First off, yes, I am new on the site don't compare this blog to any other blogs you might see.

I am a fan of any reality game show, whether live action or animated. Since this is Total Drama, I want to know which two eliminations from each season (excluding the race) were the most shocking to you and why. And, to be fair, one of the eliminated contestants has to be a boy and the other a girl. If somebody was a finalist in a said season, they do not count.

Please keep in mind that this is my general opinion.

TDI: Tyler and Sadie. Tyler because he simply blew his challenge like Bridgette and Courtney, but he didn't made his team lose. As for Sadie, she made a mistake and Courtney took it over the edge. In both of those episodes, Courtney and DJ should've been voted out.

TDA: Heather and Justin. Heather's elimination here was the biggest one of the entire series. LeShawna lied to her team, smacked dirt, got caught, and yet she survived for another two episodes. And for some strange reason, other than accepting LeShawna's apology, Duncan and Harold voted for Heather. As for Justin, he simply blew the challenge, just like everybody else. The episode never specified whether everybody wanted Courtney out (although that is presumed) or whether everybody doesn't like Justin.

TDWT: The eliminations in this season where good, but I have to say the biggest shocks came from LeShawna's and Tyler's elimination. LeShawna got voted out for causing her team to lose (reasonable) as well as for slapping Heather silly. As for Tyler, it was a group effort, and the group lost. But, it was a coin toss on the elimination, so was I disappointed in seeing Tyler go? Not really. Confused? Yes.

TDROTI: Sam and Zoey. Sam, to me, was hilarious in this season, even though his elimination was early. But, a reoccuring theme here is that when a contestant blows a challenge for his or her team, they are sent packing, even if it's a team effort. For Sam, he tried his best and he got voted out because of it. As for Zoey, she had potential to win this season, helping others as well as being well liked with the rest of the cast (minus Anne Maria). Her elimination can be arguably be a coin toss, because Lightning's reasoning behind it was the smartest move he had ever done.

TDAS: This is a hard one, but I have to go with Jo and Sam. Like Sam in TDROTI, Jo blew it for her team, and they voted her out because of it. A poor reason if you ask me. Sam, he cheated, which was something Duncan would've done. Also, he should've known exile was voluntary. As soon as I watched it, blindside for the audience.

TDPI: Beardo's and Jasmine. Let's be honest, when it comes to TDPI, most people wanted Beardo to stay in instead of Leonard. And, even though the script for the second half of the first episode of the season had been leaked, Beardo's elimination was shocking. Get rid of the annoying one who blew the challenge (only time I support voting someone off who blew the challenge) instead of the lazy one who makes sound effects. As for Jasmine, she should've lifted the tree off her body and ran faster than Sugar.

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