The Big Nickel is seen on screen.

DON: This giant version of a nickel is seen on display in Sudbury, Canada. This is a landmark that makes even the rich seem poor.

Don walks in front of the giant coin.

DON: But this historic landmark will be the starting point of another race around the world. I'm your host, Don. And this is... The Ridonculous Race!

Intro Song

Don walks down to the starting platform.

DON: Right now, 12 new teams are making their way to this mat to start an adventure they'll never forget! Or at least try to if they humiliate themselves on international television. Let's meet the teams!

Chang and Rebecca are sitting in a taxi.

DON: Chang and Rebecca, former pen pals turned long distance relationship.


REBECCA: Chang and I first met when we had to do a pen pal assignment for class. We both were in second grade when that happened.

CHANG: Since then, we always talked. We've been dating for five years now online and this is the first time we actually met in person.

REBECCA: I heard my friend say that long-distance relationships don't work, well I am here to prove just that!


Dillan pokes Thomas while Thomas reads.

DON: Thomas and Dillan, brothers.


THOMAS: If we had to pick any team that we are most like, it has to be Emma and Kitty. My brother is basically the annoying and outgoing sibling while I actually work hard.

DILLAN: Thomas is a bummer, dude. The only reason why I agreed is for the cash. And the ladies.


Bridgette and Candice look out the window of their taxi.

DON: Bridgette and Candice, professional surfer girls.


BRIDGETTE: I met my boyfriend, Geoff, on Total Drama. Because I was trying to beat my partner in Australia, I couldn't run the race with him. I'm hoping I can do just as good as he did.

CANDICE: I just hope that we don't have to deal with bullet ants if we are in Brazil.

BRIDGETTE: If we do, you are reaching in, not me.


Raymond and Marcus untangle fishing wire that Marcus had in his pocket.

DON: Raymond and Marcus, professional fishermen.


RAYMOND: Both of us are deep-sea fishermen and that is basically all we have in common. Marcus is a mechanic and I'm a police officer.

MARCUS: Raymond's father is an old friend of mine. When he died from a fishing accident a few years ago, I know that I had to help his family get by.

RAYMOND: Marcus is a great guy. He's also a cancer survivor, too.

MARCUS: If cancer couldn't stop me, I doubt any of these young ones running will.


Vanessa and Carol put on make up.

DON: Vanessa and Carol, vloggers.


CAROL: Vanessa and I do review blogs on reality shows. My favorite one to do is Total Drama. Vanessa likes to recap the Ridonculous Race.

VANESSA: I told Carol that I would get us on that show. She didn't believe me when I did.

CAROL: We needed to audition together. And I wasn't going to get you get away with getting Sierra. She's the star of our show!


CAROL: What? (looks at camera) Oh...


A taxi pulls over. Chelsea and Tyrese step out.

DON: Chelsea and Tyrese, prison guards.


CHELSEA: We're the biggest prison guards any prisoner had the pleasure of looking at.

TYRESE: They are only scared off you.

CHELSEA: I know. I managed to break a gang leader's arm off during a riot. I got suspended so bad for that.

TYRESE: You are just lucky you didn't get fired.

CHELSEA: What will they planning on doing? That guy wouldn't even testify against me!

TYRESE: I wonder why.


Another taxi pulls over. Taylor and April fight each other out of the vehicle.

DON: Taylor and April, twin sisters.


TAYLOR: So tomorrow is our birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with my best friend and not my sister.

APRIL: Trust me, I would love to stay home and continue submitting my application videos for Total Drama, but my mother wanted the two of us to do this race together.

TAYLOR: What were you thinking, mommy?


A football is thrown in the air. Tony catches it while DJ tackles Tony.

DON: DJ and Tony, best buds and high school football players.


DJ: I entered Total Drama to get my Mamma back to Jamaica. I tried three times and failed each time. I'm hoping this time will be different. I got my bud, Tony, with me.

TONY: DJ's my pal. I wouldn't do anything to upset him. Besides, have you tasted his mother's cooking? It's delicious!


Jasmine and Shawn are walking to the starting line.

'DON:' Also competing, Jasmine and Shawn. Dating survivalists.


JASMINE: Shawn and I met on Pahkitew Island. We both went pretty far.

SHAWN: It was sad to see Jasmine leave, but I did managed to make it to the finale.

JASMINE: Thankfully, when we win, he has no other choice but to split it with me.

SHAWN: This is a team competition, and I don't know who else to play than with Jasmine.


Chester and Luke walk down towards the starting line.

DON: Luke and Chester. Grandson and Grandfather.


CHESTER: Luke originally planned to do the race with his mother, but she had some medical emergency she had to take off. So I offered to take her place.

LUKE: I constantly have to ask why I'm doing this with gramps.

CHESTER: Lukey, sometimes in life, things don't work out the way that they seem. (tears ran down Chester's cheeks.) Excuse me.


A taxi stops and drops off Ryan and Alexis.

DON: Ryan and Alexis, reunited father and daughter.


ALEXIS: When I was 5, my parents got divorced and I was taken into the custody of my mother. And I hated it! She would always abuse me and use the child support money just for drugs. I was very lucky to have seconds for any meal.

RYAN: She ran away when she was 16, trying to find me. She went halfway across the country searching. She eventually found me at a bar drinking my worries away.

ALEXIS: The police found out and took me back into my mother's custody. I spent the next two years there!

RYAN: But I promised my daughter one thing once she became of age on the one thing she wanted to do. Know what she said? "Run the Ridonculous Race with me."


Harriet and Ruth walk over to the starting platform.

DON: And finally, Harriet and Ruth, professional bingo players.


HARRIET: Ruth and I would always bicker on who is the better bingo player.

RUTH: The two of us always plays with nine cards each. Sometimes we win all of them, sometimes we win with none of them.

HARRIET: This race will set aside both of our rivalries and show what us old ladies have in store.

RUTH: We may be old, but we are not done living yet.


The teams formed a semi-circle around Don.

DON: Welcome to the starting platform. In just a few moments, you will race across the world. There are thirteen legs and each leg contains a chill zone. Get there fast because the last team to arrive may be eliminated. The first team to cross the final chill zone first will win one million dollars!

The teams cheered.

DON: All right, then. Your first tip is located in that Don Box. Everybody ready? Go!

The teams ran to their first Don Box. The following read the tip:

TYRESE: Get a flight to Rio De Janeiro...

VANESSA: ...but hurry. The first four teams will get an hour's head start...

DILLAN: ...and the last four teams will be a hour behind. What?

Don walks into the airport.

DON: There are currently three flights to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, each leaving an hour ahead of the other. Teams on the first flight should only fight on getting first while the teams on the last flight should start questioning why they are even on this race.

The teams hailed for taxis and drove to the airport. At the airport, the teams rushed to get their flights.

DON: The teams have gotten their tickets. Flight #1 will consist of the Brothers, Surfer Girls, Reunited Father and Daughter, and the Dating Survivalists. Flight #2 will consist of the Football Friends, Long Distance Daters, Prison Guards, and the Twin Sisters. The slowest four teams riding on Flight #3 consists of the Vloggers, Fishermen, Bingo Players, and Grandson and Grandfather. Thanks to quick editing, Flight #1 landed while Flight #2 is in the air.

At the Brazilian airport, the four leading teams rushed to get the tip from the Don Box outside the airport.

RYAN: Get it, Alexis!

THOMAS: Run, Dillan!


DILLAN: It's an Either/Or!

Don is on the beach, walking towards a volleyball net with a soccer ball in hand.

DON: An either/or is a task that determines which team is good at what? The teams must choose whether to kick it or to hit it.

In Kick It, teams must go to this soccer stadium and must score two points against goalie Diego Cavalieri. If they managed to do that, he will give them their next tip.

In Hit It, teams will go to this beach and play a game of volleyball with two Olympic volleyball players. If they managed to keep the ball in the air for ten hits, one of them will give the team their next tip.

The Brothers and the Reuinited Father and Daughter chose Kick It while the Dating Survivalists and the Surfer Girls chose Hit It.

In seperate Taxis:

THOMAS: I feel really good about this. I played soccer in Middle School, so going up against Diego Cavalieri should be a snitch.

JASMINE: We are doing Hit It strictly because of my height.

SHAWN: It sounds simple enough.

BRIDGETTE: I am clumsy as can be, so that is why we are going to the beach. We're Hitting It.

Flight 2 landed while Flight 3 just took off. Football Friends and the Long Distance Daters choose Kick It while the Prison Guards and the Twin Sisters choose Hit It.

At the soccer stadium...


RYAN: Come on, Alexis!

A coach instructed them to change into outfits he had laid out. After the four racers changed, they began kicking balls into the net. Deigo Cavalieri, however, was swift enough to block the balls.


DILLAN: Should be easy, huh?

THOMAS: I underestimated him. Simple mistake.


At the beach, the Olympic volleyball players split the teams for a 2-on-2 match. Jasmine and Shawn failed instantly while Bridgette and Candice made 5 hits in a row.


CANDICE: When it is too cold to surf, I usually do a bit of indoor volleyball. I was a member of the high school volleyball team. I was also the co-captain of the soccer team so this Either/Or fits up my alley pretty nicely.


Soccer field...

DILLAN: Crap, Thomas. Two more teams just arrived.

THOMAS: You got to be series.


CHANG: We met up with the front runners and I was like, "Yes! We caught up!"


Contestants from Flight 2 who chose Hit It had to wait before one team got their tip. Teams from Flight #3 came in and chose their poison. The Vloggers, Fishermen, and Grandson and Grandfather choose Kick It while the Bingo Players choose Hit It.

In the taxi to the beach...

HARRIET: I have a grandson who is a professional soccer player and he told me that Diego Cavalieri is one of the best goalies that Brazil has to offer. Plus I had knee surgery a month before the race.

RUTH: I told you to wait before you had the surgery.

HARRIET: Are you saying I should throw away a million dollars? No thank you!

At the soccer field, Thomas and Dillan managed to score two points against the goalie.

THOMAS: We did it!

DILLAN: That's how we roll, Tommy!

ALEXIS: Dad! They just got it!

RYAN: Are you serious?

Diego Cavalieri gave the Brothers their next tip.

DILLAN: Thank you so much, bro! If I was gay, I would kiss you right now! But I got a race to win!

THOMAS: Dillan! Let's get out of here!

DILLAN: What does the tip say?

Thomas and Dillan read the tip quietly.

THOMAS: Who is ready to have fun at carnaval?


THOMAS: Beats me. It's an ALL-IN.

Don walks in front of Carnival floats.

DON: An All-In is a challenge in which every team has to perform. In this All-In, one member must sew an outfit fit for Carnaval. If the director approves, their partner will then wear to this fine gentlemen standing next to this Don Box. If he approves of the wearer's performance, he will point them to the Chill Zone, which is at the base of the Christ the Redeemer Statue. If he doesn't approve, the teams must then wait until the parade is over before making their way to the Chill Zone.

Teams better hurry because the last one to make it to the base of this statue of a carpenter will be eliminated from the race.

Thomas and Dillan run out of the arena.

THOMAS: You're wearing.

Several more teams managed to get their tips at their EitherOr choices.

DON: More and more teams managed to get their tips and are now heading for this tent where one member must wear the outfit his or her partner gives to them.


TAYLOR: So I am basically forced to do one or the other where my twin sister would mess up the other one.

APRIL: Are you kidding? You ruined our school play last year.

TAYLOR: Because you kept stealing my scenes!

APRIL: I got them fair and square!

The two fought until they dropped to the ground.


The people that are making the outfits are on sewing machines while their wearers sit on chairs. Only the Bingo Players and the Deep Sea Fishermen are not there.

The Outfit Makers: Tony, Bridgette, Chang, Tyrese, Shawn, Chester, Ryan, April, Thomas, and Carol.

The Wearers: DJ, Candice, Rebecca, Chelsea, Jasmine, Luke, Alexis, Taylor, Dillan, and Vanessa.

The camera interviews each contestant as they are making their partner's outfit.

TYRESE: Believe it or not, but I actually won sewing contests. Made my niece a nice sweater. Anyways, Chelsea and I had to rock-paper-scissors to see who was wearing the outfit. As you can see, I won.

CAROL: Vanessa is a better sewer than I am, but she insisted on being the performer. She just loves to model in bikinis, and she thinks that this is no different.

TONY: I think I am stuck here. DJ can pretty much take this whole challenge, but somebody has to sew and I know I am not going in front of millions wearing a speedo. Sorry, but I am not the most fashionable person in the world.

Raymond and Marcus sit in traffic.

MARCUS: We finished our EitherOr, but we managed to get stuck in traffic.

RAYMOND: We have been in this car for two hours now. Thankfully, we aren't the last team.

MARCUS: We saw Harriet and Ruth a few cars back.

Harriet and Ruth sit in their taxi.

HARRIET: Traffic is the worst, but for a million dollars, heck! Give me the arthritis!

RUTH: I can play ten rounds of bingo for every inch that we move. This is slow!

At the tent...

DON: Teams have been successful in getting their outfits ready and to go. They make their way to their individual floats where the wearers must dance in front of millions of watching people! For some, it could mean a modelling contract. Others would try to forget this ever happened.


RAYMOND: I have a daughter back home and the last thing that she should see is me making a fool out of myself.

MARCUS: And do you think that she'll be more comfortable watching be do it? I'm 20 years older than you, Ray!

RAYMOND: Cassandra doesn't wake up in your house every morning.

MARCUS: Only when you are working the night shift.

RAYMOND: Okay. Fair enough, Marc.


The parade started and the floats moved. The wearers danced while their partners walked besides the float.

The order the teams are currently on: Reunited Father and Daughter, Brothers, Dating Survivalists, Football Friends, Surfer Girls, Prison Guards, Grandson and Grandfather, Long Distance Daters, Twin Sisters, Vloggers, Deep Sea Fishermen, and the Bingo Players

THOMAS: The last thing that I wanted was to make a fool out of myself. Looking at Dillan, I just became related to one.

The front runners managed to see the sign next to the Don Box. The man standing approves of the performance and points to the statue. The teams raced there.

At the Christ the Redeemer statue...

DON: And here comes the first three teams. And.... you all are the first three! Thomas and Dillan, congrats, you are team number one.


DILLAN: We won! Whoo! Party with me, Thomas!

THOMAS: How about no?Ta


DON: Ryan and Alexis, you are team number two.

RYAN: I'll take that.

DON: Which leaves Jasmine and Shawn as team number three.


JASMINE: We couldn't done better if somebody didn't need all those thumb tacks!

(Shawn held up his hand with a bunch of thumb tacks on them.)

SHAWN: Sewing isn't my best suit.


Tony and DJ make it to the Chill Zone next to Chelsea and Tyrese.

DON: Fourth. (looks at prison guards) Fifth.

The Twin Sisters got off the boat. The judge stopped them from going up to the staute.

TAYLOR: What do you mean no? I was the best!

JUDGE: No means no. Now you have to wait.

APRIL: I told you to let me wear it.

TAYLOR: Just shut up!

Several more teams made it to the chill zone.

DON: (surfer girls) 6th (grandson and grandfather) 7th (long distance daters) 8th (vloggers) 9th.

The sisters watched as the fishermen were chosen to go to the chill zone.

TAYLOR: What? How come they get to go?

APRIL: Just ignore it, Taylor.

TAYLOR: Shut up!

The Bingo Players got off their float and ran to the judge. His verdict was a no.

APRIL: At least we can-

TAYLOR: Shut up!

Raymond and Marcus reached the Chill Zone

DON: Raymond, Marcus, you are team number 10! Congratulations on staying in!

When the parade was over, the Twin Sisters and the Bingo Players raced for the chill zone.

DON: Team 11!

APRIL: We are still in it!

TAYLOR: No thanks to you. I did all the work!

APRIL: But Taylor, I-

TAYLOR: Shut it!

The Bingo Players reached the chiil zone.

DON: Harriet and Ruth. You are the oldest team here, but you are also the last team to check in. It is without saying that you have been eliminated from this race.

RUTH: So we figured.

The Bingo Players looked at their time in this race.

HARRIET: If anything, I wouldn't regret doing what I did. As old as we are, we sure gave them a run for their money.

RUTH: We sure did. If only we could've ran faster. No thanks to your knee surgery.

HARRIET: (laughs) But we'll give them more of a run whenever they play bingo!


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