Writer's Note

So normally I wouldn't do a writer's note until the end. But I figured why not. Anyways, this is basically a filler episode. Spoiler alert: nobody is getting eliminated. Think of this as an aftermath. The link to the revenge notice will still go up, but without further ado, let the episode begin.

In the TD Aftermath studio...

GEOFF: What's up, peeps! It's your boy, Geoff, here with his lovely co-host, Bridgette, and we are here to bring you a run down of Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge.

BRIDGETTE: That's right, Geoff. Over the course of the season, we saw 24 of the best contestants of Total Drama fight it out for a million dollars. Unfortunately, 18 of those contestants have been voted off and we are gone to the final six.

GEOFF: So here is what we have in store. We have the ten contestants that were considered but didn't make the cut come in and give us what they think of the final six. We will also have what the eliminated contestants giving in their imput and you guys will see what life has been like for them.

BRIDGETTE: Not to mention but since this is the first time since Total Drama Action since the winner was selected by a vote, we have a special host interview the members of the jury and who they will vote for in the finale.

GEOFF: So get ready to hold on to your socks because this is the aftermath of Total! Drama! Pahktiew's Revenge!

Intro Song

(Yes, I am still putting the intro on the aftermath episode)

GEOFF: Welcome back, folks. In studio with us are the ten contestants who were considered for this season but were not chosen. From our original cast, we have Cody, Beth, Lindsay, Duncan, Justin, and DJ! From Revenge of the Island, we have Dawn, Sam, and Lightning! And the only one who wasn't picked from Pahkitew is Scarlette who managed to join us in a straight jacket.

SCARLETT: It's only a setback.

GEOFF: Uh-huh. Sure. Anyways, lets review the final six. Still in the running is host wanna-be, Topher; outback survivor, Jasmine; Harold, Brick, the cadet; the nicer twin, Samey; and finally we have Jo.

BRIDGETTE: So, honorees, do you have anything you would like to comment on about the final six?


BRIDGETTE: Anything at all?

BETH: I think Harold should win.

JUSTIN: You're kidding, right?

BETH: I am not. Harold is in the best alliance possible.

DUNCAN: As much as I hate to admit it, but the dweep's has it in the bag just as long as Topher or Jo gets eliminated. The moment one of those two gets eliminated, Harold loses the million.

BRIDGETTE: So that's one down. What about Jasmine?

SAM: Jasmine can easily get the money. She's was the Dragon's main leader for the challenges.

GEOFF: Bridge! I thought we were going to stir some drama?

BRIDGETTE: That's not how we roll.

GEOFF: True, but let's get the ratings higher with talk about Topher.

CODY: I take my chances with Alejandro.

JUSTIN: He has the looks, but he is ugly compared to me.

SCARLETT: I refuse to comment.

GEOFF: This is getting us nowhere.

BRIDGETTE: So what about Samey?

DAWN: She seems to be doing all right.

DJ: She's basically the nicest person on the island right now.

GEOFF: So, who do we got left? Those two? Really?

BRIDGETTE: Yes, Geoff. So, what are your thoughts on Brick?

LINDSAY: Isn't he the green one?


LINDSAY: If he has something other than green, then maybe I'll like him more.

GEOFF: Anybody else before we get to Jo?


SAM: I don't know who's worse: Topher or Jo?

DAWN: Jo is.

DUNCAN; Sorry, princess, but Topher caused more eliminations than Jo. He managed to cause Owen's and Scott's elimination while also indirectly causing Dakota's and Shawn's elimination.

BETH: But Jo caused Heather, Cameron, Mike, and Gwen to be eliminated before the merge!

DUNCAN: So? At least Topher managed to stay behind the radar. If I had any complaints, it is that Topher would've been better off if he kept Shawn and voted out Jo. He was in a power position and now he is vulnerable.

GEOFF: That's great. (turns to the audience) Coming right up, we will join the pre-merged contestants and see how they fare after being eliminated. We'll be right back.



The scene now takes place behind the studio. Think of it like Playa des Losers, only it's behind the studio.

GEOFF: Welcome to the loser's suite. They reside in the studio while also eating food made and prepared by DJ himself. And I will personally talk to each contestant individually. Bridgette is heading over to where the jurors are to interview them. But for now, lets take a look at what the fourteen other regects are doing right now.

Geoff interviews Sugar.

GEOFF: So, Sugar, how does it feel to be the first one voted off after you sabatoge your team?

SUGAR: I ain't sabatoged nuttin'! My team knew that they can't beat me, so they voted me off.

GEOFF: Only because you ate something that is needed to win the game.

SUGAR: It was one apple.

GEOFF: And it was a lot more than one apple. We have footage. Roll it!

Cut back to Sugar eating.

SUGAR: You guys edited that!

GEOFF: Of course we did. If we didn't, it'll look really awkward. And speaking of awkward, I am moving on to the Dragon's first outie: Noah!

Noah was at the pool-side bar drinking an orange soda. Besides him was Heather and Courtney drinking smoothies.

GEOFF: Any regrets about being on the show, Noah?

NOAH: Yes. It was totally uninventful. The best thing that ever happened was the fact that I managed to outlast Heather.

HEATHER: Which wouldn't be the case if it wasn't for Jo.

NOAH: You would've been eliminated sooner or later. It was only a matter of time.

HEATHER: But I was an asset to my team.

COURTNEY: I wouldn't be saying that. You were a major-

GEOFF: Let's keep things PG, Courtney. Its something that I had to obliged when the producers asked Bridgette and I to do this one episode.

COURTNEY: Really? You actually follow the rules?

GEOFF: I don't like them, but it is what it is. So, how does it feel to be eliminated so early, Courtney?

COURTNEY: How does it feel knowing that Bridgette could've been cheating on you when you were on the Ridonculous Race?

GEOFF: But she didn't.

COURNTEY: She could have. And with Alejandro!

GEOFF: And we are moving somewhere else.

The camera soon became shaky (mainly because Geoff was holding it for the entire segment) as they got away from the pool-side bar. He soon came across Mike laying on a lawn chair with Cameron reading a book besides him. Cameron still has on a cast.

GEOFF: So, Cameron. How's the leg?

CAMERON: I'm afraid that its still in a cast. Doctor said to give it another two weeks before considering it to be removed.

GEOFF: And Mike, how does it feel knowing that your bride-to-be isn't here right now but instead over at the other camp we have for the eliminated contestants?

MIKE: Its rough. I would've loved having Zoey here. But its something that I can't control.

GEOFF: I gotcha.

Geoff's final trip was the snack bar. Dakota (human form but bald), Anne Maria, Max, Gwen, and Scott all waited behind Owen as he was stacking his plate up with steaks.

OWEN: Ever since the show ended, I've been thinking about losing some weight. So nothing like a good meal of steak and broccoli to lose some some this enormous jelly.

SCOTT: That's great, but can you hurry up.

ANNE MARIA: Yo! What's the hold up? I'm starving over here!

A random sandle flew and smacked Scott in the face.

SCOTT: Ow! Hey!

The camera moved until it was on Gwen.

GEOFF: Gwen, do you have a favorite to win?

GWEN: Uh, yes. Any one but Jo. She is basically a more physical threat than Alejandro combined with a major jerky nature from Duncan.

GEOFF: Really?

DAKOTA: Jo isn't half as bad as Topher. If it wasn't for him wandering off in some forest, I wouldn't have to get in trouble with daddy!

GEOFF: Okay. Coming up, we got Bridgette hanging with the jury after this.



It is now nighttime and Bridgette is in the middle of the jury. To her right are Zoey and Alejandro and to her left are Shawn and Sky. It is night, the location is unknown (although it is somewhat close to Pahkitew). All of them are sitting around a pool with their feet in the water.

BRIDGETTE: Welcome back, I am here with the jury and we are going to talk about their experience on the show, how they got here, and who they will vote. Lets start in the order of elimination, so Zoey, you are going first. How was your time on the show.

ZOEY: It was interesting. I did have some fun, but I always feel like everybody is out to get me. I guess I was honored to be voted out because I was viewed as a threat. But the one thing that I don't like is to be betrayed. The only person who betrayed me the most was Sky.

BRIDGETTE: Did you and Sky make ammends?

ZOEY: Oh, we did.

BRIDGETTE: Who will you vote for in the finale?

ZOEY: I would have to say Jasmine. The reason being is that Brick can easily be manipulated, Harold always sides with Jo, Samey seems to be floating around, Topher is like Alejandro, no offense, and Jo is the reason why my closest friends, and Heather, got eliminated.

BRIDGETTE: Alrighty, then. Aleheinous, I mean Alejandro, care to take us up on your time?

ALEJANDRO: Indeed I would. My time was full of drama, suspense, and beauty. However, it was also full of deceit, lust, and envy.

BRIDGETTE: Sounds like what you did on the World Tour.

ALEJANDRO: True. But I had the ropes around Jo, but she got the better of me.

BRIDGETTE: So who will you be voting for in the finale?

ALEJANDRO: I would have to go with Jo.

SKY: Jo? But she's part of the reason why we're here.

SHAWN: Speak for yourself. Topher managed to get me here.

ALEJANDRO: Please, I am speaking. Anyways, Jo played a gruesome game and in the end, it doesn't matter how likeable a person is. It is how they played the game, what strategies they used to advance. And Jo always dodged a bullet so far in this game.

BRIDGETTE: Shawn, you were a finalist in Pahkitew. Tell us how does it feel to be eliminated.

SHAWN: I have mixed feelings, actually. I wish Jasmine was here, but I know she can win the longer she stays in the game.

BRIDGETTE: So I am guessing your vote is for Jasmine?


BRIDGETTE: Okay, so tell us your time in the show.

SHAWN: It was amazing. It was a lot harder than Pahkitew. But the hardest thing is putting my faith in Topher and having that trust crushed.

ZOEY: Welcome to my world.

BRIDGETTE: And, Sky. Tell us about your time.

SKY: I came out here to win. I had a lot of good times on the show and I do regret voting out some people, like Mike or Gwen. I alligned myself with a more athletic version of Heather and it got me here.

BRIDGETTE: Can you tell us about that quick all-girls alliance you had?

ALEJANDRO: You had an all-girls alliance?

SKY: We did. It was Jasmine, Samey, and I. We were going to vote out Topher. We knew Brick would be on board with that no matter what. What we didn't count for was Samey actually voting against me to save Topher. She's a sweet girl, but I think that she is naive on what Topher is doing.

BRIDGETTE: Like the others, who would you vote for once the final three has been declared?

SKY: You know, I would have to say that I would vote for Harold. He is in a tight spot and most of the jury wouldn't vote for the villians, meaning that no matter what, Jo or Topher loses.

BRIDGETTE: Thank you so much. Geoff?

Geoff is back in the studio.

GEOFF: Thanks, babe. So that's it. Stay tuned because Chris will have more fun planned for the final six soon right here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


If you want to check out past episodes, the link to the notification blog is right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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