From what I've been seeing, a lot of people have hated the allstar season and Pahkitew Island. Like everyone else, the two were the least liked seasons out of the franchise.

  • Characters

I thought the all-star cast and Pahkitew cast were pretty good.

For the All-Stars, my only complaint is that the season needed to have more contestants and the 26 episode plot. Though there will be a lot of non-elimination episodes just like TDA, I think the more interactions between the two generations would be great.

I felt like Fresh TV was desperate when they made some of the contestants in TDPI. And when I mean desperate, I meant coming up with the idea of Leonard, Max, Ella, and have a plot twist for Scarlett and Dave. The only memorable contestants from the season were Jasmine, Shawn, Sky, the twins, and Sugar. The rest were decent in their own way.

  • Eliminations

When it comes to eliminations, they both sucked. Why did they sucked? Because the plot says how each person is eliminated, and if the eliminations sucked, that's either because it's your opinion or because the plot sucked. More on the plot later.

For TDAS, the first four were just like the regular. Heather's elimination was decent, sans the immunity statue. But after that, the eliminations just became a poor excuse to get rid of some contestants. And that includes Sierra, Duncan, Cameron, Courney, and Gwen, in that particular order.

Where do I begin with Pahkitew Island? Oh, let's start with the fact that out of a cast of 14 newbies, only four (Beardo, Leonard, Rodney, Topher) were voted out. Samey tricked Amy into elimination, Chris gets rid of both two episodes later, Ella gets disqualified for singing, Dave petitioned himself to be voted out, Scarlett and Max was boring, Jasmine's elimination was unrealistic, and the finale was a coin toss. Sugar's irregular elimination was lukewarm, but I loved the karma she got. Failing a talent contest, hilarious!

  • Interactions

The interactions was just a coin toss- either you hated them or you loved them. 

In TDAS, the interactions was just for game purposes only. Very few non-game interactions are seen. Very dull and boring.

In TDPI, the interactions are as small as humanly possible. You have a lot of people not even interacting with the other contestants. Before you say that they were early outs, I was also including Scarlett and Max into the mix.

  • Challenges

Thankfully, I can only use one paragraph for the challenges portion. Hit or miss, love them or you didn't. That's all.

  • Plotlines

Last and not least, we have the plot/story lines. Now, keep in mind that Total Drama is an animated series- there has to be a plot line. From my perspective, the plotlines is the main reason why both sucked.

In All-Stars, the major plotline is Mike battling Mal, which lasted ALL SEASON LONG! Other major plotlines include Duncan losing his villian status and trying to reclaim it, Scott and Courtney's romantic interaction, Zoey and Cameron helping Mike with Mal, and Gwen and Courtney's feud turned friendship turned feud again. So, for all the Lindsay, Jo, and Lightning fans out there, they were early-outs because they have no use to the plot.

In Pahkitew Island, the same logic applies. There wasn't one major plot, but several: Jasmine and Shawn's romance, Dave trying to woo Sky, Sugar trying to beat the others, Scarlett and Max's "evil" plot. And then the smaller ones were the twins', Sugar and Ella, and Topher trying to get Chris's job as host. Though a lot were short, the short ones were the best out of the season. And, once again, not a part in the big picture, you're out.

Please comment below about your opinion and your own reasons why one or both season(s) sucked.

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