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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama: Pahkitew's Revenge:

The final six went out camping. Until a storm came and rained on their parade. With the storm, everybody had a rough night and was forced to either sleep cold and wet or stay awake. It was a close race to the end, but Jasmine, everyone's number one target, won invincibility.

Topher, the not-so-popular-as-yours-truly, realized that if he had any chance of staying, he had to get on Jasmine's good side. But the Outback and heartbroken Aussie wasn't taking Toph's apology. So he decided to get rid of his little showmantic partner, Amy by having himself, Jo, Harold, and Brick vote for her.

Sadly, Jo managed to outwit the lamest version of me and Topher was sent to the jury where I am sure Shawn will teach him some respects.

We are down to the final five! Who is going to walk on eggshells and who will become the sixth member of our seven-member jury? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Samey sits on a giant rock while using a stick in an attempt to draw Topher. Jasmine, in the bushes, looks and walks to her friend.

JASMINE: Look, I'm sorry that I voted for Topher. I am just a bit wild up that he betrayed us and Shawn. He did after all, vote for you.

SAMEY: I know. I just miss him already.

JASMINE: He was playing you, Samey. Now that he's gone, we can focus on the game.

SAMEY: Yeah....

JASMINE: I am going to give you some more time alone.


SAMEY: I never had anyone like me as much as Topher did. I felt like he truly did love me, just was more focused on the game instead. I just don't know if I can trust Jasmine any more....


Jo and Harold are in the tree house.

JO: Alright, Harnerd. we need to talk strategy. It is clear that Jasmine and Samey will go after us now that Topher's gone. If we want any chance of winning, both of them need to go pronto.


JO: And we need three votes to make sure that we stay in it. We can't rely on Lamey or Freakmine, so we have to rely on Brick-for-brains.

HAROLD: But don't like, have issues with him?

JO: We need to get to him or we will be sitting with the others!


JO: Since this is the first time that the winner will be decided by a vote, I need to decide who I can bring that will guarantee my victory. Harold is obvious. All he is to me is just a vote to stay in it. Nobody is going to vote for him. That only leaves Jasmine, Samey, and Brick left. I just can't decide who I should bring.


Still in confessional

HAROLD: So I have a fifty percent chance of winning now that Topher's gone. To keep my numbers from going lower, I need to convince the others to keep Jo in. It is going to be hard, but I am determined to do it. And with Brick's help, I can safely say that I am going to win this season.


The final five sat around the campfire.

CHRIS: Welcome, contestants. Today's challenge is from a non-challenge from season 1. You guys are going to be marooned!

BRICK: Didn't we just have a survival challenge?

CHRIS: Don't worry. This time, you all will be in the same campsite. On a small island that we just finished. Your challenge is to stay on that island longer than the others. The longer you stay on that island, the harder it'll be for Chef will use every control we have for that thing on you guys.

JASMINE: You just can't be serious?

CHRIS: You better believe it. But on that island are four tubes that cannot be legally moved. Those tubes will lead to you to a bunker underneath the island where you will be safe from any of the island's mayhem. But each tube can be only used once. It is your choice whether you want safety and comfort or immunity from tonight's vote.

A helicopter came and dropped down five ropes.

CHRIS: It might be in your best interest to hold on.

The contestants grabbed the ropes and were flown away screaming.

CHRIS: (yelling) And there is a clue to the last challenge in the bunker!


JO: Not only does the bunker offer us safety from the chaos Chef is delivering, but also a clue for the last challenge. All I need to do is for Harold to quit early and gather up enough information for me about the last challenge. I win immunity and either Brick or Samey goes home. Easy as that.


The helicopter took the final five to a deserted, and mechanical island. They landed in the water where Brick did a belly flop.

On shore, the contestants dried off. Jasmine and Brick collected firewood where Harold, Jo, and Samey started to build a shelter.

JO: Sad that Topher is gone, Samey?

SAMEY: Why are you acting so nice?

JO: I'm just trying to talk to you. We barely said two words to each other.

SAMEY: I don't know who to trust anymore.

JO: The way I see it, me and Harold-

HAROLD: Harold and I.

JO: Don't push it. Anyways, Harold and I found out that Topher was playing you. So we voted him out.

SAMEY: You did?

JO: Yep.


JO: Actually, Samey talks in her sleep. That's how I found out.


JO: Jasmine doesn't care about you. She is only using you for your vote. She isn't your friend, Samey. What kind of friend will vote out their friend's boyfriend?

SAMEY: Well....

JO: Stick with me and Harold, Samey, and you will do something your sister cannot, win Total Drama.


SAMEY: Jo is nothing more than a bully, so I don't know why she is making an alliance with me. Maybe she wants Jasmine gone? I just can't trust anybody right now.


Jasmine and Brick are in the woods.

JASMINE: So, Brick, I have to ask you for a final three alliance.

BRICK: Really?

JASMINE: Yep. Shawn is out of the picture and so is Topher, so Samey and I need a third person. Since neither of us trusts Harold and Jo, we figured that we can reunite the Dragons. What do you say?

BRICK: I'm in.

JASMINE: That's great. Hey, do you hear something?

A small rumbling can be heard. Brick and Jasmine look and see a stampede of moose coming there way.


The two of them raced back to their camps. Once they hit the beached, they quickly doved to each side. The three that remained on the beach soon gave the moose the right of way. The stampede splashed into the water before they turned to static and blew up. One of the heads landed near Jo's feet.

JO: They're robots!

JASMINE: This is a mechanical island, just like Pahkitew. Maybe we should be more careful. Hey, where's Harold?

Everyone searched for Harold. Samey eventually found him high in a tree, clinging for dear life. The others soon came to talk him to coming down.

BRICK: You can come down now, soldier. Everything is A-OK!

HAROLD: No! The moose! The moose!

SAMEY: Harold's afraid of moose?


HAROLD: I maybe knowledgeable in a lot of totally awesome things, but when it comes to moose, I freak out. Normally because when I was seven, I saw this hunter guy with a moose on his car's roof, and seeing one that close scared me. I have been afraid of them ever since.


JO: Hey, Harnerd! They are just lousy robots!

HAROLD: No! I am not coming down!

JASMINE: The moose did some damage to some of those trees.


JASMINE: If there is another stampede and they come straight for you, you could get seriously hurt.

HAROLD: Never mind! I quit! I don't want to win this one!

Harold jumped off the tree and into one of the giant tubes.

JO: And that was ten minutes?

BRICK: Twenty.

JO: Right.


JO: Maybe I should reconsider bringing Harold to the finale with me. At least wait until Brick or Jasmine quits.


Throughout the rest of the day, the remaining four members of the final five survived numerous attacks made by Chef. Laser-eyed cats burned down their shelter, flying alligators chased them, and a pack of snapping turtles nipped at them. At the night, the island sank and burnt out the fire. The tubes are the only source of light and the dark eventually sent Brick out of the challenge.

JO: I guess its just us ladies, huh?

JASMINE: May the best female win.

The next morning in the bunker, Harold and Brick watch as Chef continues to torment the final three girls individually. One wall of the bunker has 19 cameras, each showing one eliminated contestant.

HAROLD: Awesome. Hey, what is this one?

CHEF: It pops up a lot of embarrassing photos of the final five.

BRICK: Press it.

Chef pressed the button. On a moniter, Jo tried ripping a different moniter off because it had her in a pink dress.

BRICK: I didn't know Jo wore pink.

HAROLD: Or a dress.

CHEF: According to her parents, she always wears that dress while she is in her room.


BRICK: Honestly, I don't care if I win. Just send me home with a picture of Jo in a dress and that will be enough.


After a whole day of torment, Samey eventually gives up and goes down the tube. On the surface, Jo and Jasmine faced off against anything Chef has to offer.

After a week, the two finalists began to feel weary of the constant running and trying to survive.

JO: Is there any chance that you will give up.

JASMINE: Not on your life.

JO: Then how about if I let you win, promise me that you will vote out Brick.

JASMINE: And why should I vote out Brick?

JO: We both have our allies with Harold and Samey. And if one of us gets to Brick, they win. So in honor of fair sportmanships, why don't we unaminously vote out Brick?

Jasmine eyed Jo and shook on it.

JASMINE: All right. But if you are lying to me, I won't be so forgiving towards you tomorrow.

JO: What do I have to lose?

Jo made her way to the tubes before going down it. Sirens blared and confettii shot up as Jasmine won the challenge.

Later at the campfire, Jasmine had already received her marshmallow. Three others await for the other four contestants.

CHRIS: Samey and Jo, the two of you are safe.

Chris tosses the two marshmallows to the other two girls.

CHRIS: Harold and Brick, the two of you remain. Brick, you are the deciding vote between Jasmine and Samey and Harold and Jo. Having such power this late is cause for alarm. As for you, Harold, the only thing you are good at is voting alongside Jo.

HAROLD: She is my last teammate left standing.

CHRIS: Right... Anyways, with one marshmallow left, this one goes to.... Brick.


JO: What!?! You traitor!

JASMINE: I made a deal with Brick first. At least I gave you a chance to get rid of me now.

CHRIS: Yeah... too bad that this means nothing because this is a non-elimination round! Harold, you get to stay!

HAROLD: What? Really?

CHRIS: Yep! So, see you guys tomorrow.


HAROLD: At first, I was so terrified that I couldn't improve my best rank. But knowing that this is a non-elimination just made my day.


Still in Confessional

JASMINE: Harold might be safe, but with three votes against two, it doesn't matter who wins because the final three has already been decided. It was fun playing with you, Jo, but next time, it won't be Harold leaving.



Episode Reference: This episode is based off this challenge as the final five was marooned on an island.

Episode Quote: Jo (To Samey): "Jasmine doesn't care about you. She is only using you for your vote."

  • No contestant has been eliminated in this episode.*


Brick- Harold

Harold- Brick

Jasmine- Harold

Jo- Brick

Samey- Harold


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