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So at the end of Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge, I asked you guys what blog series I should do next, I even had an optioin for me to wait a while. But majority of the votes said that you wanted to see an RR fanfiction. So that is what I am going to do. I am sorry that it took a whole week for me to post the teams, but that's college for you. Before I go into the teams (all of which are in alphabetical order), I want to say that any person who shares a name with a person from the canon RR and one of Mike's personalities IS NOT the same person. So let's get into the teams.

Bridgette and Candice

Relation: Surfer Girls

Team Type: Friends

Description: Bridgette and Candice met at their first surfing competition and even though they are friends, they are fierce rivals while catching the waves.

Chang and Rebecca

Relation: Long-distance Daters

'Team Typ'e: Dating

Description: Chang and Rebecca knew each other when they were in first grade. They were doing a pen pal assignment in their classrooms. They became friends and became a long-distant couple. The race will be the first time either of them saw each other without looking through a screen or a monitor.

Chelsea and Tyrese

Relation: Prison Guards

Team Type: Work-related

Description: Both Chelsea and Tyrese work in the same prison. When auditions came, Chelsea asked her co-workers who wanted to partner up with, and Tyrese immediently volunteered, saying that a trip around the world is what he needed.

Harriet and Ruth

Relation: Professional Bingo Players

Team Type: Friends

Description: Probably the oldest team next to the Tennis Players, the two are also rivals, but only when it comes to bingo. They are old ladies who are sweet and kind, but when it comes to competitions, sweet and kind won't be the first two words that will pop in your mind. Fierce and deadly are.

Jasmine and Shawn

Relation: Dating Survivalists

Team Type: Dating

Description: You guys already know this team. Met on Pahkitew Island but were on opposite teams, fell in love, appeared in the TDPR series.... need I go on?

Luke and Chester

Relation: Grandson and Grandfather

'Team Ty'pe: Grandparent and Grandchild

Description: Luke originally planned to go on the race with his mom, but had to be hospitalized. Chester, Luke's mother's father, said that he will take her place. Though the two don't interact as much, they are willing to make Luke's mother proud.

Raymond and Marcus

Relation: Family Friends and Deep Sea Fishermen

Team Type: Friends

Description: Raymond is a police officer while Marcus is a mechanic who just so happened to be a cancer survivor. The two don't seem to share a whole lot in common. But they do. In fact, Raymond first met Marcus while his father and Marcus took Raymond on his first fishing trip. Since then, the two gentlemen would often spend their free time fishing in the deep ocean waters.

Ryan and Alexis

Relation: Reunited Father and Daughter

Team Type: Parent and Child

Description: Probably the most emotional team of the bunch. Ryan and his wife divorced and Alexis was taken under the custody of her mother. Alexis' mother was abusive and only used Alexis for the child support money. While this was happening, Ryan had a restraining order to prevent him from getting his daughter back. The two reunited when Alexis, who was considered old enough to leave her mother's custody, went shopping and found out that the clerk was her father. The race will be the first thing in 13 years that the two did anything together.

Taylor and April

Relation: Twin Sisters

Team Type: Sibling

Description: Basically a knock off of Amy and Samey. Why not use the actual twins? Because of racial diversity. (They are the only black team competing, but they are not the only ones of African decent. Marcus, DJ (obviously), and Tyrese are black, but they have white partners.)

Thomas and Dillian

Relation: Brothers

Team Type: Siblings

Description: This is basically the male counterpart of Emma and Kitty. Thomas, though not a lawyer, wants to be a business man while Dillian is more of the laid back and goof off type of guy.

Tony and DJ

Relation: Football Friends

Team Type: Friends

Description: The two met in school well they played football throughout their primary education lives. They don't spend a lot of time after Total Drama Island and Action, but remained good football fans and players, even making it to the minor leagues. DJ is still trying to send his mama back to Jamaica and Tony is there to help DJ accomplish his goal.

Vanessa and Carol

Relation: Vloggers

Team Type: Work-Related

Description: Imagine two people with the same personallity as Sierra. That is basically these two vloggers. On their vlog, they talk about reality game shows, but never competed in one. Until now. 


Obviously, there are some teams with more background than others, but that won't mean a thing on their placings. Anyways, this will be a 13 episode season, each episode containing one leg. There will be 3 non-elimination chill zones. What legs will they be on I cannot say. Unlike Pahkitew's Revenge, there can only be one winning team.

Comment on who you think will win and who you think will be the favorite team of this season. The first episode will be posted next week.

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