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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Our show's fans answered a bunch of random questions about the final ten. And our remaining ten contestants had to see what majority of them said. Harold tried breaking the fourth wall, which was MY job. But after so much answering, Alejandro got the highest score.

Fearing for the worst, Jo, Topher, and Harold... well, mostly Jo and Topher, managed to convince everyone to vote out a challenge beast. Brick, ran the alarm to eliminate Topher, however with Jo's manipulating skills, Brick soon voted against the person he sought to keep in.

And that person was none other than Zoey, who became the season's first jury member. Who will join up with Zoey? Just stay tuned and find out right here, right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

After the campfire cerermony, the remaining nine contestants fell asleep. Brick, however, tossed and turned. Alejandro notices.

ALEJANDRO: Brick, I don't know if this might come as a shock, but some of us are trying to sleep.

BRICK: Sorry, Alejandro. I'm just not used to betraying my comrades. I know this is a game, but...

ALEJANDRO: Then I will gladly assist you. I know that Sky has betrayed Zoey a few times, but look at her now.

Alejandro and Brick looked to see Sky sleep.

Alejandro: She is sleeping peacefully, because she knows this is a game. But it wasn't your fault Zoey got out. And that is why I came to help you.

BRICK: Go on.

ALEJANDRO: You want Topher out, correct? Well, I got a secret that Jo knows all to well.

BRICK: Really?


BRICK: If I play my cards right with Alejandro, I might be able to knock down the two biggest social threats in this game. I may be giving Alejandro an inch, but I know that I have the leash on him for now.


ALEJANDRO: Brick, I want you to listen very carefully. The night where Heather got eliminated, I saw Jo put Gwen's diary under her pillow.

BRICK: Jo's a thief?

ALEJANDRO: Not a thief. An instigator. And in this game, a thief is counted as an angel compared to an instigator. So here is what we are going to do, Brick. If Jo wins the next challenge, we go for either Topher or Jo's right-hand man, Harold. If anybody but Jo wins, we go after her. Then and only then are we going after Topher.

BRICK: And after that, it's over, correct? We are just sticking together to get rid of Jo and Topher, right?

ALEJANDRO: That is as far as I can take you. After that, I need a good reason from you on why I should not vote for you.

BRICK: I accept, Alejandro.


ALEJANDRO: Every season of Total Drama has somebody that is desperate enough to sign a contract from the devil. I know that Tyler back in my first season is like that. And in this season, its Brick. I can mold him into any way I want to and once I'm done with my new toy, it goes out. I am just shocked that Brick is willing to side with me as far until Topher and Jo leaves. That is true commitment.


After a late morning brunch, the contestants were told to meet Chris at the meeting area. There, he had a sack in his hands. Nine chests were behind him.

SKY: What's with the bag?

CHRIS: Take it easy, Sky. All will be revealed.

JASMINE: Uh, we all are here, Chris.

CHRIS: Very well. Today's challenge is Pahkitew's version of the key hunting challenge back in season one. If you remember correctly, Heather won immunity and Trent was blindsided. Hard times.

SAMEY: Poor Trent!

CHRIS: It's going to be poor everybody right here and right now. In this sack, I have nine of the hardest locations that our interns hid the keys. And just like last time, the keys will go to the chest behind me. Unlike last time, all the keys will fit in a chest, so you might get something or you might get nothing. I don't know which key goes where. Now hurry up and grab your location.

Chris opened the sack and every contestant reached their hands in. They each pulled out a small, folded up paper. The final nine opened their paper. And, here is the location list for you:

Alejandro: Beach

Brick: Cave (near the tree house)

Harold: Control Room

Jasmine: Thorn Maze

Jo: Mt. Looming Tradegy (Chris will explain that)

Samey: Campfire Area

Shawn: Mutant Forest

Sky: Meeting Area

Topher: Boathouse

JO: Uh, why is Mount Looming Tradegy here? That mountain was on Camp Wawanakwa!

CHRIS: It's a mechanical island, Jo. If I wanted to make Mt. Looming Tradegy, I can make it appear with a push of a button.

JASMINE: Okay, so riddle me this: where's the thorn maze?

CHRIS: That. Well, the thorn maze is just a patch of thorns and prickers somewhere on the northern side of the island.

SKY: Why is the Meeting Area here? It's the easiest place to look! I don't think it's a challenge.

CHRIS: I was hoping Topher would get that card. But it doesn't matter that much, it'll be the best one to watch.

Reaching in his back pocket, Chris pulled out a remote. Pushing a button, a giant mountain of trash rose up.


SKY: I just happened to open my mouth.

CHRIS: I was going to ask who had your location, Sky. Either way, that trash heap comes up.


CHRIS: Before I let you go free, Topher, which location do you have?

TOPHER: The boathouse.

CHRIS: I stand corrected.

HAROLD: Uh, Chris, I have no idea where the control room is. There isn't much help that I can accomplish, so...

CHRIS: Fine! (Chris hands Harold a map.)

JO: Wait. You're helping him?

CHRIS: It's a map to the closest entrance to get underground. It's not a map to the control room. Is everybody good on that? Yes? Good. Now, go!

Eight of the nine remaining contestants raced towards their location. Sky slumped down and began slowly walking towards the giant trash pile.

CHRIS: You're not going to win the challenge going that slow, Sky!

The contestants reached their locations. Jo started to climb Mt. Looming Tradegy, Alejandro started to shift through the sand, Harold ran away from Chris robots, Sky searched through garbage, Samey checked under every available seat at the ceremony, and Jasmine shifted through the thorns. Topher and Brick are outside their designated areas.

Over at the cave, Brick was talking to himself as he slowly walked in.

BRICK: Alright, soldier. It's a simple walk in. The dark can't hurt you.

Brick ran out screaming.


BRICK: It's a little too dark for me.


Topher enters the boathouse and looked around. Massive amount of fishing and hunting gear laid on the floor. A lone boat sits on the water.

TOPHER: Well, this sucks. I wonder why Chris would love to see me here.

Topher laid down and gazed at the water. Two hands came up from the water, grabbed him, and brought him down into the water. Underwater, Topher gulped as Fang started to beat him up.

After searching Chris's podium, Samey started to go down the path that leads to the Boat of Losers. Finding nothing she went back up.

SAMEY: Where is that key?

Samey looked up and managed to find the key on a line of Chinese lanterns.

SAMEY: Wow. How did I miss that?

Shawn leapt from branch to branch, avoiding mutant creatures about to attack him. Finally, he found his key. Unfortunately, it was on Larry's flower.

SHAWN: Well, this just got interesting.

At the beach, Alejandro had dug over 20 holes, searching for the key. He continued to dig until after his 40th hole, he managed to find his.

ALEJANDRO: Mucho Bueno!

Alejandro went back to the meeting area where Harold, Samey, and Sky have all found their keys.

HAROLD: What took you?

ALEJANDRO: How did you escape? I believe it takes 20 minutes to find the exit from the control room.

SKY: He used an escape pod.

SAMEY: And Chris wasn't happy about that. He forced Chef to put the escape pod back.

Topher arrived with bruises and scapes. Topher fell to the ground.

TOPHER: Hi, everybody.

SAMEY: Topher!

SKY: What happened?

TOPHER: Mutant shark attack.


TOPHER: Do I regret voting for Scott two weeks ago? For today, yes. Yes I do. With Scott, he would've had to take on Fang, no questions asked.


HAROLD: So, where was the key?

TOPHER: On a shark tooth.

Alejandro rolled his eyes and walked away.

SKY: Where are you going?

ALEJANDRO: Chris isn't forcing us to stay here until its time to open our gifts. I am going to happily help my closest friends.

Alejandro left as Jo came back.

JO: So why did the Spanish Villian leave?

SAMEY: Alejandro said that he need to help his closest friends.

JO: Oh, really?


JO: Alejandro's gathering votes. But it won't matter. I automatically got five votes against him if he plans to attack me.


Shawn walked past the thorn pit tossing his key around. He got a few scrapes and a black eye with his encounter with Larry, but he managed to escape in one piece.


SHAWN: Jasmine? Jasmine! Where are you?

JASMINE: Stuck in thorns. I need help.

Shawn turned and saw Jasmine below him. Jasmine couldn't even move unless she wants to get even more scratched up by the thorns.

SHAWN: Don't worry, Jasmine! I'm coming!

Shawn jumped into the pit to help out Jasmine. They both escaped with more scrapes then what they had bargained for.


JASMINE: So maybe Shawn isn't the brightest one. But at least he won't think twice about saving me. That's something I can always count Shawn on.


Still in Confessional

SHAWN: Jasmine's totally worth dying for. Today, it was thorns. No problem. But tomorrow, it'll be zombies. I promise you that!


Alejandro met up with Brick outside the cave. Together, they found Brick's key and the two of them rushed back to the meeting area where became the last ones to arrive.

CHRIS: Its about time. Now it's time to see what you all won! We will go in a predetermined order, so Topher, you're up.

Topher managed to find his chest on his fifth try. Unlocking it, he claimed his reward, which was just a blank piece of paper with Chris's signature.

TOPHER: Is this some kind of joke?

CHRIS: That is worth more than your life, Topher. Brick, its your turn.

It took Brick's two tries before finding his chest and claiming his prize.

BRICK: A flashlight?


BRICK: I've faced my fears for something that could help me? Yes!

CHRIS: Calm down, soldier. Jasmine, its your turn.

Jasmine unlocked her chest and found it empty.

JASMINE: What the-? It's empty!

CHRIS: I don't believe I said that every chest has something. Now lets see what your thorn friend has to offer. Shawn?

Shawn went up and got a $20 gift certificate. Alejandro won chips and soda, Harold won cologne, and Samey got some letters from home. Jo went up to the first available chest and claimed her reward.

JO: Yes! I'm immune, suckers! Haha!


JO: I made it to the final eight. How do you like me now!


Still in Confessional Static

ALEJANDRO: My main target is still at large. But that doesn't mean that her partner, Harold, or Topher will be safe. This game is like chess and I am always one step ahead of my competition.


CHRIS: Alright, campers. Jo wins. But we need to see what Sky has one. Sky?

Sky went up to the last chest and opened it. Inside her prize awaits.

SKY: Really?

SHAWN: What is it?

SKY: It's a stick.

Sky pulled her prize out of the chest.

CHRIS: Correction, Sky. It's not a stick, it's a twig.

SKY: (sarcastic) Gee. I never had a twig before. Thanks.

CHRIS: Glad you liked it. Now its time for you guys to decide who to vote for. You can vote for anybody but Jo. I'll see you then.

Jo and Topher found a private spot to talk with each other.

TOPHER: So I assume that you are not giving up immunity.

JO: Not even if you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

TOPHER: Alright, so who do we kick out.

JO: Do you want to hear a secret?

TOPHER: Of course.

JO: I framed Heather.

TOPHER: You? No way!

JO: You better believe it, Fanboy. I kicked out Heather from this game. And the only other person who knows about this is Alejandro. So to protect our alliance, he has to go. Agreed?

TOPHER: Definitely. I'll talk to Samey about it, and you'll get the rest. The votes will be unaminous as Total Drama can get!


TOPHER: Jo is digging her own grave. When she realizes what she has done, I will start to bury her.


Brick and Sky walked together.

BRICK: Sky, I have something to say. I feel guilty about betraying Zoey last night.

SKY: I know it hurts. I can't tell you how many times I let Zoey down. But its just a game. Sometimes, we have to live with our actions.

BRICK: I know. So I plan on avenging that by going after the person who convince me to go back on my word.

SKY: Which is...?


SKY: But she's immune!

BRICK: That is why we are going against her right-hand man. Agreed?

SKY: Her right hand man? You mean Harold? Fine by me. He hasn't had much game development. I'll see if I can convince the others. Is there anybody else who's voting that way?

BRICK: Alejandro.

SKY: Alejandro? We can't trust him!

BRICK: What choice do I have? Besides, he told me everything. He saw Jo frame Heather using Gwen's diary.

SKY: So we're back on that subject already? I thought it was over!

BRICK: You do realize that Alejandro sleeps with one eye open, right.

SKY: Of course I-

BRICK: Go on.

SKY: That lying bi***! Brick, we're in it to get rid of Jo!

BRICK: Alright. Go tell the others.


SKY: This game was perfect with Dave, Mike, Gwen, Zoey, and I! Thanks to Brick, Jo managed to knock out Mike, Gwen, and Zoey! Dave got himself voted out, but Jo ruined my game! No way will I let that happened again!


It was one hour before the campfire ceremony. Topher and Samey watched the sunset together.

TOPHER: It's beautiful, isn't it?

SAMEY: Are you talking about the sunset or me?

TOPHER: I love them the same. But I love you just a bit more. You're the key to my chest, Samey.

SAMEY: Really? That's so sweet, Topher. I love you, too.

TOPHER: Say, have you been thinking on who to vote for?

SAMEY: Not really.

TOPHER: Well, I know. So here is what I need you to do.

Topher whispered Samey his plan. Later, during the campfire ceremony, Chris was about to pass out the marshmallows.

CHRIS: As you all know the rules. no marshmallow means jury duty. And nobody likes being part of any jury. And, Harold?


CHRIS: The escape pod is still out in the water. So after the votes, I want you to go and put it back.

SAMEY: I thought Chef was doing that.

CHRIS: Like I said, nobody likes jury duty. Anyways, marshmallows go to the following: Jo, Brick, Samey, Sky, Topher, Shawn, and Jasmine.

HAROLD: If I'm eliminated, does that mean I still have to put the escape pod back?

CHRIS: Yes, Harold, you do. Eliminated or not, you don't leave until that pod goes back. And if you do get eliminated, the boat won't leave until you get it back.


CHRIS: Any last comments, Alejandro?

ALEJANDRO: Actually, yes. I just want everyone to know who really stole Gwen's diary. Some of you might not realize, but I saw everything.

SHAWN: Really?

JASMINE: I would love to hear this.

Alejandro stands up.

ALEJANDRO: I have been using this as a last resort. But if I do leave, I just want to ruin the game of somebody else. Jo stole Gwen's diary and blamed Heather on it.

Jasmine, Topher, Shawn, Samey, and Harold gasped. They all looked at Jo. Alejandro sat back down.

JO: Oh, come on! You guys are going to believe Alejandro! He's a manipulative jerk!

TOPHER: Alejandro sleeps with one eye open, Jo.

HAROLD: I can't believe I gave my honor to somebody that lives without honor.

CHRIS: Wow. What an impressive speech, Alejandro.

ALEJANDRO: Thank you.

CHRIS: However, its not enough for you to stay in this game. You're gone!


Alejandro watched as Harold snatched the last marshmallow.

JO: Ha!

ALEJANDRO: It doesn't matter. The truth is out. If you want to deny the truth, go right ahead. But you all will be living with a liar. At least I played the game more honestly.

Alejandro made his way to the Boat of Losers. The intern working in Chef's place soon drove off as soon as Alejandro was on board.

CHRIS: Well that went well. Tune in next time to see another exciting episode of Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge! Harold, get your butt into the water. You got a pod to put back.

Meanwhile, on the boat of losers...

ALEJANDRO: Good game, Jo. Very good game. However, I did blurt out our little secret. So I wouldn't mind seeing you leave the game tomorrow. And just be warned that I caused your elimination from the dead. Fairwell and goodnight, Jo. It'll be the last time you'll sleep on Pahkitew Island.


Episode Reference: This episode's reference comes from a quote that Topher said when he was flirting with Samey.

Episode Quote: Alejandro (to Brick): "Not a thief. An instigator. And in this game, a thief is counted as an angel compared to an instigator"

Contestant Eliminated: Alejandro

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns/ Merge

Reason: Jo and Topher managed to convince everyone else to vote out Alejandro since Alejandro still has blackmail against Jo. Despite Alejandro saying what the blackmail was, it was too late.

Place/ Rank: 9th


Alejandro- Harold

Brick- Harold

Harold- Alejandro

Jasmine- Alejandro

Jo- Alejandro

Samey- Alejandro

Shawn- Alejandro

Sky- Harold

Topher- Alejandro


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