CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge:

Yours truly was off the island for two days. Meanwhile, Chef forced the contestants into three rounds of military-style action. And he was brutal.

Topher couldn't handle the bars and was the first one eliminated at the challenge. But he used Samey's affection for him to get Shawn's and Jasmine's vote. That's a good play, Topher. Good play.

That night, it rained hard. And I mean hard. Hardly anybody got any sleep. But sadly, Gwen, Sky, Scott, and Shawn just couldn't help but to take a snooze and was cut from the competition. After a quick power nap, Chef had the remaining four contestants hang upside down from a tree branch while he and the interns sprayed them with whatever were in those spray bottles. Jasmine and Jo couldn't handle the pressure and drop.

Eventually, Private Brick McArthur couldn't stand the blood rush and the Unicorns soon gained another victory. While Topher was planning on voting for Owen, he did have a mole. And by mole, I meant the last Dragon in the challenge. AKA Brick.

But Brick's efforts to stop Topher was futile as Owen was voted off. The teams are now equal with eight apiece. Who's going to catch the big one and who's riding off into the sunset? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

Intro Song

Morning came. Shawn and Jasmine are picking berries without Samey.

SHAWN: So, Samey didn't want to come?

JASMINE: Surprisingly, no. But then again, she did stay up half the night flirting with Topher. So there is some logic behind that.

SHAWN: I guess.


SHAWN: On a personal level, I don't trust Topher. He's playing the game like he's Alejandro, and Samey's his puppet. As much as I care for her, she is a close friend of Jasmine, and if the issue comes up, I could wind up going home.


Over at a different berry bush, Gwen and Zoey are picking berries.

GWEN: So, how is Mike doing?

ZOEY: He's doing pretty great, other than the fact that Cameron is out. That's something I don't understand. I know Cameron's not the strongest, but keeping the person who broke his leg? Come on!

GWEN: That's what I think. And despite our friendship, I still would've voted for him if his leg is causing us from winning.

ZOEY: So, Mike is in. And I think I can pull in Sky and Dave. And with that, we have enough votes to get rid of Jo. Agreed?

GWEN: Definitely.

The two girls shook hands. Suddenly, the loudspeakers turned on.

CHRIS: Good morning, contestants! Its time for your challenge! Meet me at the beach. And make sure you're wearing your swimsuits. Things are about to get wet!

The contestants arrive at the beach in their swimsuits. They segregated themselves into their separate teams. Chris emerges from the water.

CHRIS: Aloha, contestants! It is time for your tenth challenge for this season! We are taking it to season two's beach them with a few other aquatic challenges!

LESHAWNA: Ooh. This should be good!

CHRIS: I will explain each challenge as we get to them. Your first challenge is to swim for buried treasure. Look out there.

Chris pointed out into the lake. Several buoys bobbed in the water.

CHRIS: Under each buoy is a chest. You must first untie the chest and take it to shore before you can open it. If it has chocolate coins, your team wins this round. If it has a something different, another team member will swim out to get another chest. I don't know where Chef hid both chests, so I can't really help you there.

SKY: Is there anything else in the water.

CHRIS: A few fish. Maybe a few crustaceans. Some aquatic plants. Ooh. And Fang.


SCOTT: Of course Chris would bring in a giant, mutated shark! This is a water challenge! Why wouldn't he bring it?


SCOTT: I-I'll go last.

LESHAWNA: Scared of a shark, aren't we?

SCOTT: You haven't met Fang.

CHRIS: All righty, campers. Choose your first victim!

The Unstoppable Unicorns huddled up.

JO: So, who's going first?

DAVE: How about a strong person.

JO: You're right. Mike, you're first.

MIKE: Wait. What just happen?

JO: You're going first into the shark-infested waters. But, no pressure.

ZOEY: Jo, I think you need to be reasonable.

JO: No, I am being reasonable. Mike, you're doing it. There, problem solved.

The Dragons already decided who would be their first person would be because they (Jasmine) quickly volunteered for it. Mike and Jasmine got ready to run into the water and swim out to the closest buoy they can get to.

CHRIS: And... go!

The first two runners ran up and searched the chests. Fang caused some delimma for Mike, giving the Dragons some more time. Jasmine reached shore with her team's chest, but it was empty. So Brick runs into the water. In the meantime, Mike, after being beaten up by Fang, reaches shore, but no luck. Eventually, all the contestants have gone except for Scott for the Dragons and Dave and Gwen for the Unicorns.

Alejandro emerges from the water with a chest. No luck.

ALEJANDRO: Not in here.

Gwen rushes out to the water. Meanwhile, Dakota emerges from the water without the coins. LeShawna and a few other Dragon members, tried loosining Scott's grip on a tree.

SHAWN: Let go, Scott! It's your turn!

SCOTT: No! You can't make me!

SHAWN: Try me!


SHAWN: Wow. I never knew Scott has that strong of a grip. I can see his fingers digging into the bark.


Gwen emerges from the water with a chest. She opens it up.

GWEN: Yes!

CHRIS: The Unicorns take the first challenge! One more and they win!

SCOTT: Phew. (Noticing his team looking at him.) What? Did I do something wrong?

DAKOTA: I have half a brain to throw you in the water right now.

SCOTT: Good thing you don't.

Instead of Dakota, LeShawna yanks Scott off of the tree and threw him in the water. Scott surfaces.

SCOTT: That was not cool! (Sees Fang besides him. Scott screams and swims for shore as Fang is chasing him.)


LESHAWNA: Scott needs to get a grip. If we lose this challenge, it is without certain that he is going home.


Scott manages to reach shore without being attacked by Fang. He plops down on the sand.

SCOTT: (gasping)  (plops down)

CHRIS: Thanks for joining us, Scott. Now, the next challenge is straight from season two. Build a sandcastle.

JO: And how is that a challenge?

CHRIS: Because I said so. And because I'm host, my word means more than what you have to say about it. Anyways, the best sandcastle, judged by me, wins. Dragons, if you don't get this one, I am pretty sure who's going to be eliminated.

SCOTT: The person who screws up the sandcastle?


JASMINE: If there's one thing Scott and Max have in common, its that they don't get any hints. You can blatantly tell them the answer and they still wouldn't get it right!


CHRIS: You guys can start building now!

Both teams separated and began working on their sandcastles. The Dragons:

TOPHER: So, uh, how high are we building this thing?

JASMINE: It needs to be a good size. Big enough to impress Chris, but not big enough to intimidate him.

TOPHER: Gee, that narrows it down. Listen, I'm going to fetch some water to help mold the castles. Is that alright?

SAMEY: Ooh! Can I come.

JASMINE: Why bother asking? We need the water.



TOPHER: Samey? Heck, I would rather have Scott helping me with the water. But I do need to play along so that I can stay in the game, so...


LeShawna and Dakota are looking for interesting items (sea shells, stones, sticks) that their team can use for the challenge.

DAKOTA: Hey, LeShawna, can I ask you a question?

LESHAWNA: Depends. What do you want to ask?

DAKOTA: I have been debating on who to vote for if we lose. I know the main target is Scott, but I want to vote out somebody else.

LESHAWNA: Girl, I did not expect this from you. Do you like Scott? Romantically, I mean.

DAKOTA: What? No! Eww. I have a boyfriend, LeShawna. I was thinking more along the lines of getting rid of somebody like Topher.

LESHAWNA: That is a huge play. If we play that, we better make sure that people are loyal, because if Topher goes, Samey won't do well, and Jasmine tends to stick for her friends. So if Jasmine isn't on our side, we have to vote her off next. And she's a huge asset to this team.

DAKOTA: I know that, but I know Shawn doesn't trust Topher.

LESHAWNA: Hold up. You mean to tell me that the only person here closer to Jasmine than Samey has trust issues with Topher? Well, that might work to our advantage.


LESHAWNA: I thought Dakota was just a typical white girl at the mall. All talk and additude with no smarts. Boy did she prove me wrong! Voting out Topher would cripple Samey, which is something I don't want to do. But he did manage to vote out Owen, which should be raising a few flags.


Still in Confessional

DAKOTA: I have been very distant from my team. Its like I'm not even there! But if I managed to get rid of Topher, I can probably get some recognition. I do feel bad for Samey if it works out that way.


LESHAWNA: That's a good plan, Dakota. But I do think that making a play that big for one who doesn't have that much experience, no offense, its risky.

DAKOTA: I know its risky. But if Topher doesn't go next time we lose, then he basically have control of the team.

LESHAWNA: Unless Shawn swings. But for now, I think its safe to be in the majority of things. And if Topher finds out, we can kiss the million bucks goodbye.

At the Unicorn's section of the beach...

JO: Mike! Zoey! Hurry it up! We don't want to lose! Hurry it up, Dave! We need some more  water. And has anybody seen Harold? He was supposed to be back with some sticks right now!


MIKE: With Jo on the team, it makes me wish I had my multiple personalities back. No, instead it makes me wish that I still have Mal.


Still in Confessional

SKY: I'm here trying to follow the rules and being a team player. But its kind of hard not to throw the challenge if somebody, named Jo, isn't doing anything except running her mouth. We get it. Now stop talking and start helping!


Harold runs up to Jo.

JO: And where were you?

HAROLD: (gasping for air) for sticks...

JO: You could've moved any faster?

As Jo was hurling insults at Harold, Mike and Zoey watch and listen close by.

ZOEY: I should help Harold.

MIKE: Zoey, wait. Not doing anything could help Harold more.

ZOEY: Huh? How come?

MIKE: It will give him more of a reason to vote out Jo. And we can help Harold stand up for himself after.

ZOEY: I don't know, Mike. It feels wrong.

MIKE: I know. I wish I can do something, but for now, we need to win. Or look like we're winning.

Jo keeps hurling insults at Harold while Harold is walking away. Unable to keep out off it, Zoey walks up to confronts Jo.

ZOEY: Leave Harold alone, Jo.

JO: Huh? Oh, its you.

ZOEY: Yeah? Look, as much as you don't like it, if we lose, you pretty much are eliminated.

JO: Yeah? And why would the team vote me off? I'm the best!

ZOEY: You run a big game, Jo. But your mouth is bigger. Try to calm down. There are some people on the team who are thinking about sabatoging us if we do lose. And guess who's going to get voted out.

JO: Tell your hubby that I am not falling for his bluff. Nice try, though.


JO: My dad's a professional poker player. He taught me how to play when I wasn't working out. And if a contestant tries to bluff me, they have to be just a good poker player as me.


The teams have finished building their sandcastles. The Dragons build their castle that quickly resembles Buckingham Palace. The Unicorns built theirs to look like one of the Nanto Shichi Daiji temples in Japan. Chris walks over to the Dragon's sandcastle to inspect it. Meanwhile, a seagull was pecking at the Unicorn's castle.

Alejandro notices the seagull and runs over and tries to shoo it off.

ALEJANDRO: Move, seagull, move! You're not supposed to be there.

JO: Let the seagull be, Aledonkro.

ALEJANDRO: If it keeps pecking, there will be no castle to judge!

Alejandro gets ready to catch the seagull. As he lept, the seagull flew away and making Alejandro land on his team's castle. The team gasped.


Chris walks over.

CHRIS: Darn, and that was the better castle. Point goes to the Dragons.

ALEJANDRO: But you said that our's was the better one!

CHRIS: I did. But I had no clue on what that castle was.

HAROLD: It was part of the Nanto Shichi Daiji, also known as the-

CHRIS: Nobody cares, Harold. Well, since the scores are tied, we are going to the last competition. Meet me here at sundown. And you don't have to wear your swimsuits for this challenge.


JO: That sabatoge is just what I need to get Alejandro out! He saw me sabatoge Heather and has been keeping quiet about it. If there's one thing that I don't like about Alejandro, is that he is extremely dangerous when he's quiet. I don't even trust him when he's sleeping.


Still in Confessional

ALEJANDRO: I must admit that losing was not what I intended to do. But if I feel like the team is going against me, I still have information on who really stole Gwen's diary.


When the sun came down, Chris had Chef to have the boat of losers over to the beach where the final challenge is going to be. The contestants soon arrived when the sun was down.

JASMINE: Why is the boat of losers here?

CHRIS: Since its sundown, I figured that we can have the campfire ceremony right here. And the winning team can watch!

ZOEY: Yikes.

CHRIS: Yep. For this challenge, I need one contestant from each team to participate. They will decide which team would win.

SKY: Can we know what the challenge is before hand?

CHRIS: Nope!

The Dragons huddled up.

JASMINE: Anybody want to take this one? I would if nobody wants too.

LESHAWNA: Leave this challenge to me!

SCOTT: Great. We have the fat one carrying us to victory.

LeShawna threw Scott back into the water. Scott resurfaces. Fang surfaces and chases Scott.

SCOTT: Still not funny. (Notice Fang. Starts screaming and swims aways with Fang chasing him.)

Back on shore, LeShawna reunites with her team after throwing Scott.

LESHAWNA: Any more comments?

TOPHER: (stunned) Nope! I'm good!

SAMEY: Go LeShawna!

JASMINE: Guess its settled then.

At the Unicorn's huddle...

SKY: So, does anybody want to take this?

DAVE: Not me.

HAROLD: I will!

JO: No, you're not.

HAROLD: Aww...

MIKE: I think I will.

JO: Really? Well, you better not lose. If you do, guess who I'm voting for.

MIKE: Alejandro?

JO: After him.


MIKE: I know its a risk performing a challenge that can potentially cause your team to lose. But since Jo is the main target, I figured why not. I won't sabatoge the team, but if we do lose, then at least the worst thing that can happen is Jo voting for me.


CHRIS: All right. Would the two performers please step up? Everybody else, move close to where the sand meets the grass.

Mike and LeShawna stepped in front of Chris while everyone else sat where Chris told them to go.

CHRIS: The tiebreaker challenge will be a dance off.

LESHAWNA: A dance off? Easy! get ready to lose, Mike.

MIKE: Oh, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

CHRIS: The best dance chosen by be wins. Who wants to begin?

MIKE: I'll let LeShawna go first.

LESHAWNA: Getting overconfident, aren't we, Mike? Alrighty, then.

LeShawna performs her dance. Everyone, except Harold, looked disgusted at that. (If you don't know LeShawna's dance moves, go look it up online. I may be nice, but I ain't that nice.)

CHRIS: Okay... That was, interesting.

LESHAWNA: Aw, you know it was better than that.


SHAWN: Because I can't say it because she'll likely throw me into the water, but I would rather listen to Sugar's craptry than have to watch LeShawna dance again.


CHRIS: Mike, you're up.

MIKE: Alright, let's go!

Mike did a few ballet moves (yes, ballet. And because I have know clue on what the more experience moves are called, we are just going to leave them at "moves". You can draw your own conclusions on what these are.) Mike finished his dance with a split.

CHRIS: Mike, nobody dances ballet at the beach. But since you did a split, I'm giving it to you. The Unicorns win!

The Unicorns cheered.

CHRIS: And as a bonus, not only will you see the Dragons vote off one of their own, but you will have an awesome luau right here after the Dragons leave. Chef, go find Scott. He should be getting chased by Fang.


ALEJANDRO: And here I thought I was the only male here who can do splits and feel no pain.


Chef took the boat of losers to find Scott. The Dragons sat on the beach on logs brought from the campfire area. The Unicorns sat on lawn chairs. Scott soon arrived and Chris explained how this elimination would work out.

CHRIS: There is a confessional nearby with a box, paper, and pencil in it. Write down the contestant you want voted off and put it in the box. After the votes have been casted, I will read them and burn them as soon as possible. Then its time for marshmallows. Everybody got that.




CHRIS: Good! Brick, you're first.

One-by-one, the Dragons made their vote. After the last vote was cast, Chris went to read them. As soon as he came back, he put the paper over the flames of a nearby torch. He took the plate of seven marshmallows from Chef and the elimination ceremony soon took place.

CHRIS: When I call your name, you get a marshmallow. The following are hereby safe for another day: Samey, Dakota, Jasmine, Shawn, Topher, and surprisingly Brick. LeShawna and Scott, I can't say I'm surprised to see you both here.

SCOTT: What can I say? The ladies just love me.

CHRIS: Courtney might be the only one besides your mother, Scott. And LeShawna, anything to say?

LESHAWNA: No matter what happens, I hold nothing against my team, or Scott, for voting me out.

CHRIS: Really?

LESHAWNA: Did I stutter, Chris?

CHRIS: No, shocked because you did through Scott into the water twice already.

SCOTT: Not to mention being attacked by F...F...Fang!

CHRIS: Nobody cares, Scott. Anyways, the final marshmallow goes to...Scott.

Scott catches the last marshmallow.

SCOTT: Sweet.

CHRIS: LeShawna, I'm sorry.

LESHAWNA: Like I said, I hold nothing against my team. But if I may do one thing before I leave?

CHRIS: Sure.

The water reflected the moon. It was soon scattered when LeShawna threw Scott in. Scott emerges.

SCOTT: Are you serious, LeShawna. (Sees Fang behind him.) Oh, hi, sharky. You don't mind if I... AAGGHH!

As Scott swims away from Fang, LeShawna claps her hands clean.

LESHAWNA: Well, I'm done with that.

LeShawna hops on the Boat of Losers and Chef drove her off the island.

CHRIS: Well, that was unexpected. But stay tune for more crazy adventures here on Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!

SCOTT: Help!


Episode Refrence: This is taken from beach/surfer slang of "surf's up."

Episode Quote: Jo (Confessional): "That sabatoge is just what I need to get Alejandro out! He saw me sabatoge Heather and has been keeping quiet about it. If there's one thing that I don't like about Alejandro, is that he is extremely dangerous when he's quiet. I don't even trust him when he's sleeping."

Contestant Eliminated: LeShawna

Team: Dreadful Dragons

Reason: She lost the dance-off for her team.

Rank/ Place: 16th


Brick- LeShawna

Dakota- Scott

Jasmine- LeShawna

LeShawna- Scott

Samey- LeShawna

Scott- LeShawna

Shawn- LeShawna

Topher- LeShawna


If you guys want to see who is still in the running or check out previous episode blogs, click the link right here:'s_Revenge_Notice

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