I frequently go on the Survivor wiki and they have a page dedicated to some of the best contestants and Tribal Councils on a Hall of Fame. And it got me wondering: what if Total Drama did the same thing? There are several contestants and elimination ceremonies that are without a doubt memorable in one aspect or another. I do not know if you guys like this idea or not, but if this idea is popular, I would like to propose a few contestants and potential elimination ceremonies to be the first ones added to the list (in no particular order):


-Heather How can I not include her? She is one of the best strategists Total Drama has ever seen. She knows when it is time to make a risky move like getting rid of Trent in TDI. Heather also knows when it is time to form friendship bonds. The two that comes in mind is in Slap Slap Revolution where Heather warns LeShawna about Alejandro. The other is when she teams up with Cody since, and correct me if I'm wrong, she thinks that he is the sane one left. I don't know what episode she said it on or if Heather actually said it. Correct me if I am wrong there. In any case, somebody like Heather deserves a place on the Hall of Fame.

-Alejandro A contestant that makes Heather run for her money? Such a person deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Oh, wait. That's Alejandro. In his TDWT debut, Alejandro played the newbie act to a charm. He formed relationships, had the ladies wrapped around his finger, and managed to charm his way to the finals. What makes him so unique is the fact that once a person realizes his true nature, they are eliminated. Alejandro is not afraid to betray an ally when the case may be, as shown in The Ex-Files where he voted for Tyler, his closest ally. 

-Lindsay Though she is dimwitted in most of her seasons, I cannot ignore how good of a player she was in TDA. Does Lindsay have the best leadership qualities? No. However, she does have strong social games that shows us that elimination is not the only way to make a move. In Get a Clue, Lindsay chose Duncan to share the movie with her just to enrage Courtney. In the next episode, she talked with Harold, Owen, and Beth on getting rid of Courtney just to make her mad. She failed, but that didn't stop us from wondering what would have happened if the plan succeeded. My guess is that Courtney would win immunity and Lindsay would be voted off for being so popular, like Owen was in TDWT. Who knows?

-Scott Two things before I explain why Scott: 1) I want people from the outside the original cast to be on this list 2) I am talking about ROTI Scott, not AS Scott.

Scott amazes me. He is not afraid to live his game on the edge, as shown in his debut season. He made his own team lose every challenge (with a possible exception in the first episode), found a Chris Head, used it to form a bond with Zoey, eliminate her boyfriend, and tried to reconnect a broken bridge between him and Zoey. Rule of advice: never single handedly eliminate an ally's date. The only reason why Scott cannot be on the Hall of Fame is because of his new strategy in AS.

-Jasmine Strong leadership qualities, check. Able to form bonds with others, check. Powerful contestant, check. Jasmine is arguable one of the best contestants in TDPI. She has shown some skills needed to take her far in the game, such as gathering berries and nuts (often with Shawn or Samey), be strong in team challenges, and she is able to form bonds good enough for her to go to the end. While her downfall can be seen as hated, there is a good chance that she will come back again. Hopefully for a fans vs. favorite season. (That would be AWESOME!)


-S1 Ep. 17 This is the episode Hide and Be Sneaky. Though we do not know who exactly voted Bridgette off, this is a great elimination. It showed that popularity and kindness only takes a person so far. It shocked the contestants and the fans at the sight of Bridgette, a strong and popular TDI contestant, leave the island.

- S2 Ep. 15 Though I was going to pick either 2008: A Space Owen or Rock n Rule, I have to go with the episode of Million Dollar Babies. In this Awards Ceremony, the Gaffers lost and have to eliminate one of their own. However, unlike the obvious choice of LeShawna, the elimination stunned the audience as Heather was eliminated. If anything, this elimination shows that no matter what mistakes you had made in the past to jeopardize your game, there is always a small chance that you can stay in the game.

- S3 Ep. 13 The Barf Bag Ceremony of the episode, I See London... was what I consider the best elimination of the season, though all of them were great in one way or another. What makes this one stands out is not for the fact that Duncan returns, but also for the lesson it gave us was to always watch what you say. Noah was the unlikely person to be eliminated in this horror episode, but the way the warning he gave to his former teammate was a great attempt to get the last laugh.

- S4 Ep. 9 With only 11 potential campfire ceremonies to choose from (excluding the finale and Finders Creepers), I decide to nominate Grand Chef Auto as a Hall of Fame elimination ceremony moment. It showed us the first elimination determined by a single person, had a great blindside, and it was the end to a would-be romance of Mike and Zoey for the season. It was a ceremony where nobody was safe. Unless your name starts with an S and ends in a Cott.

-S5.1 Ep. 6 I do not know why I bother with AS, but there is a shining glimmer of hope in this season. Though I particularly liked Evil Dread, I have to find that the campfire ceremony of No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition was the most shocking elimination of them all. With the McLean Statue in play, this particular elimination shows us how important Plan B is. While the Villainous Vultures gathered and Alejandro was pitted as the target, he whips out the invincibility statue to eliminate Heather by one vote. If only there was a TD version of Cao Boi to come up of a split vote strategy.

-S5.2 Ep. 3 Though I do not like the campfire ceremonies in TDPI, I did find one that was decent to be in a Hall of Fame. The ceremony of Twinning Isn't Everything had a great elimination of Amy as all of her years of tormenting her younger sister backfires as their identical twin status was used as a game move. In another case, the originality of this elimination was the first one to use family to fight against their own.

So, what do you guys think? Should the wiki have a Hall of Fame page? If so, who do you want to be on it? Which elimination ceremonies should be on it?

And if you came here to see about my Total Drama School Rumble Series, the start of episode 3 will be out tomorrow and I apologize for the delay.

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