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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The contestants united and ate the rest of the Dragon's food. But they should've saved their appitites because the challenge involved them drinking all sort of fruit drinks.

Because of a small detail that I forgot to tell the contestants, the women pulled ahead of the men and won a yacht trip for two days while the men had to endure Chef's mystery meatballs. Sadly, for me, nobody got sent home. But today is different. Who's going to be sent home and who's a fan favorite to win? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song Plays

The men sat alongside wooden stumps when Shawn returned with some berries. Each of them took a handful and began eaten them. A ship's horn rang throughout the island.

ALEJANDRO: Sounds like the ladies are back.

SHAWN: Its about time!


SHAWN: Two days! Two days of nothing but meatballs! I wouldn't complain, but they're Chef's meatballs! I'm just lucky I'm still alive!


The boys met up with the girls on the beach. As soon as Shawn saw Jasmine, he ran up to hug her.

JASMINE: Whoa! Settle down there, tiger.

ZOEY: You guys wouldn't believe what happened. It was my first time getting a massage!

ALEJANDRO: I would prefer if you kept your adventures on that yacht to yourself.

CHRIS: (loudspeakers) I hope you guys love the reunion. But as of right now, there are no more teams. Get your butts down to the meeting area for your first ever individual challenge!

JO: So, any idea on what it's going to be?

SKY: I wish.

The contestants made their way to the meeting area. There, the final ten sat in quiz booths, similar to those on Jeopardy. Separating the contestants from seeing what the other one is doing is a wooden board.

CHRIS: Welcome, contestants. Today's challenge will strictly be on what the fans are thinking of you guys right now.

HAROLD: But aren't we in the middle of shooting? Have we been live the whole time?

CHRIS: Nope.

HAROLD: But how-

CHRIS: Enough trying to break the fourth wall. That's my job. Anywho, we asked the show's fans on what they thought of you. They saw your gameplay, your alliances, your wierd habits. So we asked them ten questions and then made all of you answers. Problem is, you don't know if I'm going to repeat the same answer.

JO: If Scott was here, I'm sure he'll say something that'll make this challenge a whole lot difficult.

TOPHER: A quiz show? Is that the best you can do, Chris?


ZOEY: The challenge was just perfect until you had to open your mouth, Topher. Why? Why didn't you keep your mouth closed?


CHRIS: Trust me. I would've had you guys get shocked if you guessed the wrong answers, but legal said no.

TOPHER: You've starting to become paranoid, Chris. How about if I-

CHRIS: Do you want to go home now?

TOPHER: Shutting up.

CHRIS: Good. Moving on, on your screen, you will see all ten questions that we asked the contestants. You will press one of the questions and pick the one that the fans answered. Unlike the fans, you guys can choose the same person more than once. Once you are done, hit submit. The person with the highest amount of right answers will win today's challenge. Everybody else better hope they can last another day. You may now answer the questions.

It took the final ten five minutes once everybody submitted their answers. Chris took them into account on his uPad (closest parody to iPad that I can find. MePad was already taken by somebody else) and tallied the results.

CHRIS: Alright, I have your answers. Time to see if you are right. The first question was: Which contestant played the best game so far. Time to show your answers.

On the screens facing Chris, the contestant answers are shown. Alejandro, Harold, Jasmine, Samey, Shawn, and Zoey all answered Shawn. Brick, Jo, and Topher voted for themselves and Sky voted for Jo.

CHRIS: The correct answer is: Shawn! So Alejandro, Harold, Jasmine, Samey, Shawn, and Zoey. You all get a point! Brick, Jo, Sky, and Topher, sorry but no point. Next question was to decide who was the biggest floater of the final ten. Here is what you decided:

The votes are shown. Alejandro, Jo, Sky, Samey, and Topher all chose Samey. Brick, Jasmine, Shawn, and Zoey chose Harold, and Harold chose Brick.

CHRIS: And the correct answer is... Samey! So Alejandro, Jo, Sky, Samey, and Topher all get a point. Alejandro and Samey are tied for first right now while Brick still needs to make it on the scoreboard.


SAMEY: I have no idea how Harold was doing. I voted for myself because even with my friendships, I felt like I was floating by. I'm surprised that Topher voted for me!


If you guys just want to hear Chris' voice throughout this with no little plot development to the whole season, there is something wrong with you. Unfortuantly, this is one of those LazyBlogger moments. So let me cut to the chase. Here are the questions and the answers:

Question 3) Which contestant is the most deserving to be in the final ten? Jo

Question 4) Which contestant made the biggest move? Alejandro

Question 5) Which contestant played the most loyal game? Jasmine

Question 6) Which contestant would most likely win this challenge? Zoey

Question 7) Which contestant has the most fans (outside of family and friends) Harold

Question 8) If the audience can choose one contestant to make it to the final five, who will it be? Topher

Question 9) Which contestant would be the most successful whether they win or lose the million dollars? Sky

And the score update:

Alejandro: 8

Brick; 5

Harold: 7

Jasmine: 8

Jo: 2

Samey: 7

Shawn: 6

Sky: 6

Topher: 5

Zoey: 6

And know we are in the final round. Thank you for surviving past the LazyBlogger commentry.

CHRIS: Alrighty, campers. Here is the very last question: Who will be the most likely to win the million dollars.

JO: What kind of question is that? That automatically sets a target on yourself!

CHRIS: I know! Anyways, lets show the results!

The results are shown.  Alejandro, Brick, Samey, Sky, and Zoey voted for Brick; Harold, Jo, and Topher voted for themselves, and Jasmine and Shawn voted for Samey.

CHRIS: Looks like the front runners are split. One of them is correct and the other is incorrect. And the person who is corrects and wins the first challenge is... Alejandro! Sorry, Jasmine, but you tried.

JASMINE: It's the first individual challenge.

CHRIS: Yep and tonight will be the first campfire ceremony in which you all have to attend. Decide who's getting cut loose and cast your votes tonight.


JO: I've pretty much cut all ties I had with Zoey. If she doesn't come crying back to me before the campfire ceremony, she's gone.


Still in Confessional

ALEJANDRO: First one to win immunity from tonight's vote. This probably means that Jo is safe, too. But I cannot control who will vote for who. All I can do is to make sure the votes aren't on Jo.


Jo, Harold, and Topher are near the beach.

TOPHER: So, what's the plan?

JO: The plan is to cut Zoey. She's a challenge beast. If we don't get rid of her now, she'll stay here until the season is over.

TOPHER: Right. And tell me why Zoey? Why not somebody like Sky?

JO: Sky's a threat, but Zoey is a bigger threat to the competition. And as much as I love to get rid of Alejandro, he's immune.


TOPHER: This is just too perfect! With what Jo is saying, I can get rid of all the Unicorns and leaving the Dragons still in the game. No matter what I do, its a win for me.


Still in Confessional

JO: Topher probably thinks that I am letting down my former team. Ha! Joke is on him. Brick is too much of a wild card for Topher, but he is the final card I need for a royal flush. And once I have Brick in place, adios, Topher!


Brick and Zoey gather berries for dinner before the ceremony.

ZOEY: Thanks for helping me, Brick. It means a lot to know that I can trust at least someone on this island.

BRICK: No problem.

ZOEY: I guess the both of us are the misfits of our team, huh?

BRICK: You can say that. Topher took control of the Dragons and I assume Jo took control of the Unicorns. Am I right?

ZOEY: You are. My back is against the wall and I don't know what to do. You've been in this spot before, right?

BRICK: I've been in this spot ever since Topher took control of the team. He already got Samey's vote, and because Samey is with Jasmine and Shawn, that's four votes right there.

ZOEY: Wow, you must be a lucky guy winning the last team immuniy challenge.

BRICK: If it wasn't the case, then I wouldn't be here. So, yeah. I got lucky.

ZOEY: Do you think that Jo and Topher might be in an alliance?

BRICK: Think? I know! Topher talks in his sleep. You wouldn't believe what he said the last two nights. Why did you ask?

ZOEY: Its just a hunch. Jo's closest ally is Harold and...

BRICK: Wait. Harold? Oh no.

ZOEY: Brick, what is it?

BRICK: We need to to get everyone to vote for either Jo or Topher!

ZOEY: I don't follow.


BRICK: Zoey's a sweet girl and a vicious team player! One of the greats! But her gameplay is mostly on winning challenges and keeping her word. Strategizing isn't her strong suit.


BRICK: We need to seperate the votes! If those six vote together-

ZOEY: They can rule the game! Brick! You're genius! Tonight, we're voting out Jo. You tell her that we are planning to vote out Topher. Say that even if she does succeed, she'll be outnumbered by your team.

BRICK: Roger that!

Meanwhile, Jo slowly walked around the island, whistling. Brick soon came up running.

BRICK: Jo! Wait up!

JO: Huh? Oh, its you. You know, I always thought that I would come to you for your vote.

BRICK: Take notes, soldier. This is my game.

JO: Yeah, right. So, what can I do you for?

BRICK: You can start by voting for Topher, traitor!

JO: What? Hey, who are you calling a traitor, Brick?

BRICK: Topher talks in his sleep. And I know you are gunning after Zoey.

JO: Really? So you're her messanger boy?

BRICK: I am not. She's off telling the others what's what.


JO: If this happens, I'll either call their bluff or believe them and vote with them. But I know Brick. Which makes it the best way for everyone to vote my way.


JO: So, you want to vote for Topher, huh? Well, let me tell you something, Brick. Voting for Zoey would be voting for Topher.

BRICK: How is that right?

JO: Here is how it works. As of right now, you and Zoey are up against the wall. Either one of you can flip to save yourselves. However, Topher would see you as merely a pawn. I see you as an ally. If you vote for Zoey today, and tomorrow, Topher leaves in a 4-5 vote, no questions ask. And if Topher wins, his closest ally leaves. Agreed? Could we shake on it.

Brick hesitated before shaking Jo's hands.

Later that night, the merged contestants attending the first post-merged campfire ceremony. Chris has nine marshmallows on a plate.

CHRIS: Because you all are qualified for jury members, you will be sent to a different location than what the other 14 losers are right now. You all made your decisions and cast your votes. If I don't call your name, you are the first member of the jury. And the marshmallows goes to... Samey, Topher, Brick, Jasmine, Shawn, Alejandro, Sky, and Harold.

JO: Gee. Another moment in the bottom two. You guys have to stop voting for me.

CHRIS: What's the matter, Jo? Afraid of a little challenge?

JO: You wish.

CHRIS: And, Zoey, I am guessing that your performance in the All-Star season brought you to the bottom two, right?

ZOEY: I guess. Sure, why not? Why not have it all be a lie, Jo!

CHRIS: Looks like a cat fight is about to go off! But only one of you will stay and the other will be part of the jury. And the lucky one staying on this island is...Jo! Sorry, Zoey, but you're out! But I will say that the votes are close.

ZOEY: Really?

CHRIS: Yep! Close to unaminous. The only one who didn't vote for you was you. So long.

Zoey, sadden at Brick's betrayal, slowly walked towards the boat of losers.

CHRIS: Well, that was fun! But wait until what we have in store next time here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Meanwhile, on the Boat of Losers...

ZOEY: I can't believe Brick betrayed me! All this season, I've been betrayed by my new friends while my old ones got picked off. And to make things worse, I have to wait until the finale just to see Mike again! I just don't know how things can get any worse!

Thunder crackled and it started to rain.

ZOEY: And it starts to rain. Why wouldn't it rain?


Episode Reference: The episode title references the last book of the Left Behind series, Kingdom Come. I don't know if there is a game with the same title, I just referenced the book.

Episode Quote: Topher (Confessional): "This is just too perfect! With what Jo is saying, I can get rid of all the Unicorns and leaving the Dragons still in the game. No matter what I do, its a win for me."

Contestant Eliminated: Zoey

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns/ Merge

Reason: Jo and Topher managed to convince everyone else to vote for Zoey based on her performance in all the challenges Zoey participated in.

Rank/ Place: 10th


Alejandro- Zoey

Brick- Zoey

Harold- Zoey

Jasmine- Zoey

Jo- Zoey

Samey- Zoey

Shawn- Zoey

Sky- Zoey

Topher- Zoey

Zoey- Jo


Writer's Note

I want to apologize for how crappy this episode turned out to be. I have been busy and I did promise you guys a new episode every Monday, so here it is. And that's pretty much how it is. I will see you all later. Or sooner.


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