We are back with the SEMIFINALS of Total Drama Lover's Hatred. Last round, you guys voted on who do you want to be as your finalist buddy outside of the Ridonculous Race. The winner was Noah and he made it to the semifinals. At the elimination round, Bridgette managed to make it to the semifinals with only one vote against her. With three votes against them

At least this time, Devin was voted off fairy (if you don't include his penalty).

, Emma joined Noah as the final member of the semifinals. Even without his 3-point penalty, Devin was voted off with 9 votes. Nobody is safe from elimination this round. We got three people remaining- 2 of which happens to be in a relationship. Who will make it to the finale and be one step closer on winning this season? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Lover's Hatred!

So, let's get this round started. You might know who the semifinalists are, but for the sake of tradition since round 1 of this blog, here they are:





Noah Gif 1


Now, you might be asking yourself: "why does Noah get a GIF and not Emma or Bridgette?" I was planning on using this if Noah was to get eliminated in a previous round and I have been wanting to use this for, like, ever. Since this is the semi-finals, it won't make since to do this in the next round, which is the finale. Because I always wanted to use the GIF, I figured better now than never. So, let's get to the big deal.

This is the semifinals. And because there is no challenge blog, this is an automatic elimination! With no one having a penalty, all would seem like its fair and easy, no? Well, here is the poll that'll decide the fate of the show:

Which of the semifinalists do you want to see in the finale?

The poll was created at 00:31 on February 11, 2016, and so far 26 people voted.

The two people with the highest amount of votes will be this season's finalists. The other one should be glad they made it this far. The poll will end TOMORROW, so make sure to cast your votes and I will see you then. Or sooner.