I believe that last time I did a reminder blog was in round 2 or 3, weeks ago. And I would've kept the no-reminder-blogs streak going if it wasn't for one, small problem: There's a TIE!

If you didn't know, TDLH (Total Drama Lover's Hatred) is my first blog series; you can also count this as my "experimental" series. And I learned to set some rules before posting the first round of your series. My mistake on that. It went of smoothly, a few bumps, but fairly smooth. But the biggest bump are the ties that are starting to show up more randomly. And I think the ties will end once the merge is here.

The winning team is decided based on how many combined votes a person gets. And right now, each team has a combined score of 6. So I am asking anyone who did not vote for the round 10 poll to do so. Link is right here:

Basically, count this like a 24-hour warning for those that did not vote, and I will only use similair messages like this only when there is a tie in the votes.

You don't have to comment, and no one is getting eliminated. Yet. So make sure you vote before tomorrow.

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