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    Gays and Lesbians in TD

    February 6, 2015 by TDFan4Ever

    My Moms friend just made a movie called Do I Sound Gay

    Since my mom and him are really tight, he asked me to talk a little about gay in the TV shows I like

    So I started talking about Glee, Kurt, Blaine, etc.

    And then I thought about it in TD, and I was thinking, there is none. Just NoCo, which they are so defensive about

    And I really got thinking, why aren't there any Gay and Lesbians in Total Drama? I was just thinking about when someone posted some of their favorite ships, and I almost posted Amy X Samey (Ok, It may be illegal... But, thats not the point)

    So I'm just hoping the a Total Drama producer will see this and put it into account, I want a Gay or Lesbian couple in Total Drama, weither it is season 6, or TDPRR.

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  • TDFan4Ever

    The best of 2015 is...

    January 1, 2015 by TDFan4Ever

    Yesterday I had a poll, of what were the results:

    10 people thought TDPI airing was the best thing of 2014

    2 thought it was Shawn winning, 2 thought it was Sky winning

    And 1 person thought it was Devin and Carrie's recent release

    Happy new year guys!

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    What was the best of 2014?

    December 31, 2014 by TDFan4Ever

    So 2014 is coming to a close with every word you read! and I am curious what you guys think was the best moment of 2014! Was it TDPI? TDRR? Also, if your favorite moment is not up here, tell me and I will add it to the poll. Tomorrow I will reveal the winner

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    If you could change 1 elimination in the Total Drama sieries, what would it be?

    How would the season turn out with that person staying?

    Write your answer in the comments!

    (EDIT: Holy crap!!!! I did not think that this would be this popular! 124 comments! :O:O:O)

    And heres another sentance so this isn't a minor blog!

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    Character choice 2

    October 30, 2013 by TDFan4Ever

    Last time on total drama choice

    We welcomed all our competitors from all other seasons

    Everyone voted, and Duncan got 3 votes which sent him packing

    Who will be eliminated next? Find out on Total! Drama! Choice!

    Everyone is left but Duncan, vote your least favorite in the comments below

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