal flush!"

Contestant Eliminated: Heather

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: Gwen's diary fell on the ground and Jo picked it up and placed it under Heather's pillow, framing her for stealing it. Even when the diary was found early on, the team voted her off.

Rank: 22nd


Alejandro- Heather

Cameron- Heather

Dave- Alejandro

Gwen- Heather

Harold- Alejandro

Heather- Heather

Jo- Heather

Mike- Heather

Sky- Alejandro

Zoey- Heather


Writer's Note

Unless you physically want me to point out the main antagonist, I have nothing to say. Just comment below what you think of the season so far, the episode, the elimination, who you think is going to be eliminated next, yada-yada, you know the drill. Anyways, until next time, see you later. Or sooner.

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