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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Outnumbered, Scott and Brick formed an alliance to target Topher. But that plan might have a few more cons than pros. And Scott isn't a con or a pro for this case. Meanwhile, Topher is making alliances with the Unicorn's main target, Jo. And that plan has two cons and I don't think a positive will come out for the rest of the competitors.

Both teams had trouble finding their oars but when push came to shove, the Unicorns shoved the Dragons into the dirt. And Scott, with the help of Fang, was the cause of the Dragon's lost. So long, Scott!

We are down to eleven of the best contestants left. But only one will be cut from the rest. Who will it be? And where is my coffee!?!?! All these questions and more will be coming at you right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song plays

It is the middle of the night and all the Dragons, but Brick are asleep. Brick laid on his bed with eyes wide opened. His night light is right next to him.


BRICK: I just can't help but get the feeling like I'm the next to go. Worst case scenario, it'll be a 4-1 vote against me. Best case scenario is a 3-2 against me. I need the merge to come!


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Brick should be shivering in his boots right now. And he should. If we any more team challenges, he is going home. I do hate to see him leave, but it always better to see somebody else leave and not yourself.


Morning came and the contestants arrived at the meeting area. Chris had on his camo cap.

SHAWN: Are we doing another war challenge?

CHRIS: Yep! A war of the intelligence species to be exact. Today, contestants, you will be hunting for alien eggs!

JO: And I take it you want us to go back into the mutant forest?

CHRIS: If you would've suggested that before we placed the alien eggs, I would've put you in the final five. Just kidding, but that idea would've been perfect!

GWEN: Don't give Chris any ideas, Jo.

JO: Its not like he has any left. This whole season has been nothing but rip-offs we did in the past!

CHRIS: I am going to pretend like I didn't hear that. Anywho, the challenge is from season 2's alien hunt, but we are also adding in the All Star's hunt as well. Whoever comes back with the most eggs at the end of an hour wins.

ALEJANDRO: Sounds easy enough.

CHRIS: It isn't. On top of hunting eggs, Mama Alien will also be hunting you. Everybody, please move to the center.

The contestants stood up and moved to the center. Chris pushed a button and the team's logs fell down and up came two metallic cages and a giant bowl next to each cage.

HAROLD: Cages? What are the cages for?

ZOEY: Not to mention the bowls.

CHRIS: If Mama Alien slimes you, you will be put in your team's cage, stopping you from competing in this challenge. Your teammates who haven't gotten slime must work harder. If you got slimed holding eggs, you have to put the eggs down and walk into your cage. If you don't automatic disqualification for your team and I don't think that anything else could potentially save you.

TOPHER: Why are you looking at me?

CHRIS: No reason at all.


JASMINE: Topher hasn't been much help in challenges lately. Sometimes I wish that he was gone instead of Courtney. At least she has some use for the team.


HAROLD: What if every member of your team gets slimed?

CHRIS: That won't happen. Chef have been instructed to shoot all but one players from each team. If he shoots the last player for your team still in the game, don't worry about anything. Just pick yourself up and continue doing what you've been doing.

ZOEY: That is actually convinent.

CHRIS: You can thank legal.

JASMINE: Are the eggs somewhere near the control room?

CHRIS: Nope. All eggs, contrary to science-fiction movies, are above ground. With the exception of a few in the water and or in random caves. Any more questions? No? Then your one hour begins now!

The contestants quickly scattered trying to find the most eggs.

CHRIS: I love my job.

Gwen, Zoey, and Sky teamed up and began searching for the eggs.

SKY: Thanks again for letting me come.

ZOEY: Don't worry. You'll probably do the same for us. Maybe. I don't know. Sorry.

SKY: It's okay. I understand.


ZOEY: I wish I can trust Sky, but deep down, I knew she was the deciding vote in Mike's elimination. Hopefully she won't vote against Gwen or even me!


SKY: So, any idea where the eggs might be?

GWEN: From any good alien flick, they should be in the boiler room. But Chris said that there are none in there, so they must be somewhere warm.

ZOEY: Or it can be like the mutant egg hunt from the All-Stars.

GWEN: Probably. That's probably what Chris is getting at. But instead of mutant eggs, it's alien eggs.


GWEN: Being one of the best Total Drama Players, I have pratically won every challenge that I participated in! Well, any challenge that I didn't throw anyways. But this is sci-fi horror! In other words, I got this.


Shawn, Jasmine, and Brick are searching together.

BRICK: I must thank you again for agreeing to let me travel with you.

SHAWN: Yeah. Don't mention it.


SHAWN: The Dragons team is basically the final five of season three. You got a saner version of Sierra and Cody as me and Jasmine, and you got Alejandro and a nicer and non-manipulative version of Heater as Topher and Samey! And Brick is basically Duncan, third-wheeling in both relationships.


JASMINE: Hey, Brick, can I ask you something?

BRICK: Sure. I am all ears.

JASMINE: What is with it with you and Topher? It feels like this feud has been going on all season.

BRICK: I don't know. I guess it all started when I warned Owen instead of voting for him. And I guess that I have been lucky ever since. Why do you ask?

JASMINE: No perticular reason.


JASMINE: Brick's fate in this game lays on Shawn's and my vote if we lose this challenge. And the more I think about it, the more pawn-like I've become.


Topher and Samey managed to find an alien egg in a bird's nest. Topher climbed up to grab it.

SAMEY: You're doing great, Tophy!

TOPHER: (to himself) Tophy?


TOPHER: Tophy? Did she just called me Tophy?


Snapping out of his confusion, Topher continued to climb. He fell down as soon as he grabbed it. Samey jumped and clapped after he fell with an intact egg.

SAMEY: Good job, Topher!

TOPHER: Yeah, no problem.


SAMEY: I think he really liked it when I called him "Tophy."


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Just for the record, the only person who ever called me "Tophy" was my grandmother. It's her special nickname for me. And nobody uses the nickname Gramma gave me!


Alejandro threw a small pebble at an egg lodged on a high rock. The rock tumbled down but remained intact. Alejandro went and picked it up when Jo arrived.

JO: Alejandro, how about we form an actual alliance,

ALEJANDRO: Oh? And does joining your alliance also give up my blackmail upon you? Because I would much rather prefer having that in my back pocket at all costs. Think of it as my immunity statue.

JO: Listen here, Dead Spaniard Walking, the merge is coming up.And the first people that gets targeted are threats like us. Everyone else knows that they can't win when we are still in this game.

ALEJANDRO: True, but I know that I am safe as long as you are here. And the only way that you can possibly be ever be safe is if I agree to this alliance.

JO: So, you can't stay in this game unless you agree to my alliance.

ALEJANDRO: That might be the case, yes, but you won't be the leader. As it is I who can turn the tables on you, Jo. People might forget what happened to Cameron, but I don't know any who would ever forget about you framing me to get rid of Heather. And if I release this, how many would instantly vote against you? The only person who wouldn't would be yourself.

JO: Fine. You can be leader. But first...

Jo turns Alejandro around and used him as a barricade against Chef's slime. After the attack, Jo took Alejandro's egg and ran off, covering Alejandro in more slime. Chef then walks up to Alejandro.

JO: Thanks for nothing, Al!

ALEJANDRO: You're a cruel woman, Jo! Okay! I'm slimed! Just let me go to the cage!

Chris is drinking his coffee when he sees a slimed Alejandro walked into the cage for the Unicorns. Jo came up behind him and put her egg in a bowl before leaving again.

CHRIS: Well, well. Looks like we got Ale-legs-and-no-breaky and an egg. Tell me, how did you get slimed?

ALEJANDRO: Lets just say that I was tricked by an immature woman.

CHRIS: Pointing fingers. That is not like you, Alejandro. Now your whole team can watch you in shame as you are force to stand, or sit, here where they can do all the hard work.

ALEJANDRO: I have no need to win this season. My revenge on my elimination will be more more than a mere million dollar grand prize.

CHRIS: Is that so?

Topher and Samey came running in with an egg.

CHRIS: (after the egg is placed) And the Dragons have a point.

Samey and Topher when Topher thought of something after seeing Alejandro.

TOPHER: Wait a minute. What's stopping the Unicorns from stealing our eggs?

CHRIS: No rules about that, so I guess stealing is okay for this challenge.

TOPHER: Really?

Topher runs over and grabs the Unicorn's egg and placed it in his team's bowl.


CHRIS: And that's two for the Dragons. Man! They are killing it today!

TOPHER: (to Samey) You can go on ahead. I'll stay here and guard the eggss.

SAMEY: Okay.

Samey left and Topher went over to Alejandro.

TOPHER: How does it feel to suck so badly?

ALEJANDRO: Depends. You are always a suck-up to anybody that gives you a better position.

TOPHER: I can control my team.

ALEJANDRO: True, but the merge is coming shortly. Your team would surely disband. And then what is left would be you on a boat with no money and your dreams crushed. 

TOPHER: You're only saying that because you're in a cage.

ALEJANDRO: Quite foolish of you  Stating the obvious when you know that you cannot possibly outlast me, a great Total Drama castmember.

TOPHER: You can keep telling yourself that, Alejerkro.


ALEJANDRO: Topher considers himself smart. But once the merge hits, he'll be at rock bottom!


Harold searches through the underbrush and finds an egg. He eventually runs into Jo.

JO: Alrighty, Harnerd. The plan is to go after Gwen.

HAROLD: Gwen? Really? Why?


HAROLD: I am, like, Jo's closet ally in this game right now. So I don't know why she wants Gwen out instead of Zoey, Alejandro, or even Sky! It just doesn't make any sense.


JO: Yes. We are voting for Gwen. She is the last person that Zoey fully trusts. Once we get rid of her, we can get rid of Zoey.

HAROLD: But I thought you wanted to have an alliance with Zoey?

JO: Times have changed. She has stood on her ground. She isn't for us. She is against us, Harold. And thus we must crush every hope that she has now! Got it?

HAROLD: (gulps) Yes.

JO: Good.


JO: Once her closest ally is gone, Zoey would be running to me crying like a little baby. And if I had any sympathy in my body, I would let her join. The only way she stays in this game is if she godplays like she always does. But what are the odds of that happening?


Several hours passed and the contestants ranked more and more eggs. With fifteen minutes left, Shawn, Brick, Jo, and Zoey are the only ones who have yet to be slimed. The egg count is on the Unicorn's side by two. Shawn and Zoey are guarding their team's eggs while Brick and Jo go out to search for more eggs.

Brick is running through the forest. He trips over a branch. He picks himself up and sees three eggs hidden in the grass.

BRICK: Aha! Found you!

As Brick manages to get a hold of all three eggs. As soon as he does, he noticed a presence behind him. Brick turns around and sees Chef pumping his slime gun.

CHEF: Going somewhere with those eggs, son?

BRICK: Uh, yes!

Without warning, Brick raced towards the meeting area with Chef firing behind him.

Back at the meeting area, Jo and Zoey are sitting perfectly, waiting for another win. Brick became nerveous. Chris had his watch counting down the minutes. Then the seconds. As soon as ten second was reached, Brick came out with every sort of scratches and bruises, but not any of the slime.

JO: What?

GWEN: You have got to be kidding me!

CHRIS: and that's the game! The challenge is over!

Brick is seen in the bowl with the three eggs under him.

JO: Those eggs can't be counted. We win!

CHRIS: Not so fast, Jo. As I am the judge, I am saying that it is. You lose!

JO: WHAT!?!!

CHRIS: But I need both teams at the campfire tonight. I have an important announcement to make.


BRICK: Well, I showed my wealth to my team. Hopefully next time they would consider me useful.


Both teams were at the campfire ceremony that night. The Dragons looked eager to witness the Unicorn's elimination ceremony. The Unicorns looked at the five marshmallows. Sky avoided eye contact with Zoey and Gwen.

ZOEY: You alright?

SKY: Huh? Or never better.

Gwen and Zoey exchanged glances.

CHRIS: I did mention that I had an announcement and I will reveal it after the sorry loser who goes home without a marshmallow is gone. So let's get started. Alejandro, Harold, Zoey, and Sky, you are safe. Jo, how many times have you been up here?

JO: This is my third. And I will say that it won't be the last.

CHRIS: You really are pushing your chances. Technically, both you and Zoey should've received votes since you two slackers did nothing to guarantee your victory. So a regular person would think that you would be going home over Gwen. As for you, Gwen, I have nothing.

GWEN: It's cool. I know there will be a tie.

CHRIS: A tie? Sorry, Gwen, but the vote is 4-2, so somebody betrayed one of you two girls. And the person who got the wrong end of the deal is you, Gwen. Jo, you're safe.

JO: Yes! (receives her marshmallow)

GWEN: Oh, well. Can't win them all. See you guys.

ZOEY: See you Gwen.

Gwen walks out of the campfire area and into the boat of losers.


ZOEY: I can't believe Sky betrayed me. Again! I thought we were friends...


Still in confessional

SKY: Okay, so Harold got into my head again! Nothing I ever do seems right. The best thing that I can do is to vote for Zoey next time. But I am wondering what would the right thing be?


JASMINE: Is there a reason why we're here?

CHRIS: Yep! As I mentioned earlier, there will be a jury to decide this season's winner, no?

SHAWN: You did...

CHRIS: And here is a fun fact, you need to reach the merge to be a jury member.

JO: Can you be any more blunt?

ALEJANDRO: Wait uno minuto. Are you implying that-

CHRIS: Yep. You have all reached the merge. And only seven of you can be jury members while the other three are finalists. Congratulations!


BRICK: I managed to make it to the merge using my talent! Yes! And now I am a force to be reckoned with!


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Ah, the merge. I came so close to it last time and it pains me. But I know have Jo's alliance working with my alliance. All I need to do is to convince Samey to vote for Shawn when the time comes, and all I have to do is to woo the others to vote for me.


CHRIS: What an exciting episode of twist, turns, and green slime! But the merge is here. Who is going to be eliminated next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: No reference. Instead, it is a short segment of Jo and Alejandro trying to blackmail each other, which Alejandro came out on top. (More ammo)

Episode  Quote: Alejandro (to Jo): "As it is I who can turn the tables on you, Jo. People might forget what happened to Cameron, but I don't know any who would ever forget about you framing me to get rid of Heather. And if I release this, how many would instantly vote against you? The only person who wouldn't would be yourself."

Contestant Eliminated: Gwen

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: Gwen was a victim of Jo's rage against Zoey's refusal for an alliance.

Place/Rank: 11th


Alejandro- Gwen

Gwen- Jo

Harold- Gwen

Jo- Gwen

Sky- Gwen

Zoey- Jo


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