Welcome back to Total Drama Lover's Hatred! First off, I want to thank all 13 people who voted for the previous round. Before I go any further, I have the results of the fun poll! Out of all the eliminated contestants (Brody, Carrie, Devin, Ennui, Lindsay, MacArthur, Mike, Ryan, Stephanie, and Zoey), only 4 had votes for the most skilled contestant. Tied for third is Ennuie and Mike. In second place is MacArthur, and in first is Zoey. You read it right. Zoey is the most skilled contestant, and who can blame her? You know you can't win against her in the Hunger Games.

Joking aside, the poll that actually mattered was so close. So for that one person who voted after I posted that reminder blog, thank you. You saved me from a lot of grief. Anyways, by one point, the Romantic Rabbits have won for the third time in a row! Which means the Heartstruck Horses have lost for the third time in a row. (Mental note: Divide teams up with equal ammount of favorites next time.)

Current Romantic Rabbits

Alejandro- Rejoined

With the way things are looking, I might have to move the merge. Otherwise the person who didn't get the highest ammount of votes next time would be out. We all know Alejandro is safe, and Emma is counted as the most skilled on her team. So that leaves Surfer Chick Bridgette and Zombie Boy Shawn up for elimination.

Which of the following contestants should be the next one eliminated?

The poll was created at 23:49 on January 15, 2016, and so far 14 people voted.

You can argue that both are very skilled. But in a game of lover's, only one of them will be more skilled than the other. And yes, that did sound creepy. It wasn't meant to be, but it did. But look at this in this way: a couple will be temporarily split apart, just like so many others before them. And surprisingly, most of them reunited a few rounds later, so...

Persuade your votes in the comments below. This poll will end on Monday. Until then, see you guys later.