Total Drama is about bring in a cast of animated hopefuls in to get rich quick. Because of this, I will compare each season by the theme, contestant development as a whole, teams, interactions, challenges, and eliminations. And I will put in what I might do to improve season. It might bring you back to an earlier blog that I post entitled "Why the All-Stars and Pahkitew Sucked". Yes, this is an opinion blog, and you are free to comment your own opinions as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  I WILL NOT include the RR in here because that show was based off a completely different show in a different format.


Summer Camp Experience

Movies The title is self explanitory Surviving a camp site that is polluted with toxic waste The best of the best battle it out to see who is the best of the best of the best. Basic Survivial Techniques


Do not change a thing. The cast was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best. Do not change anything. New cast, but should've had more contestants with more interesting personalities. HAHAHAHA! The cast was okay. It was better than the all-stars, but it close between TDA and TDPI on who had the worst cast in my opinion.
Teams PERFECT! GREAT! I am in HEAVEN! It's a start with new contestants. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! *coin flip*
Interactions BRILLIANT! Ok The best TD has to offer. Some interactions needed more screen time while others don't. The WORST of the WORST Lame
Challenges Interesting Unique. A lot of pain for Tyler, Cody, Noah, and the animals, I meant DJ. Majority is unrealistic. There are a few realistic ones. Probably the only thing that kept this series going. Decent.
Eliminations fair enough a little sour for my taste. They were the best out of TD lukewarm HAHAHAHAHA! The WORST
Improvements Not changing a thing! Less reward challenges Not changing a thing! Bigger cast, more interactions More contestants, air it AFTER Pahkitew, better interactions More contestants, more interactions,

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