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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The final five went on a cooking challenge where Chef and I get to judge. Harold got off to an early lead by being two points ahead of Samey. But it was Brick's dish that ranked up the most points by being one ahead of Harold.

After being under the radar this entire season and being nothing more than Jo's right-hand man, Harold did the unthinkable. He went behind the scenes and managed to convince Brick to keep his enemy in and to send Jasmine, the Australian Survivalist, off the show.

After twenty-four grueling episodes, we are down to the final four.

Brick has been a strong competitor in challenges was at one time public enemy number one in the Dreadful Dragons. However, with the merge happening at the right time, Brick had successfully went from Dragon's number one choice to the final four.

Harold has been under the radar all season and only recently started to play the game. Will his under-the-radar strategy be enough to give him a million dollars or will the H-Bomb blow up his chances?

Jo has been a strong competitor, both physically and socially. She managed to get rid the likes of Heather, Cameron, Mike, Gwen, Zoey, Alejandro, and Topher. Will she managed to wipe the slate clean or will her actions cost her the million?

Samey has the biggest improvement of any returning contestant, coming in from an early boot to being in the final four. With her friends out of the game, she is on her own. Can she hold back or will Samey join her two closest friends and become the last member of the Jury?

Speaking of which, it is time for the semi-finals here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

The final four went to sleep, each on their own bunk. In the morning, they gathered around and have breakfast, each remaining silent.

HAROLD: All right, somebody has to talk.

BRICK: It's not like we have to.


BRICK: So... last night was pretty hectic. Jasmine got voted out and Samey isn't feeling the best. It must be tough, but this show is almost over. I mean, there are four of us left. And with one person left to fill in the jury spot, I better hope that Samey doesn't win or it's goodbye Brick.


Still in Confessional

SAMEY: I honestly don't know how I made it this far. Jasmine usually did all the work. But know that she's gone, I am alone in this. Brick did apologize to me for what happened. I guess the best thing that I can do is to win the next challenge and vote out Jo.


Still in Confessional

JO: Guess who made it to the final four? That's right, it's me. And I am not done playing yet. I can still do one more thing before the jury votes and that is to decide who my last opponent should be. Brick, thanks for that big move, but I need to send you packing!


Still in confessional

HAROLD: This has to be, like, the greatest experience I have ever accomplish. The final four. In Total Drama! The only thing that I need to do is to get rid of Jo. She has been using me as a vote, but this is time for Harold to start playing the game. It will only look good on my resume after this is all done.


The final four went behind quiz booths at the meeting area. Chris was in his blue tuxedo. The wheel of misfortune is nearby. Near the contestants are wooden heads off all the eliminated contestants

CHRIS: Contestants, this is your second-to-last challenge. I like to think of it as a walk down memory lane. This challenge includes three parts. Be the last one to complete any of the parts and you are eliminated from the challenge. Last one standing will be in the finale with two others.

HAROLD: What's with the heads?

CHRIS: That's for your first challenge. In season 1, the final six had to build a totem pole of the eliminated contestants. This time, you guys will have to work separately to build the same thing. The first person eliminated should be on the top since their are dead weight with the recently departed goes on the bottom.


JO: It's funny on how Chris mentioned Sugar is nothing more than dead weight. Which she is. How did she make it to the final three anyways?


CHRIS: And...go!

The final four rushed to find the heads of the 20 eliminated contestants. They raced backed to their platforms as soon as they found the heads that they were looking for.


BRICK: The hardest part about it is figuring out what contestant got eliminated when. Like was Dave eliminated before or after Mike? And I forgot when Owen was eliminated.


The final four continued to scramble for the heads and put them in the appropriate spots. Chris called out all the contestants that finished.

CHRIS: Harold finishes! Jo finishes! It is down to Brick and Samey.

Brick scrambles to look for the heads that he needs. Samey does the same.


BRICK: All I need is for Samey to lose which means I need to win. If Samey beats me, my game ends here.


Still in Confessional

SAMEY: So I am done to my last three pieces which are Sugar, Max, and Heather. However, I am not seeing any of them! All I am seeing is Anne Maria and Gwen.


Chris and Chef are in the confessional

CHRIS: Chef, I thought I told you to make one of each.

CHEF: You never told me such things!


Samey and Brick found their missing heads.

CHRIS: And it's a hot race to see who still has a shot at immunity. It's getting close. And... SAMEY wins it!

Brick looks down and smashes his totem. The entire stack fell on him.



BRICK: It's okay. As long as Samey doesn't win, I'm good.


The remaining three contenders lined up at a starting line. Brick sits down in a bench.

CHRIS: This challenge is nothing more than a walk down memory lane. As you make your way through the race, you will encounter 20 obstacles, each that you must complete in order to pass. Each obstacle represents one of the eliminated 20 contestants.

JO: So basically we are doing something that 20 losers are known for?

CHRIS: Pretty much. First two to finish goes into sudden death. Loser joins Brick and hope that they don't get the boot.

CHRIS: (cont.) Contestants! On your marks, get set...go!

Samey, Harold and Jo raced through the woods. Jo was the first as she did a catwalk in Sugar's portion and finished a machine in Max's. As Jo was getting farther and farther ahead, Harold and Samey began to talk.

HAROLD: So I see that you don't care for Brick that much since he voted out Jasmine.

SAMEY: You voted for her too.

HAROLD: It is, like part of the game. What if I can make it up by agreeing to vote out the person that caused Jasmine's elimination?

SAMEY: You'll vote out Brick?

HAROLD: Even better: Jo.


HAROLD: She played everyone here. Even you. If we can knock out Jo, it'll increase our chances. She played the biggest game out of anyone. If she makes it to the finale, there is no way the others won't vote for her. Some might vote for somebody else, yes. But if the right people voted for Jo, she can win.


SAMEY: Harold and I didn't talk a whole lot since this show began. Even with the teams merged we were still separate. But now he wants me to vote out Jo? And I get to think and realize that maybe all of Jo's doings was because of Harold! So I decided to go with it and play along. If what he is saying is true, then Jo has to go. If it doesn't, then it'll be the biggest mistake of my life.


At the finish line...

JO: Yes!

CHRIS: Congratulations, Jo. You know have a 1-in-2 shot of winning immunity. Please sit over with Brick and wait until either Samey or Harold passes the finish line.

Jo sits down next to Brick.


JO: There is a small chance that Samey will win immunty. So to prevent a tie, I need to make sure Brick has no intentions on voting for me.


JO: Boy, this is one swell game, huh?

BRICK: Yeah. It is a shame though. You could've been sent home last night, but you didn't because of me.

JO: Yeah. Why is that?

BRICK: Because I want to win with honesty and integrity. I have some things that I need to apologize for, but when your back is against the wall, you have to do something.

JO: So why did you change your vote?

BRICK: Harold convinced me to vote out Jasmine based on her popularity with the other contestants. But even if I do get sent to the jury tonight, there is one guarantee I can make.

JO: What's that?

BRICK: If Samey wins, I get sent to the jury. And if I go there, I will do everything I can to make sure Samey wins.

JO: You're blackmailing me?

BRICK: You can't blackmail if the person who is blackmailing you already said that nobody would vote for said person and their ally.


BRICK: This is starting to feel like I'm in the Dreadful Dragons again. My back is up against the wall. If Samey wins, I'm out of the game. So I have to play dirty with Jo to make sure that this cadet stays in for the finale.


BRICK: How about a deal? If Samey wins, we go out after Harold?

JO: And if Samey loses?

BRICK: You decide who wins.


JO: So my choices are limited, but Brick does bring up a point. If I want to win the million dollars, I cannot carry around the dead weight.


CHRIS: And it looks like... Samey once again comes next-to-last! Harold, you have been eliminated.

HAROLD: It looks like I have.

CHRIS: Samey, Jo, I want the two of you to meet me in the meeting area. Brick and Harold, you better hope that you will get a marshmallow tonight.

While Chris quickly got Samey and Jo off to the meeting area for their final part of the challenge, Brick and Harold talked along their way.

HAROLD: Just so you know, I am good with Jo leaving tonight.

BRICK: I beg your pardon?

HAROLD: You scratched my back and I am scratching yours. I am not going to vote down your name at all.

BRICK: So you are going to vote for Jo?

HAROLD: That all depends on whether or not Samey wins. If she wins, it means that you can be going into a tie with Jo assuming that the girls vote for you.

BRICK: I see. Well, I will make sure I will return the favor.


BRICK: Harold has always been the quiet one, always doing to what Jo says. Now that he is starting to play might not be the way to go. Too little and too late, buddy.


Jo and Samey are in the meeting area standing across from each other on quizzing booths. Harold and Brick are on the bench provided.

CHRIS: Ladies, this challenge will be a quiz about everything that has happened this season. I will ask you a series of questions. The first one to buzz in gets to answer. If you get it correct, you get a point. Get it wrong and your opponet gains a point. First to five wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the finale. Are you two ready?


JO: You bet.

CHRIS: Great. First question: What contestant is the only one not to be voted off? Samey?

SAMEY: Dakota.

CHRIS: Correct! Next question: While eating the disgusting meals early in the season, which contestant refused to eat the meal provided? Jo?

JO: Courtney.

CHRIS: Correct! Which contestant was eliminated due to an injury that another contestant caused? Jo again.

JO: It was toothpick, Cameron.

CHRIS: Correct!


BRICK: While watching Jo and Samey battle it out, I wonder what the pre-jury contestants are doing. Sure the teams voted them off, but I wonder how they are doing. Most of them I even forgot they played like Sugar, Max, and Noah. I do respect all players coming in, but those who are voted out early didn't get a chance to shine against the others.


CHRIS: We are done to the final question and the score is tied. You can give only the right answer or the other person will win. The final question is: Which contestant got eliminated for having Gwen's diary under her bed?

JO: What?

CHRIS: Samey!

SAMEY: Is it Heather?

CHRIS: That is... correct! Congradulations, Samey! You have earned a spot in the finale!


SAMEY: I did it! I am in the finale! I can't believe it! This is the best thing that ever happened to me!


CHRIS: Jo, Brick, Harold. Sucks to say, but one of you is going to the jury tonight while the other two joins Samey. Make sure you vote wisely tonight, contestants.

In the tree house...

HAROLD: Way to make Samey win, Jo.

JO: You and Brick also lost to Samey!  So don't blame me! Besides, we got a deal. We are going after Brick.



HAROLD: Samey agreed with me to vote out Jo and so did Brick. With Brick going after Jo, I can easily vote her out and be the hero that will claim the million dollars! This is something that I dreamt about ever since I lost the last three times.


Still in Confessional

JO: Basically, I have the choice whether to present the winner of the season or to give that responsibility to somebody else. Either way, my game is on the line. I need to convince Brick and Samey to vote out Harold.


Brick and Samey are collecting berries when Harold approaches them.

SAMEY: Hi, Harold. Brick was telling me that you wanted to go after Jo.

HAROLD: Yes. I just wanted to make sure you two are up for it.

BRICK: We are.

Harold leaves and Jo enters.

SAMEY: Oh, hi Jo. Did you hear-?

JO: Yes I did. Brick, Samey, I just wanted to congradulate the two of you. But I just wanted to tell you that Harold is nothing less than a snake. He lied to everyone.

BRICK: Actions speak louder than words.

JO: Just earlier, Harold and I agreed to vote out you, Wetty McPants.

SAMEY: Wait. What?

JO: Yep. By you two voting for me, you are basically giving Harold a free ticket. So I say that we ditch him.

SAMEY: Isn't he your biggest ally?

JO: He is useless to me now. So, do we vote him out or not?

BRICK: We'll think about it.


SAMEY: Tonight will be the hardest decision. All I know is that I am safe but how the votes will be is something that I don't want to find out.


The final four are at the campfire ceremony. Samey had already been given her marshmallow.

CHRIS: There are two marshmallows left. Each one could be the difference between a million dollars and a wasted spot in the final three. The next person who is safe is... Jo.

JO: Yes!

CHRIS: Brick, Harold. The two of you are left. One of you will be leaving . The other will stay with the two girls. This could be the marshmallow that will give you the million dollars. And I am proud to say that the owner of such a treat belongs to... Brick.

Brick catches the final marshmallow.

BRICK: Really? How sweet!

HAROLD: What? What just happened?

JO: You got played, backstabber! I am not going to let the jury pick Samey over me.

HAROLD: (sighs) Oh, the humiliation! Leave me! I will go to the boat of losers by myself!

Harold gets up and walks to the boat of losers.

CHRIS: Well, that wraps things up. Brick, Jo, Samey, congratulations. Tomorrow, the jury will come in and ask you a few questions, maybe even roast you. But no matter what, somebody is leaving here with a million dollars. Have a night's rest.

On the Boat of Losers...

HAROLD: I did not play the game strong, instead going with Owen's strategy of laying low. It worked out pretty well. But I decided to start playing the game late and thus ended my demise when I tried to do a whole season within two days. But I respect their decision as a whole. Who I will vote for to win will depend on how the final three answers the jury's questions.


Episode Reference: This episode is a direct reference to the song "Walking Down Memory Lane" by Sparks.

Episode Quote: Brick (To Jo): "Because I want to win with honesty and integrity. I have some things that I need to apologize for, but when your back is against the wall, you have to do something."

Contestant Eliminated: Harold

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns/ Merge

Reason: He started to play the game too late and too hard. Jo realized that he was going to betray her and got rid of him. Samey and Brick realized that they been played by Harold and voted him out.

Place/ Rank: 4th


Brick- Harold

Harold- Brick

Jo- Harold

Samey- Harold


The next episode of TDPR will be the finale. It will be a two-part where one part will be the questioning and the voting and the other will be the multiple endings. As we close for this fanfict, I want to thank everyone who read this from the beginning.

If you want to check out past episodes, the link to the notification blog is right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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