We are back for the 16th elimination round! We have MacArthur and Devin being brought back in next round. But first, the results. You were asked which of the original final four (Bridgette, Emma, Geoff, and Noah) had the worst story line of the franchise. Bridgette won that round and gained immunity. Before you start hating on me, I want to remind you that I did not say the worst one will be eliminated. It wasn't an automatic elimination round. So Bridgette makes it to the final five, but will her boyfriend stay in and have Nemma be split apart or will Gidgette find their surfboard to be breaking in half? Find out right now!

So, the two returnees (MacArthur and Devin) won't start their punishments until the next round. But it's time for one person to have the worst punishment of them all- elimination,

Which of the following should be the next contestant eliminated?

The poll was created at 00:07 on February 5, 2016, and so far 12 people voted.

Also, if you want an account on how the polls are/were, Bridgette (obviously) won, with Noah in second, Geoff in third, and it appears that Emma had the best story line out of all of them. So, yeah. That's how it is.

The poll will end on Sunday, so you have today and Saturday to cast your votes on who you want to be eliminated. Even I don't know who's going out! All I know is that MacArthur, Devin, and Bridgette are in the final five. So I will see you all on Sunday. Or sooner.

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