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Remaining Contestants



CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The final seven took part in an awesome obsticle race where if they didn't finish before one other contestant, they will lose. To the winner goes the spoils. In other words, Brick.

Jasmine, Samey, and Sky planned on voting out for Topher after his betrayal with Shawn. Jo, Harold, and Topher however planned to eliminate Sky for reasons that I still don't understand. Even if Brick voted for Topher, it was still four votes against Sky. Guess Samey isn't to keen on saying goodbye to Topher.

That elimination was rough, but this is now the final six. Who is going to survive the night and who will be left in the dark? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

The final six gathered around the campfire in the morning.

CHRIS: This next challenge will test your wits and your skills in the wild. We are revamping up season 1's camping challenge.

HAROLD: Wasn't that with teams?

CHRIS: Yes, Harold. But this time, you all will be camping alone. No one will be there to help you. And I heard it was supposed to rain very bad tonight, making this challenge all the more tougher.

TOPHER: I think you might've gone overboard with this challenge.

CHRIS: I always question how you managed to get this far, Topher. This challenge is simple. Survive one night in the words. If you don't know how to scavenge for food or at least know how to fish, then it'll be a hungry night for you. The first camper to meet me back here in the morning wins immunity. If no one shows up here by the time night hits, than that person, or persons, will be eliminated. Chef will now hand you all a compass and your campsites. Once you have them, you can leave.


JO: This might be the worst challenge for me. I need to make sure Topher and Harold stays on point in getting out Jasmine. She's a strong competitor. But I will do the same thing I will do for her as I did for Zoey. Knock out her allies before she is helpless before ending her misery.


Brick arrives at his campsite.

BRICK: All right. Let's see here. Tarp...sticks... and no flint. This is perfect!


BRICK: While my fear of the dark might set me back, I do have a strategy. All I need is to keep the fire lit through the storm. With me staying awake all night, I will easily make it back to the campfire before anyone will know it.


Topher arrives at his campsite. He is having trouble putting up the tent.

TOPHER: They always make it so easy. It's alright, Topher. Nothing to worry about. As long as Jo and Harold agrees to knock out Jasmine, I'm good.


TOPHER: My biggest competition is now Jasmine. Jo and Harold both know that she is a threat to this game. So if I can managed to vote her off, that will be great and that will leave me and Samey with Harold and Jo leaving Brick the outsider. I think I can actually win if I knock out Jasmine.


Jo made it to her campfire site. She quickly set up camp and lit her fire. With a stick, she wrote down the other contestant's names.

JO: The hard part about it is deciding who's coming with me to the finals. Obviously I'll take Harold because he is basically floating in this season. Even if he does make a play, it will already be too late for anybody to notice it. Jasmine seems like a likely target to get rid of next, but that'll put Brick in a strong position.

Samey sets up her tent but is having trouble starting a fire.

SAMEY: Come on! Start! Start! Why isn't this starting?

Harold arrives at his camp site. He quickly built his tent and started to scavenge for food.


HAROLD: This challenge couldn't be more up my alley. I've been in the Scouts for a while and have collected many camping badges. Brick and Jasmine might have more of an advantage considering their strengths, but I plan on waking up before the sun rise to beat them.


Jasmine arrived at her campsite and started to look for food.

EPIC TIMELAPSE: It is now night. The only contestant still awake is Brick as he sitting next to his fire. The others are fast asleep. Suddenly: a storm. Brick's, Jasmine's, and Harold's fires are the only ones not to be burned out. All of the contestants got soaked and cold.


SAMEY: It was so cold and violent! I almost believed that it was Amy!



The contestants, tired from last night's storm, rushed over to the elimination area. All six met up on the cliff leading up to the campfire.

CHRIS: And here comes Jasmine and Brick leading the front. Who's going to get it? It looks like... JASMINE WINS!


CHRIS: Congratulations, Jasmine. You have earned your place at the final five! The rest of you, sucks to suck. But somebody's going home tonight. You get the rest of the day to sleep because tomorrow, somebody will sleep with the other four losers.


TOPHER: That was the one thing that can not happen! But it is now the final six, soon to be the final five. I guess I have to end things with Samey. Nothing personal, doll, but it is me over you and you aligned yourself with public enemy number one.


JO: So Jasmine wins. No surprise there. Thankfully, I came up with a solution. Harold and Samey will vote for Brick while Jasmine and Brick will vote for Topher. And that will leave me with the deciding vote. The only thing that can go wrong is if Topher votes for Brick, but I always have a back-up plan.


Topher and Jasmine are in the treehouse, talking.

TOPHER: So, I know what I did and I came to apologize.

JASMINE: Oh? Realizing that you might leave?

TOPHER: If you do vote for me, you are also breaking the trust of Samey. The one person you should vote for is Harold. He is getting a free pass to the final three. And depending who joins him, he will win.

JASMINE: And why should I trust a bloke like you?

TOPHER: SImple. If I leave the game, so does Samey, figuratively speaking that is. I know how this game works, Jasmine.

JASMINE: So you're telling me how I can't play my game?

TOPHER: This season is full of all-star competitors. We should be proud on how far we came. But we are also winners. Do you want to be certain that you won the million dollars or do you want a smaller chance of winning?

JASMINE: I don't have to tell you anything, Topher. If you excuse me, I am going to look for berries.

TOPHER: Fine! Have fun losing the million! See if I care!


JASMINE: Topher is trying to get my vote to stay in. I will say that I will do the same thing. But Topher is playing this game too hard.


Jo and Harold are in a cave talking. Topher soon enters.

TOPHER: Sorry I was late. I was trying to see what the others are thinking.

JO: Good. We are going to kick off Brick. Besides Jasmine, he's the strongest one here. If we don't kick him off now, we'll never do it. It's now or never.

TOPHER: That sounds good, but that will be too obvious.

JO: What do you mean "too obvious?" It's perfect!

TOPHER: I know, but we need to go after Samey.

HAROLD: Why Samey?

TOPHER: Jasmine is the biggest threat here. Samey is her closest ally.

HAROLD: Samey is only a vote for Jasmine's favor if you think about it.

JO: True. Topher, go see if Brick is willing to vote for Samey. Harold and I will try to get Jasmine to vote for Brick to make sure that it'll be a 4 vote elimination.

Topher leaves


TOPHER: Things are going my way. Even if Samey does leave, it'll mean one vote in my favor come finale night.


JO: Harold, we are not going to vote for Samey

Brick and Topher are talking when Jo shows up.

That night at the campfire...

CHRIS: You have all made your decisions. Only three of you didn't get any votes, one is Jasmine, so here you go.

Chris tosses a marshmallow to Jasmine.

CHRIS: The other two people who are safe are Brick and Harold.

Chris tosses the marshmallows to the two boys

HAROLD: Awesome.

CHRIS: Jo, Topher, both of you have played a strong game up to know. And you, Samey, haven't even started playing the game. Tonight, one of you will leave. The person with only one vote and is safe is... Samey!


CHRIS: Topher and Jo, tonight, one of you will kiss this game and the million goodbye. The last person to be safe is.... Jo.


Chris tosses the last marshmallow to Jo.

JO: Sucks to be you, Topher.


JO: The last thing I want is a pretty face telling me what to do.


(still in confessional)

SAMEY: (sobbing) Topher is...leaving?


CHRIS: Well, that wraps things off tonight. Tune in next time to see who will leave on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

On the Boat of Losers...

TOPHER: Well, I lost. Big time. No doubt about it. But coming in sixth out of 24 contestants? That's good enough for the producers to recognize me! Yeah. This isn't the last time you'll see this face. Next time, I will win and then replace Chris with myself. That I will promise all of you.


Episode Reference: Your guess is as good as mine.

Episode Quote: Topher (Confessional): "That was the one thing that can not happen! But it is now the final six, soon to be the final five. I guess I have to end things with Samey. Nothing personal, doll, but it is me over you and you aligned yourself with public enemy number one."

Contestant Eliminated: Topher

Team: Dreadful Dragons/ Merge

Reason: Playing the game too hard before being blindsided by Jo.

Place/ Rank: 6th


Brick- Jo

Harold- Topher

Jasmine- Topher

Jo- Topher

Samey- Jo

Topher- Samey


If you want to check out past episodes, the link to the notification blog is right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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