Remaining Contestants:

Dreadful Dragons                                                                                               Unstoppable Unicorns



CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The teams did a reenactment of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with the Dragons being the Capulet and the Unicorns being the Montague.

Sky and Dave made an alliance with Zoey and Mike, but it soon ended shortly when Dave refused to kiss Samey. Not a smart move, Dave. And, for a long story short, that's pretty much the whole plot. Yeah. Lame episode.

What was even lamer was the elimination ceremony where Dave accepted his fate without even protesting. And we ALL saw that one coming. We have fourteen contestants remaining. Who's going home next? Find out right here right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song Plays

Jasmine and Samey are at a berry bush collecting the berries.

SAMEY: Where's Shawn?

JASMINE: He said that he had something to do. Which I don't know what it is.


JASMINE: Shawn isn't the type to go and hide when we're collecting food. Our stack of food that we had since day one has been turning bad. The bread has gone stale, the oranges are rotten, and nobody would dare touch the peanut butter.


Topher walks up to Samey and Jasmine.

TOPHER: There you guys are! Oh, man! I've been searching all over for you guys!

JASMINE: You came to help?

TOPHER: Not at all. Instead, I've come to steal Sammy. Is that alright with you?

SAMEY: But I'm supposed to help forage.

JASMINE: Go on. I'll continue.

Topher and Samey hold hands. Jasmine calls out to them.

JASMINE: Hey! If you see Shawn, tell him to get over here!

At a different berry bush, Jo and Zoey are picking berries for their team.

JO: So, Zoey, I have been thinking. I know about that little alliance you had with Sky and Dave.

ZOEY: For the last time, Jo, I am not interested in forming an alliance with you!

JO: I think you should.

ZOEY: Nope. Not really.

JO: Not even if I told you that you are in extreme danger once the teams merge?

ZOEY: Everyone's in danger once the teams merge, Jo. Its basically an unwritten rule here.

JO: How about helping a fellow teammember out? Alejandro has been out to get me and I need him gone.

ZOEY: Alejandro? What has he got against you?

JO: The big fake has been spreading lies about me to the other team!

ZOEY: What lies?

JO: Alejerkro claims that he saw me putting Gwen's diary under Heather's pillow! Can you believe that? If there is one thing that I'm not, its a thief.

ZOEY: I'll help you get rid of Alejandro, Jo. But that's as far as an alliance you're going to get!

JO: Fine by me.


JO: Zoey's easy to manipulate. But she did say that only until Alejandro's out. That's not good enough for me. I need full commitment. All I need to do is to have two more people on my side to keep me safe.


Gwen and Sky are sitting side-by-side on Sky's hammock. Sky is hugging tightly to a pillow. Gwen has her hand on Sky's back

GWEN: It's going to be okay, Sky. Dave isn't gone  forever.

SKY: I know. But it is just so hard to see him leave. He could've helped us more.

GWEN: At least you'll see him once this is all over. There's still hope

SKY: Yeah...


GWEN: I feel sorry for Sky. It makes me remind of the time back in season one where Trent was voted off. But I kept up my head and went on. It will be some time before Sky would do the same. And I know she will. She's strong!


Still in Confessional

SKY: Dave was such a good ally. For some reason, I wish it would've been me leaving. (slaps herself) Keep it together, Sky. I'm here to win, not to mope about Dave.

---Confessional Static---

The teams met in the meeting area where the area had been changed into a basketball court. However, the basketball hoops had nets that has no why for the ball to leave if it goes it. The net is also goes from the hoop to barely touching the ground.

SHAWN: Are we doing basketball?

CHRIS: Yes and no. We are doing a variation of it called McLean Ball!

JO: Wow. Provo for originality.

CHRIS: Thank you. For this challenge, both teams will use basketballs to score ten points into their team's net. First to ten wins. Since we are using basketballs, you do have to dribble. Chef here will be the ref. If he sees you traveling, it'll be a penalty for your team.

SCOTT: This looks too easy to be a challenge.

TOPHER: I hate to say this, but, Scott's right. You seem to be losing your grip, Chris.

CHRIS: I figured somebody would say that. So,every sixth point, the court will change, making it harder to score a basket.

MIKE: But if both teams scored one point back and forth, what would the nineteenth ball be?

CHRIS: Picky, picky, aren't you, Mike? If that happens, then it'll be the same as the round before it.

MIKE: Which is...?

CHRIS: You think I'll tell you? Nice try. So lets get this challenge started!

The round started and every team did well. The Dragons managed to take the lead and gained four points. The Unicorns, despite Alejandro getting the first point of the challenge, only got one. Once the sixth basketball was in a net, Chris called every contestant off of the court.

Chris pressed a button and the court changed into grass.

BRICK: We have to play on grass?

CHRIS: Ever dribbled a basketball on dirt? Its like trying to dribble a deflated ball. This should be fun.

MIKE: I don't see what's so fun about making this challenge tougher?

CHRIS: Stop complaining, Mike, and start playing.

Chef threw the ball in the air and the first person to catch it was Jo. She tried dribbling it and found it harder than before.


JO: If you can properly dribble a basketball in dirt, you deserve to win a million dollars. Its like trying dribble jell-o!


JO: Sky! Catch!

Jo passes the basketball to Sky. Brick intervened and passed the ball to Shawn who passed it to Jasmine. Jasmine then scored a point for the Dragons.

CHRIS: The Dragons now have five points!

JO: Hey, Brick stole the ball from us!

CHRIS: Chef?

CHEF: It was a legitimate steal. Point remains.

JO: What!?

BRICK: Don't hurt yourself too much, Jo. I look forward to the merge and competing against you.

The next five points of the round caused the score to become 7 for the Dragons and 5 for the Unicorns. Once again, Chris called everyone out of the court. The court soon changed into a pool.

ZOEY: Shouldn't we get our swimsuits on first?

CHRIS: I should. But I won't. Hop on in, contestants. This is the final court for you guys.

Shawn cannonballed into the water. He quickly came out shivering.

SHAWN: I-I-I-ts c-c-cold!

CHRIS: We had to keep in around 33 degrees. I wouldn't be to surprised if the bottom is icy.

The contestants leaned over the water.

SKY: Chris has to be joking, right?

HAROLD: I don't think he is joking this time!

JO: Anybody wants to go in, be my guest.

CHRIS: If you don't get in the water, both teams will face elimination.

The threat of both teams losing a member managed to get everyone in the near-freezing pool. Once they were in, Chef threw the ball in the air and it was a mad dash for it.

Alejandro was the first contestant to reach the ball. Because dribbling was next to impossible, he passed it to Mike.

MIKE: Zoey! Catch!

Zoey caught the ball and scored a point for her team. Chef threw the next basketball in. Jasmine was the first to reach it.

Jasmine tosses it to Scott. She misses and the ball floated there next to him.

JASMINE: (shivering) P-Pick up t-the ball, S-Scott!

Scott, shivering, picks up the ball and throws it to Brick. Brick then manages to score a point for his team. Chef threw another ball in. Alejandro swam for the ball.

GWEN: Alejandro!

Alejandro passes the ball to Gwen. Gwen tries to shoot and misses. Jo picks up the rebound and scores another points. To save petty time, both teams soon end up with nine points each. Everyone manages to get use to the water and is now mobile.

CHRIS: Okay, contestants. This is your last point. If you manage to make this one, your team wins. And the losers will dine on marshmallows tonight. Chef?

Chef threw the ball into the air. As soon as it landed in the water, it was a mad dash for it. Jo managed to get the ball first.

JO: Hey, Poindexter!

Jo threw the ball at Mike. The ball hit him in the face. Mike was rubbing his cheek when the ball resurfaced. Mike threw the ball to Alejandro. However, Shawn came out of nowhere and snatched the ball before Alejandro can grab it.

SHAWN: Topher!

TOPHER: What? (ball hits him in face.) Ow! My face!

Samey came up and grabbed the ball.

DAKOTA: Samey! I'm open!

Samey threw the ball at Dakota. Dakota shoots and misses. Scott however catches and makes the rebound.

CHRIS: And the Dragons win! Unicorns, I'll see all of you tonight. But for now, I think you all need to go warm up.

Samey rushed over to Topher to see if he was okay. They were the only two still in the water once the challenge was over.

SAMEY: Topher! Are you okay?

TOPHER: Um, yes? I think so. Is my face okay?

SAMEY: Never better.


SAMEY: There was a bruise on his left eye, but I am willing to look over that. Topher is perfect in every way, even with the bruise.


Alejandro and Jo are in one of the forest's trails talking to one another.

JO: Look. We both know that we want each other out of the game, agreed?


JO: So I was thinking that we can put this whole feud behind us. Just for this once.

ALEJANDRO: I see you are trying to save your skin. Tell me why I should save somebody who managed to get rid of one of the most powerful players in Total Drama? The way that I see it, it is almost foolish not to vote for you tonight.

JO: Because I can guarantee you that your biggest competition isn't with me. Its with an alliance.

Alejandro raises an eyebrow.

JO: You know that Sky is with Mike and Zoey. Heck, you caught me eavesdropping yesterday. And I know Zoke had an alliance with Cameron as well as one other person. However, I don't know who that other person is.

ALEJANDRO: So you want to vote randomly? Is that it? A random vote that doesn't reflect you?

JO: Nope. I say we take out Zoey's strength. Tonight, we vote out Mike.

ALEJANDRO: Won't that backfire?

JO: This is Total Drama. You either play big or go home. And I have my sights for the skies.

ALEJANDRO: Very well. I will assist you in voting for Mike.

JO: Thank you, Alejandro. I can't express this enough!


JO: I pretty much have my choice between getting rid of Alejandro or Mike. Alejandro is a threat, but now is not the time to knock him out. Mike, on the other hand, is only a victim of his wife's own doing. Hate to break up the family, but its business.


Still in Confessional

ALEJANDRO: Jo does pose an interesting argument. There will always be a target on her back after what she did to Cameron. And I do have information that can potentially save me if need be. All-in-all, it needs to take Jo a miracle to outlast Alejandro Burromueto!


Gwen, Zoey, Mike, and Sky are together near the beach.

ZOEY: Does anyone have anybody they want to eliminate?

SKY: I think we should vote for Harold. He seems to be floating by. If we knocked him out, the numbers will still be on our side.

MIKE: But he is a good teammate and always pulls his own weight. If anything, I think we should go after Jo.

GWEN: Taking out Jo would probably be a smart thing to do. She did break Cameron's leg. And Alejandro told me that Jo was the one who stole my diary and framed Heather.

ZOEY: Hold up. Alejandro told you that? Jo told me that Alejandro is spreading lies like that.

MIKE: You don't think that it was Jo who stole Gwen's diary, right?

ZOEY: She seemed to be pulling up a straight face when she said it. It was almost like she did do it.

SKY: I say we should take her out while we still got the chance. We might not get another chance. She can easily side with the other team and Harold is her main ally.

MIKE: So we should sucker punch the bully! I love it!

GWEN: It seems only fair. I'm in.

ZOEY: Guess I'm in, too!

The foursome walked back to their team's hut. Harold soon came out and asked to speak with Sky. She obliged. The two walked down the trails talking.

SKY: So, what is it, Harold?

HAROLD: Oh, just wanted to talk to somebody about tonight.

SKY: You're safe, Harold. I'm not voting for you.

HAROLD: I know. But I did some statistics. Jo knows that you are tight with four people. There can only be three finalists this season.

SKY: Spit it out. I don't have all day.

HAROLD: My point is that if you and your alliance made it to the final four, you will be their first target. You are the only one left on the team who participated in Pahkitew Island.

SKY: So you want me to betray my own alliance? How about no!

HAROLD: I'm trying to help you reach the finale! I'm like the most trustworthy person on the team next to Mike, Zoey, and Gwen. Actually, if you think about it, its more of a tie.

SKY: Who do you had in mind?


SKY: Mike? Out of anyone, Mike?

HAROLD: Yes. He and Zoey are the strongest. If they make it to the merge, they will be unbeatable. We need to strike now when the iron's hot! When there is no individual immunity left! Do you understand me?

SKY: Yes. Just, can you give me a second to think this over?



HAROLD: (eating a bag of chips) Jo made me do some calculations for her on Sky's alliance. With all of the weirdness going on in this season, its like being betrayed is the nicest way to go! I have no idea what the elimination might end up like, but I do know that it won't be pretty.


SKY: Harold's right. Gwen, Mike, and Zoey have known each other longer. But what if the final challenge automatically eliminates someone? Then I will have every reason to eliminate Jo. But what if it's a vote? Oh, first Dave, now this? I might as well vote down my own name because being eliminated sounds better than this.


The Unicorns are at the Campfire Ceremony.

CHRIS: You have all cast your votes and made your decision. The person whose name I did not call will be eliminated and be sent to the Boat of Losers, never to be seen in this game again. Now, the following people are safe, for now: Harold, Gwen, Zoey, Alejandro, and Sky. Jo, I supposed you know why you have votes?

JO: Its because I'm a threat! Honestly, I am honored by that, but I came to win and no matter what happens, I will win in the end. You might as well give me the money right now!

CHRIS: And I have no reason why you are up here, Mike.

MIKE: I think Jo and Harold might've voted for me. If not Harold, then I know Jo did.

CHRIS: Well, Mike, you are in luck because you are right. Jo did vote for you. But so did three others. Jo, you're safe.

ZOEY: What?

Jo catches the last marshmallow.

MIKE: Hold up. I'm eliminated?

SKY: Sorry, Mike. Harold made me think and I acted to fast.

ZOEY: Oh no!

Zoey hides her face in her hands. Mike pulled her hands down.

MIKE: Zoey, listen. I know that we won't participate in the game anymore, but that doesn't mean you should give up. I will be cheering for you back home.

ZOEY: Mike, I-

Before Zoey could finish, Mike kissed her. Zoey kissed back.

CHRIS: I think that they are too late for romantic, plus its boring! Chef?

Chef walked up, grabbed Mike, and forced him to walk to the Boat of Losers.


JO: You know what, Zoey? If you would've accepted my deal, Mikey would've stayed in the game longer. But you didn't. You have nobody to blame but yourself.


CHRIS: Well, that was unexpected. Tune in next time to see who else will get the worst time of their lives right here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: The episode is a play on words from basketball. Originally, it was called Multiple Problematics where Mike gets his multiple personalities back and lose the challenge for his team, but it was ditched last second. So, you get a lame basketball challenge and title instead.

Episode Quote: Jo (to Alejandro): "This is Total Drama. You either play big or go home. And I have my sights for the skies."

Contestant Eliminated: Mike

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: Jo, with the help of Harold, managed to convince Alejandro and Sky to vote for Mike on an account that Zoey refused an alliance with Jo.

Rank/Place: 14th


Alejandro- Mike

Gwen- Jo

Harold- Mike

Jo- Mike

Mike- Jo

Sky- Mike

Zoey- Jo


Writer's Note

This is a look to what is coming up next week.

There will be four episode blogs. The episode coming out Monday is the only irregular elimination of the game. So somebody is getting the boot in a different method. Make your predictions on who is that unlucky person. Also, next week will have a nonelimination episode.

The episode after the nonelimination episode (roughly around ten days from now) will have a challenge that will be helped made by the viewers. However, you won't get the details until the nonelimination episode. Just a heads up. Anyways, comment what you think of the series so far, of the episode, and I will see you later. Or sooner.


If you want to check out past episodes, the link to the notification blog is right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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