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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Topher split from his team and ended up in the Mutant Forest. Alejandro tried to form an alliance with Jo's closest ally, which is surprisingly Harold, to blindside her. And Jo finally realized who is the last person of Zoey's original alliance. I don't know much, but if Gwen doesn't separate herself from Zoey, she's going down.

Speaking of down, Samey managed to make Dakota fall into some radioactive goop and got the Unicorns to win. And the Dragons weren't happy with Topher causing the challenge. Even though everyone wanted Topher gone, except for Samey and Topher, it was Dakota, I mean Dakotazoid, who had to leave.

Our first irregular elimination has passed! Who's going out this time? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

Samey tumbles in her sleep. Suddenly, a loud THUMP was hurd on the roof, waking her.

SAMEY: Topher...can'! (wakes up due to the thump) Huh?

JASMINE: Hey, Samey! We're going to forge! Do you want to come?

SAMEY: Yeah! Just give me a minute.


SAMEY: This game is messing with my mind worse than how Amy does it! First I'm having nightmares of ruining Dakota's chances of winning, and now I'm dreaming that Topher is using me! What is wrong with me?


Later that morning, Topher went away and all that was left in the Dragon's hut was Brick and Scott.

SCOTT: Brick! Wake up!

BRICK: (half asleep) But mommy. The alarm doesn't ring until seven now.

SCOTT: I am not your mom!

Scott threw (okay, rolled) Brick off his bed. Brick woke up shortly after.

BRICK: Ow! Hey, that was uncalled for, soldier!

SCOTT: We need to talk. As of right now, we are outnumbered. Out of everyone still in this game, we are the only ones not from Pahkitew.

BRICK: What difference does that make? We know we had Jasmine's and Shawn's vote last night.

SCOTT: Yes, but in case if you didn't get the message, Topher is still in. Dakota hit the high road. So the votes will be either one of us. So I am thinking about getting rid of Topher. Jasmine and Shawn are too much of a wild card, but that's the only choice we have!

BRICK: Or we can dominate the next challenge!

SCOTT: I'm just thinking on what will happen if we do lose. Somebody has to go home and I would rather have it be Topher than either of us.


SCOTT: I would rather have anybody else but me to go home. But as far as from where I am standing, I need allies. And Brick is the only one not circling around Topher right now!


SCOTT: I am making you a deal that could blow up in both of our faces. We are calling for a truce and attacking our greatest threat- Topher.

BRICK: Even if that does work, how will it not blow up. Samey gets sad, Jasmine and Shawn will eventually get rid of whoever plotted that. And that can mean both of us.

SCOTT: Its a risky move, but the merge has to come up sometime. And if Topher is gone, than we can easily eliminate the rest of the Pahkitew cast and we can be in the final three. How about that?

BRICK: It's a hard bargain. Sure. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But as soon as things turned sour, I won't think twice about framing you.

SCOTT: Likewise, Brick. Likewise.


BRICK: Trusting Scott is like trusting a fox with your chickens. That fox can easily eat your chickens when your not watching behind your back. Thankfully, boot camp taught me to have eyes on my back.


Topher is walking along a riverbed when Jo came up from nowhere and ran into him. They both fell to the ground.

JO: Hey! Watch it, hair spray!

TOPHER: Look who's talking, sweatpants girl.

Both of them get up.

JO: Wow. You are really weak.

TOPHER: At least I can sleep at night knowing my competition can't touch me. Words been spreading like wildfire that you framed Heather. Such things like that aren't easy to forget.

JO: Really? Wow. That's large coming from somebody who's ego is bigger than Owen's stomach.

TOPHER: Who do you think got Owen out? Yep. You're looking at him. And guess what? I have this game wrapped around my finger. All I have to do is to snap my fingers and either Brick or Scott will be gone.

JO: Really?


JO: All I have to do is to play stupid and Topher just reels to me some much need information for when the teams merge. You would think that after so long the teams would finally merge, but nope. We are already halfway done with the competition and we still haven't had a merge or a jury member yet!


TOPHER: Say, I got an idea. Why don't we form an alliance? You have to have somebody on your team, and I have mine.

JO: An alliance? What's the catch?

TOPHER: No catch. Here's the deal: I have Samey wrapped around my finger. She is tight with Jasmine and Shawn. So that's four votes against anybody. Put that with two of your members and...

JO: And we can use the game! Topher, I will accept this alliance on one condition: you will bring me to the final three.

TOPHER: All right by me, Jo.


TOPHER: Jo just signed her death certificate. When we get down to seven contestants left, I will personally make it my goal to keep Samey, Jasmine, and Shawn in. Sort of gives me more power. And with Samey, I can easily use her to vote for Shawn. Who would vote for a finalist to win? They completed the game once before. They don't have to complete the game again.


Still in Confessional

JO: An alliance? Blah. With the information Topher gave me, as soon as the teams merge, I will do everything to weaken him. Hook, line, and sinker.


Both teams met at the beach for the challenge. The beach was split into two for both teams

CHRIS: Contestants, today's challenge will be a mix from the Three X challenge from season 5 and the Parisian challenge from the All-Star season. Under the sand are four canoe oars that you must dig up and put them on the bars over on your side. However, like the Parisian challenge, there are booby traps laid out in random spots in the sand.


HAROLD: (smirks) Chris said "booby!"


ALEJANDRO: Hate to be rude, Chris, but isn't the point of the challenge is to get three X's? How can we do that with only four ours?

CHRIS: I was wondering if somebody would ask. Once a team has built two X's, two of their members can retrieve the last two, which are in the water being guarded by Fang.

SCOTT: What?

CHRIS: Yep! And since I know how much you guys love to choose who is going into the shark infested waters, I won't let you have that priveldge. Instead, I am going to choose who is going into the water for each team! For the Dragons, it's Scott and Topher! Unicorns, your oar divers are Jo and Gwen. Does anyone understand what they're doing?

SCOTT: Yes! Can I switch with somebody else?

CHRIS: You would like that, wouldn't you? So what are you guys waiting for? Your challenge begins now!

The teams ran blindly into the sand and started to dig. Sky was the first victim of a booby trap as she fell into a pit full of crabs.


ZOEY: Sky! Are you alright?

Sky climbs out with crabs pinching random parts of her body, face included.

SKY: Yes. I'm alright. Come on!


SKY: I have started to regret voting out Mike now. His Manitoba Smith skills could've helped us here!


Shawn and Brick are digging together.

BRICK: Hey, Shawn, can I ask you something?

SHAWN: Go for it.

BRICK: I have been thinking on what the game would be like once the merge happens. And I have been talking with Scott and there has been talking about eliminating Topher.

SHAWN: Topher? Yes, I'm in.

BRICK: Really?

SHAWN: Not fully. If Scott fails the challenge because of a mutated shark, then it has to be him.


SHAWN: I would love to eliminate Topher. I wouldn't hesitate when I have the chance. But as far as I'm concerned, If Topher manages to survive the next elimination, he can come after me. He has the numbers and who knows what connections he can have with the other team?


It's back. The lazy section of the show brought to you by ALazyBlogger! Anyways, both teams searched for their four oars buried on land. Alejandro found one at the water's edge, Gwen found one over by a bolder, and Zoey found one in the center. For the Dragons, Shawn found two by the water's edge and Jasmine found one where sand meets dirt.

As far as the traps go, Zoey had a pile of garbage flung at her, Samey was sprayed with water, Scott fell into a pile of crabs, and Jo managed to fall into a pit of set mousetraps.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program...

CHRIS: It has been an hour and both teams are tied, looking for their fourth piece. One has to ask, WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?"


SKY: What is taking so long? I don't know, how about the fact that we don't have a clue where our final oar is!


The Unicorns huddled up.

HAROLD: So, what do we do?

ZOEY: I don't kow. The last I want to do is to get some more gunk on me.

JO: Yeah. You smell worse than my shoes. So here's what we should do. We start from one end and work our way to the other end.

ALEJANDRO: That won't work. We need to dig in places that seems obvious enough that the final our can be. Jo and Gwen can't go in the water until we find the last oar.

GWEN: Did you have to remind me about the water?


Over at the Dragon's side of the beach, Samey dug up the last oar.

SAMEY: Found it!

JASMINE: Good job, Samey. Topher, Scott,  go!

Topher rushed out into the water while Scott just stood on the beach.


SCOTT: I am not that good around sharks. Especially ones that have arms, legs, breath on land, and wants me on a plate next to a salad! Not happening!


JASMINE: Scott, if you dare make us lose, I am going to personally throw you in the water and leave you there!

SCOTT: But...but Fang!

JASMINE: The sooner the oars are on shore, the sooner Fang won't attack you.

Scott slowly made his way into the water.

SCOTT: Stupid game. Stupid shark. Stupid Jasmine.

Over at the Unicorn's side, Harold found the four oar. Jo and Gwen quickly went to the water and looked for the last two oars.


JO: Fang always go for Scott, making things easier for me and Gwen.


Topher found an oar lodged between two rocks. He resurfaced and swam back to shore. Scott, worried about Fang, swam down. The first thing that Scott saw was the shark.

Meanwhile, Jo and Gwen have easily found their final oars and finished their third and final X.

CHRIS: And the Unicorns win! Dragons, you better decide on your decisions.

The scene cuts to Scott running away from Fang.

At the campfire ceremony, the Dragons looked at five marshmallows on top of a plate. Scott is tramatized from Fang attacking him that he is curled up in a ball and is rocking back and forth on his log.

CHRIS: Both teams started with twelve each and we cut each teams in half and tonight, one of you will be going home.

JASMINE: Technically, we all made it to the halfway mark. When is the merge happening?

CHRIS: That I cannot say. Anyways, you all have made your votes. If you are safe you get a-

TOPHER: A marshmallow. Can we get on with it?

CHRIS: Fine! Brick, Samey, Jasmine, and Shawn are safe. Topher, I can imagine that you have some bad blood with your team from the last challenge.

TOPHER: It is a lame excuse to vote me out.

CHRIS: And I don't want to know the reason why Scott is on the board.

SCOTT: Mutant...shark...attack. Mutant...shark...attack.

CHRIS: Yeah... I'll go with that. Anyways, with a vote of 4-2, Topher, you have the last marshmallow!



TOPHER: I have the final marshmallow again! I guess you can say that my game is fangtastic. Get it? FANGtastic? I don't know where I get it?


Scott remains unmoved in his position saying the same words over and over again. Eventually Chef had to carry Scott to the Boat of Shame.

CHRIS: We know have eleven marvelous contestants left! Who's going home next? Find out next time on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: The episode's title is a play on words with the word "fantastic.'

Episode Quote: Brick (Confessional): "Trusting Scott is like trusting a fox with your chickens. That fox can easily eat your chickens when your not watching behind your back. Thankfully, boot camp taught me to have eyes on my back."  (There are other good quotes, but its time to give Brick some spotlight attention.)

Contestant Eliminated: Scott

Team: Dreadful Dragons

'Reason: 'He lost the challenge for his team when he was forced by Chris (and partially of Jasmine) to enter the water with Fang in it.

Rank/ Place: 12th


Brick- Topher

Jasmine- Scott

Samey- Scott

Scott- Topher

Shawn- Scott

Topher- Scott


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