CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The teams went out searching for alien eggs while Mama Alien, AKA Chef, searched for them. Sky's actions at the past campfire ceremony caused some distance between her and Zoey and Gwen. Meanwhile, Brick was focused on staying in the game. And who wouldn't?

Jo and Alejandro made an alliance while Topher mocked Al. But Alejandro caused some problems for Topher. Wierd, right? I know what happened and I still don't know what's going on.

What I do know is that thanks to Brick, the Dragons won and the Unicorns had to lose a member. And who is a better person to kick out of the game than Gwen? Something that I don't agree with, but hey. What can you do?

But as soon as Gwen leaves, I announnced the merge. So it is now every man and woman for themselves? Who's going home this time? Find out now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song plays

After the elimination, it was unaminous that the contestants were to lodge in the Dragon's treehouse. After the sleeping arrangements were made, everyone went to sleep.

Morning came up and the last of the Dragon's stable food supply was used up for a picnic-style breakfast.


JO: As of right now, I have an alliance with Topher, which I have no intentions on keeping. As for this picnic, I can see where everybody is at game wise; who are my biggest targest and who I can eat for tomorrow's breakfast.


ZOEY: Quick question, and you don't have to answer, but if somebody who was already eliminated was in your spot, who will it be?

JO: Well, your answer would be obvious. As for me, if that happened, I wouldn't are that much because everybody knows they can't beat me.


SKY: Jo has a bit of an ego surrounding her. I am surprised she made it this far with everyone knowing what she did to Cameron a few weeks ago.


Everyone talked and asked questions, studying whether or not they can be loyal allies. When the time came, Chris called everyone to the meeting area. There were two tables and on each one was a blender. Several meters away was a bounce house (the same one used in Monster Cash) filled with every single fruit in existance, minus the manchineel fruit.

CHRIS: How does it feel to be in the merge, Brick.

BRICK: It feels great! Now I don't have to worry about being voted off!

CHRIS: That's great because I am now going to separate you guys back into teams!


CHRIS: Don't worry. This is only for today. And in case you are wondering, in congratulations for making it to the merge, there will be no elimination today. This is strictly for reward.

JO: Unless you're giving us a million bucks, I'm not interested.

CHRIS: Yeah.... that's probably won't happen. So anyways, today's challenge is what I called Fruit Punch!

ZOEY: Isn't that a name of a drink?

CHRIS: Trust me. It gets good. One person from each team will enter the bounce house, grab as many fruits as they can carry, and make a fruit drink for the next person will follow. The challenge will ends once every contestant on the winning team has drank a fruit drink.

ALEJANDRO: And the reward is...?

CHRIS: The winning team will get a weekend cruise aboard a luxury yacht. Losers will stay here and eat Chef's mystery meatballs!


ALEJANDRO: After weeks of starving, hearing the word meatballs sounds appitizing. But putting the words "Chef" and "mystery" would make a person continue to starve.


The teams were organized based on their gender. It was boys vs. girls for the challenge. The first two to run to grab the drinks was Samey and Alejandro.

CHRIS: I just can't wait for this to start. Contestants, go!

Alejandro and Samey rushed to the bounce house. Alejandro was the first one there and climbed in. Several fruits were smashed. Samey soon came in after. The two gathered as many fruits as they can grab. Alejandro took off his shirt and stuffed the fruits in them. Tying his shirt, he threw it out of the bounce house. Grabbing more fruit before escaping, Alejandro ran to blend the fruits.

Samey grabbed as much as she can but it wasn't as big as Alejandro's carry.

CHRIS: It seems that I forgot a rule. If a fruit leaves the bounce house, it must be used as a drink. So in this case, smaller is better.

ALEJANDRO: You tell us this now?

SHAWN: Hurry up, Alejandro! I'm a quick drinker!


SAMEY: I'm sort of glad that I'm one of the smallest ones here. If I was any bigger, I probably would've made the same mistake as Alejandro.


Because of the rules, Alejandro had to take some time blending all of the fruits for Shawn to drink. Meanwhile, Samey finished making her drink. Zoey drank it and went to the bounce house.

CHRIS: And Zoey makes it to the bounce house! The ladies have the lead!

SHAWN: Blend faster!

ALEJANDRO: I'm blending as fast as I can!


SHAWN: I am not to keen on going on the yacht, especially if the zombie apocalypse starts when I'm on it. It's small and I can easily be cornered. But I don't want Chef's mystery meatballs. Those things can kill a person!


Zoey waste no time blending the fruits for Jo. Both Zoey and Alejandro finished blending and Shawn finally drank his drink. Both Shawn and Jo raced to the bounce house. Jo was a better climber as she got to the top first.

JO: Better move faster than that, Zombie boy!

Jo and Shawn got their fruits and raced to make the drinks for the next person on their team to go- which was Topher and Sky. Sky quickly drank the juice and caused a bigger lead for the women.

BRICK: Drink faster, private!

TOPHER: I'm doing the best that I can!


TOPHER: Yeah... should've gotten rid of Brick when I had the chance.


Topher finished the drink just as Sky was over the top of the bounce house on her way back. The two crossed paths. When Sky got to her team's station, she blended the fruit and gave it to the last runner for her team, which was Jasmine.

Brick finished Topher's drink and made lost time as both he and Jasmine was trying to find a perfectly intact fruit in the giant mess of smashed fruit.


JASMINE: I keep thinking to myself if I find it before Brick, then we could win.


Finally, Brick and Jasmine both found an intact fruit. An orange for Jasmine and an apple for Brick. Both former Dragons rushed out and blended the fruits. All that matters now is how fast Samey can chug.

But just as Harold was about to leave, Samey finished her orange juice.

CHRIS: And the ladies win reward!

The girls cheered.

CHRIS: Ladies, I hope you know that your reward comes with a free massage to each of you and food made by Total Drama's very own DJ!

SAMEY: Oh, wow!


SAMEY: I loved DJ! When I was watching the show, I rooted fro him all the time! Now I get to meet him? I don't know how this day can get any better!


The ladies left the meeting area as Chef came in it with a large tray of his mystery meatballs.

CHRIS: Gentlemen, your lunch has arrive.

CHEF: Bon appetite!

HAROLD: The smell! I think I might have narcissistic fever!

Harold faints. Topher and Alejandro exchanged glances.

TOPHER: You know, I blame you for this, Alejandro.

The camera cuts away from the men and unto the ladies bording their yacht. Chris soon appears on the screen.

CHRIS: Well, this has been a fun adventure! Tune in next time to see more fun, more action, and more interesting scenes next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: If you didn't get it, the episode's title is a reference to a drink known as Fruit Punch.

Episode Quote: Jo (Confessional): "As for this picnic, I can see where everybody is at game wise; who are my biggest targest and who I can eat for tomorrow's breakfast."


Writer's Note

Yeah... sorry again for the small changes and I do apologize for how short this episode is. Its basically filler. But I do have something to announce: On Monday, there will be a challenge that you, the readers, will help create. Think of it like a reverse of the questions. Instead of asking them, you will be answering them. And your answers  will be a member of the remaining ten contestants.

Here's how it'll work. I will ask ten questions. Your answer has to be a contestant who is currently still in the game. But here's the catch: you can only use each contestant's name ONCE. But let's get on with the questions:

1) Which contestant has the best game so far?

2) Which contestant is the biggest floater?

3) Which contestant is the most deserving to be in the final ten?

4) Which contestant made the biggest move?

5) Which contestant played the most loyal game?

6) Which contestant would most likely win this challenge?

7) Which contestant has the most fans (outside of family and friends)

8) If the audience can choose one contestant to make it to the final five, who will it be?

9) Which contestant would be the most successful whether they win or lose the million dollars?

10) Which contestant is the most likely to win the million dollars (assuming that I am NOT making alternative endings.)

And that is that. The polls will end Monday. So comment your answers to these questions, and please post them in the order of the questions. Comment on what you think of the season so far, of the episode, etc. And I will see you all later. Or sooner.


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