Welcome back to the 12th round of Total Drama Lover's Hatred. The merge hit our remaining nine contestants and now it became every man and woman for themselves. The question basically eliminated somebody who was just not cut out to be the fin

The hardest part about this blog is trying to find an emotional Crimson.

alists. It might've been a battle front from the eliminated contestants, but it was a landslide for Crimson, who saw herself lose the competition. Eight contestants remain who will be eliminated next?

I clearly forgot this in the title: This is also an automatic elimination round! Same rules applied for this round; just like the last round!

Remaining Contestants

So we are down to six couples that are still in the game and two lonely lovebirds (Jasmine and Tyler). Why are they lonely, you might ask. Because you heartless beings voted off their lovers! Talk about cruelty! But then again, this is for a buttload of cash, so who needs romance when you have cash? Am I right, Heather?

Moving on, like I mentioned before, this is an automatic elimination round. Just like the last blog, the person with the most votes will be eliminated. Nobody is safe. Everyone is in danger. Our question was brought to you by round 8:

As you might expect, it's hard to do a fun poll like this since all of the contestants are eliminated. So I might as well flip the tables and ask the opposite:

So there you have it! A new automatic elimination blog that'll end on Friday. So vote out your least favorite character and I will see you all on Friday. Or sooner.


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