Still in the Running:

Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Jury: TBA


Recap (if you missed the last episode because of the Mainspace Race or for some other reason, link to the previous one is here:'t_the_Champions_pt._2)

CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

24 memorable contestants were dropped onto Pahkitew Island. They were split into two teams- the Dreadful Dragons and the Unstoppable Unicorns. Yeah, one team had the better name. Just ask Jo.

The teams were then forced to do their first challenge. Eight of them dove into a lake full of building supplies and Fang. Four of them ran and the other six built. The Dreadful Dragons were far behind in gathering supplies thanks to Fang using Topher as a punching bag. But this was about design and the most unoriginal was still the Dragons who used a tree fort just like Pahkitew Island.

But the Dragons did not lose. Why you ask? Because the Unicorns managed to have lost half of their food supply that they needed to have in order to win. Regular sugar might be sweet, but our Sugar is bitter and ate her team's supply.

The playable contestants is at 23 because we are now Sugar free! Who will lie? Who will cry? And who will have their heads up in the sky? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song Plays Now.

A bird flies across the screen. At the Dragon's camp, Jasmine unties her leg from her branch and jumps down to the ground. Samey wakes up and looks out the window.

SAMEY: (yawns) Oh, hi Jasmine.

JASMINE: Geez, you sound like your not too thrilled to see me.

SAMEY: No! It's not that! I just had a (yawns) rough night.

JASMINE: I see. Well, I was about go find Shawn. We agreed that we're going to forge in the morning. You know how hungry Owen gets. Especially during the night.

SAMEY: Hey, can I come?

JASMINE: I don't see why not. Get dressed and hurry. I have a feeling Shawn might've started without us.


JASMINE: With the three-person finalist in play, I don't have to worry much about voting against Samey or Shawn! If we manage to stick together, we might actually make it to the end!


Dave glares at Mike as the two look for a berry bush. Mike is unfortable at this.

MIKE: Can I help you?

DAVE: Only if you vote for Sky or yourself next time we lose.

MIKE: Um, what's gotten into you? More importantly, what have I ever done to you?

DAVE: You said you wanted to help me. Here's your chance.


MIKE: I don't get Dave. On his first season, he was open. Well, more open than what he is right now. And he seems to turn into a mini-Chris without host priveldges.


(still in Confessional)

DAVE: I bet Mike just loves showing off his engagement status to me. That's why he volunteered to go forging with me! The sooner he, his fiancée, or Sky leaves, the better it'll be for me. Sanity wise that is.


Dave and Mike found a bush and start plucking berries off this. Dave often glares at Mike while doing this and when Mike glances at him, Dave averts his eyes.

MIKE: Seriously, what is it Dave?

DAVE: Nothing.

MIKE: Uh-huh. I think you're still made at Sky. No reason why you're mad at me.

DAVE: She left me on this island! She ripped out my heart, cut it into little pieces, and threw them at me! How can I not be mad?

MIKE: I think you need a new psychologist.

DAVE: That's swell coming from a guy that has multiple personalities.

MIKE: Had multiple personalities. I don't know what you have against me, but let me help you. Maybe we can find someway to work things out between you and Sky.

DAVE: And how do I trust a guy with multiple personalities?

MIKE: For the last time, Dave, I had multiple personalities. Their gone and it's only me.

DAVE: Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure.


MIKE: I just hope Zoey has a better idea of getting Dave to go less insane.


Heather rumbles through her team's food chest.

HEATHER: No way! Sugar ate all the apples!

JO: Wow, that's really bad. Hey, throw me an orange!

Heather tosses Jo an orange. Jo starts peeling it.

MAX: Sure was evil of Sugar to eat all of our fruit.

GWEN: We still have oranges.

HEATHER: And rotten bananas.

MAX: Irregardless, Sugar wasn't capable of doing that level of evil. It is I who successfully mindwashed her into thinking that she was hungry and thus eating all of our apples!

HEATHER: You could've brainwashed Owen into eating the other team's food?


JO: Max is just a wannabe villian. The only thing evil about him is the way he keeps on saying how evil he is. DJ is more of a villain than what Max is.


(still in Confessional)

MAX: I must say that my team is dreadfully scared of my evil genius plans to rule the world. But evil genius does need a sidekick who will do whatever I say. Unfortunately, the only candidate for that left yesterday. Oh, what to do, what to do...


The contestants sat on platform stands that were high above the water. Each contestant has a shock collar on that had their team's color on it. Chris was on a small platform in the middle of the two. A large, electronic scoreboard was placed behind Chris. Basically, a larger version of the stands in Truth or Laser Shark.

From the Dragon's top left to right: LeShawna, Scott, Noah, Owen, Samey, Jasmine

From the Dragon's bottom left to right: Anne Maria, Topher, Brick, Courtney, Shawn, Dakota

From the Unicorn's top left to right: Harold, Zoey, Mike, Heather, Alejandro

From the Unicorn's Bottom left to right: Jo, Max, Sky, Gwen, Dave, Cameron

CHRIS: Welcome to your next challenge, contestants! We did a truth-or-scare contest back in season 4, however this time, we ditch the scares and did something scarier- you guys are going to tell the truth.

SCOTT: Really? That's easy.

CHRIS: So you think. Your collars are just like the ones from last time, however they will shock you and your entire team if you lie. And it does not react to sarcasm. So better cut some slack on the sarcastic remarks, Noah.

NOAH: Way to not point fingers at me, McLean.

The Dragons get zapped.


CHRIS: (laughs) That never gets old! However, there is a way to defuse the shock for good. If you tell the truth, I will press a button on this board on where you are sitting. If you tell the truth, I will press it and you will fall to the water below.

CAMERON: But won't we get electrocuted?

CHRIS: Only for a few seconds. After it stops zapping you, you can swim to land. The team that has all of their contestants tell the truth first wins! Losers are seeing me at the campfire for some marshmallows and an elimination. Oh, I should mention that these questions comes straight from our fans. And if you're a fan of Total Drama, thanks for sending us your questions despite your otherwise busy schedule. So lets begin with the Dragons.

OWEN: Oh no!

CHRIS: The first one is for Topher. Topher, SomebodyUseful11 wants to know if you would do his math homework.

TOPHER: Are you sure that's for me?

CHRIS: If it doesn't have somebody's name, then I'll pick somebody at random. So answer the question.

TOPHER: That's easy. No!

Chris presses the button and Topher falls to the water screaming. Once he resurfaced, he swam towards shore.

CHRIS: Now its time for the Unicorn's. This one is for Max from ShippersUnited05. They want to know if you have any romantic feelings for she-who-must-not-be-named.

MAX: Uh, who?

SKY: (whispers to Max) Scarlett!

MAX: Her? Never!

The Unicorn get zapped. Chris laughs.

CHRIS: That one was extra hilarious! Not only did they get zapped, but we found out about Max's romantic side.


MAX: If it wasn't for these rigged collars, the world will know that I do not have anythiing for that disrespectful servant of mine!


CHRIS: (wipes away a tear) Ready for your question, Courtney?


CHRIS: Collars didn't shock you. Darn. Anyways, Dunceyfan4ever wants to know if you would get back together with Duncan.

COURTNEY: Nope. We are officially done.

The collars shocked the Dragons.

CHRIS: Really? Whatever you say, Courtney.


COURTNEY: Why do I bother telling the truth. The producers obviously want to stir up the drama! And if I find more evidence of that, I intend to sue!


CHRIS: This one is for Jo. From Artdraw12, out of all the contestants remaining, who do you hate the most?

JO: Everyone who isn't me.

CHRIS: The collars didn't zap, so...

Chris pushed a button and Jo fell down into the water.

COURTNEY: And how was she telling the truth? She was obviously lying!

CHRIS: Even I don't lie everyday. For humor, say that I am your favorite host.

COURTNEY: But you're not.

CHRIS: See what I mean? No zappy and me disappointy. While I'm talking to you, Owen! Multiple fans want to know about your parent's cheese cellar.

COURTNEY: What? No names?

CHRIS: We had more than one posted about that.

OWEN: The cheese cellar? Oh, me and my brothers finished it after the race.

NOAH: You ate all that cheese after we raced?

OWEN: It was halfway done before we needed to meet up. Oh, and I'm stuck.

CHRIS: Somebody please help Owen.

Below the Dragon's stands, Chef arrived with a long pole on a speed boat. Using the pull, he jabbed at Owen until Owen fell down and sunk the boat.

CHRIS: And now, Gwen! Dinopoke10 wants to know your first thoughts on your team.

GWEN: My first thoughts? Well, asides from Heather, Sugar, Max, Dave, and Alejandro, the team is full of honest players.

CHRIS: Boring, but nontheless, you were honest. So, see ya, Gwen.

Chris pressed the button to Gwen's seat and she fell to the water.

Once again we have reached the part where I became lazy (It's a big cast. How am I NOT supposed to get lazy here?) Anyways, basically same thing happens. Some contestants lied and shocked their remaining teammates. Others told the truth and avoided being shocked. Pretty much, nothing that contributes much to the plot. But I will mention some interesting questions. So I will state them in no particular order.

Dakota was asked whether or not she liked being a mutant. She stated that she does like being a mutant. She told the truth and dropped down.

Mike was asked what his favorite personality was. His answer was Chester. He told the truth and was dropped.

And blah, blah, blah, we are down to the final six. For the Dreadful Dragons, its Brick, Samey, and Noah. For the Unstoppable Unicorns, its Max, Sky, and Dave. And we continue with a question for the Unicorns.

CHRIS: Ready for your first question, Sky?

SKY: Yes!

CHRIS: Your question comes from Gidget123 and she asks which contestant on the show would you marry?

NOAH: What was the name on that account again?

CHRIS: None of your business, Noah. So, Sky, your answer?


SKY: Dave has something against me, but he isn't speaking to me on what it is. And for the benefit of my game, I have to say Dave just to stay in. But if it turns out a lie. No! It can't be a lie, it just can't!


Still in Confesional

DAVE: I just know Sky is going to pick me just to save herself from my wrath. I've heard that one before, Sky, and lying about being in love with me won't help you now!


SKY: If I want to marry a contestant, I would pick...DAVE!

The remaining three unicorns braced for a static shock, but none came.

DAVE: Wha-? You actually like me?

SKY: Dave, I-

Before she could say anything, Chris pressed the button and she fell.


CHRIS: BORING! Now, let's talk to you, Noah. Your question comes from KantSpel8 and they asked, "Describe your weirdest date with Emma."


NOAH: To KantSpel8, your name might suggest how horrible you are at spelling, but you should see the writing on the walls! The less Chris knows about Emma outside of the race, the better it is for the both of us! Now I have to embarrass both of us!


NOAH: (sighs) I'll just know I'll be in the doghouse for this one. So we were in Toronto to do the skywalk on the CN Tower. When we got with the group that was going the same time as us, we noticed Owen and Emma's sister, Kitty, was there. We asked them what were they doing. They replied, "Third Wheeling."

CHRIS: That's it?

NOAH: (shrugs) Pretty much.

CHRIS: Wow. And I though sleeping pills puts people to sleep the fastest. (presses button and lets Noah fall.)


SAMEY: For once, I wish Amy was here. She has a whole bunch of dates that went horribly wrong. I still don't know why she continues to blame me? I only messed up one of her dates after Pahkitew Island.


CHRIS: Ready, Max.

MAX: I'm an evil genius! I'm always ready!

CHRIS: Dr.EvilFan5 wants to know, in your general opinion, who is more evil than you?

DAVE: Here comes the shock...

MAX: No one is more evil than I!

Dave and Max gets shocked.

CHRIS: I bet. Now, Brick, you ready for your question?

BRICK: Yes, sir!

CHRIS: Good answer. Brick, but not good enough to get a point for your team. But this one will. Paintygold24 wants to know that if you can eliminate anybody in this game, who will it be?

BRICK: Well, as much as I admire her desire to win, I have to say Courtney.

CHRIS: Better answer! (pushes button and Brick drops.) Now, Dave, here is your question straight from DanielsFriend. They want to know your favorite color.

DAVE: That's it?

CHRIS: It was actually for Harold, but he's not competing in this challenge anymore, so...

DAVE: It's yellow. I stand out in yellow.

CHRIS: Okay, Mr. Stand-out. (pushes button and Dave falls.) Okay, Samey, Max, listen up. The rules will remain the same, but I will add in a new rule. Even if you tell the truth, you will stay up here. If your opponent tells a lie in the next round or two lies consecutively, they will lose and your team will win. Got that?


MAX: Yes.

CHRIS: TDSisters wants to know what is your dream job.

SAMEY: My dream job? Well, I never thought about that a lot. If anything, I would love to be a model!

CHRIS: Buzzer didn't shock you, you're good. Now for Max. Tramman52 wants to know if you love babies.

MAX: Babies? Only if they grow up to be evil henchmen! MWAHAHAHAHA!

CHRIS: (one hand is on his head) It's a yes-no question.

MAX: Then, my answer is no. (Collar shocks him. As the collar is shocking Max, Chris pressed a button to let Samey fall down into the water.)

CHRIS: I guess I'll see you at elimination, Max. You and your team.

MAX: (burned from the shocks.) Yay...

At the Unicorn's hut, Heather laid on her hannock as Max laid on his.

HEATHER: So, I guess thanks to you, we have to send somebody home again.

MAX: Those (jolt of electricity runs through his body) collars won't know a lie from the truth!

HEATHER: The problem is, your greatest evil accomplishment is annoying all of us of you being evil. But the fact of the matter is, you aren't evil.

MAX: (gasps) How dare you! I am the greatest evil mastermind Total Drama has ever seen!

HEATHER: Says the guy who got his "assistant" the resources needed to get into federal prison. If I was to choose between you and DJ on who was the most evil person in TD history, I would pick DJ.

MAX: You will pay for this, Heather! You won't even know what'll hit you!

Dave and Sky are alone in the woods talking to each other.

DAVE: You really want to marry me?

SKY: In a word, yes. But I want to focus on the game first. Winning is our first priority.

DAVE: Yes! Definitely.

SKY: But you have to promise not to go after me.

DAVE: Okay!

SKY: But you can't go after Zoey or Mike, either!

DAVE: Why not?

SKY: I've develop a bond with Zoey. If things work well, we can form an alliance with them. With the friends that they have on this team and on the others, we'll be unstoppable!

DAVE: Great idea, Sky! Okay, I promise I won't vote for them until the final four.

SKY: Promise?

DAVE: Just as long you promise that we'll go on a date after this is all over.

SKY: Promise.


DAVE: I actually can't believe it! I got a date in the future! With Sky! Oh, I can quit right now and still feel like I won! Which I did win Sky's heart, but I mean won the million because, you know. But I can't quit. Sky needs me and I promise that I'll protect her from being voted off at all costs! I just hope it won't bite me on the butt later on.


Still in Confessional

SKY: So I managed to have Dave ease up on targetting Zoey, Mike, and I. As soon as I have Zoey in the mix, I can be a litle lax. I mean, unless they were plotting against me, which they won't, but just to be safe, I'll keep an eye out. Just in case.


The Unstoppable Unicorns are at the campfire ceremony.

CHRIS: In my hands, I have ten delicious marshmallows for ten lucky contestants. However, one of you won't get these treats. You have all voted and now the moment of truth has arrived, who will be eliminated? The following players are safe: Harold, Alejandro, Dave, Mike, Jo, Gwen, Zoey, and Cameron. Max, you seemed comfortable.

MAX: Of course. After what Heather said, I should become a villian in Total Drama first. I made sure everybody voted for her.

ALEJANDRO: As much as I want to do that right now...

CHRIS: Yeah... well, this vote was close, but the last marshmallow goes to...Heather!

MAX: What? Which five of you fiends voted for me?

Chef put a hand on Max's shoulders, lifted him up and carried Max to the Boat of Losers.

MAX: I demand to know who voted for me! Put me down you giant orge! I said put me down!

CHRIS: Thank goodness he's gone.

HAROLD: Was it really that close? By one vote?

CHRIS: It was close to unanimous by one vote, Harold. By one vote. (turns to the camera) Tune in next time when we are both Sugar and Max free on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: This title is a reference to the term "Order in the Court." However, I change the location from court to bay.

Episode Quote: Heather (to Max): "But the fact of the matter is, you aren't evil."

Contestant Eliminated: Max

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: He was unable to tell a single truth, causing his team to lose the game. I will say that his greatest "evil" accomplishment, asides from being annoying, is constantly breaking one of the Ten Commandments. And we all have done that at one point in our lives.

Rank: 23rd


Alejandro- Max

Cameron- Max

Dave- Max

Gwen- Max

Harold- Max

Heather- Max

Jo- Max

Max- Heather

Mike- Max

Sky- Max

Zoey- Max


Writer's Note

Once again, thank you for reading this episode. And a big shout out to Artdraw12 and Dinopoke10 for helping mold this challenge. Not a whole lot to say, comment what you think of this episode and how this season is going so far. And I feel like playing a little game that won't affect the next challenge because the audience won't be needed. (You'll see why Monday.)

Anyways, it is comfirmed on a blog that the main antagonist of this series will reveal him or herself in episode 4, which is the next episode. I already have some people guessing who the main antagonist is, but I can't really say who it is until after I post episode 4. But along with your episode summaries, come up with a person who you think is the main villian of the show. I will give you an useless hint: the antagonist is a contestant who is still in the game.

Mad? I'm only messing with you. No hints. Sorry. Anyways, until next time, see you later. Or sooner.

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