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CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

The contestants were treated to a day at the beach. First they swam for buried treasure while avoiding the jaws of a mutated shark. Thanks to Scott's fear of mutated sharks, the Unicorns secured a victory.

Then the contestants built sandcastles. The Dragons built a replication of Buckingham Palace. Which wasn't as impressive as the Unicorn's representation of a Japanese temple, which was destroyed by Alejandro. Cause of this, the teams were forced to do a tiebreaker that night.

Before the tiebreaker challenge, Dakota informed LeShawna that she was planning on eliminating Topher, in which LeShawna somewhat agreed. When the tiebreaker started, it was all out for a luau dinner and to see the other team's elimination.

It was LeShawna versus Mike. While Mike's ballet dance wasn't meant to be on the beach, it was better than LeShawna's moves, giving the Unicorns their third win in a row. Despite Scott losing the first challenge, LeShawna was sent home, but not without putting Scott next to his old pal, Fang

We are down to 15 contestants! However one more will kiss the game goodbye. Who's going to be a major kiss up? And who will get their hearts broken? Find out know on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

Dave, Mike, Zoey, and Sky were the only Unicorns in their hut. Jo was out going for a jog, Harold got into a card game with Brick, Alejandro was out for a swim, and Gwen was picking berries.

SKY: It's really nice to talk with you guys alone. I couldn't find a better time to do it if somebody else was nearby.

MIKE: We understand, Sky. So, what is it that you wanted to talk about?

SKY: Well, seeing as things are, I think us four should form an alliance. If things work out well, we can make it to the final four!

ZOEY: That sounds great! But there is a small problem, Sky. You see, Mike and I, well, we have an alliance already.

DAVE: But Cameron's already gone!

MIKE: It was a four person alliance. Cameron was the only one that was eliminated so far.

SKY: Doesn't matter to me. If they are a friend of your's, then they are a friend of mine.

DAVE: Uh, Sky?

SKY: Not now, Dave. So, will you accept our alliance?

MIKE: I don't see why not?

ZOEY: If you put it that way, Sky, I don't see any reason to say no. It's a deal!


SKY: Finally! I finally made an alliance with Mike and Zoey. That's probably good enough to make it to the final five. The other guys won't even stand a chance against us!


While Mike, Sky, Zoey, and Dave leave, Jo came out from behind the hut. She looked as both couples separated.

ALEJANDRO: What are you doing?

JO: Ah! Oh, it's you. You just startled me.

ALEJANDRO: Yes, I can startle people. So, why don't you tell me what it is you are doing.

JO: We need to get one of them out.

ALEJANDRO: One of who?

JO: Zoke and Skave just formed an alliance. If we lose, best case scenario is a tie. Worst case scenario, I get voted off.

ALEJANDRO: Interesting. Well, I should see what I can do about that.


ALEJANDRO: This is where I am at a stand still. If I go with Jo, there is a chance that she might swing with that alliance in an attempt to vote me off. Or I can join her, but she still  has the choice of flipping the votes to cause my elimination. Basically, all I'm stuck is which poison I can survive the longest after drinking.


Both teams arrived at the meeting area.

CHRIS: Who here remembers season two's fairy tale challenge? (several contestants raise their hand) Good. Today, we are taking things up a notch. We are doing a romantic comedy challenge.

DAKOTA: Oh my gosh! Really?


DAKOTA: I love romantic comedies! Sam can't stand them, but at least he loves me enough to watch a few movies.


CHRIS: And what's a better romantic comedy than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

ALEJANDRO: Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't that more of a romantic tragedy?

CHRIS: It is. However, we can't do the suicide scene. Legal wouldn't let this episode be on the air if we pull that stunt off.

SHAWN: So where is the comedy in Romeo and Juliet?

CHRIS: Shakespeare gave us the romance. I am giving the play the jokes.

GWEN: Meaning us, correct?

CHRIS: Correcto. Now, as the story goes, Romeo and Juliet are from two rival families. Since there are two teams here, one team will be the Capulet family and the other would be the Montague family. Since the Unicorns won the last challenge, they are the Montague family!

DAVE: Cool. So, which one is that, exactly?

HAROLD: One of us will have to play Romeo.



SKY: I am hoping Alejandro gets the part of Romeo. Dave probably won't kiss anyone besides me, I'm not sure how Zoey would react, and we are guarantee to lose if Harold gets chosen.


Chris pulls out a small bag from his back pocket.

CHRIS: In this bag are the names of all the guys on your team. I will draw one of them out. The name that I draw out will be Romeo. Got that? Good! And the lucky guy playing Romeo is... Dave!

DAVE: What? Me?

CHRIS: Yes, Dave. You are Romeo. Good news! You get to kiss a lucky woman from the Dragons. Which I will pull out from this sack. And the lucky female is... Samey! Wow. didn't plan that out.


DAVE: So I am supposed to kiss Samey? I'm okay with that, but I am pretty sure she's already taken.


TOPHER: I am just glad I am on the Dragon's side instead of the Unicorn's. I would've probably be stuck kissing Samey and she'll fall even deeper in love with me. And that's a cling-on that I don't want to mess with any more than what I have to.


CHRIS: Alrighty, contestants. Here is how this challenge works since we know have our Romeo and Juliet. The Capulet family would go somewhere to hide Juliet other than their fort. Then they must protect Juliet, or Samey, long enough for the challenge to be over. The Montague family would try and get Romeo to be with Juliet.

ALEJANDRO: That's not how the story goes.

CHRIS: It is if I'm directing it. Long story short, if Romeo kisses Juliet before six, the Unicorns wins. If he doesn't, Dragons win. Also, Juliet cannot refuse a kiss from Romeo.

SCOTT: How is that fair?

CHRIS: It's my idea. But then my superiors said that whoever plays Juliet won't be eliminated if her team loses. So, no matter what, Samey, you are safe. Capulets, you will have five minutes to hide Samey starting now!

The Dragons quickly ran away from the meeting area.

SKY: So, what do we do?

CHRIS: You wait. Dave? Are you okay?

DAVE: What? Oh, never better!

The Dragons rushed through the trails hoping to find a spot to hide Samey.

SCOTT: Thank goodness we don't have to hide you, Jasmine. Or else this could be really bad.

JASMINE: Was that a compliment or an insult?

SCOTT: Uh, both?


SCOTT: My paps always told me to always be honest to a woman. But he didn't tell me that they would be insulted by compliments! Who gets insulted by a compliment?


Still in Confessional

TOPHER: Scott, buddy, if you want the ladies to love you, you got to show them more respect than what you do to your fellow man. Unless you are talking to annoying cling-on who you only flirt with to stay in the game.


SHAWN: Lets see here. Samey's the smallest, so finding her a hiding place should be a tight fit.

DAKOTA: So, should we put her in the cave?

BRICK: Negatory. That's the first place they'll look. We need a place that is small enough so that Dave can't enter but small enough so where Samey can squeeze in.

SCOTT: Aren't you a marine?

BRICK: Still a cadet. Why?

JASMINE: Because you might be able to help us. What is the one place the Unicorns would never look?

SHAWN: Chris said that we can't hide Samey in our shelter. But they never said that we can't hide her in their shelter!

BRICK: Excellent! Samey, you make sure that you stay quiet while you are in there. And try to see how much information you can dig up on their team.


BRICK: With Samey being in the Unicorn's shelter, they would have to think thrice before even considering that she'll be in there. Plus, I can only learn so much about an enemy just from the television alone. So not only is it benefitting the team by hiding, but we can easily seek out the team's weak points and exploiting them! Its a perfect military tactic!


The Dragons have finally gotten Samey to the Unicorn's shelter with two minutes to go. They were surprised to find three seperate huts.

DAKOTA: Three huts? Nobody said they had three huts!

JASMINE: The smaller two must be changing rooms. Shawn, you see if you can hide Samey inside the big one. The rest of us will be on the other side of the island, around the cave. Meet us there.

SHAWN: Got it.

Samey and Shawn walked into the Unicorn's cabin. Hammocks hang from flimsy nails.

SAMEY: I wonder how they manage to stay on the hammocks?

SHAWN: Samey! Over here!

In a corner was a dresser. The space from the dresser to the wall was large enough for Samey to croutch down and hide herself in fetal position.

SAMEY: Doesn't it seem a bit easy to find me?

SHAWN: Its the only spot that we have!

Knowing that her team was counting on her, Samey didn't argue. She sat in a fetal position as Shawn moved the dresser closer to the walls.

SHAWN: Are you good?


SHAWN: Okay, good. You'll stay there until the challenge is over. I have to meet up with Jasmine.


SHAWN: I could've painted myself like the tree bark and hide next to a tree. But I'm not Samey, and the choices for a hiding spot in that hut are small.


Over at the meeting area...

CHRIS: 3...2...1... Unicorns, you can know look for Juliet. (Chris talks into his megaphone) Dragons, your five minutes are up!

The Unicorns rushed out of the meeting area looking for Samey. The fate of the team rests in Dave kissing Samey. The Unicorns soon split into four teams of two: Harold and Jo, Zoey and Sky, Mike and Dave, and Alejandro and Gwen.

The team of Harold and Jo eventually reached the cave where Shawn and Brick was guarding it.

JO: Oh, this is just to good. Go in there, Harold.


JO: Go in there and cause a diversion.

HAROLD: But what if Samey isn't in there? I mean, it will be a major downfall for them. Plus it will be to easy.

JO: Well, we just have to find out for ourselves, won't we?

Jo pushes Harold away from the brush. Shawn and Brick noticed Harold and ran towards him. Scared, Harold ran away. Meanwhile, Jo went into the cave hoping to find Samey.

JO: You know you can make it a lot easier on yourself if you slowly come out. You're safe either way!


JO: I don't see why Samey won't give herself up? We have more people looking. We're going to find her, eventually. The island isn't that big.


As Jo is searching into the cave, Alejandro and Gwen were over by the beach, searching for an unusual straw-like item that Samey can be using to breath underwater.

GWEN: I don't think Samey would be out here, Alejandro.

ALEJANDRO: Si. But this is a very opportune time. Tell me, how close are you with Mike and Zoey?

GWEN: I'm close enough where they consider me an ally. Why?

ALEJANDRO: What if I told you something that would make you lose trust in them?

GWEN: And give me one good reason why I should trust you.

ALEJANDRO: With people like me, it is always a risk. I may not be the most trustworthy competitor here, but if you are like me, you will do anything to win.

GWEN: You know, being honest is also a good way to play.

ALEJANDRO: Indeed, but I do not play honest.

GWEN: Just get on with it. What is so important that you need to tell me?

ALEJANDRO: I heard that they formed an alliance with Sky and Dave.

GWEN: You're serious, right? Sky and Dave? They aren't exactly high on my hit list.

ALEJANDRO: You're not worried?

GWEN: Not one bit. Nice try, Alejandro.


ALEJANDRO: Gwen might be laughing now, but she won't be laughing once she discovered that her so-called friends, Mike and Zoey, have voted her out of the game.


Dave and Mike went over to their team's hut. They entered the hut and Dave quickly sat on his hammock, opposite from where Samey is at.

MIKE: Aren't we supposed to be out there looking?

DAVE: Are you kidding me, Mike? How can I kiss somebody who isn't Sky?

MIKE: Just think that you are actually kissing Sky.

DAVE: Is that the same advice you gave yourself when you were kissing Anne Maria? That you were actually kissing the love of your life?

MIKE: I had multiple personalities back then. But not anymore.

As the two were talking a cockroach climbed up on Samey's face.


SAMEY: If there is one thing Amy and I have in common, its that we don't like bugs. We don't like to touch them and we don't like them crawling on us.


DAVE: But it is still your lips touching somebody else's! I can never do that to Sky!

MIKE: You need to calm down, Dave. You aren't getting what I had to-

DAVE: Calm down? You expect me to calm down! Its this stupid challenge! I have to kiss Samey for us to win! And if we lose, the blame is on me! How can I be calm when the entire challenge is based on me cheating on SKY!


SAMEY: I feel a bit sorry for Dave. I already know that I can't leave the game unless I quit. But I wonder if I should show myself just to make Dave feel better. But my team would hate me for it! And who ever leaves the game will be entirely my fault!


Samey emerges from her spot as Mike and Dave were still arguing. Both looked dumbfounded as Samey walked up to them.

DAVE: You've been here the whole time?

SAMEY: Yep. Look, my team would be very mad at me if I showed up, but I can't be responsible for anyone's elimination that I didn't mean to.

MIKE: Isn't that part of the game?

DAVE: You played this game more times than me, and you are asking that question?

MIKE: I was being rhetorical.

DAVE: Right, Mal.


MIKE: Dave and I formed a truce a few days ago. And now it seems like Dave is trying to make me regret it! We already formed an alliance earlier this morning! I hate to go back on my word with a friend, but Dave is starting to make me wish I never agreed to that alliance!


Jo is walking back to her team's hut after finding nobody in the cave. It was a diversion set up by Brick and Shawn to begin with. She walked up to the door and saw Samey in the Unicorn's shelter with Dave!


JO: I can't believe what I just saw! Samey! In the same room as Dave! Which happened to be in my team's shelter. I don't really care right now. All Dave needs to do is to kiss Samey and we win!


Dave and Samey lean in for a kiss that can make the Unicorns win the challenge. Dave stopped moving in closer and backed up.

MIKE: Dave, what are you doing?

DAVE: I can't do it!

MIKE: Look, Dave. Just picture Samey is-

DAVE: No! I can't. I'm not kissing Samey!

JO: (to herself) No!

DAVE: And, you, Mike, have better watch your step! You can call this alliance over!

Dave walks out of the Unicorn's hut in search for Sky. Meanwhile, Jo enters the hut.

SAMEY: How long have you been there?

JO: Long enough to know who I'm voting for as well as getting some new information, eh, Mike? Consider yourself lucky, Lamey. Because if your team knew about this, you won't even stand a chance.


JO: So we lost the challenge, despite the challenge still going on. But I can guarantee my safety in this game for a while longer. I wish I can say the same for Mike and Dave.


Dave went and found Sky and Zoey over near the meeting area. Dave was panting hard.

ZOEY: Are you okay, Dave? You look exhausted.

DAVE: Of course I'm exhausted. I need to talk to Sky alone, Zoey.

ZOEY: Okay, then.

Zoey walked away.

SKY:  Dave, what is it?

For an answer, Dave kissed Sky. This shocked her, but soon she started to kissing back.

DAVE: Sky, I know that I may not be the most normal person here. I may not be good enough for you. But I love you, really, and I can't imagine life without you.

SKY: I know, Dave. And I can't imagine life without you, too. By the way, did you find Samey, yet?

DAVE: Yes, but I can't kiss her.

SKY: What?

DAVE: Sky, I can't kiss her because you're the only girl I want to kiss. I don't care if I lose the game. As long as I'm with you, I'll always feel like a million bucks.

SKY: That's sweet, Dave. But you know what will be sweeter?

DAVE: What?

SKY: Winning.

DAVE: Huh?

SKY: I can forgive you for kissing Samey because its a challenge.

DAVE: You would?

SKY: Yep. Heck, I would probably do the same thing.

DAVE: Yes, you...would! Ah, crap! I'll be right back! I need to kiss Samey!

Dave ran away as Zoey soon walked up to Sky. Zoey had a smug file on her face.

SKY: What?

ZOEY: Oh, nothing. And just so you know, I understand if you vote for Mike if we lose.

SKY: Why will I vote out Mike?

ZOEY: Because if we do lose, I know that the majority will vote for Dave or Mike, and I can't vote for Mike.

SKY: So, are you saying that the alliance is over?

ZOEY: Not over, Sky. Just disbanded for the moment. If we make it through it, we can say that the alliance will be solid.

Dave rushes into the Unicorn's shelter. Mike and Jo are in there, but no Samey.

DAVE: Where's Samey?

JO: Did Davey missing his Samey? Too bad. The little twerp left.

DAVE: Where is she?

MIKE: She said something about rejoining with Topher.

DAVE: And you didn't stop her?

MIKE: Well, I-

CHRIS: (loudspeakers) And that is time! Because Dave didn't kiss Samey on time, the Dragons win! Unicorns, please decide who you're voting for and I will see you tonight.

JO: Wouldn't you know it. But at least its not my butt on the chopping block tonight.

Dave and Mike looked nerveously at each other. Later that night at the campfire ceremony, Sky, Jo, Alejandro, Gwen, Zoey, and Harold have all received their marshmallows. Dave and Mike look nerveously at the last one.

CHRIS: I can't say there isn't much love on this team. Dave, you had the opportunity to win it for your team, and you blew it. As for you, Mike, you also could've helped your team win. But, tonight, one of you will leave the game for good. And the final marshmallow goes to... Mike.

DAVE: (sighs) I knew it. Well, thanks, guys.

Dave walks out of the campfire area and into the Boat of Losers.

CHRIS: You know, I thought it would be a lot more dramatic. But there's always the next campfire ceremony right here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


Episode Reference: The episode reference is from Shakespear's play of Romeo and Juliet.

Episode Quote: Dave (to Sky): "Sky, I can't kiss her because you're the only girl I want to kiss. I don't care if I lose the game. As long as I'm with you, I'll always feel like a million bucks."

Contestant Eliminated: Dave

Team: Unstoppable Unicorns

Reason: He lost the challenge for his team by refusing to kiss Samey until it was too late.

Rank/ Place: 15th


Alejandro- Mike

Dave- Mike

Gwen- Dave

Harold- Dave

Jo- Dave

Mike- Dave

Sky- Mike

Zoey- Dave


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