Welcome to the New Year and the next round of Total Drama Lover's Hatred! Even though the year is new, the competition has not. For elimination, the three nominations (Crimson, Tyler, and Ryan) are stuck in a tie for immunity, but instead they had to fight for their survivial. Though most votes during elimination is bad, this time, it kept Tyler and Crimson in the game. And Ryan joined Stephani
Snake attacks ryan

Have a safe New Year!

e for this year's fresh start. 12 are left, who's the next one to leave?

Before we continue, here is a look at the teams:

Romantic Rabbits Heartstruck Horses
Noah Emma
Eliminated Eliminated
Geoff Bridgette
Crimson Eliminated
Eliminated Eliminated
Heather Alejandro- rejoined
Tyler Lindsey
Eliminated Brody
Eliminated Eliminated
Jasmine Shawn

As you know, because Alejandro rejoined, he is safe from elimination until the merge. Any-who, there is a poll to decide which team will win. You guys voted and decided to pick the one that kept the game the same. So here is the question:

Which contestant are you rooting for?

The poll was created at 05:18 on January 1, 2016, and so far 18 people voted.

(Note: If the Horses lose and Alejandro gets the highest ammount votes, the person with the second highest will gain immunity for this round because Alejandro has guaranteed safety with immunity until the merge.)

But hey, since you took a gamble, I figured I should reward you. So, the contestant with the highest ammount of votes will be like Alejandro- safe until the merge. That's right. Regardless if their team wins or lose, the contestant with the highest votes will automatically be in the merge with Alejandro! 

The poll ends on Monday. So cast your votes as soon as possible. Until then, have a great New Year's Day and I will see you on the first Monday of 2016.

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