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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Alejandro and Brick surprisingly teamed up to fight against Jo and Topher. Unlikely duo, but it is nonetheless still an alliance.

At the challenge, the teams went to the most dangerous spots on the island. Topher played Scott's role and got beaten up by Fang. Alejandro dug in the sand, and Jo climbed great heights and claimed invincibility.

At the campfire, it was pretty clear which two contestants are running the game, which didn't do to well with the guy running season three. Alejandro told everyone about Heather's elimination but that didn't stop him from being eliminated himself.

We lost two-thirds of the contestants. But the glorious eight are still in the game. Who's going to be part of the lucky final seven and who had lost this pageant? Find out right here, right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song plays

Morning came and Jasmine and Samey are picking berries for breakfast.

JASMINE: So, how was the sunset?

SAMEY: Sunset? How did you know about the sunset? Where you spying on me?

JASMINE: No at all. Shawn just happened to be walking by when he saw you and Topher flirting like wallabies on the beach. He did mention that it was a cute picture.



SAMEY: I don't know how this competition could get any better! I made it to the final eight, which is something I didn't think I'll do, and the guy of my dreams is in love with me! I can lose this game and still have all that I ever wanted!


Still in Confessional Booth

JASMINE: Samey seems more cheerful than when we met. And I personally believe it is all thanks to Topher. However, I can't get my own boyfriend to accept it. It feels like Shawn is an overprotective brother over Samey.


Still in Confessional

SHAWN: You want to know how I feel about Topher? I wouldn't even trust him any more than I would trust a horde of zombies. I only voted with him just to cover my scent, but I need to get him out as soon as possible before I'm next on the hit list!


In the treehouse, Brick covered his face in his hands. Sky is right besides him, patting his back.

SKY: It's okay, Brick. At least the two of us are still here.

BRICK: I know. You should probably go. I'm cursed!


BRICK: I don't know how to explain it. It feels like all my closest allies have been eliminated as soon as I form a pact with them. First was Owen. Then it was Scott. And my curse's latest victim was Alejandro!


Sky sat down next to Brick.

SKY: Hey, Brick. You're not cursed. Just unlucky. Extremely lucky. But I am sure that your curse can change. After all, after what Alejandro had said last night, I am not sure that even Jo can survive tonight's elimination.

BRICK: I guess you're right. But to be safe, you shouldn't be around me.

The contestants were told to go to the meeting area. Where the giant pile of trash was yesterday was now an ampitheater. The wooden logs were replaced with stands. Chris stood on the stage.

CHRIS: Welcome to this fabulous challenge of this fantastic season!

JO: With a bunch of major losers.

CHRIS: Right... So today's challenge is nothing but talent. It is literally going to be pact with nothing other than talent.

TOPHER: A talent contest? Too easy!

CHRIS: I was going to have it competition style where you will face off against one other person. But I decided that you all will based your talents against today's guest judge!

HAROLD: So Chef isn't judging?

CHRIS: He still has jury duty. So please give a warm welcome to the most talented contest in Total Drama history... Trent!

In a cloud of smoke, Trent appeared on the stage.


HAROLD: All right! This is a challenge I can dominate. Trent and I go way back with the Drama Brothers! I know if there is anyone that can persuade Trent to make me win, its me.


Chris puts an arm around Trent.

CHRIS: Trent here will judge your act on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best that you can do. The winner of today's challenge will be safe from tonight's vote. The show starts this evening, so you guys better practice your acts!

The contestants left.

CHRIS: So, you want to grab a few drinks?

TRENT: Sure.

Inside the treehouse, Brick was practicing a card trick but the cards kept falling on the ground. Shawn was on a bunk, which Shawn inside the treehouse was rare enough.

SHAWN: It's no surpised that you want  Topher out, Brick.

BRICK: Who told you that?

SHAWN: Nobody. You always seem like you want Topher out.

BRICK: All is fair in love and war, Shawn. Topher called war on me and the feeling is mutual. And only one of us can stand.

SHAWN: Right, gotcha. Listen, I'm against Topher, too. I don't like how he caused so many eliminations. I only go with it to stay under his radar.

BRICK: Wish I can stay the same. All I did was vote alongside Owen after I found out what Topher was trying to do.

SHAWN: You voted against Topher?

BRICK: I made a promise that I won't make the same mistake as I did last time.

SHAWN: So you're looking out for number one?

BRICK: Nope. My mistake is trusting an untrustworthy opponent. I told myself I won't let that happen again. And I will keep that until this game is over.

SHAWN: I see.

Shawn hops off the bunk and takes the deck of cards Brick had. Shawn made them disappear as soon as he clasped his hands together.

BRICK: How did you do that? And where are they?

SHAWN: Under your pillow.

Shawn left. Brick lifted up his pillow and saw the entire deck under there.


SHAWN: I'm just an amateur when it comes to magic. My armpit serenade is a much better talent.


Trent lays down, relaxing underneath a tree. Topher soon came up to butter Trent up.

TOPHER: So, Trent. I can't believe I am actually seeing you! I have all your albums!

TRENT: Thanks, man. And that is great!

TOPHER: Yep! I especially love the duo you and Cody did.

TRENT: Duo? I never even once did a duo in my life. None of the brothers did. It has always been a group act or a solo act.

TOPHER: I know, so, I was wondering on your judging critiques. Because obviously you are going to give Harold an edge simply because he's part of the band.

TRENT: Ah, I get it. You're trying to win. That's a good play right there. But I am not giving anyone an edge. If I see a good talent, I will give it a score. And from the talent acts that I've seen this show has done, I'll say you should worry more about Shawn than Harold. Just a thought.

TOPHER: More on Shawn, huh? Okay! Thanks, Trent!

Topher runs off.

TRENT: Poor kid.


TOPHER: So I have to worry about Shawn and his armit solo? It is a shame that the last talent show had only the final three and not anyone else. But this time, Trent is going to get blown away by my modeling!


Jo and Harold waited for Topher inside the cave next to the treehouse. Topher finally arrived.

JO: What took you so long?

TOPHER: I was trying to get some pointers for myself.

JO: If anybody's going to give you pointers, it might as well be me. Trent's not that foolish. He probably would lower your score for that! Besides, we don't need you to win. We need Harold to win.

HAROLD: Why me?

JO: Because your the most talented person here, Harold. You're a Drama Brother! You have to win. Did you get anything else besides a failed pointer?

TOPHER: Uh, Trent did say that Shawn would be more of a threat than Harold.

JO: So its settled. We vote out Shawn tonight.

HAROLD: What if he wins.

JO: If Shawn wins, I lose and live with Alejerkro and the worst nickname giver in history. But if Shawn loses, we might get a shot.

TOPHER: Why don't we vote out Brick instead? I have Shawn on a leash?

JO: Really? Because from where I'm standing, Shawn is starting to be a bit rebellious. And what if your little Pahkitew Pact does make it into the final four? Do you really think that Shawn and Jasmine would vote out Samey? Give me a break. And if it comes down to it, you lose in a tie breaker against Shawn. And besides, I always have control over Brick.

TOPHER: He can instantly turn on you just like how he did to me.

JO: It was weeks ago, hairspray. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that Shawn goes home.

HAROLD: But people will still vote against you after what Alejandro had said last night.

TOPHER: Leave that to me.


TOPHER: Samey's my key to staying in this game. Everyone loves her and I would immediately dump her the second she becomes just wallpaper. But for right now, I need to get Samey, Shawn, and Jasmine to vote for the only person who is not affiliated with any group. And that person is Sky.

Chris called everyone backstage to witness the talent show. Behind a judge's table, Trent gets ready to judge each contestant. Backstage, Chris is giving out the order that each contestant should appear in. The order was Brick, Jasmine, Samey, Jo, Topher, Sky, Harold, and finally Shawn. Brick went on first.

Brick's performance went horrible. His cards went flying everywhere and by the time he finished, Trent has given him a 3.

Jasmine went on and impressed Trent with her animal hypnotism. The celebrity guest judge gave her a 7.

Samey went on and did a cheer-leading skit.

TRENT: (After the performance) Its not bad, but its not good. I give you a five.

Topher went on to do some modelling poses. Trent gave Topher a 6.

Sky went and did a juggling routine with some apples. She ended it by having an apple land on her head. Trent gave her a 7.

Harold went on and did a beat-boxing performance. It felt like Harold had experience and, despite Trent's criticism, Harold beat-boxed was faster and more steady than usual. So because of the improvement, Trent gave Harold a perfect score.

Back stage, Topher was complaining.

TOPHER: Did you see that? Trent totally gave it easy to you.

HAROLD: You should never kiss butt to the judges unless they are Chris.

CHRIS: I am going to pretend I never heard that.

JO: Well, you did, so...

CHRIS: Yeah... Zombie Boy, you're up!

Shawn went up and did a serenade of Beethoven's 5th sympathy.

TRENT: It was great, really. I would give it a 10, but there is one problem.

SHAWN: And what's that.

TRENT: I don't know a lot of people who would come and see somebody making armpit noises. But the music was great and I would give it a 9.

Shawn left the stage as Chris walked on stage.

CHRIS: Thank you for coming, Trent. It was great to see you. Harold, congradulations. You are moving on. As for the rest of you, somebody's heading to the jury room, and you do not want to go there. I will see you later tonight.


HAROLD: Its grand and all that I won a talent show again. Beatboxing is the way of the future.


Shawn, Jasmine, and Samey met up with Topher on the other side of the island.

JASMINE: What is this all about, Topher?

TOPHER: Let's just say that I am trying to save our skins. There's going to be a tie tonight. And because I can easily take control of Harold, we can use those votes to knock out somebody who's flying under the radar and who hasn't picked a side yet.

SAMEY: You're talking about Brick, right?

TOPHER: Hate to say it, but no. I am talking about improving our chances and voting out Sky tonight. She isn't with Jo and she isn't with me. She's flying in the middle.

SHAWN: And why should we believe you? You can be double crossing us for all I know!

TOPHER: Do you want to win the million, zombie boy, or not? Because as far as I know, the only way we can all stay in is if we vote out Sky.

JASMINE: Will you promise that you won't vote for any of us tonight?

TOPHER: I wouldn't be a man without my word.

SHAWN: Fine. We'll vote for Sky. But if there happens to be one vote that isn't for Sky, you're next.

TOHPER: Granted.


SHAWN: I don't feel right about voting for Sky. But as long as it isn't me, I'm good.


Over at the treehouse, Jo was talking to Sky.

SKY: And why should I not vote for you? You broke Cameron's leg, stole Gwen's diary... The way I see it, you overstayed your welcome!

JO: Probably. But you would be making a big mistake. As of right now, there's a jury and everyone is trying to make themselves look good in front of the jury. So, would you rather allign yourself with me or a jury favorite like Shawn?

SKY: Shawn?

JO: Yep. He started this campaign to vote you out.

SKY: Are you sure about that?

JO: I heard it from the horse's mouth. But if don't want to vote with us and get rid of Shawn, that's cool. Just remember that your funeral comes after.

SKY: I know I'm going to regret this, but I'm in.


SKY: I hate alligning myself with Jo, but she's right. There's a jury now and I have a much better chance of winning with her in the final three than with Shawn. Shawn, if you are watching this, my vote is strictly business related. I have nothing against you personally.


Still in Confessional

JO: Sky is gone tomorrow no matter what happens. If I do get voted out, then Topher's little Pahkitew Pact would dominate the game. But if Shawn gets out, Sky is also out tomorrow. It's a lose-lose for Sky no matter what happens.


The contestants arrived at the campfire ceremony. Chris went over the introductions and gave Harold his marshmallow.

CHRIS: One marshmallow gone, six more remain and seven unimmune contestants are left. The following five marshmallows goes to Samey, Brick, Topher, Jasmine, and for a wierd reason, Jo.

SKY: Good luck trying to get me out, Shawn.

SHAWN: Likewise, Sky. Likewise.

CHRIS: I honostly don't know how Jo didn't get votes, but I do know that one of you got out because of that.

SKY: Got out? (gasps) Jo! You betrayed me!

JO: Did I?

CHRIS: Sky, you're...

SKY: Out. I knew I should've voted for you, Jo!

CHRIS: Actually, you're still in. Shawn, sorry dude, but you're out.

SHAWN: What?


Shawn and Jasmine looked at each other.

SHAWN: Well, call me crazy, but I think we got played.

The couple looked at Topher who was whistling.

TOPHER: I have a better chance of winning without you, Shawn. Don't take it personal, wait, scratch that. Do take it personal.


TOPHER: I had no other choice. Shawn is pretty much the biggest threat to me. Do I feel guilty about betraying him? Not at all! Adios, Zombie Nutcase! I won't miss you one bit!


Shawn and Jasmine shared one last kiss before the Boat of Losers took Shawn away. Chef walked up to Chris.

CHEF: Shawn got eliminated?

CHRIS: Chef! You're back!

CHEF: Sure am. Two whole days to decide whether or not this person's speeding ticket was valid.

CHRIS: And I'm sure you have nothing interesting to say. But stay tuned, viewers, to see more and exciting eliminations next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Meanwhile, on the Boat of Losers....

SHAWN: So this is what it feels like to be blindsided. I don't know who is worse, Jo or Topher? Both of them are playing the game and with the three of them, I don't know how anybody else can win. But I did have fun and I just wished that it would've been that no-good, sneaky, pain in the neck! But at least he has something waiting for him as soon as Topher gets eliminated. Money won't save you from a zombie apocalypse, Topher. And I won't even help you if you get surrounded by the horde of the undead!


Episode Reference: The title is a reference to a job where you basically have to search for talent. And yes, the word Talent Scout is the name of the said job. The more you know.

Episode Quote: Shawn (after being eliminated) "Money won't save you from a zombie apocalypse, Topher. And I won't even help you if you get surrounded by the horde of the undead!"

Contestant Eliminated: Shawn

Team: Dreadful Dragons/ Merged

Reason: Topher betrayed his Pahkitew Pact alliance (unofficial btw) because Topher would have a better chance winning jury votes without Shawn.

Place/ Rank: 8th


Brick- Shawn

Harold- Shawn

Jasmine- Sky

Jo- Shawn

Samey- Sky

Shawn- Sky

Sky- Shawn

Topher- Shawn


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