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  • TDFan244

    DxC or DxG (edited)

    July 4, 2017 by TDFan244

    I love this couple war. I know that most people like the former and despise the latter. I love DxC, but i show support for DxG. I just want to know which couple do you prefer.


    Name: Duncan and Courtney

    Formed: TDI Episode 12


    Name: Duncan and Gwen

    Formed: TDWT Episode 15

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  • TDFan244

    Ok. I agree with some finalists being finalists, and some who should NOT have been finalists.


    Owen vs Gwen

    Duncan vs Beth

    Alejandro vs Heather

    Cameron vs Lightning

    Shawn vs Sky

    Police Cadets vs Ice Dancers

    My preffered ones:

    Duncan vs Gwen (TDI)

    Harold or Courtney vs Lindsay (TDA)

    Al vs Heather (TDWT)

    Dawn vs Brick (TDROTI)

    Scott vs Courtney or Zoey (TDAS)

    Jasmine vs Shawn (TDPI)

    Police Cadets vs Ice Dancers or Sisters (TDRR)

    Which ones should've been finalists in your opinon?

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