First off, I am so sorry I am late making this blog. I had to help my mom move and I didn't have time to get to the announcement like I hoped for. But
Noah carves a heart out of ice for Emma

This is the end of Total Drama Lover's Hatred. And what better way to show the end than the winner with a heart made from ice?

I live in the Eastern Coast, so it is technically still Valentine's Day where I am from, so no worres for me. Anyways, the winner for the tiebreaker was Emma, so Bridgette is our semi-finalist.

Since round 1, we have had couples spared off against each other. But having both Noah and Emma together is mind boggling. And the votes were close. But the winner of Total Drama Lover's Hatred was Noah.

Round Contestant Team Votes 2nd Highest Votes Rank
1 Zoey Heartstruck Horses 9 Stephanie (6) 20th
2 MacArthur Romantic Rabbits 9 Ryan (7) Returns in Round 15
3 Stephanie Heartstruck Horses 6 Ennui (5) 19th
4 Ennui Heartstruck Horses 10 Devin (5) 18th
5 Mike Romantic Rabbits 14 Noah (5) 17th
5 Alejandro Heartstruck Horses 10 Lindsay (7) Returns in Round 7
6 Carrie Romantic Rabbits 4 Ryan (3) 16th
7 Devin Heartstruck Horses 1 (Since this was the host pick, I wanted Tyler to be eliminated instead, but changed it last minute) Returns in Round 15
7.5 Ryan Romantic Rabbits 3 (lowest amount of votes leaves) Tyler (7) 15th
8 Lindsay Heartstruck Horses 6 Bridgette, Brody, and Shawn (3 each) 14th
9 Brody Heartstruck Horses 4 Bridgette (2) 13th
10 Shawn Heartstruck Horses 7 Bridgette (6) 12th
11 Crimson Merged 6 Geoff (3) 11th
12* Heather NA


13 Tyler 11 Jasmine (5) 9th
14 Alejandro 10 Jasmine (9) 8th
15 Jasmine 7 Noah (5) 7th
16 Geoff 7 Noah (5) 6th
17 MacArthur 10 Noah (8) 5th
18 Devin 11 Emma (3) 4th


(Technically 20)

Bridgette 7 (lowest amount of votes is eliminated) Noah (10)



20 Emma 8 (look below) 2nd (Runner-up)
20 Noah 10 (look one row up) 1st (Winner)
*In round 12, it is not available on how many votes Heather got or who was the contestant with the second highest of votes. The notes got deleted and so did the polls for the blog. However, with round 13 (which was before the notes got deleted), it is clear that Heather was eliminated.

I would do the aftermath segment, but it'll make the blog bigger than it needs to be, so it is more or less on your opinion on how well I did hosting this lover's quarrel of a season. For my opinion, if you compared it to the other ones, this season could've been better. But then again, this is my first time "hosting" a season, so can you blame a guy for doing something the first time?

Now, I mentioned that is is an overlook on what is to come. I have planned to do 2 different types of blogs.

The first one is another season blog that I like to call Pahkitew's Revenge. 24 of the best game-changers (whether their part was big or small) will come to Pahkitew Island to battle for $1,000,000 dollars. Now, I won't say who is competing and who will win, but I will tell you that there is no define winner (basically, it's alternative endings). As soon as I have the time, I will post the announcement blog for this season 1 week before the first episode and will put it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The second one is something that this wiki is lacking- and that is opinion blogs. So along with Pahkitew's Revenge, I will do blogs comparing gamestyles of contestants, doing some reviews, and MIGHT get into some controversial stuff. This will hopefully go on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The first one will be right after the first episode of Pahkitew's Revenge. So let's get some ideas popping and some opinions and lets try to be reasonable and have a nice discussion without getting nasty with one another.

Now, this will take some before the announcement for Pahkitew's Revenge (still need to help my mom move), so I won't be posting blogs for at least 2 weeks.

If you have some constructive critism or your own thoughts on how this season ended, please comment below.  Until then, I will see you later. Or sooner.

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