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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The final five became the marooned five as they had to play last one standing on a smaller, mechanical island. It was rough with mechanical moose, rough nights, and terrible punishments the longer you stay on the island, all thanks to Chef.

Harold and Brick were the first two out based on their fears, but when the two toughest girls this show has ever seen go head-to-head, a deal between Jo and Jasmine was made to get rid of Brick.

In the end, however, Jasmine decided to get rid of Jo's closest ally, Harold by using Brick's vote to cause the tie-breaker. It would've work if it wasn't for my clever decision to declare it a non-elimination round. We still have five contestants remaining. But there are no more non-eliminations left. Somebody will leave tonight. Who will cook up their last meal? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


The final five walked back to the tree house. On the way, Jasmine and Jo stopped to have a talk.

JO: I thought we had a deal!

JASMINE: We did. Until I heard that you are trying to get Samey to vote for me.

JO: I did no such thing!

JASMINE: Right. And I am just a lucky gal who made it to the final five with only luck. Do you honestly believe I'm that gullible.

JO: You must be if you believe rumors.


JASMINE: After we get back from the island, Samey confronted me that Jo was planting seeds of doubt in her. I just couldn't take the chance. Samey maybe my closest friend here, but her insecurity might be the difference whether or not I win the million dollars.


Morning came. Jasmine and Samey were collecting berries and Jo was doing laps around the island. Brick and Harold remained in the tree house. Brick was lacing his boots while Harold just glared at the ceiling.

BRICK: I just wanted you to know that I am glad you're still here. I would've been gone if it was just the girls. Uh, are you okay? Harold? Harold?

HAROLD: My entire Total Drama experience just flashed before my eyes. It, like, totally freaked me out.

BRICK: All of us got eliminated at one point or another, Harold. It is our job to fight at least two others. Basically, if you are in a three-person alliance, you are set for the finale.

HAROLD: Really?

BRICK: Yep. Just yesterday, Samey and Jasmine asked if I wanted to be in an alliance with them. So I said yes.

HAROLD: Are you sure they plan on taking you to the finale? The only thing that is preventing you from making it to the finale three is if Jo or I managed to win the final challenge.

BRICK: I beg your pardon?

HAROLD: You are basically the back-up if Jo or I wins the final four challenge, assuming one of us stays in this game.

BRICK: Which is why Jo is going out next.

HAROLD: Brute strength along won't win. As of this moment, Jasmine is the most likely to win this game. The least likely to win would be Jo and I. You will do much better with us.

BRICK: Really? And how will I know you aren't going to betray me?

HAROLD: My word is the only thing that I have right now.


HAROLD: Last night has opened my eyes. I haven't been playing this game to the fullest. I am unrecognizable to the jury. I need to make some plays quick or I am losing out on a million dollars.


The final five gathered around the meeting place, each behind a makeshift kitchen. Chris and Chef Hatchet looks at the contestants.

CHRIS: Welcome to your challenge, contestants. In season four, the final four made meals for DJ before running out into the woods to avoid Chef's Pasta Blasta. This time, you will only be cooking.

JO: Another eating challenge?

CHRIS: Yes, Jo. Each of you will be assigned only one protein. Then, it's a hunt for ingredients. In the woods are some ingredients that you need to make your dish.You cannot start cooking until you have all of your ingredients. Once you start dicing or turning on the stove, you are not aloud to go back into the woods.

SAMEY: What will the scoring be based off of?

CHRIS: Chef and I will each judge your scores out of a possible of five points. If there is a tie for first place, we will come to a consensus. The winner of this challenge will win immunity. Now, let's get down to protean. You guys have your choice of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, or fish.

The contestants get ready to run into the woods. On each of the stations was the protean each contestant has to use. Brick has pork, Harold has chicken, Jasmine has fish, Jo has beef, and Samey has the lamb. Chris fired a fake gun and the contestants ran to gather their ingredients.


JASMINE: Being a survivalist, I don't have the culinary skills that would impress both Chris and Chef. So the only thing I am counting on is Jo losing to Samey. Brick is a nice guy, but I don't think he can cook.


Still in Confessional

BRICK: Take out two slices of bread and put it in a toaster. That is about as far as cooking as I can get.


The contestants rapidly gathered their ingredients before heading off into their stations. Harold was the first to gather his ingredients.

CHRIS: And Harold has already started cooking his chicken. And it looks like Samey has started to start cooking her lamb.


SAMEY: I believe that I have the best shot at winning this competition. When mom is late from work, Amy usually makes me do the cooking. You can say that it became a natural gift that I have. Although I had never cooked lamb before.


CHRIS: Harold is putting his rice in the water while Samey is just chopping up the vegitables. And it looks like Jo is starting to cook! Brick and Jasmine still in the woods.


JO: This challenge is easy. Beef is steak. What goes great with steak? Mashed potatoes.


CHRIS: Jasmine and Brick race back. Everyone is cooking now! And nobody wants to disappoint me or Chef. It's the final five.

JO: Do you have to remind us?

The final five cooked their meals until time was up. Then, it became time to judge. The first one to go up was Samey's.

SAMEY: I have made lamb chops with gravy.

CHEF: It looks like it came from a fast food restaurant. (takes a bite) And taste like it did too. Two points.

CHRIS: (takes a bite) I have to agree with Chef. But I am more generous. Three points. Congrats, Samey, you have five points. Harold, you're up.

HAROLD: I have for you chicken on rice with barbaque sauce.

CHEF: It ain't bad, scrawny kid. Four points.

CHRIS: The rice isn't doing it for me. Three points.

HAROLD: Thank you.

CHRIS: And Harold is now in the lead. Up next: Jasmine!

Jasmine sets her plate next to the judges.

CHEF: You didn't descale it?

JASMINE: If I took out the scales, it would just get rid of the flavor.

CHEF: I ain't going to even touch that. One point.

CHRIS: Better make that another point. Harold is still in the lead. Brick, you're up.

BRICK: I have for you seared pork with almond hazel with apple cider as the dressing.

CHEF: (takes bite) This stuff is pretty good. Four points.

CHRIS: I have to agree with Chef. Though it isn't the best thing I've had, it is better than Harold's dish. Four points.


BRICK: Yes! Eight points! The only thing stopping me is Jo! And did you see her dish? Steak and potatoes? Please.


Jo drops her plate in front of the judges. Chef and Chris both took a bite out of it.

CHEF: When you cook, you are supposed to be creative. There is nothing creative about steak and potatoes. Two points.

JO: What?

CHRIS: Yeah... wish I can help, but I can only go up to five, so that means Brick wins this competition. By the way, Jo, you get a three.


JO: Well, I lost it. The only way I have a shot is if I get rid of Harold now and win the next challenge.


Still in Confessional

BRICK: Looks like I'm in the final four. Not bad for the cadet.


Jasmine, Samey, and Brick talk in the tree house.

SAMEY: Congrats on winning, Brick.

JASMINE: Yeah. This way we can decide who is more of a target: Jo or Harold.

SAMEY: It has to be Jo. She is running this game. Plus, she is a Unicorn.

BRICK: How about Harold? He did come in second place at the challenge.

JASMINE: True, but even if he did win the next challenge, he won't win the money.


BRICK: On one hand: there's the fact that I am giving Jasmine a million dollars and yet getting rid of Jo. On the other hand, I have a shot of winning but getting rid of Jasmine. No matter how the votes go, I'm in charge of the elimination.


The campfire ceremony....

CHRIS: As much as it has been an amazing season, one of you must leave this game tonight. Obviously, Brick gets the first marshmallow. The other two people who are safe are Samey and Harold.

Jasmine and Jo look at each other. Jasmine is grinning while Jo has a worried look on her face.

CHRIS: Yo, Jo. It seems like you are a bit terrified.

JO: I lost, all right? Just hurry up and announce it.

JASMINE: As much as I want to be the nice girl, but I don't see how I can lose. Harold might be looking at that final marshmallow.

CHRIS: Well, you are going to keep playing this game, Jo. Jasmine, you're out.




HAROLD: Brick might have a say in who is leaving the game, but I am the one that convinced him of voting for Jasmine. Score one for the Harold.


JASMINE: Hold on. How can I be going home?

BRICK: Sorry, soldier. I just need to pay off fashion school.

JASMINE: You betrayed me and Samey?

HAROLD: It's Samey and I?

BRICK: I did not. I took a calculated risk. If Harold wins the next challenge, I am going home because I know you won't vote for Samey.

JASMINE: But he won't!

BRICK: I don't want to take that chance.

CHRIS: As much as I hate to break-up fights, Jasmine, it is time for you to go.

Jasmine sits on the Boat of Losers. On the shore, the final four waved Jasmine good-bye.

CHRIS: We are now down to four contestants with two episodes left. Who will make it to the finals and who will just fall short of winning? Find out next time on Total! drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

On the Boat of Losers....

JASMINE: Am I angry at Brick? A little. But given his predicament, I probably would have done the same. I don't see Harold or Jo winning, so it is either going to come down to Brick or Samey. Either way, this season has been fun and I get to choose the winner. Brick better hope Samey is eliminated next or she is going to win this game. As for Harold, try to make some plays. For Jo, I'll see you soon enough. For Samey: good luck.


Episode Reference: This episode is based on the TV series "Kitchen Nightmares"

Episode Quote: Harold (to Brick): "My word is the only thing that I have right now."


TEAM: Dreadful Dragons/ Merge

REASON: She was likeable to the jury and would win the game if she made it to the final 3.

Place/ Rank: 5th


Brick- Jasmine

Harold- Jasmine

Jasmine- Jo

Jo- Jasmine

Samey- Jo


If you want to check out past episodes, the link to the notification blog is right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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