Welcome back the end of the thirtheenth round of Total Drama Lover's Hatred. For the challenge, the remaining seven were supposed to be chosen  on who had made the biggest play. Since this is the first regular elimination of the merge, the winner of each challenge would win immunity from the vote. And the first person is Alejandro. But if you want to know, Noah was ranked second. But second doesn't give you immunity.

Now, the results of the fun poll was Heather and Zoey tied at first with MacArthur and Shawn tied for second.

Moving on, since Alejandro has won invincibility, he is safe from the vote and is making it to the final six and a one in sixth shot at winning Total Drama Lover's Hatred. But the question that is more concerning is which contestant will be leaving the competition?

Which of the remaining contestants (besides Alejandr) should be the next one eliminated?

The poll was created at 02:18 on January 24, 2016, and so far 17 people voted.

There you have it. You get to choose who will be in the final six. Will it be Bridgette, Emma, Jasmine, Geoff, Noah, or Tyler. You have the power. The poll will end on Tuesday. So pick your least favorite character and I will see you then. Or sooner.

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