Remaining Contestants:

Dreadful Dragons                                                                                                 Unstoppable Unicorns



CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew Revenge:

Jo once again tried to form an alliance with Zoey. Zoey however agreed to help Jo take out Alejandro. And that wasn't good enough for Jo.

During the challenge, the Dragons proved victorious as they scored another win. And it looked like a downhill climb for Alejandro with Jo on the front. However, Jo managed to score a deal with Alejandro which Alejandro drew cautious, but went with it anyways.

Harold went up to Sky and managed to convince her to vote out her alliance buddy and her friend's fiancée. And thus ends the tale and the game of Mike.

But that was last time. Who's going to get eliminated next? Beats me. But stay tuned for some more Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song Plays

Topher walked around the forest when Samey, Jasmine, and Shawn were collecting berries. Topher was thinking on who he might have pulled from the game next. He was thinking on eliminating Brick, but Dakota seems to be floating in the game.

It wasn't that long before Topher reached a giant wall with a door in the middle. The sign on the door read, "Danger: Mutant Forest Ahead."

TOPHER: Mutant forest? Hmm...


TOPHER: I pretty much have the whole team wrapped around my fingers. I'm trying to figure out who to eliminate next. Dakota is just floating through the game, but she isn't my target. I'm going after Brick. If I can knock him out, then it'll show that I have complete dominance in this game, no questions asked!


Topher, ignoring the warning, walked right into the forest. Meanwhile, Chris called every contestant back to the meeting area. The Dragons were surprised to see Mike is gone.


JASMINE: You said it.


SHAWN: Holy crap! I can't believe they eliminated Mike! It must suck for Zoey.


Still in Confessional Booth

ZOEY: Mike leaving is the worst! And I think Jo had something to do with it. But what hurts me the worst is that Sky also voted for him! Some friend she is.


Still in Confessional

SKY: Okay, so maybe voting for Mike wasn't the smartest move to make. But what done is done. I can't realign myself with Zoey and Gwen anymore because they lost trust in me. The best thing to do for my game is to at least keep both of them in until the merge. That should work, wouldn't it?


ALEJANDRO: Excuse me, Chris, but aren't the Dragons supposed to have seven members left?

CHRIS: What do you mean?

ALEJANDRO: The Dragons only have six, unless there was a double elimination last night and we missed the Dragon's elimination.

Chris counted the Dragons.

CHRIS: 1...2...4... You're right. Dragons, you're missing a player

SAMEY: Oh my gosh! Where's Topher?

SCOTT: And to think she'll be the first to realize. You're getting slow, Samey.

CHRIS: Topher's missing? Well, we can continue the challenge without him.

Chris's phone rings.

CHRIS: Yeah. You want me to do what?...He's in where?...Are you sure... Fine. (hangs up). Uh, we have a bit of a problem, which gives me a better challenge idea! There's a spot on Pahkitew Island called the Mutant Forest and-

DAKOTA: The Mutant Forest? Why would you have a radioactive dump on the island?

CHRIS: Because I have my reasons. We were going to have you go in there when the teams merged, but since the lawyers insisted that we bring Topher out, I decided to make it a challenge!

BRICK: So we have to save Topher?

CHRIS: I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


HAROLD: This is, like, one of the things off my bucket list. I've always wanted to be a mutated superhero, fighting crime and such! Its like a dream come true.


Both teams are at the entarence of the Mutant Forest. The giant wall looms over them.

GWEN: Why is there a simple door to the enterence?

CHRIS: It keeps the mutants out from running Pahkitew. So here's the main points: don't die, find Topher, bring him here. First team to bring back Topher wins. Understood.

BRICK: Sir, yes! Sir!

CHRIS: Alright! Now hurry up! I don't want to spend all day here!

The teams split once they entered the forest. The Dragons raced through the vines and thick underbrush of the forest.

SCOTT: This is taking forever! We'll never find Topher like this!

DAKOTA: Getting worried, Scott? It is so not like you.

SCOTT: Well, sorry, but I don't want to lose!


SCOTT: I ain't no fool. Topher has Samey wrapped around his finger. And that's basically four votes against anyone who Topher wishes. And if we lose, it doesn't take long for Topher to go after me! But then, we are in a mutant forest, so maybe Topher will get eaten.


SHAWN: Should we split?

BRICK: Sounds like a good idea.

SCOTT: No its not!

JASMINE: All who want to split up, raise your hand.

Everyone but Scott raised their hand.

DAKOTA: Sorry, Scott.

SCOTT: Great.

The Dragons split up into three teams of two- Jasmine and Shawn, Scott and Brick, and Dakota and Samey. The Unicorns split off into teams of two as soon as they split away from the Dragons. The teams are Zoey and Sky, Gwen and Jo, and Alejandro and Harold.

Sky and Zoey are calling out Topher's name.

ZOEY: Topher! Come on out! We need to talk to you.

SKY: I don't know where he is!

ZOEY: Neither do I. You know more about him than what I do. Have any idea where he is at?

SKY: I wish. He's a fanboy! Those guys are unpredictable! If this was anything like Pahkitew, he'll be stalking Chris.

ZOEY: So besides Chris, who else is he close with?

SKY: He seems pretty close to Samey.

ZOEY: That probably won't work, as much as it sounds pausible. We need a good location for Topher to be. If you were Topher, where would you go in a mutant forest?

SKY: Probably the place with the most cameras.

ZOEY: Ugh! I can't think straight!

SKY: You're telling me.


SKY: Zoey seems to be on pleasant terms with the fact that Mike isn't here anymore, That sounds like good news to me.


Jo and Gwen are searching underneath every bush, behind every tree, and under every rock. They are leaving no stone unturned.

GWEN: You know, Jo, I have a feeling like you are somehow involved in Mike's elimination

JO: And did you hear that from Alejandro as well? That jerk should consider himself lucky he didn't get a vote last night.

GWEN: It feels like you are playing both sides of the table.

JO: Oh really? Both sides, huh? Sorry, Gothilla, but there's only one side I'm on and that's mine side. Nice try, though.

GWEN: I can see the writings on the wall, Jo. You came to us asking to eliminate Alejandro while telling everybody else to vote for Mike. I'm pretty sure you did the same with Heather.

JO: I don't manipulate people! Just because we don't know each other that well doesn't mean that you think you are smarter than I am, Gothball.

GWEN: Just how far are you trying to get in denial. I have eyes. You and Alejandro have an alliance and you agreed to post a lie about him seeing you steal my diary to frame Heather.

JO: I see you talked with Harold before the challenge.

GWEN: In case you didn't know, you are always on the target after what you did to Cam.

JO: Is that why I keep on getting votes? Over what happened to Cameron? String bean's just lucky he survived. Better his game than his life.

GWEN: I thought I was always labeled as the second Heather. Appareantly, Heather actually does have a better version, and her name is Jo.


JO: Keep on talking, Gothy. I have Alejandro around my fingers, Harold basically needs me to advance in this game, and Sky has to stick with me. It's basically 2-4 next vote and you are going down, Gwen! I just can't believe it took me this long to realize who is Zoey's closest alliance member is.


Dakota and Samey are searching for Topher (and by this time, who isn't?)

SAMEY: Topher! Tophy? Where are you?

Dakota puts a hand on Samey..

DAKOTA: Don't worry, Samey. We'll find Topher.


DAKOTA: Its so sweet to see Samey and Topher care so much about each other! I'm sure Topher will be worried if Samey is missing.


Topher is walking around a clearing in the middle of the forest. He is whistling until he fell into a hole. He held up to a root. Below him, toxic waste bubbles like mad.

TOPHER: That's not good. HELP!

Meanwhile, Alejandro is getting annoyed with Harold's chit-chat.

HAROLD: If you multiply, 1,089 by nine, you will get 9,801! A total inverse of the original! And if you want the number that is divisible by the first ten numbers, look no further than 2,520! Isn't that amazing?

ALEJANDRO: Harold, please. I am also a genius. However, I do think we should talk game. The merge is coming up soon and it is the best for us if we get rid of Jo if we do lose.


ALEJANDRO: Let us say there is some bad blood between us and I need to even up the scores.

HAROLD: That still doesn't explain why I should trust you.

ALEJANDRO: You went in a samuri way. A noble way.

HAROLD: So says the guy with no honor!

ALEJANDRO: I am trying to restore my honor. And to do that, we need to get rid of somebody who dishonored Heather and I.

HAROLD: And that person is Jo?



ALEJANDRO: I do not feel intimidated by Jo. But her usefulness is running out. Once the teams merge, nobody would even care about Gwen's diary because Heather is already gone, but the criminal remains. So I am merely making sure that her elimination is complete.


Dakota and Samey reached a small clearing in the Mutant Forest.

TOPHER: If you can here me, HELP!

SAMEY: Topher? Topher! Where are you?

TOPHER: Samey! Great to see, er, hear you! I need help!


TOPHER: If this was for the long term, I'll take being dunked in that radioactive goop. But since being with Samey is only for as long as her usefulness, I might as well stick with it.


SAMEY: Where are you?

TOPHER: I'm about to fall in some wierd radioactive goop! Help me already!

DAKOTA: I don't look the likes of this. Let's try and walk slowly toward's Topher's voice, okay?


Samey slowly walked towards Topher with Dakota not to far behind. When they got halfway, Dakota fell in a different sinkhole. Just like Topher, she managed to stay out of the goop by a random root.

DAKOTA: Oh my gosh! Samey! Help!

SAMEY: Dakota?

TOPHER: I'm losing my grip!

SAMEY: Topher?


SAMEY: I don't know what to do. The challenge is to help Topher, but Dakota can be in so much trouble!


Sky and Zoey eventually reached the clearing.

ZOEY: I think it came from over here.

The two girls eventually saw Samey looking back and forth between the two holes.

SKY: (to Zoey) I have an idea. (to Samey) Samey! We came to help! You grab that one and we'll grab the other one! Okay?

Samey, without hesitating, nodded and ran towards the one Dakota is in. Zoey and Sky, on the other hand, pulled Topher out and quickly ran with him out of the Mutant Forest.

Samey, meanwhile came to Dakota's aid too late. Dakota fell into the goop.

SAMEY: Dakota! No!


SAMEY: I-I think I just killed her. It was an accident, but am I responsible for that?


Jasmine and Shawn are walking down the forest when Sky, Zoey, and Topher ran past them.

JASMINE: Is that Topher? With Sky and Zoey?

SHAWN: Come on!

Jasmine and Shawn raced Sky and Zoey, with Topher in hand, to the gate. Jasmine could barely reached Topher when the two Unicorns got out.

CHRIS: And it looks like the Unicorns got another win!

TOPHER: Hold up. There was a challenge?

CHRIS: Yep. And because of you, Topher, we had to switch two challenges around. You guys weren't supposed to enter until the merge! And because of you, your team lost. (With Megaphone) Attention all contestants! Please exit the Mutant Forest immediently! The challenge is over!

SKY: Excuse me, Chris, but we have a small problem.

CHRIS: What problem?

ZOEY: Well, there was two sink holes with radioactive material, and somebody was in the other hole.

CHRIS: That's not my problem. Jasmine and Shawn, I'll see you and the rest of your team at the campfire tonight.

Back at the sinkhole where Dakota fell, Samey knelt down and shed a few tears. It wasn't long after that when a giant hand came up from the hole, scaring Samey. Eventually, Dakota eventually emerges.

SAMEY: Dakota? Is that you?


JASMINE: Its nice to know how much Samey loves Topher, but this is where I am putting my foot down. It'll take a miracle for Topher to survive this elimination.


The Campfire Ceremony began. All the Dragons except for Dakota and Samey are present. Topher is nervous about the vote. He leaned over to Brick.

TOPHER: Any chance that you didn't vote for me?

BRICK: Negative. You caused the challenge and you will pay for it. Justice never sleeps, Topher. And consider this your justice.

Chris looks at his watch.

CHRIS: What is taking them so long?

SCOTT: Maybe they got eaten alive by Fang?

CHRIS: Highly don't think so. Fang is the only mutant not in that forest.

SCOTT: Of all the places, you're telling me that the safest spot on this island away from a mutant shark is that patch of mutated garbage? Why didn't you say so?

CHRIS: Because our ratings comes from you and Fang meeting. It is always the best part.

SAMEY: Sorry we're late.

CHRIS: Oh, don't worry about tha- What happened?

Samey and Dakota walked in. However, Dakota had turned into Dakotaziod.

DAKOTA/ DAKOTAZOID: Me fell into goop. Dakota's back.

CHRIS: Yeah, I can see that. Now onto the votes. You all have made your decisions, and I am afraid that your vote won't matter because I cleared things up with legal and they said that I can choose anyone from your team to be eliminated.

Topher sighs.

CHRIS: But there is a possibility that I can go with the votes. But why not show off the votes, just for tragic measures.

Everyone looks at Topher.


JASMINE: It has to be Topher! Sorry about it, Samey, but there's no other person!


Still in Confessional

SHAWN: Yeah, sorry Topher but I have nobody else to vote for.


Still in Confessional

SCOTT: Smell ya never, Toph.


Still in Confessional

DAKOTA/ DAKOTAZOID: Dakota votes for Topher. Sorry, Samey


Still in Confessional

SAMEY: It was my fault that Dakota fell down. So I have to vote for myself.


Still in Confessional

BRICK: You did good, soldier, but you get a lot to learn if you want to continue. Honorable discharge, Topher. Honorable discharge.


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: You failed your mission, Brick. See you at loser city.


CHRIS: Know, the question is, will I go with what you guys want out? Lets find out. Scott, you're safe.


CHRIS: Also safe are Jasmine, Shawn, and Brick. Samey, you did cause Dakota to become Dakotazoid and you did vote for yourself. However, you are still in.

TOPHER: Oh no.

CHRIS: Feeling nervous, aren't we Topher? Well, if you didn't wander off when it is challenge time, you could've still be in the game. As for you Dakota, well, you violated your contract and became a mutant again.

DAKOTA/ Dakotazoid: But Dakota likes being a mutant!

CHRIS: So I figured. However, I am afraid that I cannot keep you here. You are basically a team all by yourself. Topher, you dodge a bullet today.

TOPHER: Yes! That's right! You can't kick off this beautiful face!

CHRIS: Dakota, its time for you to go.

Dakota sadly walked towards the boat of losers and off the island.

CHRIS: I hope you learned your lesson, Topher.

TOPHER: Yes I did! Definitely.

CHRIS: Good. (to audience) Tune in next time to see who will be the next one voted off here on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: The episode is a reference to "Saving Private Ryan."

Episode Quote: ALEJANDRO (Confessional): "I do not feel intimidated by Jo. But her usefulness is running out. Once the teams merge, nobody would even care about Gwen's diary because Heather is already gone, but the criminal remains. So I am merely making sure that her elimination is complete."

Contestant Eliminated: Dakota

Team: Dreadful Dragons

Reason: She fell into some radioactive goop and became Dakotazoid. Chris, however, stated that this violated her contract and he eliminated her, despite Topher getting the most votes.

Rank/ Place: 13th

Votes (didn't matter for this episode only)

Brick: Topher

Dakota/ Dakotazoid: Topher

Jasmine: Topher

Samey: Samey

Scott: Topher

Shawn: Topher

Topher: Brick


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