Dreadful Dragons: Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Dakota, Jasmine, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Samey, Scott, Shawn, Topher

Unstoppable Unicorns: Alejandro, Cameron, Dave, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jo, Max, Mike, Sky, Sugar, Zoey



CHRIS: So, who's diving?

The teams huddled up. The first team to be seen on the camera was the Dreadful Dragons.

COURTNEY: So, who wants to dive? Scott?

SCOTT: Depends on what's at the bottom.

JASMINE: The first challenge of Pahkitew was building our own sheltar. So I'm pretty sure you're digging for building supplies.

SCOTT: I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to what might try to eat me at the bottom!


SCOTT: So I haven't gotten over my fear of sharks. Especially the mutant one that can survive on land. Hey, you try being in my shoes. It ain't no laughing matter!


The Unstoppable Unicorns are strategizing.

HEATHER: So, who wants to jump off a cliff?

GWEN: I think Jo should.

JO: No way!

DAVE: But we kind of need a more athletic person diving.

JO: No. This is just like the first challenge of all-stars. We need to run and I'll do the running.

SUGAR: Why don't we just flip a coin?

CAMERON: That's the worst idea I have ever heard.

Camera pulls back to both teams in the same shot after reaching a decision.

CHRIS: So, who's jumping? Dragons?

COURTNEY AND JASMINE: Samey, Topher, and Dakota.

CHRIS: Love the unision between you two. Unicorns?

SKY: Alejandro, Mike, Heather, and Jo.

JO: (grunting) stupid coin toss.

CHRIS: Good. You eight, get into your swimsuits and join Chef up at that mountain. You'll be diving into a lake with your building supplies and Fang.

The contestants gasps. Scott sighs out a breath of relief.


SAMEY: Well, at least Fang would be a better then diving into a lake with Amy.


(still in confessional)

SCOTT: Man! Did I dodge a bullet or what?


The divers leave to change into their swimsuits..

CHRIS: So, who's running? And I need two volunteers from both teams.

SCOTT: I am!

SHAWN: Same!


SHAWN: Running is a good technique for avoid the undead. But running with weight before the undead comes would boast my chances of survivial! Its not a challenge if I am running. Its training.


CHRIS: Unicorns?


CHRIS: Fine by me. Go to the base of your mountains. Your carriages will be there. As for the rest of you, you will be building your team's sheltar. When you arrive, you will find your personal belongings, some materials that you can start building with, and a crate full of food.

OWEN: Food?

NOAH: (looks at Owen and then at Chris) What kind of food?

CHRIS: Legal has been at me for making me scavange for your own food. So while you still have to scavange, you will have some supplies waiting for at your camps. Also, the best sheltar design by moi will get bunk beds, mattresses, pillows, and blankets for the rest of the competition! Losers gets a hammock, one blanket per contestant that should probably be used as a mosquito net, and will see me at the campfire tonight.

GWEN: Wait a minute. What about the rest of our teams?

CHRIS: Chef or an underpaid intern is telling them the same thing that I told you.

Over at the foot of the mountain...

CHEF: And blah, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah. Blah. Blah. Any questions?

SAMEY: (raises hand) Uh, can you repeat that?

CHEF: What part of "blah" did you not understand?

Back at the meeting area...

CHRIS: However, you will see one runner and a diver at a time from your team. Now, Dragons are to the right of the meeting area, closer inland. Unicorns are closer to the beach. What are you waiting for? Go!

The teams scattered to their locations.

CHRIS: I love my job.

At the top of the cliff, the divers from both teams looked down to see Fang swimming in circles.

MIKE: So, who wants to be first?

JO: Not me.

TOPHER: I have this thing about heights.

BRICK: Then why did you agree to do this?

TOPHER: Like I'll tell you!


TOPHER: After my elimination in Pahkitew Island, I realised that the producers can be bribed easily. So I need to stay in this game and bribe them with the million dollars. That way I can take Chris' job as host and the next season of Total Drama would be host by yours truly.


The runners are yelling at the divers.

SCOTT: Come on!

SKY: What's taking so long?

JO: Do you want to jump into a shark-filled lake?

At the cliff, Mike and Brick are at the edge. Brick gulped.

MIKE: Well, I guess we better jump. Better sooner or later.

BRICK: Y-Yeah..

Both Brick and Mike jumped off the cliff and into the lake. Fang attacked Brick as Mike grabbed some boards and went to meet up with the runners for the Unicorns. At the beach, Sky and Zoey are having a little chat.

SKY: It's not that I don't like him. I just want to win. Dave was an ally, but he was becoming distracting the less helpful every episode.

ZOEY: I know. It's tough having a relationship on this show. They mostly break up because of the competiton. When the producers asked me and Mike to join, we had to agree to simmer down on our romance, despite us being engaged.

SKY: Wow. By the way, I had this weird dream a few nights ago about Dave proposing to me. So, from one girl to another, what's it like to get engaged?

ZOEY: Well, it's...

Mike drops his load into Zoey's carriage.

ZOEY: Oops. There's Mike. Got to go.

SKY: Yeah. See ya.

Zoey pushed Mike towards the Unicorn's building area. Scott and Shawn look at Zoey living as Brick came with a few boards. Brick jumped into Shawn's carriage. Shawn pushed Brick to his team's building site.

SCOTT: That's all you can carry?

BRICK: Be glad you aren't jumping into Fang's mouth, soldier.

SCOTT: Yeah, yeah.

Over at the Unstoppable Unicorn's building area, the team started building a replica of their sheltar from a drawing in the sand. Max is at the drawing of the shelter's blueprints doing nothing. Sugar leaned up against a rock and Dave picked up a board and quickly dropped it.

SUGAR: I am so hungry! Must need something to eat. (looks at the food chest before averting her eyes away)

DAVE: Ow! Splinter! (sucks on thumb).

Gwen looks at the three slackers and sees Cameron struggling with a board before handing that off to Harold.


GWEN: If I can choose three people to be eliminated tonight, it'll be Dave, Sugar, and Max. I have seen Pahkitew and know that Sugar likes to get her hands dirty, but I don't know why she isn't doing much. Max doesn't like to get his hands dirty nor do anything. And Dave literally has to complain about how dirty one side of the board is. Cameron isn't that much of help, but at least he is pulling more than his own weight!


(still in confessional)

DAVE: I made it my end goal to get Mike and Zoey split apart. But first, I need to get rid of the one who split my heart into two. I already talked with Sugar and she seems to be on the same page as it. So does Max. But we need at least four more votes to get this right!


(still in the confessional)

SUGAR: Can you believe that Dave wants Sky out? He was all lovey-dovey last time. But if he wants Sky out, why deny him that request?


Over at the Dreadful Dragon's building area, Owen keeps trying to take an apple from the team's food supply but keeps on getting his hand slapped by Noah. Jasmine and Courtney are fighting over ideas while everyone else is building the floor of the team's tree house.

COURTNEY: A tree house is nice, but what makes you think it'll be safer? It's Total Drama on a mechanical island! Chris  can destroy our house within seconds with us inside!

JASMINE: We already started to build it, Courtney. Most of us agreed to do it.

COURNTEY: But its a terrible idea! We should've stuck to my plan.

JASMINE: And build our shelter in the ground? In case you forgot, I can't handle tight spaces!

COURTNEY: Then that's your problem.


JASMINE: I can't deny that Courtney is a leader. But I am as well. So we might conflict heads most of the time, but I am sure we can find some even ground.


(still in confessional)

COURTNEY: Jasmine might think she's a natural leader. Ha! I was a C.I.T! Not only that, but I made strong and good decisions for my team on all four seasons I participated in! Okay, so I was a little off my game in all-stars and that's mainly because I tried a new approach to winning, but I want to win as a leader and not as a follower.


Shawn arrives with Brick. Brick runs up to the pile of building materials before running back to Shawn. Shawn then runs back to the foot of the mountain as soon as Brick gets back into the carriage.

SHAWN:(gasping) We made it! Phew!

COURTNEY: What took you so long?

BRICK: (before jumping into the carriage): We were delayed by a shark. But not to worry. I'm sure that things will run smoothly.

COURTNEY: Uh-huh. Now go! I don't want to send somebody home. EVER!


COURTNEY: With the exception of Jasmine.


Samey, Topher, Alejandro, and Jo look for Scott, Brick, Zoey, and Mike to come back so one of them came jump off the cliff. Despite the fact that they have two carriages, the 2nd jumper can't jump until the first one returns and the runners alternate. Breaking this rule would lead to disqualification. (sorry if I didn't include this part. I was getting excited for the challenge part.)

TOPHER: Where are they?

SAMEY: I don't know. (looks at Topher and move closer to him. Topher sees this.

TOPHER: Uh, are you okay?

SAMEY: Never better!


SAMEY: So I might've had a small crush on Topher last season. But with Amy always credit for my works, I can't really tell him how I feel. With Amy out of the way, I hope I can tell him.


(still in Confessional)

TOPHER: Samey obviously has a crush on me. Well, I guess that's what you get when you are about to be the new host of Total Drama. But when it comes to a showmance or something more, Samey is the last girl that comes to mind. But I can use her to persuade the votes. And once the final four has been reached, I'll vote her off. All it does is ensure my victory.


Samey: (Points at the returning divers and runners) There they are! (kisses Topher on the cheek.) Good luck,

Topher: Uh, thanks. (runs and screams off the cliff.

ALEJANDRO: I'll go! (runs off and dives into the cliff.

The divers watch Alejandro's dive and emerges with several planks of wood.

HEATHER: He just has to be Mr. Perfect all the time, doesn't he?

At the beach, Zoey and Sky continued their conversation before Alejandro's jumped into Sky's carriage.

SKY: So, is being engaged to a person you met on a reality show the best thing?

ZOEY: Well, it depends on who you are and the person you are engaged to. As for Mike and I, we sort of clicked. Sure we did have our arguments when we moved in together.

SKY: Hold up. You two are living together already?

ZOEY: Yeah. But my dad somehow convinced us to sleep in separate rooms. He still doesn't like the thought of giving up his only child, even if he and Mike are on good terms.

ALEJANDRO: (runs up and jumps into Sky's carriage): As much as I admire to let you two talk, we do have a challenge.

SKY: Right. Well, maybe we can continue after the challenge?

ZOEY: Sure.


SKY: Zoey is a nice girl. She tends to listen and gives her honest advice, even though things aren't always what they seems to be. But still, I can at least have her help. For some reason, I think Dave is out to get me eliminated.


SHAWN: And why were you listening in?

SCOTT: It's girl talk! Most of the time, they are talking about us. It won't be long before our love interests will be talking about the two of us.

SHAWN: I'm still dating Jasmine. You broke up with Courtney.

SCOTT: It wasn't a break-up. It was more of a hold. Speaking of hold, where's our diver?

Underwater, Fang is punching Topher similar to what a shark did to Cody in "Jamaica Me Sweet."

At the Unstoppable Unicorn's building area, after Sky and Alejandro dropped off their wood and left, Sugar went over to the team's food supply and took an apple and ate it.

SUGAR: Finally!

CAMERON: Sugar! Stop!

SUGAR: What? It's free food!

CAMERON: Yeah. Food that we need to win.

SUGAR: Its not like Chris is going to notice one measly apple missing.


SUGAR: I just love it when the little men get all nutty when you do something that you're not supposed to. But Chris doesn't disqualify anyone for eating, unless its a resist to eat challenge. But still, who couldn't resist eating? I need to eat just to keep my fabulous figure up!


At the Dreadful Dragon's building area...

COURTNEY: Arg! Where's Scott and the diver? They should've been here by now! They are going to make us lose!

LeShawna: Give it some time, girl. Hey, while you'll wait for them, you can do what our other leader is doing and help us build our shelter!

COURTNEY: Yeah... not happening.

Scott arrives with Topher and a single wooden plank. Topher is all scratched up and is covered with bruises and has a black eye.

LESHAWNA: Woah. What happened to you?

TOPHER: You don't want to know. (faints and collapse to the ground.

LESHAWNA: This aint good.

This is me being lazy again. Basically, despide the first two jumps, nothing exciting that relates to the plot happens. The divers jumped and avoided Fang, the runners ran, and the builders built. When both teams were finished, they were told to stay in the meeting area with Chef watching over them while Chris judges.

ANNE MARIA: (after a long, awkward silence): So, where's Chris?

CHEF: Take a good guess.

CHRIS: And, I'm back. Wow. To conclude the judging, I must ask each team some questions about the fort. I'll start with the Dragons. Your fort is all one room. So where will the ladies change?

COURTNEY: In our shelter.

CHRIS: With the guys?

COURTNEY: What? No! We actually built ours next to the cave that the Maskwak had as a shelter last season. The guys will be changing in there.

CHRIS: Okay, this has nothing to do with the judging, but who was the picture of the girl on one of the shelves you guys made? I knew I saw her from somewhere?

OWEN: It's Emma. Noah's girlfriend. (Elbows Noah.)

CHRIS: That's where I knew her from. The race! Thanks, Owen.

OWEN: Your welcome.

NOAH: Yeah, thanks a lot.

HEATHER: I just can't believe Noah actually found a girl that likes him.


NOAH: Basically, Chris knows that I am dating Emma. Which is the worst. Chris has a tendancy to mess with people's lives and just as long as he doesn't find out about any of our dates or flirting, I should be golden.

CHRIS: Hate to say this, but I actually hired Sierra to dig up some of these. I plan to use all of your private information along with the others for a challenge later in the show.

NOAH: That's invasion of privacy! I'll ask Courtney to be my attorney when I sue!

CHRIS: You would like that, wouldn't ya? But you signed a contract that allows me to snoop through some of your embarrassing moments? I'm pretty sure that you, along with the others, never read that part.

NOAH: What? (grunts) Stupid small text...


CHRIS: Now its time for the Unicorns to answer some questions. First off, why a hut? Correction: make that three huts?

GWEN: The first hut is basically our main hut where we sleep at night or take a nap after a challenge. The other two are restrooms as well as changing stations.

CHRIS: Wow. Not only did you finish your shelter first, but you actually had a smart idea. Dragons, I think you might be in trouble.


COURTNEY: Of course we're in trouble! We followed Jasmine's unoriginal idea! Not to mention how slow some of our divers were diving and our runners running!


CHRIS: However, as an unwritten rule, you were supposed to have all of your food in a chest. For some reason, only half was in there. Where's the rest?

SUGAR: (burps) It wasn't me? I ate two hours ago. Before the show even!

HAROLD: But we started the challenge, like, four hours ago.

SUGAR: You don't know that!

HAROLD: Actually, by the calculation of the angle of the sun to this log, I have calculated that the time spent-

CHRIS: No one cares, Harold. And because of the missing food, the Dreadful Dragons win the first challenge, the bunkbeds, mattresses, pillows, and the good blankets!

The Dreadful Dragons cheered.

MAX: What? But what are we supposed to sleep on?

'HEATHER:' And you never mentioned a reward.


CHEF: Its not my fault they don't know what "blah" means!

CHRIS: Irregardless, the Unicorns have to vote somebody out tonight!

The Unstoppable Unicorns groaned and complained. At the campfire ceremony, everyone has made their ballots and Chris has 11 marshmallows on a plate. Basically, if you know how the elimination ceremony works, there is no need for me to explain about the marshmallows.

CHRIS: Frankly, if you guys have had all of your food supply, you would've run. You have all cast your votes. If you don't receive a marshmallow, you will be out of the game. But first, some notable observations. Max, Dave, Sugar, you did nothing and could have you risk being voted off. Sky and Zoey, you two talked instead of being prepared to run when your divers came out. And that's everybody who should be safe unless there is an underground alliance that went under the view of the cameras.

JO: There are no alliances. Yet.

DAVE: I wouldn't bet on that, Jo.

CHRIS:  Fair enough. Marshmallows goes to Mike, Heather, Jo, and Alejandro.


CHRIS: Marsmallows also goes to Harold the brony man, Cameron, and Gwen.

HAROLD: Awesome!

CHRIS: For some unknown reason, Dave and Max are also safe. And so is Zoey.

SKY: What? Why am I on the bottom two?

CHRIS: Beats me. You just got unlucky, I guess. And Sugar...

SUGAR: ...Is waiting for her marshmallow!

CHRIS: Yeah. Well, safe with four votes is...Sky! Sugar, you have been voted off!

Sugar stands up.

SUGAR: What? But I can't be eliminated yet! I still have talent that I still haven't shown on this pageant show!

HEATHER: A pageant show? (laughs) Sorry, Sugar, but this isn't a pageant show. It's a voting competition.

SUGAR: Do you still have to blast me from that cannon?

CHRIS: That would be nice. But the lawyers really cracked down on eliminations techniques. They said no to a bow and arrow and a giant boot that kicks people off the show. I tried using past methods and the only one that got a pass was the Boat of Losers. So you are instead going to ride on that old thing. See ya.

Sugar stood up and walked towards the Boat of Losers. Her team and Chris watch as she leaves.

SUGAR: Farewell, Total Drama! I hope you get cancelled for cutting your pride and winner off! As for my team, I hope that you all will lose because you ain't got no more Sugar! You should've voted for Sky! She won't help you as much as I would!

CHRIS: Looks like the Unicorns are going to reach for the SKY for the next challenge. Tune in next time to Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Refrence: This episode and the previous one is a reference to Queen's "We Are The Champions." If you haven't heard of it or haven't listened to it in your entire life, then you should probably do something about it. ...And now I got the song stuck in my head. Dang it!

Episode Quote: HEATHER: Sorry, Sugar, but this isn't a pageant show. (Because this was a 2-part episode, I looked at both and choose one.)


TEAM: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: She hate half of her team's food which they needed to win. She also barely helped with building the team's shelter.

Rank: 24th


Alejandro- Sugar

Cameron- Sugar

Dave- Sky

Gwen- Sugar

Harold- Sugar

Heather- Sky

Jo- Sugar

Max- Sky

Mike- Sugar

Sugar- Sky

Sky- Sugar

Zoey- Sugar



First off, I hope you liked reading this. It was fun writing it. Some of you might think that this was to early comparing this to other fan fiction releases. I honeslty don't have a set date for releases on these, but I can assure you it won't be everyday. At most, there would probably around three episodes every week, one always being on a Monday. If not three, than two a week. But if you missed the first episode, link is right here:'t_The_Champions_pt._1 But don't worry. You just missed the introduction and very hilarious reference.

But that is water under the bridge right now. The reason why this one came a day after the previous one was because I need you, the readers, to help with the next challenge.

SPOILER: The next challenge is like the challenge from "I Love You, I Love You Knots" without the scares. Basically, it's just to tell the truth.

Anyways, Chris is going to read questions and while I can only come up with so much, I would like to ask you to come up with some questions. I cannot guarantee that every question posted will be on, but those who sent in will be mentioned, either by Chris or at the start of the episode.  However, as much as I like to read your take on this, there will be a way for you to comment without creating a new thread just for the question. I would like to call it Pahkitew's Pound. An exampe of how to ask your question while also commenting on your thoughts for this episode will be done in the comments below.

Also, and i might be getting nitpicky,  will exclude questions and their askiers some [reader's] questions like "Why is Mike so awful" or "Heather, why are you so great?" Basically, any question that either promotes or demotes a contestant who is still in the game is out of question.

I would allow questions deemed at certain contestants that is not opinionated strictly on the asker. Personal questions I would allow would be like, "Dakota, what did it feel when you were going through your mutation?" Obviously, you can't use the example(s). That's called plagarism and though the wiki might not ban you for plagarism on examples, I will lose some faith in those that do. Even if you are trying to pull my leg.

You can post as many questions as you want, just I have to go with a fake username when Chris reads the fan questions. Anyways, comment your thoughts on this episode and if you want to participate in "building" the next challenge, use the Pahkitew Pound in the example and I will see you guys soon.

~ TDFanatic52

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