A shot of Pahkitew Island is seen. Chris is seen walking down the beach drinking a drink (your nonalcoholic pick) through a coconut. He looks at the camera and speaks.

CHRIS: Welcome back to Total Drama, folks! We have had wonderful seasons here and its time to bring back what I like to call the Ultimate Players! We have had a lot of controversy and hate from our All-Star season, so the producers and I felt the need to have a bigger cast. So we choose 8 of the best players from Revenge of the Island, Pahkitew Island, and our original cast to compete. Our cast is based on fan favorites and or how big their game was, no matter how big or how small. However, we had add one person in as another, AKA Dawn, said no to coming to a mechanical island. But lets introduce our contestants!

A military helicopter flies over the waters surrounding Pahkitew Island. Heather is seen looking out. Chef then pushes her out. In the air, several other contestants are seen falling.

CHRIS: From our original cast, we have the Queen of Mean, Heather.


CHRIS: Former CIT, law student, and major word I am not allowed to say, Courtney! And then we got the only person who can outplay Heather without breaking a sweat, Alejandro! The last of the original cast members to stay in the all-star season, Gwen!

GWEN: (basically because I'm lazy, she is screaming out Chris's name as she is falling.)

Owen is stuck in the doorway of the helicopter.

CHRIS: We also got Owen!

OWEN: Push harder!

Owen came loose and Noah jumped off after him. Chef then throws out LeShawna and Harold.

CHRIS: A fan favorite and Owen's partner in the Ridonculous Race, Noah! And our last two members of our original cast is LeShawna and beatboxer Harold!

Chris took out another sip from his drink.

CHRIS: And from Revenge of the Island, the smallest cast ever, we have Jo!

Jo is trying to stay on the helicopter instead of being pushed out. She pushed back Chef who instead charged towards her and knocked Jo off. Later, after Chris is done speaking about Mike, Chef throws him off.

JO: The only thing tougher than you Chef is your cooking. AHH! (this is the part where Chef charges at her.)

CHRIS: We also have the only reason why I should go to college to be a psychologist, Mike!

MIKE: (screams as he is thrown out.)

Chris takes another sip.

CHRIS: We have Mikes former gf turned fiancée, Zoey.

Zoey dives out of the helicopter. Anne Maria walks up and jumps out.

ZOEY: (gasps) MIKE!

CHRIS: The first person to cause a strain on Mike and Zoey's relationship without being one of Mike's multiple personalities, Anne Maria.

ANNE MARIA: You stay away from my Vito, Red!

The camera shot is back on Chris.

CHRIS: We have bubble boy, Cameron, and Scott the shark bait.

Chef is holding out Cameron by his hoodie while Scott is holding on for dear life on Cameron's legs. Chef then lets go and they both fall. Chef then walks backs in and Brick walks out and jumps.

CHRIS: Scared-of-the-dark cadet, Brick...

BRICK: For victory! Ya!

Chef held Dakota before throwing her off the helicopter.

CHRIS: And the worst intern I ever had, Dakota.

DAKOTA: Hey! Put me DOWN!

Chris throws away his drink.

CHRIS: And straight from this island's first debut season, we have the zombie consiracy nutcase, Shawn, and his wilderness survival girlfriend, Jasmine.

Both of them are in midair. Both remained silent.

CHRIS: The creater  of CRAPtry, emphisis needed always, Sugar...

SUGAR: Where's my trophy?

CHRIS: Love-struck and reality bender, Dave.

DAVE: (screams)

CHRIS: The reason for Dave's insanity loss in the finale...

SKY:  Come on!

CHRIS: ...And the first contestant who tried to take my job as host, Topher.


Camera is back on Chris.

CHRIS: We have the world's biggest floater, probably tied to Owen according to the fans, is Max. Hey, with only three males voted off in the first four episodes, you try working with game plans. He made it to the merge and that's all I'm saying.

Chef helds Max by his shirt before throwing him off.

MAX: Let go of me, you filthy AH!

Camera is back on Chris.

CHRIS: Despite many fans wanting Scarlett back, we can't. She's locked up in a federal prison serving a few life sentences for attempted murder and destruction of property. So we have to go with an early-out contestant, Samey!

Samey looks over nervously over the edge before being pushed off by Chef.

Camera is back on Chris.

CHRIS: With 24 amazing contestants, this will be the most brutal, the most dangerous, and the most suspenseful season ever! This is Total! Drama! Pahkitew's Revenge!


The contestants are on the beach. Some of them are tired of making the swin. Scott poured water out from his boots, Jasmine pulled seaweed from her hat, and Max spat out a fish when he washed up on the beach. The view is then focused on Mike and Zoey while Dave is listening nearby.

ZOEY: Can you believe it? We actually made it back!

MIKE: Yeah! I just still can't believe how the producers managed to get me back! I thought I was banned.

DAVE: Oh, how I wish you were.


ZOEY: After all-stars, Mike gathered some of his savings and bought me a ring and asked me to marry him! I just want to thank Total Drama for having me meet Mike!


(still in the confessional)

DAVE: Look how nice Zoey and Mike our together. However, from what I learned last season, is that no relationships on Total Drama stays together forever. They're going to break apart eventually. Hopefully I will be the cause of that.


Shawn leans against a giant rock with Jasmine and Samey standing nearby.

JASMINE: Its really great that you managed to make it to this season, Samey.

SHAWN: Yeah. I just can't wait until we get to the challenges. I feel pumped!

SAMEY: Woah!

JASMINE: (giggles) Looks like somebody's already starting the game before it even began.

CHRIS: Oh, it has already begun!

The contestants look as Chris walks over to them with Chef nearby.

CHRIS: There is a reason why all but one of you is here. After seeing the ratings on the all-star season and the hate mail from the finale, the producers and I thought to redo the season but we unfortuantely can't use the same name. Something about confusion and whatever. 

COURTNEY: That's a relief.

NOAH: Wait. One of us isn't supposed to be here?

CHRIS: Yeah. We originally asked Revenge of the Island competitor, Dawn, to compete. But she said no because the season takes place on Pahitew Island, a mechanical island. So we brought in Dakota instead.

DAKOTA: So I'm a replacement?

CHRIS: Pretty much. Yeah.


DAKOTA: After Revenge of the Island, Sam managed to get me into boxing. I became a star! I was living my dream until daddy made me get medical help. So I quit boxing and got help. As of right now, I am cured. But I finally know how I can get my fame! I don't need Total Drama. But I'll still play it for the money, that's something even that I can't quit over. But if I do win, I can hire my personal boxing instructor!


CHRIS: Though I would normally have you guys be in meeting area right now, we need to do the challenge.

CAMERON: But we haven't been split into teams, yet.

CHRIS: I know! So that's why I decided to pair you guys up based on people who you know you can work well with with people that I think you should work well with.

SCOTT: So, it's a boys vs. girls season?

ALEJANDRO: That would be a season I could win without even moving from this spot.

CHRIS: Not happening.

SCOTT: Dang it!


SCOTT: Why doesn't Chris just uses the good season ideas?


(still in the confessional)

MIKE: As much as the season sounds good, I just don't know if I can manage being on a different team from Zoey. We both are competitive, but we always manage to work the best when we are together.


CHRIS: If I call out your name, please stand to my right: Dakota. Scott. Owen. LeShawna. Brick. Jasmine. Shawn. Courtney. Noah. Samey. Topher. And Anne Maria.

The called contestants are grouped together.

CHRIS: From this moment on, you are the Dreadful Dragons with the color green as your team color.

ANNE MARIA: Aw, yeah!

NOAH: Nice.


Camera is back on Chris.

CHRIS: And if I call your name, please stand to my left: Jo. Sky. Cameron. Mike. Dave. Zoey. Harold. Gwen. Alejandro. Sugar. Heather. And Max.

The called contestants are grouped together. They all complain once they heard their team name.

CHRIS: From this moment on you are the Unstoppable Unicorns!


MAX: Unicorns aren't evil!

HEATHER: You can't be serious!

CHRIS: Would it help if I say that your team color is pink?


JO: The "Unstoppable Unicorns?" Really, McLame? That's the best you can do? I don't want to win a million bucks while I am on Team Unilame! Nobody even likes this name!


(Still in Confessional)

HAROLD: (smirks) I'm a brony!


CHRIS: Okay, now...(phone rings)... hold on. Hello? Yeah. What? Really? You Sure? You sure we can't...? But its my least favorite... Okay. Fine. (hangs up). Uh, there's been a slight changement to the schedule. Everyone meet at the meeting center now!

At the meeting center where everyone is sitting with their respecitve teams...

CHRIS: So my superiors wanted me to go through the basics of this season. What to expect and blah blah blah. So basically, most of our challenges are repeats from our past seasons with the exceptions of maybe one or two. These challenges have been altered so that they still contain some originality in them. The second thing is that there will be no team switches at all.

JO: Are you serious?!

CHRIS: In a way, I'm sort of glad that works out in my favor. Thirdly, we will have a jury to decide the winner of this season. There is a special house that the jury members will go in once they have been eliminated. If you don't make it to the jury session, then you will be flown to the Aftermath Studios where you will remain until the winner is declared.

COURTNEY: Seems fair to me.

CHRIS: I didn't ask for your opinion. And finally, instead of two finalists, we will have three!

All of the contestants gasps and talked among themselves.


GWEN: Whoa. With three finalists, that means one of the groups of three friends can literally make it a friend finale! And if there is a group of four, then the fourth person better win or they are out!


(still in confessional)

HEATHER: I am not the most trustworthy person here, so if I am to win, I need to bring in Alejandro and one other person that nobody likes. AGH! I hate the thought about bringing Alejandro, but he is the only one to have less friends in this game then me! And all I have is Harold!


(still in confessional)

HAROLD: I can't believe it! I'm a brony! Its my dream come true! (makes a neighing sound.)


CHRIS: Now that that's done, it is time for your first challenge! And because legal forced me, we have changing stations that only eight of you, four from each team, can use to change into your swimsuits.

LESHAWNA: And why do only eight of us have to wear swimsuits?

CHRIS: Because your first challenge combines the first ever challenge of Total Drama, cliff diving, with the first challenge of Pahkitew Island, with a hint of the race through central park in the mix. So who's diving?






So, this is my first fan-fiction season. Hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below on who you think will be the first one eliminated and your thoughts on this episode and the season in general. Any constructive critisism is allowed. Thank you.

And, if you were wondering about the slideshows, I tried to get them on the same line, but couldn't. If you think this is foreshadowing on who is the better team, you are wrong. This is simply in alphabetical order and nothing else. Once again, thank you for reading this.