Hello fellow TD fans! It's your boy, TDFanatic back after a month, give or take, of absense. Just for the record, I won't be staying on the wiki long, but I plan on making my visit as meaningful as possible. But there is a few things that I want to clear up.

Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge is not over. The last week that I was on, it was final's week. I originally plan to wrap up the series during that week, but didn't get around to it (to worried about exams). So when I find the time and internet capabilities, the series will get back rolling.

I have been thinking (ooh. scary thought right there) about what will happen after the TDPR is over. I have decided to do a RR fanfict, but I am rewriting that before I post it, and that will take time and research for the countries that I plan on using for the fanfict.

Another thing that I thought of doing was my own set of TD reviews. I have finished with the first few episodes of TDI, all of them pre-written. Anyways, just wanted you guys to know. I'll see you guys around.

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