Welcome back to the 16th round of Total Drama Lovers Hatred! Last round, it was an all-out warfare to see who was the the contestant that made it this far without being eliminated. And that was Emma with Noah being a close second. However, we do have to send somebody home and this time, it was Jasmine. She made it 15 rounds, so you can't hate on her.
Jasmine fall

And Jasmine falls out of the competition. With Shawn right there... *grunts* SECURITY!

And 2 new contestants will be making their way back this round. However, they do have to suffer a penalty for returning so late- but for humor's sake, they are getting a free pass to the next round without competing in the challenge. Who are these two that will return? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Lover's Hatred!

So right now, the final four consists of Nemma and Gidgette. I mean, it's a World Tour all over again if it wasn't for 2 people returning. But the votes for one of them was close. But I will reveal who these two are at the end of the blog. (If you want to be that guy/girl, scroll down to see who it is that's returning.)

But first, let's see who is still in the competition:

Remaining Contestants



Returnee #1- Penalized
Returnee #2- Penalized

So now we are at the final four, I mean six! Final six! So let's get with today's poll and fun poll! You know, scratch the fun poll. We'll do the fun poll for the next poll. And that's if you aren't being that guy who scrolled down to see who returned.

Which contestant has the worst story line of the franchise?

The poll was created at 23:54 on February 2, 2016, and so far 13 people voted.

The poll will end on Friday, so you have the rest of today and tomorrow to decide on the winner. Now it's time for you guys to find out who is back into the competition. First: the public vote!

Li So that means Ennui, the blindsided contestant eliminated in round 4, or Devin, the unfairly eliminated contestant from the first half of round 7, will be returning. With a total of 7-6 votes, Devin will return back into the game- probably to get a more fair elimination.

And now for the host's pick! (Look to your left. Continue reading to understand why)

Persoanlly, I didn't want to bring this person back. In fact, I was thinking of another. But after carefully thinking, I decided to bring them back (mainly because of a certain someone). So I am glad to announce that MacArthur, who was blindsided in Round 2, will also be returning back into the game.

So we have the slightly original boyfriend back and the lovable bad cop from the Lego Movie Ridonculous Race; also our security. But they do get a free pass- courtesy of moi. And if you are wondering about their penalty- just keep in mind that it will get worse the more rounds they stay in. I'm devious that way.

Before I close, I would like to announce that this is it! No more returnees. The game is set. The challenges are limited as of yet. But all-in-all, you have one job- vote on who will make it to the actual final five. I will see you on Friday. Or sooner.