Before I go into any detail, yes, All-Stars did suck and is the worst season ever. The executions were horrible. But let's face it, anything looks good on paper. But this is a list of ideas (both in long term and in short term) that could move the
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season into a semi-decent one.

Now, all of this is my personal opinions, so if you have anything to add on, feel free to comment down below. First, lets start with the long term ideas.

Long Term

Different Cast for TDA and TDWT- Now, most of you are thinking what do I mean. Don't get me wrong, the TDWT cast was great. Heck, the whole season was the greatest!  I am not saying that we should add in some other 1st generation contestants (like adding Noah in to TDA or Trent to TDWT). Instead, completely new cast, or new contestants.
We all grew up to love the first generation cast before AS. And I think it has something to do with the fact that they  are the main focus for the first three seasons, with the exeption of Alejandro and Sierra. But for a second, think if WT had a whole new cast and so did Action. Could the new contestants make an impact on the show and we don't have to grow up with the original cast.
Now, the downside to this is that this would also affect the RR. So Owen and Noah won't be in a team and Nemma won't happen unless the producers pull something from their rear to make Nemma happen.
PUT IT AFTER PI- Even if they didn't have different casts, having the AS after Pahkitew Island would probably benefit the game a bit more and give us a better first gen/ third gen interaction the RR gave us.                                                                     
Not only that, but it'll be a bigger cast with is a point in the short term ideas that I will mention later on in this blog. Speaking of which....

Short Term
Bigger Cast/ 26 Episode Season- We all agree that the 13 episode seasons of TD aren't the greatests. And part of that is due to the small cast. But if the cast is around 16 to 24, then it is without question that this will guarantee us a 26 episode season. However, there is a slight problem with this, and that's if the airing was the same.
Undesirables. What do I mean by that? I mean people like Sam. Those who provide a good comic relief who aren't AS material. If the cast do expands (and airs before PI), then we are going to get a lot of fodder characters, like Sam, who would probably make the season less of special season and more of a regular season.
Better Elimination- As soon as the cast was revealed, I knew Lindsay would be the first one eliminated. (Sugar Kiper anyone?) But for the most part, the elimination order couldn't be any worse. Personally, I felt they wrote down the cast's names and did darts. If one gots hit, they are the next person out. I know that didn't happen, but that is what it was like.
If anything, the elimination should be more strategic instead of based on challenges. So that would mean that Jo would have a chance. Or better yet, have only one irregular elimination (with the exception of Cam's medical evac and the hidden statue). The irregular elimination of Sierra and Duncan weren't the best excuse to kick them off the show.
PLOT- Yep. You knew this one was coming. Different plots. The Mike/Mal was interesting, but it was executed horribly. The make-up session of Gwen and Courtney was good, but how they ended it, they shouldn't even do it to begin with. Camseirra was annoying for the most part. The Duncan trying to be evil plot shouldn't even happen peri

Best AS plot there is.

od. If anything, the ScottXCourtney plot was the only decent one there is.
I don't know what other plots they had in mind, but they sure would be better than what we got.

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