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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Former TD contestant, Trent, came to the island to judge a talent competition between the final eight. Brick believed that he is cursed after alligning himself at the wrong times with Owen, Scott, and Alejandro, which may be not in his best interest.

Topher tried to butter up Trent just so Topher can get a few more votes. And Shawn revealed to us that he can do some neat illusions. Anyways, Jo figured out that Topher's Pahkitew Pact could mean an end to her, so she managed to convince Topher to drop his most rebellious member. AKA, Shawn.

At the talent contest, Harold's improved beat-boxing skills got him a perfect score. Before the elimination, Topher told his pact what was going down. However it was all for nothing as Topher betrayed his pact and Shawn got sent to jury duty. Speaking of which, Chef is back from his own jury duty!

Seven lucky contestants remain. But for one contestant, the lucky number will become unlucky. Who's going to slip? Who's gonna fall? And who will be the next member of the jury? Find out now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

The remaining seven contestants walked back to their treehouse after the campfire ceremony. Along the way, Jasmine grabbed Topher by the shoulder. Samey noticed that the two of them weren't following the group.

SAMEY: Jasmine? Are you and Topher coming?

JASMINE: We'll be there. I just have to take care of some business.

Samey nods and continue to walk back towards the tree house. Jasmine, on the other hand, lifted Topher up and against a tree.

JASMINE: You got five seconds on why I can't send you home in an ambulance.

TOPHER: I don't know how Australia does it, but I am pretty sure ambulances don't take people home.

JASMINE: Five....

TOPHER: Because my looks is all I have?

JASMINE: Four...

TOPHER: Because Jo convinced me otherwise?

JASMINE: Three...

TOPHER: Don't hurt me! I'm begging you! I'm too beautiful to die!

JASMINE: And why shouldn't I kill you, you slimy dingo? Shawn and I believed that you would vote for Sky. But she's still in the game and he's gone!

TOPHER: Listen, even if I did vote for Sky, there's still a chance that she might win and that puts me on Jo's radar. It wasn't anything personal. It was all strategic.

JASMINE: Well my next vote WILL be personal, Topher.

Jasmine dropped Topher and walked back to the tree house.


TOPHER: I will admit that my vote was a mix between strategic and personal. Shawn's nuts and I don't like him. If I could, I would've ditched him on day one. But he alligned himself with Samey and Jasmine, turned out to be perfect for me. Plus, if I didn't and Shawn loses, I would be next. So no matter what, I'm still in the game.


Still in Confessional

JASMINE: I will make Topher pay one way or another. And he will regret voting for Shawn!


Chris called everyone to go the northern end of the island. There a long, giant obstacle course waited for them. Between each section is a fense with open gates. At the end, hanging from a tree brannch, is a bell.

CHRIS: Campers, I welcome you to this spectacular challenge! It's an obstacle course! Or as I call it, a hexacourse! There are six stages to this challenge and each stage, somebody will be eliminated from this challenge. So no matter what, if you want to stay in, you need to be a head of one other person.

SAMEY: Is that why there are gates?

CHRIS: Yep. Think of this as musical chairs. If you are last to finish a section, you are out of the challenge. And here is how the challenge works. You will all enter through separate entrances to the tube-tastical maze that only has one exit. After that is the Ravine Cross where you need to walk across a narrow boardwalk while avoiding falling. If you fall, you need to climb back up, which will cost you time.

CHRIS (Cont.): After the crossing the ravine, you need to walk across barrels. The first barrel is full with water and the last is empty with the rest with less water than the previous. Once you finished that, you need to dig for a key to unlock your gate. Then it's onto the mirror maze. And finally, the final two would have to do a vertical climb with a rope. First person to ring the bell at the end of the challenge wins immunity. Does anyone understand? Yes? Get to your spots.

The contestants lined up at the starting line, each ready to run the course and ring the bell.

CHRIS: Contestants ready... GO!

Most of the contestants raced and dove into their tubes. Jasmine, on the other hand, remained outside.

CHRIS: Jasmine, the challenge is to go inside the tubes. Not stand outside and hope for the best.

JASMINE: Yeah... I'm going in right now. I am slowly walking towards to tubes and I am going to win this. Right now.

CHRIS: Instead of talking, how about you do it?

JASMINE: I... I... can't!

CHRIS: So you're sitting this challenge out?

JASMINE: If I must.


JASMINE: I still have concerns about being in closed spaces. I might be an adventurer by nature, but I crossed exploring caves off of my list.


As Jasmine sat out, the other six contestants started walking across the ravine. The wind picked up and the contestants held on.

SKY: Not now.

Samey knelt down and crawled towards the end. The others followed suit. As Harold was kneeling down, a sudden gust caught him by surprised as he fell into the water below.

HAROLD (after resurfacing): Dang it!

The other five slowly walked across their barrels.

JO: Well, this isn't so bad. (fells in the mud below) Oh, come on!

BRICK: Maybe next time you'll watch where you step.

Jo threw mud at Brick, but she missed. Instead, the mud landed in front of Brick. Brick, without looking, slipped on the mud and landed in the mud.

JO: I can say the same for you, Private Backpain.

Every contestant fell into the mud. Samey, however, kept falling and couldn't continue. As the next three gates were locked, the remaining four contestants dug for one of three keys to unlock the gate.

TOPHER: Where is it? Where is it?

CHRIS (narrating): And things are getting close. The remaining four contestants continue their search for their keys.

SKY: Found one!

CHRIS: And Sky is on the mirror maze! There are mirrors around every corner. Not to mention that there is also an upper and a lower level to this maze, so don't think things will be easy.

Jo found her key.

JO: Yes!

CHRIS: And Jo is through! It is now Brick versus Topher on who is staying in this challenge!


TOPHER: The worst case scenario is Brick winning immunity. I need this now.


Still in Confessional

BRICK: I may not know what Topher is thinking, bringing me this far into the game, but if I don't win, I know I am going home.


Inside the mirror maze, Sky and Jo searched through the endless puzzle of mirrors and glass, searching for the way out. They also know that there is an upper and lower level  to the maze.

SKY: Where is it? Where's the exit?

Back at the sandpit...


CHRIS: And Brick found his key! Topher, buddy, have a seat with the other losers.

TOPHER: But- but...


TOPHER: I'm not worried. He still has to face Jo and Sky. And they've been in there longer. So I am not worried about Brick winning.


Brick managed to make up time and managed to get farther in the maze than what Jo and Sky has gotten too.

JO: How'd he passed us?

SKY: I have no idea.


BRICK: When I was a kid, I always loved going to inside the mirror maze during carnivals. Here is a key that I learned from doing this: always look down and never up.


The two girls realized that Brick was beating them. So they decided to fight for second before challenging Brick. So side-by-side, they quickly followed the cadet. As Brick managed to finish first, Jo outran Sky and claimed a spot in the final two of the challenge.


JO: Yes!

CHRIS: Jo, Brick is starting to climb. Sky, sucks to be you.


SKY: I don't know what happend. I thought I had this competition won. I guess not.


Brick was already a quarter of the way up when Jo started. They both were neck and neck. Fighting for the finish. But the bell was rung.

CHRIS: Brick wins immunity!


Brick fell off his rope and landed on his back. Jo jumped off her rope.

CHRIS: Brick, congrats on the win. You now survived this game up until the final six. Congratulations. The rest of you better hope that you can managed to join Brick in the final six. See you guys tonight where somebody will become the fourth member of our luxious jury.


JO: After losing to Private Pants-wetter, I knew I needed a new target. And I found just the person. She's athletic, quick, and nobody would care whether or not she'll be eliminated.


Jasmine, Sky, and Samey picked berries for dinner.

SAMEY: So, what do we do?

JASMINE: We vote out Topher.

SAMEY: I'm sure Topher has a reasonable explanation for voting Shawn.

SKY: Hate to be rude, but if it wasn't Shawn, then it'll be me. Sorry that he's gone, Jasmine, but better him than me.

JASMINE: Maybe you're right. Wait. No. Sorry, it's just feels wrong knowing that Shawn isn't here anymore.

SAMEY: At least he's in the jury. You'll see him before this show ends.

JASMINE: True. If Shawn can continue without me, than I can do the same.

SKY: So, who are we voting for?

JASMINE: I'm going to vote for Topher. He's played both sides and he chose his side.


SKY: Samey, I know it'll be hard. But Topher betrayed you. Would you want somebody like that on this island, knowing for well that they might backstab you?

SAMEY: No, but...

JASMINE: Then its settled.

SAMEY: But that's only three votes.

JASMINE: True, but Brick would definitely hop on board. It'll be us four in the final four and then we take out Brick. No matter what, a woman is going to win this show.


SAMEY: I am a little mad that Topher voted against us last night. But I still can't find it to vote against him. He loves me, that I know.


In the cave near the tree house...

TOPHER: Boy, did you mess this challenge up.

JO: You're one to talk, hairspray. And here's the plan: we go for Sky. She has no defined alliance right now. She's dangerous and needs to go.

HAROLD: And how are you going to pull that off?

JO: The only one that's going to happen is with Brick. I know he'll be on board with ditching Sky.


HAROLD: I don't know why I alligned myself with Jo and Topher. Both of them are like Duncan, always pushing me around! But being around two villians in the finale would benefit my cause. With them being in the finale against me, nobody would vote for either of them to win. I don't like to do it, but its my best play that I can do right now.


Brik laid down on his bunk for a quick nap. Jo came up and woke him up.

JO: Wake up, Mr. Lucky.

BRICK: Huh? Jo?

JO: Yep. And I got a plan to give you a spot in the final five. We ditch Sky. She's the biggest floater there is outside of you. She has no alliance.

BRICK: I see you are in my mercy. And tell me why I should vote for Sky and not for you?

JO: Because Sky can beat both of us in the limber challenges. She's more focused. Do you know where her head is at?


JO: Then vote for her.

BRICK: Nope.

JO: What?

BRICK: Sorry, Jo. But tonight ends your alliance.

Frustrated, Jo walked out of the tree house. Samey came in.

SAMEY: Brick, can we talk?

BRICK: Of course! I'm all ears. Nobody is going to vote me off!

SAMEY: I don't want to do this, but Jasmine, Sky, and I were thinking about eliminating Topher and-

BRICK: I'm in.

SAMEY: Really? Well, thanks.


BRICK: This is my one chance to get rid of Topher. If I don't take this opportunity, I might lose and he would personally cut my strings.


The campfire ceremony started.

CHRIS: Well, well. Look what we got here. Seven hopeful contestants hoping to win the one million dollars. Too bad one of you is going to get it. But I know who isn't going to get it. But before I announce who lost, it is time to announce who still has a fighting chance: Brick, Samey, Jasmine, Harold, and Jo.

JO: Wow. I'm surprised I didn't get any votes.

CHRIS: Yeah... Sky, you're athletic, strong, and that's an issue with the others. They need to win to. And Topher, seems to me like this might be the last time to get rid of you.

TOPHER: I'm not worried. Brick is dumb as a rock. Jo managed to get him to vote for Sky.

JO: Funny story about that, Toph...

TOPHER: You didn't? Crap!

SKY: Guess your reign ends here, Topher.

CHRIS: Actually, your reign ends here, Sky. Topher, you managed to make it to the final six.

TOPHER: I did? Awesome!

SKY: Wait. What?

SAMEY: Sorry, Sky. I overheard Jo talking to Brick about voting for you and I just can't vote against Topher. I'm sorry.


BRICK: My one chance... my one chance to get rid of Topher! And its ruined!


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Thanks for being in love with me, Samey. It is a shame that I don't hold the same feelings. But at least I'm not going home.


Sky walked passed Chris on her way to the Boat of Losers. Chris then concludes the episode.

CHRIS: Major blindside right there! But somebody else would make the fifth member of our jury. Who's it going to be? Find out now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

On the Boat of Losers...

SKY:  After all this time, I never thought I'll get betrayed. I guess that's karma for you. I betrayed Zoey multiple times and looked where it got me. On a boat on the way to meet the other jurors. But I can say that I played the game the best I could. If anything, we should've went ahead and got rid of Jo instead.


Episode Reference: This is a reference to the episode Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon from season 1.

Episode Quote: Brick (Confessional): "This is my one chance to get rid of Topher. If I don't take this opportunity, I might lose and he would personally cut my strings."

Contestant Eliminated: Sky

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns/ Merge

Reason: Jo, Harold, and Topher agreed to vote out Sky because she has no connections with anyone else besides Brick. Samey voted for Sky in order to keep Topher in the game.

Place/ Rank: 7th


Brick: Topher

Harold: Sky

Jasmine: Topher

Jo: Sky

Samey: Sky

Sky: Topher

Topher: Sky


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